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Hermione Zabini?? Why me... by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 24 : Fireworks and Pajamas
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Hair up in a French twist… thank you mum.  Pearly white eye shadow and mascara… done.  Sheer red lip gloss plus sealant charm…done.  Strapless red gown from Pansy and Ernie…on.  Silver heels from Mother…on.  And last but not least… Emerald and Diamond necklace from the Malfoy’s… deep breath…on.


Check in the mirror.  Good.  Let’s hope you’re not too late Hermione.


I ran down the stairs to shouts of ‘go get him Sweetheart /Pumpkin’ from Mum and Dad.  Coat… check.  After fastening it up, grabbing my clutch and picking up the train to my dress I apparated just outside the gates to Malfoy Manor.  Here goes nothing.




Ok ok, don’t panic, you can do this.  You love him, you can’t lose him.  He’s your Mr. Darcy, your Lysander, your Paris.  Don’t let him become your Rhett Butler…


“Oh… um Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy.  Ehem… good evening.” The door opened to reveal the two people that must hate me for causing their son so much pain.  Why couldn’t Tinky have been the one to open the door…?


“Mia!  Dear, please, come in, come in.” Narcissa ushered me into the entrance hall where Lucius took my coat.  Shocking…


“Thank you.  Um… I- I want to apolog…” I started to say but was interrupted, this time I didn’t mind.


“No.  Miss Zabini you have nothing to apologize for.  It was our carelessness that drove you away.  Drove you away from Draco.  He has been in agony for the past week.  It’s not been easy on us as his parents.  I would like to apologize to you… for everything.” Lucius stepped towards me and held out his hand.


Take it Hermione, no going back now remember?  If you want to keep Draco you need to accept the people in his life.  I took his outstretched hand in mine and shook it lightly.  Narcissa then pulled me into her arms and whispered in my ear.


“Thank you… thank you for loving my son.”


“Thank you for letting me.” I pulled away and smiled as I repeated Draco’s words.


“You look lovely my dear.  The necklace suits you.” She said with a smile.  I brought my hand up to my neck to gently run my fingers over the gems.


“It’s gorgeous.  Thank you so much.  It was extremely unnecessary, but very much appreciated.  I promise to take excellent care of it.”


Narcissa brought her hand up to cup my cheek.  “We know you will dear.  Now, I must be getting back in there.  Lucius, will you please escort Mia inside.”


“Yes Cissa.” He held his arm out for me and I took it.  Go Hermione.  Phase one complete.


“If you could please not let him know I’m here, I would appreciate it.  I want to talk to him on my own.” I asked the both of them.


“Of course.  I’ll see you in there.” Narcissa strode into the ballroom; thankfully it was on the opposite side from where ‘that’ room is.


Deep breaths Hermione.  Draco’s waiting for you… hopefully.  I let Lucius lead me into the ballroom.  People were dancing, laughing, and having a marvelous time.  I spotted Ginny and Blaise on the side of the room talking with Pansy and Ernie.  They looked over to me and smiled.


“He’s right over there.” Lucius said as he unhooked my arm from his and pointed in the direction of his son.


“Thank you.” I looked up to the man with the long blonde hair.  Too long for my taste.  He nodded and left to go find his wife.


Draco had his back to me.  He was sitting at a table all alone, hunched over in his seat with his elbows resting on the table.  I walked over to him as quietly as I could and stopped a couple feet behind him.  Looking over his shoulder I could see the thing his eyes were fixated on.


A ring.  Oh Merlin… A large square cut emerald sat atop a silver band encrusted with diamonds.  What is it with this family and green?  Obsessed much?  It was gorgeous though I have to admit.  Ok, another deep breath.


“Hi…” I spoke softly and Draco immediately sat up straight.  He closed the box and stood up, slowly turning to face me.


