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The First Letter by Potterblotter
Chapter 1 : Letters Home
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 "Hello family!" Harry called out as he walked through the front door of his house. Having just apparated to the property boundaries, he was quite happy to finally be home from work. 

Walking through the entrance hall into the main sitting room, he was met by a blur of flaming red hair as his 10 year old ran to great him, hugging his waist. "Hello sweetheart," said Ginny, as he came over to the couch she was sitting on. He had picking Lily up and exchanging greetings with her so she was hanging from his neck as he bent down and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek. 

"Albus has sent us a letter." She said excitedly. "The owl came a couple hours ago but we decided to wait for you."

"Well mom decided we would wait. I wanted to open it up right away." Said a mildly peeved looking Lily sitting on Harry's lap were he had sat down by his wife. Ginny nodded passively as she took a letter out of her pocket under her robes.

"Well, let’s not wait any longer then shall we?" asked Harry. Ginny passed him the letter and he opened it and began to read out loud. 

'Dear Mom, Dad and Lily

GRYFFINDOR! Just thought I'd get that out of the way so you’re not waiting in anticipation. The hat said he saw lots of my father in me and so he knew where I'd "do well" as he put it. Not sure what he meant, but I'm guessing it’s about what we had talked about, right dad? So he asked me where I'd like to be before sorting me. I basically told him I wanted to do well and make my family proud but still remain true to myself, or something cheesy like that. (James is not allowed to hear of any of this, so if he finds out about any of this I will know it was you Lily)'

Lily looked shocked and appalled that her brother would think she would spill the beans on him to her even older and more mischievous brother. But with a glance from both parents with raised eye brows, she shut her gaping mouth with a 'Humph,' and motioned for Harry to continue reading. 

'So the hat said I had the brave heart of a Gryffindor but the cunning brain of a Slytherin, so I could do well in both. But I think he could tell I was nervous about Slytherin and so he put me in Gryffindor! 

The like one friend I made on the train ended up being put in Slytherin though, but it looks like we will still be friends. He says he would have been made into Hippogriff bate if he hadn't made Slytherin because of his dad, but he seems like a pretty OK guy and mom said I should make friends with anyone, no matter what house they're in. 

James has already got me into trouble-'

"What! He's been there for one day!" Said Ginny, grabbing the side if the letter and Harry's hand holding it as well, to get a closer look. "Merlin, I swear he was switched at birth or is channeling Fred or Sirius, cause neither of us where as bad as him and it’s not like we taught him how to be the little devil he is." She shook her head and put her face in her palm. "What did they do?" 

Harry look back at the letter to keep reading. 

'James has already gotten me into trouble. He told me about the short cut between the fourth and fifth floors, behind the tapestry by the prefects bathroom, but he forgot to mention the trick step and I got stuck until Dom came by and heard my calls, so I was late to my transfiguration class but the new teacher is really strict, so she sent me to the Headmistress' office. I met Dumbledore and Snape so that's kinda cool. Snape seemed a little...uh, shall we say, find out my name. He kinda just made a bit of an outburst then left his frame mumbling, but Dumbledore seems cool enough. 

Not sure what my punishment will be, cause professor Sprout is apparently out in the green houses helping Professor Longbottom with some flesh eating plants or something. Not sure I'm gunna like Herbology. 

Any ways, love you all and I’ll send another letter soon. Hopefully it will tell of my revenge on James.


Harry put the letter down,and looked at his wife. "He better not get into any actual trouble if he knows what's good for him." She said already writing out a reply. "He's probably only gunna get a warning from Sprout, but still." Harry laughed and started to play with Lily. 

Later that night, after dinner and when Lily had finally gone to sleep, Harry found himself rereading the letter from Albus. Ginny's reply was full of pride from the both of them and also contained her warning not to mess about, but Harry knew that wouldn't last long. 

After reading the letter a third time, Harry reminisced about said conversation he and Albus had had on the platform. Harry was pleased his son was happy in his house and that he had a friend. He wondered what the boy’s name was and if he knew his parents. 

Ginny joined him in their bed and he put the letter in a box that he kept of "Firsts." The box also contained James' first letter home, although it had been a week and a half before it had been written and sent to them and by that time they had already received a letter from Neville, as he was the new head of Gryffindor house, saying James already had a weeks’ worth of detention for letting loose a dung bomb in the girls lavatory. Needless to say, that letter had also made it into the box of "First" and Harry glanced at it as he put the box back under his bed and rolled over to kiss his wife good night. 

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The First Letter: Letters Home


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