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Never by piperaideen24
Chapter 1 : Invitations
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I’m only happy when I’m on the run
I break a million hearts just for fun
I don’t belong to anyone
-Marina & The Diamonds

He was laying kisses up and down the length of my collarbone. The crook of my neck, my jawline, then back to my lips. His tongue lashing furiously, willing me to open my mouth.

I had my legs hitched up around his waist as he held me up against a wall.

My hands ran through his hair, pulling him even closer to me - if that was possible.

I let his hand wander higher up my leg until I felt the urge to be cruel and break away.

“Albus.” I whispered, my voice a little rougher than usual, due to erm, certain activities.

He grunted and pushed his face back to mine. My mind swirled, and I forgot what I had been about to say. I arched my back slightly so that every inch of me was touching him in some way. He was hot, and so was his breath as he worked his way back down to my collar bone, kissing me in the spot he knew I loved.

I groaned as he kissed the groove where neck meets collar bone. I arched my back even more, pressing closer than ever to his body. I vaguely registered his hand moving back up my thigh. Then I remembered what I had been about to say.

“Albus.” I said again, though it came out more as a moan as he kissed my neck again.

He ignored me again, but this time I wouldn’t have it.

“Albus!” Finally he sighed, and pulled away so he could look at me.

“What is it Kat? I’m doing some of my best work here, can’t you just enjoy it?” I snorted and detangled my hands from his hair.

“This is not your best work Albus, and besides that, I’m going to be late for the library with Rose and Emmy.” Albus just shrugged and tried to kiss me again, but I turned my head so that he kissed my cheek rather than my lips.

“I’m serious Al, and we can’t quite shag in here, it’s far too small.”

“I’d be willing to take that bet.” He whispered in my ear before trying to kiss me again. This time I wasn’t quick enough and his kiss landed on my mouth. My mind misted over again as the kiss deepened and I wrapped my hands around his neck, pulling him down to me. But then I knocked a bucket over with my foot, and I snapped out of it.

“Albus, I really need to go.” I whispered into his lips. He groaned, but this time I felt him straighten up a bit. Then his arms released me and I dropped my legs from around his waist.

“You’re cruel.” Was all he said. I grinned and hopped off the bucket I had been sitting on.

“And we’re both late. Albus, don’t you have to go meet Lily?”

“Shit.” He muttered. “You’re right.”

“How is it that I remember your schedule better than you do?”

“Because you’re obsessed with me and you have to know where I am at all times?”

“Yeah that’s it.” I said, rolling my eyes. I leaned over and picked up my school bag before I straightened my shirt out and tried to flatten my messy black hair down onto my skull.

“Now. I’m off to the library. But rain check on this whole thing.”

“Shagging in an incredibly small space?”

“Well, yes, but minus the incredibly small broom cupboard.”

“It’s a date. We can use that pretty small one on the third floor.”

“Albus, I was thinking more like the room of requirement where we could at least have a couch. Or, merlin forbid, a bed.” He paused, and looked at me like that thought had never occurred to him.

“A bed you say?”

“It’ll be a first for us.”

“But I like shagging you in broom cupboards.”

“Well it’s not always all too fun for me. I had a bruise from that one broom for a week.”

“Fine. I’ll meet you at midnight, room of requirement. And we can use the bed.”

“Deal.” I said and he stuck out his hand. I rolled my eyes but shook it anyway.

I made Albus check the map before we ducked out of the cupboard and both went our separate ways.

Albus and I had been doing this for about two months now, since the beginning of school. Hooking up in secret I mean.

The reason we’re doing this in secret is because our friends would kill us if they knew we were messing with the balance of our group, because Albus and I are also best friends.

Oh, by the way, my name is Katerina Petska. Kat for short. Actually, always call me Kat because if you don’t I’ll hex you. Rose calls me Katerina, and I still have yet to hex her, but don’t think I’m soft, it’s just because she’s my other best mate. But back to the whole me-and-Albus thing. We are not secretly dating. And if you insinuate such a thing I’ll hex you.

