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Harry Potter and the life after the war. by scottieclark
Chapter 8 : Nightmares
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Ginny Weasley August 11th 1998


“Run!” Ginny screamed at her friend “We got to get out of here now!” she yelled again as she dragged a young boy with her.


“Stupefy” she heard one of her teachers try to stun her


“Get away from her! Stupefy! Reducto!” Neville screamed as he sent a stunner and a curse at the two teachers who were following his friend and the little boy. “GET BACK! REDUCTO!” he again cursed as his curse broke the sheild “STUPEFY!” He screamed once more as his stunner hit Alecto Carrow square in the chest as he flew backwards.


“Neville lets get out of here no-” was all Ginny got out before she was hit with a leg locking jinx sent by one of the older Slythern students.


Expelliarmus and Stupefy were the last two things Ginny heard before she was hit with the crucio curse from Crabbe Jr. 


“Thank you two, Twenty five points to both of you for your assistance. Alecto take the boy back to the dungeons while I deal with these two blood traitors” Amycus said to her brother as she walked towards Ginny. “CRUCIO” she screamed as she pointed her wand towards Ginny, who was now squirming in pain. Never realizing how much this curse would continue to hurt, and how it felt worse each and every time it was cast upon her. “Lets try our age old question. Where is Harry Potter? Tell us or your boyfriend here dies” she said as she pointed her wand at Nevilles unconscious chest.


“I HAVE NO IDEA. Please don’t hurt him…” was all Ginny said before waking up in the Gryfindor Common room with Neville on the other couch and a note. 


The boy is safe, Becareful 


“GINNY!” Hermione screamed one final time as she tried to wake her friend up from what looked like a terrible nightmare. For the past hour she had been tossing and turning and begging for the pain to stop, and her whole family plus Harry was now watching Hermione and Molly try to wake her from her nightmare. 


“Wh- Wha…” Ginny mumbled out as she woke up from her sleep with a jolt, immediately going for her wand on the besdside table. 


“Ginny dear don’t worry it was only a dream, you are safe” Molly said, desperately trying to ease her daughter. Harry and Hermione had switched places and he was now kneeling by her bed rubbing her upper back offering words of comfort. Ginny slowly calmed down after noticing she was surrounded by her family, and Harry was right their with her made her feel a lot better about the situation.




“Sor…Sorry for scaring everyone, just a bad dream…I think I want to try to go back to sleep” She said to everyone, even though she had no intension of going back to sleep for the remainder of the night. It was already past two in the morning, but she new how tired everyone else must have been, especially after being woke up. 


“Are you sure Gin?” Harry asked her lovingly, every time he stared at her with those green eyes, she swore that he could see right through all of her lies. She had been lieing to all her friends and family for the past several months. All the time people would ask her if she was OK or if she was holding up, and she would put on her fake smile and tell everyone what they wanted to hear. 


“Thanks Harry, but truthfully I am fine, just tired” she responded, and after some more coaxing from her she was successful and everyone went back to their respective beds. Perfect. Now all she had to do was get out of this house and go for a walk. Only one problem.


“Alright sit your arse down this instant!”

“Hermione. I am fine.”

“You bloody well are not!” Hermione retorted.


“Just some bad memories of Hogwarts…Now go back to sleep” Ginny said as she was about to get up to leave the room


“Sit down, or ill hex you” Hermione threatened “You forget that I have slept in this room almost everyday, the only time I don’t is when I am back at my parents”


“Just a few bad dreams…” Ginny muttered 


“Ginny” Hermione said waringly

“I just went through a lot last year”

“Have you talked to Harry or your Mum about this?


“NO! And you can’t either!”

“You either tell one of them or talk right now!”

Ginny thought about this and decided that their was no way that she could tell her Mum or Harry. Harry had far to much on his plate, and her Mum was so busy now. So she figured she had to tell Hermione… “Ok, but for real, this goes nowhere else… Agreed?” with that Ginny began to tell Hermione what had happened to her over the course of her sixth year. How she was made a target from the first day, because of her relationship with Harry and the fact that her family were known blood traitors. She was a constant target from the Slytherin from that point on. Within the first week of school her, Luna, and Neville reconstructed the DA so that the constant lies about Muggleborns, muggles and halfbreeds could be disputed. 


