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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 3 : Party time
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You're beautiful,you're beautiful,

you're beautiful, its true

I saw your face, in a crowded place,

and i dont know what to do,

'cause i'll never be with you.

                                               -James Blunt, You're Beautiful.




 Eventually, Draco caught Hermione up, and they silently walked to their dorm together. When they got in, they looked up at each other, and then split into their bedrooms.

Wow his eyes, what is wrong with me? Whenever I look into his eyes, I can’t help but forget everything? What shall I do today? Hmm, what about Romeo and Juliet? Im sure they have got that in the bookshelf. She went downstairs, found the book, and sat down to read.

Draco looked out of his door, and saw Hermione reading a book. He peered closer, and saw that it was one of his favourite books. That’s one thing we have in common, who knew I would have something in common with Granger? He went back into his room, and fell asleep.

After, what seemed like a couple of minutes, Hermione looked up, and saw that the time was half seven. Oh gosh, Ginny will be coming soon! I’ve read through lunch and dinner! Oh well, hmm, I better take a shower.

Draco woke up, to hear the shower running, bloody granger, always in the bloody bathroom when I need to go in there, he rolled his eyes, and went to sit on the couch. Soon after, he heard the shower stop, and the door open, Hermione, not noticing Draco, started to walk over to her bedroom,


Hermione looked round, to see Draco looking at her, up and down “uh, Malfoy, do you mind?” she tried to pull down, what was, a very short towel. She blushed, and walked up to her bedroom.

Hah, that embarrassed her, maybe the mu-Granger should be careful next time.

Hermione was soon in her joggers and a top, sitting on her bed, in , what looked like, deep thought when Ginny came walking into her room.

‘’Hey Mione, what’s up?’’ what’s on her mind, what isn’t she telling me?

Hermione looked up and Beamed, Ginny looked beautiful. She was wearing a bright green short strapless dress, and her hair, curled and put up in a short bun, with hair coming loose. ‘’Wow Gin! You look amazing!’’

‘’Thanks Hermione! You don’t though, hmm’’ she got Hermione’s hand, and pulled her up in a standing position, ‘’luckily for you, I bought you a dress.’’ She pulled it out of her bag, and handed it over to Hermione.

The dress was deep purple in colour, and came to just above her knees,. The skirt was ruffled, and the top, was corset like, with a sweetheart cut off. Ginny handed her a pair of plain black heels, and told her to sit down at her wooden desk. She soon took out a bag full of makeup, some hair rollers, and brushes of many different sizes.

‘’Right, Hermione, you are going to look a million pounds tonight’’

‘’Isn’t it, a million dollars?’’

‘’Well…yes, I suppose so, but we’re not American, so, pounds sounds better’’ she stuck her tongue out, and sat Hermione down on the wooden chair, swivelled the chair around, so Hermione wasn’t facing the mirror, and got to work- prodding her face with the different brushes, and pulling out sections of her hair, and burning her scalp.

After a while, Hermione started to get bored. Hmm, I wonder what Malfoy’s plans are for tonight, be the git that he usually is?

‘’Mione, you’re done now, I’ll turn around, and you get dressed, and put your shoes on.’’ 

Hermione done what she was told, and quickly slipped on her dress, and shoes, turned around and poked Ginny on the shoulder. Ginny looked at Hermione, not saying a word, just her mouth wide open.

‘’What? What is it Ginny! What’s wrong?’’ Hermione asked, starting to get more anxious by the second. Not only do I feel uncomfortable, I look that bad?

‘’No! Nothing! Nothing at all. You look bloody amazing Mione!’’ she took Hermione’s hand, and led her up to the mirror.

She looked up into the mirror, and saw a beautiful woman looking back at her, copying her exact movements. Wow…is that, is that me? I look so different! Nice, in fact! She put her hand to her face. The woman looking back at her, had bright red lips, a clear complexion, and and deep black eyeliner on the edge of her eyelids. Long set lashes stuck on, and diamond earrings reflecting the light. Her hair was curled and put into a low side bun, using but only one hair slide. Her fringe was swept across her forehead, and curled at the edge.  She turned towards Ginny, and squealed!

‘’Ginny, I look amazing! Thank you! Uh, I don’t know what to say!’’

‘’Say nothing at all! C’mon, we need to go, we’re going to be late!’’ Ginny grabbed her wrist, and led her out of the room, grabbing there wands, and walking into the common room. Hermione looked up, and saw Draco, dressed in a black shirt, and dark skinny jeans.

‘’And where are you off to Granger?’’ He looked at, taking in her beauty. Wow, she, she looks nice, different, but a good different, no. what am I thinking? He shook his head, waiting for his reply.

‘’And wouldn’t you like to know? I could say the same thing to you!”

‘’Leave her alone, or I’ll hex you into oblivion Malfoy.’’ Ginny said, raising her wand.

Malfoy looked up and Ginny and smirked, holding his hand up in a fake surrender, ‘’Wow, im so scared Weaselette. You better be off, before I do anything!’’ He smirked, and walked back into his bedroom. Ginny rolled her eyes, and they made their way to the room of requirement.

