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Secret Malfoy by GabriellaGMW
Chapter 6 : Dear old Ronald Weasley
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A/N: So this is the sixth chapter of Secret Malfoy. I am so happy that I have so many reviews and reads on so little chapters. This is by far my most successful story on all my fanfiction pages :) Read and Review please, you know you want to ;)

 “I am going to kill Ronald Weasley” Ginny screamed as she slammed the front door to their house behind her. Both she and Harry had dropped Dora off at her mother’s house before they came home because they didn’t want her to be involved or to hear this argument. Plus, Ron and Astoria were coming over tomorrow and it gave them a perfectly good reason to see them and scream and shout at the pair.

“Let me join you” Harry replied, though not a psychotic as Ginny had been. He hated his best friend, sure, but not as far to the point of death. He knew Ginny was being deadly serious and would probably have to take away and hide her wand before they arrived at the burrow.

“I can’t believe he pushed Hermione out of our life for eighteen years and turned us against her when it was all him” she shrieked, filling the house with her echoing cry.

“I know Ginny, but...”

“But Harry Potter, but what; he has done nothing but turn us against our best friend for eighteen years and then married the girl he cheated on her with. Who was none other than Hermione’s current husbands, my bosses, ex-girlfriend; who was his girlfriend when they saw each other behind their partners backs”
“Right” Harry said, slightly confused by what his wife said. She huffed before storming upstairs.

“Well I’m going to bed, they say that the earlier you go to bed the quicker tomorrow comes; and damn do I want it to turn up soon”

9th DECEMBER 2017


“Hey mum” Ginny said, hugging her mother as they entered the burrow.
“Hello Ginny, you’re early”

“Well, I’m an early riser. Is Ron here yet?”

“Well yes, he’s in the living room but...”

“Thank you mum, oh yeah, and keep Dora away. Things might get nasty” She marched through the living room door to see Ron and Astoria watching their eight year old daughter CeCe playing with their three year old son Scorpius. She smiled sweetly at them as they looked up. Ron grinned back.

“Oh hey Ginny, Harry”

“Ron, Astoria” Ginny said bluntly and sat down next to CeCe who beamed at her with the perfect white teeth she had inherited from her mother.

“Hello Aunt Ginny”

“Hello petal, can you take Scorpius into the kitchen with your grandmother because Uncle Harry and I need to have a private chat with your parents?”

She nodded her head vigorously and picked up Scorpius before taking him into the kitchen. Astoria looked at her in confusion.
“What’s going on Gin?”

“Oh don’t you Gin me”

“What do you mean Ginny?” Ron said in confusion, looking at Harry for assistance, but he just glared back at the couple on the sofa.
“We know about your little eighteen year old secret because we met the victims. My boss in fact”

They both froze as they realised who this meant.

“Draco told you I cheated on him”

“Oh yes, and Ron. Do you remember your ex-girlfriend? Well, she told me too”

“You saw Hermione” he said anxiously and Ginny raised her eyebrows before nodding.

“Yes, we currently had a meal with them, in their house”

The shock on the couple’s face changed vividly at those last three words. Then Ron blurted out.

“They live together”

“Of course, for about the last sixteen years actually”

“That’s insane, Draco hates Granger”

“That’s not what the diamond and emerald ring on her left finger said, oh yeah, and the golden band along with it”

Ron’s mouth flew open and Astoria’s eyes widened in shock.
“They’re married” they said in unison and Ginny smirked.

 “Weren’t expecting that were you, now, back to the real meaning of the story, Harry” she turned to Harry and smiled to him kindly, he nodded curtly before rounding on Ron.
“You lied to us Ron”

“No, I-I...”

“You pushed Hermione away from us and out of our lives for eighteen years because you made one big huge mistake and couldn’t bear to be the bad guy. Well tuff luck Ron because it turned out like that anyway. Did you seriously think we would live the whole of our life without knowing the truth?” Harry yelled, his voice rising with every word. So much to the extreme that Mrs Weasley ran in.

“What is going on in here?” she bellowed and Ginny grinned at Ron evilly before turning to face her mother.

“Harry and I found Hermione”

The shock on Mrs Weasley’s face was a beautiful picture, she squealed in delight like a child on Christmas day and began planning the meet up.
“Oh my goodness, we can have a big family get together in the garden for Christmas and Hermione can come along and see us all again. It will be great”

“I don’t think that will work mum, because Hermione doesn’t like being in the same room or space as Ronald here”

Mrs Weasley’s face fell as she smiled at Ron weakly “Oh Ronnikins, I’m sorry, I forgot about what she did to you”

“Funny thing is Molly, Hermione did nothing to Ron at all” Harry added, smiling wickedly as his ex-best friend shook his head, telling Harry not to do it. He ignored him.
“What do you mean dear?”

“What Harry means mum, is that Ron was the one who cheated on Hermione. With her” she pointed a perfectly manicured finger at Astoria who gulped under pressure. Her brown eyes still wide in nervousness and surprise “And what Harry means mum, is that Ron should no longer be part of this family; goodbye Ronald Weasley” Ginny teased, waving her long slender fingers in the direction of her brother.