I use that threat a lot don’t I? Ah well. I’ll still do it.

Currently I’m on my way to the library to meet both Rose Weasley and Emmy Gates. Emmy is the girl who is currently dating Fred Weasley, another of my friends. He’s making me and Rose be nice to her because he’s in “love” and we have to treat her like she’s “one of the gang” so she doesn’t feel “uncomfortable”. Personally, I think she should shove off. If she can’t make her own friends that’s her problem, not mine.

Though I suppose she’s perfectly nice.

“Katerina!” Came a voice from down the hallway. Okay, see people, this is where the hexing comes in. I spun around on my heals, about to yell, when I realized who it was.

Alex Jones. The hottest piece in 7th year (other than Albus). I instantly slammed my mouth shut. There was no way I was gonna hex that gorgeous face.

“Hey Alex.” I said as he approached. He grinned widely down at me.

“You headed to the library?” He asked. I nodded. “I’m headed that way too. Mind if I walk with you?”

“Sure thing.” He grinned again and we started to walk.

“You’re looking good today Katerina.” I winced slightly at his use of my name again.

“You can call me Kat.” I said. “And thanks.” I smiled up at him. No one really told me that much. Even though I suppose he could use a word other than “good”.

“KAT!” Came another yell from behind us. I looked around just in time to see Albus skid around the corner of the corridor.

“Albus? What are you doing?” I asked as he neared us.

“I have your hair tie!” He cried like it was the end of the world.

“So you ran the length of Hogwarts just to give it to me?” I asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Yes!” He said, handing it over to me like it was made of acid. “What if Lily had seen it? It was around my wrist.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“I don’t think she would have thought we were shagging Albus.” I hissed at him. Trying to keep my voice from being heard by passers by. And by Alex.

“She might have!” He whispered back. “She’s a perceptive little bint, my sister.”

“Well, Albus, thanks for the hair tie. But I have to go now.” I said pointedly, glancing at Alex out of the corner of my eye. He was looking on with a bit of a bemused expression.

It seemed like Albus only just noticed Alex.

“Oh, hi Jones.” He said, mildly stiffly. Alex just waved, looking a little off put by the coolness to Albus’ voice.

“Bye Albus.” I said, giving him a small push.

“You know what, I actually forgot I have an essay to write. I’ll go to the library with you.”

“Albus don’t be ridiculous, you don’t even have your bag.”

“Oh.” He mumbled. “Right.” I smirked.

“Feeling threatened, love?” I whispered to him. He flushed a bit.

“No, what do you mean.”

“Remember what’s happening at midnight?” He grinned stupidly.


“Just hold on to that. Now get the fuck out of here.” Albus shot one more look at Alex then darted back the way he had come. I sighed, then turned back to Alex.

“Sorry about him, he’s a bit of a nutter. I lost my hair tie after breakfast and he seems to have found it. Just wanted to give it to me.”

“Oh.” Said Alex, shrugging. “If that’s all. But look, this is me anyway.” He said, gesturing to the charms classroom to our right. I smiled at him.

“It was a nice walk, even though it was brief.”

“Yeah, maybe we can do it again sometime, with a little less interruption.” He winked. I was a little puzzled by this. He wanted to walk to a classroom with me again? And why was he winking.

OH! Oh.. shit.

“Yeah, maybe.” I said, blushing slightly. If he wanted to hookup with me...

Well what’s stopping me? It’s not like Albus and I are anything special. We’re not even public. Would it be so bad if I started up with Alex? I mean, he was fine.

But then he turned and stepped into the classroom, leaving me out in the hallway looking like a bit of an idiot.

You know, maybe he didn’t mean what I thought he meant.

But let’s be honest. He was a bloke. No bloke really wants to just walk to a classroom with a girl for the fun of it unless they’re getting something else out of it.

That was for sure.


“What are you two doing here!” I asked rather grumpily as I spotted Fred Weasley and Cole Adams sitting at a table beside Rose and Emmy in the library.

“Don’t sound so happy to see us.”

