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Albus Potter and Slytherin's Office by Pheonix Potioneer
Chapter 7 : The Mysterious Man
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Albus and the others walked over to where Chris was standing. Al felt very dizzy, and glanced at David for support, who winked at him. He was pleased to see that all of his cousins got “chosen,” even James.

Chris then announced, “All nine of you were good fliers, and you all have a chance of making the team. But that’s only part of Quidditch. The other part is being skilled at your position. So what I’ll do right now, is see which position you are best at, even if you already know. First, I’ll have everyone try chaser. Get on the broomsticks, and I’ll tell you what to do.”

Albus, the other eight of them, and also Chris, clambered onto a broomstick, and flew into the air.

“First,” Chris explained, “All we’re going to do is hover in a circle, and pass the Quaffle to each other."

Chris started with it and then passed it nicely to the next person. When Fred caught it though, his broomstick flipped upside-down, and he had to hold on with his knees. Still upside-down, he passed it to Louis, but it slipped right through his arms. Chris flew underneath Louis, and caught it. Louis and Fred may be good fliers, but they were both klutzes.

Next they had to pass it with a partner, and then throw it through one of the hoops. His partner was James, however. James had beautiful aim, even when moving through the air. He was also a wonderful dodger. Albus was okay at dodging and at aim too, but not as good as James.

Chris had them try each position, and every position Albus was okay at, but there was somebody better at him in each position.

Finally, they all tried seeker, his Dad’s position. Albus was determined to be the best at this position. He wanted to be the team’s seeker. If he was seeker in his first year, it would show that he really was like his dad. But what if he wasn’t?

James was okay, better than Fred and Louis, but still not great. Each person went up, and tried to get the snitch. As each minute passed, Al’s nervousness doubled. He hoped he wouldn’t get sick. Albus went last in line in purpose, but now he was beginning to regret his decision. It didn’t help that the girl before him, a girl named Olivia, caught the snitch in a little less than ten seconds.

Finally, Chris said, “Albus, your turn.” He slowly nodded, but not so fast because he was getting dizzy, out of nervousness. Chris released the snitch behind his back, and Albus immediately saw it, and accelerated towards the snitch. He quickly lost sight of it, because it darted around so quickly. But then he re- found it, but then lost it again. That went on for several minutes, of him finding it and re- finding the snitch. Finally, his fingers snatched the snitch, and he handed it to Chris.

“Good work everyone,” Chris announced. “Er, that’s the end of tryouts, you all did well, and I’ll post the results tomorrow.”

Albus and the rest of the people in try-outs got off their brooms, and went to their friends. Albus sighed. He probably wasn’t going to get on the team. In every position, somebody was better than him. He wasn’t going to be a legendary seeker, like his dad.

“Albus!” Al was caught off guard of Rose jumping on him. “You were brilliant. You’re an excellent flyer.”

“Yeah, much better than me,” Art pitched in.

“You were good too David,” Rose added kindly, eyeing David.

“Oh, yeah, I was brilliant!” David replied sarcastically. “I’ve definitely got those flying skills that make everyone scream. I would kick Professor Dire’s but!”

All four of them started laughing.

“Professor Dire playing Quidditch? Now that I would pay to see,” Albus snorted.

David replied, “He would be a brilliant seeker. All he would have to do is fix the opposing seeker with that stare of his-” -David did an imitation of Dire’s stare- “-And the other person would stay away from the snitch.”

Albus began to giggle. “C’mon Al. I’m getting cold,” Rose said, tugging on his arm. Albus looked at Art with a questionly look, and Art only shrugged. Rose didn’t even laugh at David’s joke.

“Didn’t want to be seen insulting teachers?” David teased, as they were walking back to the castle.

Rose rolled her eyes. She then faced Al, and said in a perfectly cheerful voice, “By the way Al, did Chris say when he was going to post the results of the try- outs?”

“Tomorrow morning, on the notice board,” Albus replied, and they walked silently back to the castle.


The next morning, Albus woke up late, but didn’t bother to get out of bed. He laid there for a while, thinking about his performance, while hearing excited voices from the common room, no doubt saying the results of the try-outs. He didn’t bother to get out of bed, so he could make the time longer of when he still could hope that he made the team. But he knew he didn’t make it. Everybody was better than him.

“Albus, Albus,” David whispered, prodding Al’s shoulder. “I know you’re awake. I just saw you open your eyes a minute ago.”

Albus groaned and began to take his clothes out of his trunk.

“Art and Rose are already downstairs, waiting for you. We agreed to wait until we were with you to see the results. I’ll meet you in the common room.” In a few leaps, David was already out of the dormitory.

Once Albus was dressed, he walked down into the common room, and met with Rose, David, and Art. Rose excitedly dragged Albus to the notice board.