“Don’t believe her mum, she’s lying...” He tried to reason but Harry just laughed.

“What, like you did to us and your entire group of friends and family for the past eighteen years” he turned to Mrs Weasley “Actually Molly, I think that meet up would be great. I want to see Draco beat this piece of lying crap up. What do you think Ginny?”

“I think we should start planning this event” she teased before looking down at a terrified Astoria and Ron, raising an eyebrow evilly.


11th DECEMBER 2017


“Mummy” Hyperion squealed; hurling himself at his mother as the Hogwarts express stopped at the platform. She mused his hair playfully and hugged him tightly; he took in her musky scent of perfume as she held him tightly.
“Hey Rio”

“Hyperion” came the blunt voice to Draco Malfoy and Hyperion turned around in his mother’s arms. He looked worried by his father’s tone until he grinned at him. “How are you squirt?” he said, holding out his hands for his son just as another shout echoed through the crowd.

“MUM, DAD”, Hermione laughed at her daughter’s loud bellow and waved in the direction of the voice. Soon after the long platinum blonde hair of Evangeline Malfoy came into view, tied into a neat plait at the side of her head, her three best friends Aleasheanna Zabini, and Verity and Edward Nott following closely behind. They all waved when they saw the Malfoy family waiting for them.

“Happy Birthday Princess” Hermione cooed into her ear as she hugged her daughter tightly.

“Thanks mum”

Hermione withdrew from her daughter and let her hug Draco before turning to the three other children behind her. “Have you all said goodbye to your parents?”

“Yeah Hermione” they all said casually, she grinned at them. She allowed all of her children’s friends to call her by her first name because she felt a lot more casual. She was just about to ask everyone if they were ready to go when...


Hermione spun around to see Ginny running towards her, Dora hot on her heels with Harry, James, Albus and Lily walking just a few metres away. James stopped when they neared the family.

“What is mum doing?”
“Mr Malfoy is your mother’s new boss” Harry explained and his mouth flew open before he shook his head.

“No, that can’t be possible. That’s never going to happen”
“Well it has, and Dora is going around there for a few hours so we thought maybe we could pop around too”
“No way am I going to the Malfoy’s house”
“They aren’t that bad James” Albus explained to his brother “Hyperion is really nice”

“His older sister isn’t” he snapped back before turning to his dad and beginning to whine “Can’t I just go back with Fred and Roxanne whilst you go to the Malfoy’s” he wrinkled his nose at the name and looked up at his dad pleadingly. Harry, however, just scowled at his son before shaking his head.

“You either come with us or you stay here”

James crossed his arms and stood in a sulky position. Harry just raised his eyebrows before grabbing Lily’s hand and leading both her and Albus towards the family. James looked up and gaped.

“You can’t leave me here” he yelled but Harry ignored him. He stood there for a few minutes, looking up every now and again to see his family in fluent conversation with the Malfoy’s, before deciding he didn’t want to be here for all of the Christmas holidays. He ran over quickly and slouched next to his mother.

“Decided you didn’t want to stay here for Christmas did you James?” Albus smirked and James glared at his brother. He had caught that smirk off Hyperion and James wasn’t enjoying it.
“Whatever Snivellous” he replied snappily, Albus just rolled his eyes before starting up a conversation on Quidditch to Hyperion.
“Are you going to the Puddlemere match on Wednesday?” Hyperion asked and Albus shook his head.

“No, mum and dad are going out so we have to go and stay with Uncle Ron and Aunt Astoria”

The atmosphere around them filled with tension at the mention of those two names. Ginny looked at her son and clapped her hands together.
“Actually, you’re staying with Uncle George and Aunt Angelina” she said through gritted teeth and Lily began to whine.
“Aw, I wanted to tell CeCe all about Hogwarts”

“You’ll just have to tell her at Christmas”

“We won’t see her before then?”

“No, probably not, you see, your father and I have had a little disagreement with your Aunt and Uncle”

“About what” James asked and everyone looked at him in surprise. He chuckled “You didn’t think I was listening did you”

“It doesn’t matter what it was about, but we have had a disagreement and won’t be seeing them for a long time”

“Apart from next week for the family get together” Harry remembered before turning to Hermione and Draco “Which you and your family are invited to by the way”

Hermione’s eyes widened at this and she gulped before gripping Draco tightly.
“Will... he be there”

“Yes” Ginny murmured “But I thought it would be good to show Ronald and his darling wife what you two can achieve without them”

Hermione thought about this before nodding

“You’re right” she looked around at the pretty much deserted train station and took Quinn’s hand “Come on, we better go before we are shut in here” and with that she leaded the two families through the barrier and out onto the real Kings Cross Station.

A/N: So next up is some stuff in James' point of view because I thought it would be nice for him to find out himself. There is also some flashbacks to before Hermione met Draco at their job ;) Read and Review please to tell me what you think :)

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