She explained how when they did their raids they usually got away because all the original Hogwarts professors were still looking out for them, but when the Carrows began torturing the halfbloods as well as the Muggleborns, they also charmed the Professor quarters to not be able to reopen until the next morning so that they could get away with what the needed to do. This was when they knew that the DA could no longer do simply little pranks. They had to stand up for what was right, and of course this resulted in the leaders of the DA to be tortured and questioned when caught.


Ginny explained everything that happened to her over the year, and was beginning to feel a little better about the situation as a whole. Now that someone else knew, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted. The look on Hermiones face during the story had changed dramatically. At first she held a sympathetic look, but it eventually turned into a disgusted look, and then one of complete rage. Hermione listened intently throughout the whole story not wanting to inturrupt Ginny, but never had she ever wanted to cause two individuals so much pain. She swore to herself right then that if she ever encountered these two pathetic excuse for humans again, she would curse them to within an inch of their miserable life.


After Ginny finished telling Hermione everything up to the point where Harry killed Voldemort, she looked relaxed. The story took the pair well into the early morning, they could already hear Molly downstairs preparing breakfast for everyone.


“Thanks Ginny” Hermione said to her friend. 


“Why are you thanking me? I feel so much better after telling someone. Thanks so much Hermione” She said lovingly to her best friend. “Im sorry I kept you up all night though”

“Don’t worry about it…Happy Birthday though!” Hermione said excitingly. Ginny was now officially of age in the Wizarding world. She had finally turned seventeen. 

A smile slowly worked across Ginnys face. She had forgot that today was her birthday, and all of her Hogwarts friends were going to be here tonight. She had asked her Mum to have a small intimate birthday for her, but of course small for the Weasleys meant nothing short of twenty people. All her brothers and their respective partners were to be there, as well as Luna, Neville and a few of her dorm mates.




Harry Potter


‘So what did you get her for her birthday?” yawned out Hermione who was trying to stay awake after the early, early morning.


“Well Molly, and Ron have both hinted that she always wanted to play professional Quiditch when she finishes Hogwarts, and since the entire Weasely family has yet to embrace the fact that they truly do have gold to buy whatever they choose” Harry joked to Hermione “I decided to buy her a Firebolt” Harry finished


“Harry!” Hermione began, “she will absolutely love it. Has she told you that she wanted to play, or did you just get the information from Molly, and Ron?”


“Uh well no, just Molly, and Ron…” Harry trailed off “…Do you not think she will want the gift”


“No, I guarntee she will love it!” Hermione quickly tried to fix her comment. It was well into the afternoon, and Harry and Hermione were putting last minute touches on the displays outside. “I just think that you two need to sit down and have a conversation about last year…I know you haven’t told her everything that happened to you last year, and I know she hasn’t told you everything that happened to her either…Just trust me when I say you two need to talk” Hermione said to her longtime friend. Although she had promised Ginny that she would keep her secret. She also knew how stubborn Ginny could be, and if Harry didn’t push, then she would never tell him.


“What time is dinner being served?”  


“Not sure, Molly said she didn’t need my help, probably within the hour”


The two longtime friends made their way back into the kitchen after a bit more chatting. Once they got back into the kitchen they were met by most of the Weasleys and made small talk before dinner was served




Ginny’s 17th birthday party went on well into the night, it wasn’t as near as loud and rambunctious as Harry’s 18th but it was a lot of fun. Ginny received a wide selection of gifts, but her most favourite was Harrys. The firebolt he got her would do wonders for the upcoming Quidditch season. Ginny however said nothing about how it would help her if she decided to play professionally.