Wow he does not look good.  Bags under his eyes, his skin looks sallow and even paler than usual, and he’s so skinny… I’ve totally ruined him…


“Are you real?” He whispered, his voice slightly shaking, his eyes roaming my face.  I nodded and smiled a bit when he brought his hand up to rest on my cheek.


“Hermione I-“


“Shh.” I placed a finger on his mouth when he started to apologize  “I know.  So am I… I’m so sorry I abandoned you Draco.” As soon as I said his name he closed the gap between us and brought his lips down to mine.  Softly and slowly he moved his mouth over mine, savoring the deliciousness of the moment.  It was pure bliss.


I can’t survive without this man…


I suddenly tasted something salty.  I opened my eyes and saw Draco’s face stained with tears.  Uh oh.  Happy tears, sad tears?


I pulled my lips away from his for a split second to question him if he was alright but he kissed a trail down my neck then chest before he kneeled down and buried his face in my stomach.  His arms wrapped around my back and he held me tightly as if his life depended on it.


He was sobbing into my dress.  Sad tears it is.


All I could think to do was hold him, any part of him.  Just hold him tightly Hermione.  Never let go again you stupid girl.  I had silent tears streaming down my face now as well.


“Draco… shh.  Baby it’s alright.  I’m here… I’m so sorry I left you.  I promise I won’t leave you ever again…” I tried to soothe him as well as myself.  I could see his parents standing a few tables down, both looking at us with sad eyes.  Ginny, Blaise, Pansy and Ernie were walking toward us.  While I was looking to my friends I felt Draco unlatch his arms from around me so I loosened mine and looked down.


“Draco…” He was now on one knee and looking up at me, still with tears rolling down his cheeks.  One hand was still on my waist, the other held out the ring box containing the gorgeous diamond and emerald ring.


Maybe they were happy tears after all.


Oh my lord… this is happening.  Is this happening?  Am I hallucinating?  Did I use one of the Daydream Charms from George’s Christmas gift?


Draco took his hand off my waist to grab my left one.  He brought it to his lips and kissed my palm.  I smiled and received one in return.


“Hermione… every moment without you has been sheer agony.  Nights are the worst, not having you in my arms, not being able to smell your coconut shampoo, not being able to caress your skin.  It’s more than I can bear.  I don’t ever want to live like that again.  I want to wake up every morning with your skin against mine, to see your face before I see anything else in the world.  I can’t live without you... without your love.  You are my heart, my soul, my everything.  I want to marry you, make babies with you and grow old with you.  Hermione Jean Granger-Zabini, will you do me the immense honor of becoming my wife?” He looked up at me with anxiousness, joy, longing and hope in his eyes. 


“Yes. Yes Draco, a million times yes!” Easy question.  We both had tears of happiness running down our faces and smiles as bright as the sun.


He slipped the incredible ring on my finger; it adjusted itself to fit.  Then he stood up to capture my lips in an intense loving kiss.  I wrapped my arms around his neck as he held the back of my head with his hand, deeping our kiss.


“I love you.” I whispered against his lips when I pulled away for air.  He smiled in response and leaned in to claim my mouth once more.


I’m engaged ahh!  I’m 19… long engagement ahead.


“Ahh!  Congratulations!!!!” Ginny screamed once she got to us and pulled me away from my fiancé… whoa weird.  Blaise pulled Draco the other way.


“Thanks Gin!  Oh my god I’m engaged Ginny!” I was pulled into numerous hugs, some from people I didn’t even know.  After all the fuss I was pulled into someone’s embrace I never thought possible.  Lucius.  I was nervous to say the least at first but his words made me relax.


“Congratulations Miss Granger.” He whispered my name.  The name that he hated me for because it was a Muggle name.  I smiled and actually hugged him back.  My future father in law.  Wow… never saw that one coming.


When he pulled back I took his hands in mine.  “Please call me Mia.  And thank you.  Your son is a good man.  You guys must have done something right.” I laughed a little and he gave me a smirk.