Draco looked out of his bedroom, and saw that the pair had gone, and made his way out of the common room.



As they made their way into the room of requirement, everybody looked up, and towards their direction.

‘’Gin, everyone’s looking at you!’’ Hermione nudged Ginny with her elbow.

‘’Actually,’’ Ginny turned on her heel towards Hermione with a grin on her face, ‘’they’re looking at you!’’ Hermione blushed, and they made their way towards Harry at the other end of the room.

After all the stares and the whispers, they eventually got to Harry.

‘’Wow Mione! You look stunning!’’ Harry embraced his best friend into a hug, then turned towards his girlfriend, ‘’and you missy, look beautiful!’’ he pulled her in, and gave her a deep kiss.

Feeling awkward, Hermione made her way to the seating area, sipping on a butterbeer. She looked up at everyone, and saw that people where getting drunk by now, and dancing in rude ways, that she would never dance in her life. After some time, she started noticing, that the room, was full of couples playing tonsil tennis.  Eye’s scanning the crowd; she soon came across a familiar flame haired boy. A sad feeling washed over her. Oh Ronald, what’s so better about Lavender? I loved you for four years; Harry said you felt the same, why did it end so quickly? What’s so wrong with me? Her eyes started to blur, and she quickly ran over to the bar, ordering a fire whiskey. Thinking back to the memory, she hated it, she wanted to get rid of the memory, forget everything that happened with Ron, and start a-fresh. Everything needs to change, well, not everything, not my friends at least. She looked up, and saw the man, ready with her drink. I’ve never had one before, they can’t be that bad, can they? She picked up the drink, then felt a body standing next to hers. She turned her head, and saw Harry, looking at her.

‘’Hello to you to Harry!’’ she smiled, and looked into his eyes, seeing deep concern.

‘’I saw Ron earlier, im so sorry!’’ he looked at her, and saw her eyes well up.

‘’Like I said before, it’s not your fault.’’ She smiled weakly, and took a sip of her drink, feeling the burn slide down her throat. It’s not that bad, quite nice, after the burning sensation.

‘’You know Hermione, that’s a pretty strong drink, you don’t drink at all! It might take a worse effect on you, so be careful. Okay? ‘’

‘’I’ll be fine! Honestly.’’ She smiled at him, then noticed Ginny on the stand, speaking into her wand.

‘’Err, hello everyone.  Hope you’re enjoying the party. Its time, for spin the bottle, so, if the boys want to go into the room through that door, Harry will tell you what will happen, and all the girls, gather and sit in a circle on the middle of the floor. Thanks.’’ She stepped off the platform and walked towards Hermione and Harry. She handed Harry a bottle, and made sure he knew what to do and said her goodbyes.

Ginny grabbed Hermione’s wrist, and pulled her over to the circle. ‘’Right, the rules of the game are: if it is your spin, you have to go and kiss the person through that door- the broom cupboard. The light has been magically switched off, so you cannot see show you’re kissing. The only way you will find out, is if you two speak to each other.  You will have five minutes in the room.  If you’re in a relationship, you don’t have to take part. Let the game begin!’’

She placed the bottle in the middle of the circle and spun it with her wand. The first person it landed on was a 5th year Ravenclaw. After a while, Hermione realised what she was taking part in, oh god, what if it is someone really ugly, or its Ron! Oh god, hopefully it’s not Ron! Or someone younger than me! Eww, imagine Hermione, a 3rd or 4th year, oh gosh. She looked at the bottle, for about the 34th time, and prayed yet again, it was not her. It started to slow down, slowing, and getting closer and closer to her, no, no no! Please don’t stop on me! It landed on her. Damn! Ginny, you owe me one!  She looked over to Ginny, and sent here a deathly look; if only looks could kill… she took a deep breath, and made her way towards the door.

Once she opened the door, she heard breathing and realised he was already in there. She made her way down the steps, and found herself facing him. She looked up at his face, trying to make out who she was about to kiss, when she heard the chime – the beginning of the five minutes. She heard him sigh, then felt warm hands on her cheeks.  He made her way to her mouth and she closed her eyes. She placed her arms around his back, and kissed back. He glided his tongue across her bottom lip asking permission for entry, and she opened her mouth for her welcoming. Wow, this is, just, wow, much better than Ron, and I don’t even know who this is! Wait, why am I thinking? Mm….

Soon after, the chime rang again, letting them know it was over, she felt a rush of disappointment, not wanting it to end. She made her way onto the first step, and forgot to duck her head, when she banged the top of her head.




‘’Oh. Crap.’’

‘’No, this cannot be happening.’’ She looked towards the dark figure, who was now pacing back and forth with his face in his hands. ‘’before you say anything, don’t worry, I WONT tell anyone.’’

‘’Good! Like I would want anyone to know I kissed you! A mudbl-Gryffindor!’’  He said, storming up the stairs leaving her.

