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Charmed by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 2 : Jack: Stupid, Crazy Crushes
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As soon as the door shuts behind my friend and the traitor he brought with him, Lucy is practically in my face. And I mean literally, up close and personal, in my face. I can clearly see her eyes, dark and scary, but the only thing I truly notice is the way her perfume fills the entire space around me. It's intoxicating. It takes all I have to push her away and not kiss her.

This stupid, crazy crush has got to stop!

Although, kissing her might scare her into leaving the room. Yeah, that's why I'd do it...

She's already moved back, though, thank God. And she's yelling at me, loud enough for the other patients to hear, I'm sure. I zone out her voice, focus on the way she throws her arms about when she's angry, like it's meant to emphasize her point, or her anger. I'm not actually sure, but it makes her look like a puppet. There's a man on a cloud, pulling the Lucy strings and laughing, I swear it.

The mental image makes me smile.

She catches me, as I figured she would, and her voice is loud enough to break through the mental force that allowed her to be zoned out in the first place. "Are you even listening to me?"

I laugh harder and shake my head, just for the reaction. "No."

I love the reaction I get, just making her mad in general is both fun and necessary if I want to keep her from finding out about said stupid crush... Until she puts her hand on my leg and I cry out. I wish it was just in surprise, but even she knows it's not - she was present for the the skateboarding incident when we were thirteen. There were tears then, too. For someone so used to doing crazy things and breaking bones, I just can't handle the pain.

"Oops," she snaps, letting go.

"Bloody hell, Lucy, that was a low blow, even for you," I tell her, still gritting my teeth through most of it.

"Who the hell do you think you are, laughing about my cousin's personal life then saying what I did was low?" Lucy shouts at me, a little quieter this time. "No one talks about Louis' personal life!"

"Then he shouldn't have been with two of the biggest dicks in the school," I shout back. Then I scoff, "It's not my fault he can't handle it."

Lucy looks at me a little disgusted, which makes me want to say more about her idiot of a cousin, then she turns away from me. When she turns back, she looks sad. I hate sad Lucy more than I hate angry Lucy; I only want to hold Lucy when she's sad. At least there's distance between us when she's mad at me. I don't know why she's so upset, though. It was only a joke; I'm not a fucking gossip, no one else knows. No one will ever know, his dirty little secrets are safe.

"Louis is different than he used to be, more cautious and very private," she says. Her tone is much quieter now, softer, but she's still pissed at me. I think she will be for a while. "It's taken me so long to get him to hang out with us, to be around people besides his two friends and his brother, to be social and look happy. I will not have you send him away. He could get past what's made him so guarded with us, be his normal self again."

That's when I understand. It doesn't matter what he did in her eyes, who he sleeps with doesn't matter, only he matters. He's her family and she's trying to help him, protect him, and he doesn't even know it. I doubt she'll tell him, it'll just make him run away. My respect for her practically soars, not that I like it, and it's like I can feel my crush deepen further. So does my grief - she'll do anything for the people she cares for and I'm not one of them. The only person tying us to each other is Ciaran. If he were to leave, I doubt we'd even speak to one another. We'd ask the odd question in class, nod if we see each other in the street, meet only when Ciaran brings us together.

It hurts. The curse of a one-sided crush.

And it's on the girl people think my best friend is dating.

I focus on my respect for her. I can't stand half of my family, but I'd still be there. I'd do everything for them that she is doing for Louis if they needed it. I'd be there for my parents, for my sister Kimmy, my aunt and uncle, God even for Jacob and Hollie. Yeah, I respect her for it, enough to keep my mouth shut about her traitor cousin, at least in front of her. Not that I'll tell her any of this.

Although, the thought of telling her does cross my mind... Until she opens her big mouth again.

"And I think he likes Ciaran, I approve of that. I want to see where it goes."

"What?!" I shout. I sound completely overdramatic, even Lucy rolls her eyes at me, but I don't give a shit. I want there to be drama, I hope this is just a joke to get a reaction out of me. Seriously, I wish I had water just so I can take a drink and spit it out. "He can't like Ciaran! You keep him away from Ciaran!"

"Oh, stop it. He's helping Ciaran around school," Lucy reminds me.

"He doesn't need to," I tell her. "You do it. I'll be out in a couple of days, you'll be fine until then."

"I am not going to stop Louis from helping Key and I'm definitely not going to tell Louis he can't like him." Lucy puts her hands on her hips and stares down at me, daring me to fight this. I know I can't; I'm stuck here until my bones have healed and she's out there willing to let it happen. I'm screwed. "What's so wrong with Louis liking Key anyway?"

"What's right with it?" I exclaim, desperate, so desperate in fact that as much as I hate to bring it back up, I do. "Where you not listening to me when I mentioned his last two boyfriends?"