“Yeah, merlin Katerina, you could sound a little more excited to see our shinning faces.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Then tell me you love me and apologize.” Fred pouted. Emmy giggled.

I hate giggling.

“You heard the man Katerina.” Cole grinned.

“Oh stop it you lot, leave Kat alone.” Dom sighed, feet casually up on the table, flipping through a magazine.

“I don’t know why you hate your name Kat.” Emmy said lightly. “I think the name Katerina is beautiful!” I just stared at Emmy blankly. Her petite 5’3” frame sat up a little straighter under my gaze and she fiddled with her wavy blonde hair.

I mean, I guess my name was pretty. But it wasn’t me. Katerina sounded a bit too much like a pretty girl with a sunny personality to match. Where as I was a little too doom and gloom to be bestowed with the name. I had black hair and weird storm grey eyes to boot. So not even my appearance was sunny.

No, I was much more of a Kat. I guess blondie here just didn’t know me well enough to know that.

“Sure.” Was all I said in response.

“Well!” Said Fred, clapping his hands together. “Shall we get to studying?”

“We’ll never get anything done with the two of you here!” I cried, pointing between Fred and Cole.

“Oi! We’re plenty studious!” Cole defended.

“Then where is the essay we’re supposed to be editing?”

“Haven’t written it yet.” Cole shrugged.

“Yeah, we were hoping that we could copy one of yours.” Grinned Fred.

“You haven’t even written your essay yet!” Emmy exclaimed, looking at Fred as though she was shocked. I mean really - of course they hadn’t written it yet - how could she be shocked?

“No?” Fred said weakly, as though it were a question.

“Freddie! We’re supposed to be doing a final edit on one of the biggest papers all year! That’s why we’re all here! And you’re telling me you haven’t even written it yet?” Fred just shuffled his feet.

“Sorry babe.” He muttered.

“Don’t say sorry to me!” She huffed. “Get working on that essay! I’ll help if you need it, but that’s what you and Cole should be doing with your time!”

“Ah, let um copy off me.” Dom said, face still in her magazine.

“Dominique, they should be learning these things for themselves! And it’s not fair to all your hard work if you just let them copy!”

“Hey, I copied from Kat in the first place so it’s not my hard work they’d be robbing.” Emmy looked at us as though we had all sprouted four heads.

“Only one of you did the essay?”

“Yup. Now, let’s get down to it. Freddie and Cole you can copy later.” I said, sitting down next to Dom who begrudgingly moved her feet off the table. Emmy just took a deep breath, then dug in her bag for her parchment.

Oh she was so on a high horse right now.

That’s what we all get. We get judged.

All because Freddie had to date a Ravenclaw.


“Right well, it’s time for me to retire, mates.” Albus said, standing up and clapping his hands together. Fred looked at him, a little confused.

“Albus, it’s only 8.” Dom said, looking up at him from the essay she had been writing.

“Right, I know that. It’s just, I’m tired, and I’ve finished my essay.”

“Oi! No way mate! Lemme copy!” Cole cried, sitting up straight and sending a desperate look at Albus.

“Fine, here.” Albus said, handing his parchment to Cole who looked like Christmas had come early.

“Once I finish this I think I’m going to head up to bed too.” I fake yawned. Dom scowled.

“You’re going to leave me here with these twits?” She asked indignantly.

“Maybe we’ll leave you here too!” Cole said, pretending to be hurt.

“Yeah, maybe we’ll leave you to fend off those love struck first years.”

“Personally I think they’ve all suffered brain contusions.” Cole added in an undertone. Dom thwacked him on the head with her book.

“Ouch! Bloody hell Dominique!” He said, rubbing his head.

“You deserve it.” She said, glaring at him.

“Right.” Albus said, still standing here awkwardly. “Night all.”

“Night Albus.”


“See you later alligator!”

“Later Ally!” Albus rolled his eyes at this last one from Fred, then headed towards the boys staircase.

The group fell silent after Albus left. I scribbled out the last few lines of my essay and leapt up.

“Yeah, I’m off to bed too.”

