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It Just Seems Right by ginnyREEpotter
Chapter 1 : It Just Seems Right
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I don't own any of these charcters, they belong to JKR. Wish I was her...



 “If everyone would listen up, Ginny and I have an announcement to make.” Harry said it loud enough so that all th Weasleys could hear. “We are going to have a baby!”

Everyone was shocked for a moment, then a stream of “congrats” “and way to gos” filled the room.






“So, we figured out what we’re going to have, and it’s a boy!” Ginny announced to her family at the family dinner they were having.                     






“Ron, get up, Ginny is going into labor!” Hermione nearly shouted. Ron jumped out of bed and threw his clothes on in record timing.




"Harry, Ginny, he's beautiful. What are you going to name him?" Hermione asked, holding the newborn baby carefully. 






 "We were thinking, James Sirius Potter." Harry answered, looking at Ginny, and she nodded in agreement. 




 "Perfect." Ron said as he leaned over Hermione to get a better look, "It really is perfect" 




"Thanks Ron, it just seemed right." 




"Hermione, do you want to hold him while I hold Rose?" Ron spoke, looking at Hermione, who was holding their child while he was holing Harry and Ginny's new baby. 




"Sure, but  switch carefully and quietly, we don't wake Ginny or them." She whispered back as they switched. 




 A few minutes later, Harry walked in carrying One-year-old James. "Do you want to meet your new brother James?" 




"Yes!" James said a little too loudly, but it only woke Ginny. 




"Jamsie!" she exclaimed quietly.




"Mommy! Can I hold the new baby?" "Sure, sweetie." 




"What's his name?" It was Ron who asked this time. 


Harry and Ginny looked at each other a full minute before she answered, "Albus Severus Potter." "Severus?" Hermione asked, "Why?"




"It just seemed right." Harry told them. "It just seemed right."




"Ginny, can I hold her before I go back to get Rose?" Hermione asked.  




"Sure, but I get to hold Hugo while you're gone then." Ginny proposed.  




"Haha, you'd have to hold him even if you didn't want to." Ron said before he walked over to where James and Albus were playing. "James, Al, do you like your new baby sister?" he asked when he got there. 




"No, because she's a girl and girls are dross." James said in his still babyish voice.




"I like her!" Albus said proudly. "But no hold her." 




"That's ok Al, because I want to hold her!" Harry said, getting up from where he was sitting, and then picking the baby up from Hermione's arms. "There's my little Lily! There she is!" He said while cradling her in his arms. 




"You named her Lily?" Ron said. 




"Yep, Lily Luna Potter." 




"Oh, Harry, Ginny, that’s so cute!




“Luna goes with Lily, and...well..."




"Let me guess," Ron said, "it just seemed right." 




The kids were finally in bed, which was amazing because it was only nine, and they usually weren't forced to go to bed until ten-thirty.




"You know, everything seems just fine, Harry." Ginny thought aloud. 




"You're right, Ginny, it does just seem right." he answered her back. 

I hope you like it, though it's very simple. 


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It Just Seems Right: It Just Seems Right


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