"Yes," she glares. "Ciaran's not like them. He's a challenge for Louis, someone he can fight for. He'll have to talk to get Ciaran's attention, to connect with him. He'll do that if he likes Ciaran enough. Besides, deep down Ciaran might actually be a good person; Louis needs that. Ciaran can help him, I know it."

I stare at her in shock and disbelief until she goes on about Ciaran being a good person. Then I have to laugh. Sure, we like him, we know him - more or less - he's used to us and he likes us, that's why he's okay with us. But everyone else? Ha!

"Lucy, Ciaran is a little shit. He's definitely not a people person, he doesn't talk or listen. He rarely tells us anything and half the time I'm not sure he's even listening; no way will Louis Weasley get through to him."

Just saying that makes me feel so much better. Ciaran will never go out with Lucy's traitor cousin, all is good. I don't even know why I was so worried. I mean, I saw his face when Louis got close to him. I've never seen anyone more uncomfortable. I lean back against the pillows and flash Lucy a smug grin.

Until I notice that she has one of her own and I worry again. "What?"

"Louis isn't one to give up, he'll find a way, and I'm sure Ciaran would be quite easy to talk to if he were attracted to Louis, too," she winks. "You haven't seen them together for more than five minutes, you haven't heard Ciaran mutter about Louis' aftershave when he thinks I'm not around or not listening. He's actually been moaning about it for a couple of years now. It's become his favorite, don't you know?"

Bitch. "I hate you."

She keeps her grin, but says nothing more because Louis pokes his head in to tell her that visiting hours are almost over and they have to get back. Lucy nods, Ciaran pokes his hand through the gap in the door to wave and call out a good bye and Louis acknowledges me, which means he's probably angry with me for blurting out his personal life. Just before she leaves, Lucy turns back to me.

"Think about what I said. Good bye, Jackson."

I repeat; bitch. I can't believe I actually have a crush on her.

I barely wait five seconds for them to leave when I press the button to alert my healer, over and over until he shows up. "Is anything the matter, Jack?"

"Damn right something's the matter," I snap. "I need you to heal me."

"You broke your legs, you suffered nerve damage," he says. "You're lucky you'll be able to walk again soon, you need to be patient."

"I've waited long enough," I say as calmly as I can. "I need to get back to school, I need to help my friend, I need to go. So, do your magic. I don't care about the pain, just fix me. Give me crutches to walk if I need them, just fix me."

"Jack, please -"

"You have to do it. I'm seventeen, a legal adult, it's my choice," I interrupt. I take a deep breath and use the only leverage I have; family. "My mum said to give me everything I want and I want you to fix me. She will not be happy when I tell her that you didn't do what I want, she might even get my dad and uncle to stop funding. You do know who my uncle is, don't you?"

He looks conflicted, I almost feel sorry for him. But it had to be done; I need to make sure my friend doesn't fall for an idiot who has a horrible reputation for being a serial dumper. My best friend will not go through that, especially when Louis would be his first real relationship.

If what Lucy is saying is true, of course. I'm not taking the chance that it's a lie, but one never knows what lengths she'd go to just to wind me up. A relationship would only happen if Louis manages to break Ciaran's walls and he falls for the dick anyway. I have faith in Ciaran's ability to not be an idiot, he's usually the smart, cautious one in our group. So, I just need to make sure Louis doesn't try anything and break his hands if he does.

Finally, the healer agrees to help and get the potions required to speed up the process of healing me. The only reason it wasn't used sooner is because it's painful. I just hope I can handle it. Then it's back to Hogwarts.

The healer comes back, warns me again that it'll be a few painful hours before I can move, that I'll need the crutches to walk and I'm definitely not leaving until at least tomorrow afternoon. Once I agree - my faith in Ciaran is what allows me to stay one more night - he feeds me the potions. I bite my lip as it works, but it's manageable. It's like you can feel it working, feel the potion work through your body and fix everything, like a hammer and nails - that's what hurts. I try not to focus on it.

"Here, one more," my healer says, holding up one more potion vail.

I down the contents and a thankfully familiar tastes takes over the last one; a sleeping potion. "Thanks," I mutter.

"I'll be back to check on you later."

I have enough energy to watch him leave and settle down before my eyes start to close. I can barely even feel my legs being healed anymore.

My last thought before I succumb to sleep is of Lucy - I wonder what she'll say when I have another go at her, make her take back what she said about Ciaran and Louis.

Then I wonder what she'll do if I kissed her.

A/N: Finally a new missing moment chapter. Please let me knoe what you think, and what you want to see from the other characters - we've got Louis, Lucy, Jack, Kyle, Luka, Hugo, the list is endless. :D

Next: Halloween from Lucy's point of view. Just what happened when they disappeared? ;)


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