Everyone else had either left or went to bed, it was just Harry and Ginny left outside and it was well past midnight. The moonlight was glowing off the Burrow’s pond which made the entire yard bright up “Thanks for the wonderful Birthday” Ginny said as she began kissing him, Ginny couldn’t tell what his response was because she was kissing him so passionately. The two kissed for what seemed like hours, before they finally came up for air.




“Thanks so much for the gift today, I love it” Ginny breathed out as she continued to kiss her boyfriend. She new that he wanted her to be ready before they took the step the Ginny planned on taking tonight, and also knew that on a picnic blanket by the pond was not the most ideal place but she knew what she wanted, and she was taking it tonight. 


Harry didn’t know what to think as Ginny was kissing him everywhere, slowly taking off his shirt, and unbuckling his trousers. Once Ginny got Harrys pants unbuckled, Harry decided that she knew what she was doing, and took over. He started to kiss her more passionately and move his hands all around her body, taking off her shirt, and trying to unclasp her bra, knowing exactly what was now planned for the night.




Hermione Granger - August 21st 1998


“Mrs Weas--”




“Sorry, Molly are you ready to go?” Hermione asked.


“Yes dear, lets get going” Molly said as the pair headed to the fireplace.


“Hogwarts Headmistress Office” Hermione said. Moments later she stepped out of the fireplace so Molly could arrive. She noticed both Fleur and McGonnagall waiting in the office, presumably for Molly and herself to arrive.


“Hermione. Molly. Thanks for coming in today for the annual start of term staff meating. If you three would follow me I will introduce you to everyone, and then we can begin” With that the three women followed the Headmistress down the stairs of her office, and through the corridors until the reached the back office of the Great Hall where a collection of teachers were already waiting for them.


“Alright bear with me here everyone, we have quite the introductions here. Hermione probably knows most of the staff but we will do the introductions nevertheless. Let us start with the House Heads, Astronomy Professor Aurora Sinistra, Head of Gryffindor; Charms Professor Filius Flitwick, Head of Ravenclaw; Potions Professor Horace Slughorn, Head of Slytherin; Herbology Professor Ponama Sprout, Head of Huffelpuff. The four Heads of House.


Flying and Quiditch instructor  Rolanda Hooch, History of Magic Professor Cuthbert Binns, Ancient Runes Professor Bathsheda Babbling, Arithmacy Professor Septima Vector, Muggle Studies Professor Marry Cattermole, Divination Professor Sybill Trelawny, Care of Magical Creaters Professor Rubeus Hagrid. Whew.” McGonagall said as she tried to catch her breath after naming all of her staff “Molly Weasley will be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts with the assistance of Hermione Granger. We will be completely revamping the course to ensure our student are better able to defend themselves. Fleur Weasley I have decided after talking to Olympe Maxime who informed me of her excellent marks in school, will now be teaching Transfiguration with again the assistance of Hermione Granger.


Lastly Neville Longbottom, who as of this morning confirmed with me that he will be taking over the postion of Herbology teacher in two to three years when Ms Sprout retires. Both Hermione and Neville will be Associate Professors who will teach their designated courses while studying for their NEWT level grades.” McGonagall informed the crowd of Professors.


After everyone introduced themselves and playfully wished Molly good luck on the DADA career they all sat down and had their meeting. The meeting was about what to expect after the troubles from the prior year, and how intolerance was not by any chance going to be tolerated by any means, and if any staff member, Professor or Associate Professor or Headboy/Girl witness any student displaying act of intolerance, the first offense was to dock fifty house points as well as a detension with McGonagall. Second Offense would result a month of detentions, while the third and final offence would be suspensions of the student from the school year.. This year hopefully would weed out any more Death Eater sympathizers.


Another point on their agenda was the fact that the only two remaining ‘8 years’ that were accepting the offer to return to Hogwarts were in the room right now, all other students opted to accept the Ministrys and St Mungos offer to immediately start advanced career training in the field they wished to go into. This offer was a one time offer to any student who did not complete their final year due to the war.


After the meeting Hermione, Molly and Fleur decided to walk throught the grounds and have lunch in Hogsmeade and talk about everything from school classes, to their respective ‘Weasley men’.


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