“Mia… my little sister.  All grown up.  Congratulations Mi.” Blaise tore me away from Lucius and held me long and tight then gave me a kiss on the cheek.  


“I’m only younger by 7 minutes you big buffoon.”  I grumbled and received a smirk from my brother.


“MIA!” Mother was the next that enveloped me in a hug.  “Mia darling I’m so happy for you!  I’m so glad things worked out.  He loves you so much darling.” She was crying now, which was making me cry in response.  Why does everyone feel the need to cry around me?  


“I know Mum.  He’s an amazing man.  He’ll take good care of me, and I him.”


“I know sweetheart.  Narcissa, Congratulations.” Mother greeted Narcissa just before I was pulled into another set of arms.


“You as well Violet.  Mia dear this is amazing. I’m so happy for you both.” She held me at arms length and I could see her eyes glistening with more tears.  “I couldn’t ask for a better daughter-in-law.” She kissed me on the cheek and left to find Lucius.


Mother was talking excitedly with some of her friends and I was searching the crowd for Draco.  My Draco.  The thought made me smile.


“Looking for someone?” I heard his voice behind me and my face brightened even more.  Turning around I noticed the smirk that played on his lips.


“Maybe.  He’s about 6’1”, blonde hair, gorgeous oceany grey eyes, pale skin, goes by the name… Fiancé .” I purred and wrapped my arms around his waist.  Draco placed his hands on my cheeks and brought his lips down to brush across mine.


“I may be able to find him for you.” He whispered.  “You look beautiful tonight Hermione as always.  Although I think I should probably dry your dress from where I stained it with tears.” Draco looked embarrassedly down to my stomach and pulled out his wand to dry it.


“Thank you love.” I brought his face back to mine to kiss him on the cheek and whisper seductively in his ear.  “I’ve missed you Draco.  I’ve missed your touch… your lips… your body… Can I stay here with you tonight?”  His arms snaked themselves around my waist and I felt him shudder.  He kissed and licked the skin on my neck in response.


“I’ll take that as a yes.” I breathed.  “But right now Mister Malfoy, you need to behave yourself and play gracious host to your ballroom full of guests.” I heard him growl and I smirked.  “And we need to get to you to eat something love.  You look like you haven’t eaten in a week.”


He looked into my eyes with deep longing.  “I know Draco.  I want you too… so badly.”  I leaned in to kiss him again.


“Can we have your attention please?”  A voice sounded over the crowd.  


Draco and I looked over to the stage that housed the band.  The Malfoy’s, Mother and Blaise were up there with glasses of Champaign.


“Would Mia and Draco please come join us?” Narcissa called out.  Draco smiled at me and led me by the hand onto the stage.


“We would like everyone to please raise a glass to an amazing couple.  We couldn’t be happier about this union.  We love you both.” Mother announced.  Draco held me from behind and placed a kiss on my cheek.


“To Draco and Mia.  May they have a long and happy life together.  Congratulations!” Narcissa raised her glass and the crowd followed.


I turned around in Draco’s arms and kissed his full lips.


“Oh no!” Shit, I have to go tell my parents now or they’ll never forgive me.  I made my way out of Draco’s arms and down the stage stairs.  I turned around to grab his hand but he wasn’t behind me.  I looked up to the stage and saw the fear on my loves face.  Oh God, he thinks I’m leaving him again.  Good job Hermione.  I held out my hand for him and his face relaxed back into a smile.  He climbed down the stairs and grasped my hand, letting me pull him into the entrance hall.


“For a minute there I thought you were...  I could feel my heart in my throat.”  Draco’s voice was a tad pained which made me flinch.  But he pulled me into his side and walked to the fireplace.  “Where are we going?”


“We’re going to my house to tell my parents.”


My parents were as happy as could be.  They saw how miserable I was without him, and noticed the state he was in from a week without me.  We had a glass of wine with them and then headed back to the manor to ring in the New Year.  Draco suggested that we bring them with us, but I didn’t think Lucius would be too happy having Muggles in his house. Not yet anyway.


