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The Wolf With The Yellow Eyes by RavenclawGirl11
Chapter 3 : Wolfsbane
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Credits for this amazing chapter image to Heartjily@TDA


What do you see in those yellow eyes?
'Cause I'm falling to pieces

~ She Wolf, David Guetta

 Heart pounding, I start shaking, bile raising at the back of my throat. James stares at me, and, taking a deep breath, I turn my features into the un-readable mask that no ones been able to penetrate for the last five years. Although Wolfsbane turns a werewolf into an ordinary wolf at full moon, it does the opposite any other time: if I stay in this classroom too long, I will turn into one.  Desperate not to break my cover, I gather the ingredients, then Potter and I start making the potion. I make it through the first and second lines, but, when the blue steam starts rising in the third line, I start to feel claustrophobia in the cramped dungeon.

A line of sweat appears on my forehead, and the classroom starts to spin. Add three moondrop leaves... My limbs feel heavy, and I'm struggling to breathe. "Jessia, are you okay?" I try to respond to James, but instead I make a gurgling sound.

Add three moondrop leaves... I can feel the wolf, itching to get out. No, it will not win. But I have to get out... Running away was always my specialty.




"Hey Wolfie! Couldn't hand the stink either, eh?" Teddy Lupin is sitting upon a bench, near the Forbidden Forest. His hair is now very short, bright ginger to match the Weasley's, his eyes are the color of the sky.

"Nope, almost fainted. Why do you always hide who you are inside?"

He laughs, "straight to the point aren't you, sweetheart?" But he blinks, and his hair is the same shade of mine, but his eyes are more brown, with only golden flecks. "You're alone aren't you? No friends?" I shake my head. "Its not your fault, it's his. Never forget that."




At dinner, I sit in my usual place, and start tearing up a piece of bread. Rose Weasley sits one side of me, Dominique on the other. Roxanne sits opposite. Rose smiles politely at me, Dominique looks uncomfortable and Roxanne looks furious. I get up to leave, but Dominique pushes me down, and Roxanne growls, "sit!" I obey, not sure what this is about, but positive Teddy is behind it.

"Look, I don't like you, but Teddy - my soon to be brother in law - thinks you're better than firewhiskey, and trust me, Teddy likes his Firewhiskey." I knew it, of course Teddy would get his little band of minions to help him. "He says that you have no friends," - he is so kind - "and that you're getting bullied." One, how did he find out? Two, he is so dead. "I promised him I'll take care of you, but don't ever think I'll trust you." I nod, trying to understand. She'll take care of me, but never trust me. Its like I'm a pet snake, something she can look after, yet never touch.

"Where have you been sleeping?" Rose asks softly.

"The Kitchens," I reply, looking down at the floor in embarrassment.

Roxanne laughs cruelly, "that's why you always stink!"

"ROXANNE GEORGIA WEASLEY! HOW DARE YOU BE SO RUDE!" Dominique screams, causing several Ravenclaw's to look our way.

"What! It's true!" Roxanne shrugs.

"EVEN IF IT IS, YOU DON'T GO ROUND SAYING IT!" To stop this from turning into another episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show, I gently tap Dominique on the shoulder, and whisper, "Dominique, people are looking." She sighs,  and gets up to leave. Rose follows her, then they start to leave. Dominique turns round, "aren't you coming Jessia? Oh, and the name's Dom, no one calls me 'Dominique' apart from my Mother."




After I'm fully showered, summoned my trunk and sat down, Dom tricks me into getting my make-up done. Half an hour later, I'm un-recognizable. My dark brown hair loosely curled, and just below my shoulders. My blue eyes - contacts - are surrounded by black mascara, eyeliner and smoky grey eyeshadow. My pale skin is now rosy and pink lipstick. She puts me in grey t-shirt, with Oh My Merlin in white writing, and black leggings and some grey trainers. Dom then leads me downstairs to the common room. Fred takes a double look, Oliver wolf whistles and James looks me up and down. His hand automatically goes to his unruly black hair, and he makes it even more messy than usual.

"Who's your friend?" His voice is deeper, more mature.

Dom laughs, "Jessia Greyback."

"WHAT?! Dom, what do you think you're doing hanging around with her." Wow James, way to make me feel wanted. "She's his son, she's dangerous, you don't know what she's capable of." I bite down on my lip hard, avoiding the eyes of everyone. Silently, I slip out of the common room and make my way to the room of requirement.

Tonight, James' face will be the image that keeps me awake.

A/N: Like I said, this story is under reconstruction. The timeline might not make sense at the moment

But nevertheless, please review, good or bad!

~ Macy x

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