She stood there, feeling stupid. Really, why him? Even Ron would have been better! Ginny! Seeing red, she stormed up the stairs, and into the girls side of the room. She opened the door, ignoring all the comments and questions, defiantly ignoring Ginny’s comments, and made her way back to the dorm. Climbing up the stairs, she started to cry, screaming out in frustration,

‘’AHH! WHY HIM?! ANYONE ONE, BUT BLOODY MALFOY. AHHH’’ she loosened her hair as she climbed into the common room, kicked off her heels, and went up to her bedroom. Lying down in her bed, not bothering to take off her makeup or get changed, and started to sob.


Hearing Ginny and Hermione leave, he made his way into the common room. Looking at himself one last time in the mirror, he made his way to this stupid party he agreed to go to.  Why did I agree to go? It’s not like I don’t get enough grief from everyone. ‘oh its an ex death eater, oh he shouldn’t be back.’ If only they knew the truth. He put his fingers through his hair –frustrated and slightly scared at the thought of being scared at.

He made his way into the the room, and saw loads of couples down each other’s throats, that’s revolting. He looked towards the middle of the scene, and saw weasel snogging some blondie uh, even worse. Hmm, Hermione. He remembered the scene of two days ago, and felt anger rise up, but then quickly shook it off.  Everyone was looking pretty drunk by now, he quickly saw Zabini, and made his way over, avoiding some couples that were now embarrassing themselves on the floor.

‘’Hey mate.’’ Zabini said, seeing Draco making his way over.

‘’Hi’’ he replied, looking around nervously, seeing people look over at him and whisper.

‘’Err, you alright mate?’’ Zabini asked, looking at his friend, knowing what was going through his mind.

‘’Yeah, yeah im fine’’ don’t ask me anymore questions.

After a while, Pansy came over to him, and started dancing with him, ignoring her, he walked away rolling his eyes. he eventually found a Slytherin and started dancing with her, she pulled him closer, and he kissed her. Not thinking of what he was doing, he put his hands up her top, he pulled away, and looked at her blushing, then he noticed Harry walking to the stage,wait, what’s Potter doing? He looked up to the platform, and saw Harry. He heard him talk about some kind of game, Spin the Bottle? He looked around, and saw all the boys sit in a circle. He followed the crowd, and sat next to Zabini. 

What kind of game is this? After some time, he realised what he had to do if the fire whiskey bottle landed on him. Soon after, it landed on him, not giving it a second thought; he got up and made his way into the room. He walked in, and noticed there was no light. Hmm, why am I so nervous? I’ve kissed plenty of girls before! Hey, I’ve shagged a load of girls, so why am I nervous? He stood there, waiting for the girl. I feel like an idiot standing her, wait, he heard the door open and close. He took a deep breath hearing the girl walking down the stairs. She stood in front of him, the chime rang, and he put his hands, on her smooth cheeks. He kissed her, he expected it to be average, but no, this, this kiss is different. New…exciting. Who is this person? He heard the chime ring again, it’s over? Disappointment rushed through his veins. 

He stood their awkwardly, she went to walk up the stairs, when she wacked her head on the celing.


‘’Hermione?!’’ when did Granger become Hermione? WAIT! GRANGER?!


‘’Oh. Crap.’’ Shit shit shit shit. I just kissed Granger.

‘’No, this cannot be happening.’’

He started to pace up and down, putting his face into his hands, feeling regret, and sadness

‘’before you say anything, don’t worry, I WONT tell anyone.’’ Hermione shouted at him.

Anger filled his veins, ‘’Good! Like I would want anyone to know I kissed you! A mudbl-Gryffindor!’’  No, no I just nearly called her a Mudblood. He looked into her eyes, knowing she missed that, and stormed up the stairs. In the room, the boys just stood there and started at him, obviously hearing every bit of the conversation between him and Hermione. He pushed his way through the crowd, and heard Zabini call after him. Leave me alone Zabini, I don’t want to talk to anyone. After ignoring another few name calls, Zabini finally gave up, and Malfoy carried on walking.

SHIT! What have I just done? He walked out the door, and headed straight for the common room. What have I just done? He put his fingers through his hands, and faces the portrait. Looking at the sleeping Dumbledore, (is that all he ever done?) he sighed, thinking of all the mistakes he’s made.

He walked into the common room and sighed, seeing Hermione’s shoes in the common room. He looked down at the sofa, and saw that Hermione had left the book on the sofa, he picked it up, and walked up to her bedroom, and looked at her, she had been crying, why is it, I only ever see you cry?. He crept in the bedroom, and put the book on the drawer next to the bed, knowing she would wake up and find it. He made his way back to his bedroom, not before putting her shoes outside her door, went to his drawer, pulled out a fresh pair of pyjama’s. Lying on the bed, he thought to himself, why can’t…why can’t I just be happy.  I want to be happy like everyone else. I HATE being a Malfoy. I HATE it. Knowing I have that name, it’s a disgrace. The name and everything surrounding me and my family, my poor mother, I miss her so much, she was the only one who ever cared for me, then my father killed her. HE KILLED HER, the dick! He ruined our life, my mother’s life, my life. I have no father- just my own thoughts. No one will ever understand. And with that, he fell into a sleep, in which, he would know he would keep waking up from.

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