“Lets look! I’ve been waiting all morning for you to get out of bed,” she said, as though she had to wait hours.

There were lots of students crowded around the notice board, so Albus and his friends had to battle their way to the front. Once he they were at the front, Albbus finally saw what was written on the paper.

Gryffindor Quidditch Tryout Results

Captain: Christopher Van Malden

Players should be able to attend all practices and games, even the reserve player, but if they cannot, please alert captain beforehand. All players will get team uniforms on their first practice. Practices and games will be held on the Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch. Practices are held every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4 o’clock, unless the Captain tells the teammates of a change to the schedule. Please alert the captain if you have any questions.

New Players on the Gryffindor Quidditch team-

Chaser: James Potter

Beater: Roxanne Weasley

Keeper: Matthew Peakes

Seeker: Olivia Renehan

Reserve Player: Albus Potter

“You did it! You’re on the team!” Rose exclaimed, hugging Albus joyously, squealing with delight.

“Reserve Player?” Al said blankly. Albus suddenly noticed Chris standing next to him.

“Genius idea, isn’t it? After the try-outs, I was thinking how every year, some player gets sick or injured, so we’re one player short, and then we lose. So I thought that maybe we could have a substitute player, so we don’t have to have only six players. Plus, that keeper, Matt Peakes, gets sick quite frequently.”

Albus nodded, trying to contain his excitement. He had gotten on the team! He had gotten on the team as only a first-year. That was something to be proud of. He couldn’t wait to tell Dad!

“Congrats, Al!” Art said excitedly.

“Thanks,” Albus replied, grinning from ear to ear.

“Let’s go down to breakfast,” Rose suggested. “The common room is quite crowded, since everyone is looking at who made the Quidditch team. Plus, I’m starving.”

The four of them wandered down to breakfast, which, despite Rose’s prediction, was a bit crowded since this was when most people ate breakfast. They quickly got some food, and sat down. Rose debated with David on the odds that Albus had made the team as only a first year. He wasn’t listening very much though, and was mostly gazing around the Great Hall. As Albus finished up his breakfast, Lindsay, a Hufflepuff in Al’s year, walked towards Albus. She was clutching an envelope in her hand.

“I was told to give this to you,” Lindsay said, thrusting the envelope in Al’s hand. He slowly opened it as Lindsay left the table.

Dear Mr. Potter,

After breakfast, I would like it if you came to my office to discuss your schedule, since typically first- years do not make the Gryffindor Quidditch team. The password for my office is "goblin."

Signed, Professor Filius Flitwick, headmaster

“Why would the headmaster want to see you?” Rose wondered. “Shouldn’t it be the head of house, Professor Longbottom? Also, what is there to discuss? There aren’t any conflicts.”

“Dunno.” Al shrugged. “Guess we’ll find out. I’m about finished, I’ll head there now.”

“See you.” Art said as Albus was leaving. As he walked out of the Great Hall, he realized that he had no idea where the headmaster’s office was. As he was wondering about where it was, he saw his twin cousins Molly and Lucy.

“Molly! Lucy!” Albus called, as he ran towards them.

“Shush!” they both said at the same time. Molly and Lucy, like their father, Uncle Percy, were strict about rules. Albus ignored their warnings.

“Do you know where the headmaster’s office is?”

“Take the second left, go up the stairs, and then take the first right, and it leads you straight there,” Lucy said proudly, since she was able to help Albus.

“Wait a minute,” Molly butted in. “Why do you need to know where it is? I hope you’re not planning any pranks.

“I’m not,” Albus said, failing to convince Molly and Lucy that he wasn't doing any pranks. Al slowly walked away, and eventually found the huge stone gargoyle that led to the headmaster’s office.

“Password?” it asked.

“Goblin,” he replied. He stared in awe as the gargoyle moved to the side, revealing a long spiral staircase. He slowly walked up it, amazed at how grand it seemed. At the top, there was a door with a brass knocker shaped like a griffin. It, like the staircase, looked grand and magnificent. But just as he put his hand to the knocker, he heard faint screaming.

Albus froze where he was, straining his ears for more. The screaming was very high pitched, and Al only knew one person with a voice that high- Professor Flitwick.

Professor Flitwick screamed even louder. Flitwick wailed and wailed. After what felt like ages to Albus, although it was probably only a minute, the screams stopped.

“Tell me,” the voice that yelled crucio earlier said, "I, Lord Zajecfer, demand you tell me when you asked the Potter boy to come!" The man's voice was quiet, but sounded threatening.

Albus pressed his ear closer to the door. He could barely make out what they were saying. Why did the door have to be so thick?

“I told him to come right after breakfast!” Flitwick wailed.