With about 5 minutes to spare Draco and I rushed back into the ball room.


“Hey guys, you run away for a quickie?” Pansy nudged me in the side and winked.


“Ha ha.  No, we went to tell my parents the good news.” I put my arm around Draco’s waist.  Should have gone off for a quickie though.  I like the way your mind thinks Parkinson.


“Almost time guys, let’s go outside.  Firework show.” Draco pulled me along with our friends out into the cold air.  We were surrounded by everyone else but I was freezing.


“Thank you.” I murmured to Draco.  Aww, such a good fiancé.  He took his tux jacket off and wrapped it around my shoulders then pulled me to his body and wrapped his arms around me.  Mmm body heat... Draco heat.




“I love you Draco.” I looked up into his eyes.


“I love you too Hermione.”


“2…1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!” The crowd shouted as the fireworks took off to light up the night sky.


Draco brought his lips down to mine in a tender kiss.  I wouldn’t let him pull away.  I’ve been away from you too long Draco, give me more than that…


I bit and sucked on his lower lip which made him retaliate.  He plunged his tongue into my mouth and battled mine for dominance.  I moaned and pressed my body into his.  Then I remembered where we were and pulled away before my brother noticed.  Or worse… his parents.  I’m sure that won’t be on the ‘proper pureblood test’ I’ll probably have to take before I marry their son.


“Come on love.  We need to get some food in you; you’re looking a bit unhealthy.” I pulled Draco back into the ballroom when he shrugged.  The spread at the buffet table looked delicious.  Draco did thankfully eat until he felt like a glutton.  His mother pulled me aside to thank me for that.


Around 1am, after dancing, champagne, and talking with friends the guests took their leave.


“Would you mind terribly if I spent the night here?” I asked Lucius and Narcissa when the door closed after the last guest.  Draco wound his arms around me and looked at his parents with puppy dog eyes.


“Of course you may stay.  Goodnight you two.  We shall see you some time later on today.  Let’s get some rest Cissa.” Lucius winked at Draco which made me blush profusely and bury my face in my hands.  He then led his wife up stairs.


Oh Merlin… Lucius knows what Draco and I will be doing tonight, that’s highly disturbing.  He’s probably proud of his son.  Ugh…


“Hmm.  I’m surprised Mother didn’t order a house elf to make you your own room.  Father seemed to understand though.” Draco chuckled and picked me up bridal style to carry me to his room.


“Draco, we’re not married yet, you can put me down.”


“Nah, I’ll put you down when we get there.” Draco set me down in the middle of his room and then went to shut his door.  He locked it and cast a Muffliato on the room while I unhooked my heels and placed them by a chair.  I took off my necklace and the clips that held up my French twist, letting my hair cascade down my back.  Lastly I cast a contraceptive charm on myself so we wouldn’t have to think of it later.


I looked to Draco and in his eyes saw the same lust that I had filling my body at that moment.  I need him; tonight’s not going to be like the others I know that much for sure.  I rushed toward him and we first met with our mouths.  He was ravenous, biting, licking and sucking on my tongue and bottom lip.


“Draco…” I moaned before he claimed my mouth again.  I hurriedly got to work unbuttoning his shirt and loosening his tie.  He broke our kiss for only a second when he pulled his tie over his head.  His hands went back to roaming my body and mine to un-tucking his shirt from his pants.  I slid it off his shoulders and ran my hands over his bare toned stomach. 


Draco growled low in his throat before he pulled away and looked me in the eye.  His eyes were dark.  Darker than I’d ever seen them.  I admit it frightened me a little but mostly it made my knees weak.  To know that he wanted me that badly had my heart beating a million miles a minute.  While holding his gaze I moved my hands to unbuckle his belt and undo his pant’s button and zipper.  He kicked off his shoes and let his pants fall to the ground.  He broke our eye contact to bend down and take off his socks.