“I was serious about not being stuck alone with these two.” Dom said quickly, standing up.

“Oh Dom, they’re not that bad. Besides, I know you’re gonna want to talk my ear off, and all I’m doing is taking a shower and going straight to bed. So if you want to socialize, this is the only place to do it.” She scowled, but sat back down. I knew that would get her off my back. Dom couldn't be in a silent room for more than a minute before she started gabbing to the nearest person. The teachers all hated it, and sometimes it even got on my nerves.

“I feel so loved, don’t you Cole?” Fred said as Dom took her seat next to him again.

“More loved than I’ve ever felt in my whole life Freddie.” He answered. I smiled at my friends and waved goodnight. As I was leaving I heard Fred mumble something about first years again (Dom had a hoard of admirers), and what sounded like a thwack over the head. I rolled my eyes and continued up the stairs.


I peaked around the last corner of the hall leading to the room of requirement.

It was about quarter to midnight, so I was a little early for my rendezvous with Albus, but that was ok, I figured I’d choose the room anyway. But as I approached where the room would be, I saw Albus shimmer into existence. Damn that invisibility cloak. I stood there and watched as he paced back and forth three times, then I saw a door appear.

He grinned slightly then stepped inside. I hurried over, and grabbed the handle of the door. When I opened it up, I was shocked at what I saw.

Candles were everywhere, lit and flickering with light, casting shaking shadows across the walls. A large four poster was set in the middle of the room, and there was a fireplace crackling merrily in the hearth of a fireplace. But despite all the flames, the room was still the perfect temperature.

“Oh!” Albus said, giving a little start as he noticed me. “Kat, you’re early.” I was still a little dumbstruck by how pretty the room looked.

“Albus, you made this?”

“Well, I thought it, the room made it.”

“Still.” I said, a little breathless. I turned around and smiled at him.

Next thing I knew, his lips were on mine, and I didn’t know who had initiated it.

We backed up towards the bed, kissing furiously. I laid back, my head hitting the bead. Albus crawled on top of me, slowly undoing the buttons of my blouse. He left hot trails with his fingertips as he ran them across my body.

He suddenly slowed the kiss down, which was odd. Then he began to slow everything down, like his fingers tracing the lines of my body. It felt weird, not something I was used to with Albus. But my thoughts weren’t clear. They never really were when Albus was kissing me. But there was a word that was nagging at the back of my head, something to describe this moment.

It wasn’t coming to me. So I just let the feeling pass, and concentrated instead on Albus’ kisses as he trailed them along my collarbone.


I had been in perfect bliss. I was enjoying myself and having a grand old time.

But that word had come to me.

Slowly, like an illness, it had creeped into my mind.


The situation we were in, the way Albus was acting? It was intimate.

I had leapt away like he had a disease. He had been puzzled, of course.

But this bed had been a bad idea. The candles? The fire? It was all oozing with sentiment.

“I er, I have a paper I forgot to write.” I said hastily.

“Kat, it’s a Friday night. You have all weekend to do the paper.”

“Right, but, I can’t do this if I have that on my mind.”

“Well let me take it off your mind.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this tonight. I’m distracted. And you know what? You’re right, broom cupboards are much better places.”

“You seemed pretty content till about a minute ago.”

“Right, a minute ago I remembered my paper.” Albus had just sighed, but he sat up.

“You’re the strangest girl I know, Katerina Petska.” I couldn’t help but nod in agreement. But there was no way I was letting it continue. I mean, if Albus ever got the wrong idea... I’d be forced to crush his feelings.

Then he said it.

“I’m starting to have feelings for you Kat, real ones. Like, romantic ones.” I just sat there like an idiot. Then I opened my mouth.

“You shouldn’t.” Was all I said.

Then I left Albus sitting there like he wasn’t quite sure what had just happened.

I was rushing back to the common room when I ran into somebody.

He was handsome and charming and drunk (his house had just won a quidditch match). But he could tell I was distressed, and so he invited me into a broom cupboard.

And I took the invitation.

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