The man yellled in anger, and Albus heard footsteps coming towards the door. The man then paused and yelled, “OBLIVIATE!” and then, “IMPERIO!” Albus heard the man's footsteps coming even closer to the door.

Albus, in panic, scrambled up and ran. He ran down the staircase, through the corridors, running blindly. He was stumbling more than running. He was shaking all over, since that man was so close to getting him. And what would have happened then?

Soon, he found himself in front of the common room. He panted out, “Fortissimi leonis.” and ran inside and collapsed on the couch. Rose was sitting by a table playing wizard chess with Art, and David sat next to them.

Rose looked at Albus and exclaimed, “Albus, how did it g- YOU LOOK AWFUL!”

“Are you sick?” Art asked, stopping in mid- command of directing the knight. The knight starting yelling at Art, but Art just slapped it off the table.

“Tell us what happened,” David added urgently, looking shocked and confused.

“In the dormitory,” Albus gasped, still processing everything that happened.

None of them questioned Al, they just all went up to the dormitory. Albus walked like he was in a daze. The rest just followed, confused at why Albus was like this.

He walked over to his bed and sat down on it, and the rest of his friends sat down next to him.

“What’s wrong?” Rose whispered, looking concerned.

“You look as pale as a ghost,” David added.

Albus took a deep breath, and everything he heard just rolled out of his tongue. He was shaking so badly Art took his hand. By the time he was finished, They all just sat in silence for a few minutes.

Finally, Art broke the silence by asking, “What’s that Oblivat thing he yelled at the end?” Art asked.

“Obliviate,” Rose corrected. “I’ve read about it in some books. Obliviate is a memory charm.”

David’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull. “You mean- he- Flitwick- won’t have any idea what happened?”

“Or that anything happened,” Rose replied grimly.

"Have you ever heard the name Zajecfer?" Albus asked her.

"No, I haven't," Rose muttered. "I'll look in the library."

“And what was that immerio thing or whatever Zajecfer yelledt?” Art questioned.

Rose sighed deeply. “Imperio. It’s one of the three unforgivable curses.  If you use it even once, you immediately go to Azkaban for a-“

“What’s Azkaban?” Art interrupted.

“Wizard Prison,” Rose shuddered. “Horrible place. Anyway, what Imperio does is make it so whoever cast the spell can control that person. Voldemort used that curse to recruit more death eaters.”

“Wow,” David whispered.

The dormitory was silent for a few minutes, as they all sank into deep thought. Finally, Rose added, “You’ve got to tell your Dad, Albus.”

“But- But-“ Albus stuttered.

“But what?” David exclaimed, outraged. “Why would you not want to tell your dad? Isn’t he like head of the Auror department of something?”

“We’ve got no proof,” Al whispered. His friends’ faces fell when they realized Albus was right. “Look, Flitwick memory was wiped. Dad told me once the only way you can break through a memory charm is if they are tortured enough. And then once they break through the charm, Flitwick would be permanently damaged for life. I don’t think Dad will be willing to do that to Flitwick. He won’t want to.”

“But you should at least tell him Al…” Rose sighed.

Albus shook his head. “Dad might believe us, but nobody else won’t. At the end of my Dad’s fourth year, my dad witnessed Voldemort coming back. A few people believed him, but mostly people did not. When he went back to Hogwarts, people called him a liar, and my dad actually ended up breaking up with some friends. I don’t want that to happen to me.”

His friends were silent as they thought about what Albus stated. Understanding washed over them, and Art finally said what Albus had wanting to be said, “We’ll leave you alone for a little bit.” Albus slowly nodded as Art and David slowly descended down the staircase. Rose, however, stayed by Albus’s side.

“Why are you still here?” Albus asked rudely.

“I think I know the real reason why you aren’t telling Uncle Harry.” Rose whispered.

Albus did not answer, and instead stared at his feet. He knew the real reason too, and did not want Rose to lecture him. Feet squirming, he gazed at the floor, not Rose.

“I know when I was at home, my mum and dad talked about all their adventures with Uncle Harry to Hugo and me.” Rose said slowly lingering on every word. “And I think your dad did too. Am I right?”

Albus nodded, still staring determinedly at the floor.

“One thing I noticed about the stories however,” Rose continued, “Is that usually just the three of them where on these adventures. Hardly ever did they have much adult help.” Rose let out a big, deep sigh and then moved and whispered into Albus’s ear, “You don’t have to be exactly like your dad.”

Albus avoided Rose’s gaze that he could feel piercing him. Finally, Al heard Rose sweep from the room, so he knew it was safe to look up. Albus collapsed on the bed, his head whirring with the events of the day.


Finally! The moment you've all been waiting for! There are finally mysteries.

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