On his way back up he ran his hands up my legs under my dress all the way to my inner thighs and I felt my body tremble with his touch.


“Get me out of this blasted dress.” I commanded him in a breathy whisper.  He obeyed.  Slowly he unzipped the side of the dress and let it pool around my feet.  I was standing in front of his appraising eyes in a strapless red satin bra and matching boy shorts with ribbon ties up the sides.


I claimed his lips again while slowly moving my body against his.


“Fuck Hermione…” He gasped out and leaned his forehead against mine.  I continued what I was doing and he attacked my mouth again.  He bit down on my bottom lip hard enough to draw blood.


It was erotic, sensual.  The salt and rust taste of my blood mixed with our tongues caused me to growl this time.  That turned him on even more. He untied the sides of my panties and let them fall to the ground, then unlatched my bra exposing my whole body to him.  His hands found my breasts and his thumbs rubbed against me.  He brought his mouth down and took me in his mouth gently biting and licking my tender flesh, my hands tangled in his hair holding him to me.


“I need you…Now…” I breathed.  In a second his boxers were on the floor and he had lifted me in the air.  My legs went around his waist and he turned to force my back against the door.  I cried out from the contact but he silenced me with his mouth.  Tongue against tongue, he claimed me hard causing me to moan in pain and pleasure.


I’d be sore tomorrow but I didn’t care. Not right now. He held me by the thighs and moved roughly.


“Draco… yes…”


Draco bent his head down to my neck and bit down between my neck and shoulder, stifling a groan.


“Harder Draco…” I firmly gripped his shoulders digging my nails into his skin.  He obeyed once again.


“Mmm yes Draco… oh my god…. Draco!” Pleasure washed over me and my breaths came in pants.  I leaned my head against his shoulder and tried to make the moment last as long as I could.  My body was humming.


“I’m not finished with you yet…” My head snapped up and I looked into his eyes.  He hadn’t finished…?


He stilled and carried me over to an arm chair near his fireplace and sat down.


I moaned out his name at the feeling. One last passionate kiss before I was ready for my next round. I arched my back and began to move.


“Oh Merlin Hermione…” His eyes followed my body’s movements.  I could feel pleasure already starting to engulf me again.


“Draco...” I moaned.  I was almost there.  I could feel his body start to quake beneath mine and his hands gripped my hips tightly.


“Hermione yes, sweet Merlin…” Draco and I finished together as both our bodies shuddered.  I closed my eyes and fell against his heaving sweaty chest.  His heart was beating as quickly as mine was.  I sat back to look at the face I had come to love.


“I love you…” I whispered before kissing him sweetly.  His hands cupped my face and his lips moved over mine with such tenderness.


“I am so in love with you Hermione.” He breathed when we pulled apart.


Draco and I took a shower together, washing each others bodies free of the sweat from making love.  After drying myself I slipped into Draco’s green (what a shocker) silk sheets.  Mmm… the soft fabric felt amazing against my skin.


“No pjs love?” Draco chuckled as his eyes roamed the exposed top half of my body.  He stood next to the bed in a pair of blue silk pajama pants.


“I came here without any luggage.  Sorry.” I smiled at him.  I know you like me naked in your bed Malfoy, don’t deny it.


“That’s fine with me.  Naked it is.” Draco said before he took off his pj pants and boxers.  Then he climbed in bed and pulled me against his chest.


“Goodnight love.”


He waved his wand around the room and the candles went out.


“Goodnight, my future wife.” He murmured as he kissed my shoulder.


His future wife… I like the sound of that.




A/N: I have no affiliation with the name ‘Mr. Darcy’ from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Lysander’ from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ or ‘Rhett Butler’ from Margaret Mitchell’s ‘Gone with the Wind.’


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Hermione Zabini?? Why me...: Fireworks and Pajamas


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