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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 5 : Plans Gone Wrong
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Chapter 5

Raven waited impatiently in the warehouse. Viper should have been there by now. He should have killed Hannah Longbottom and Rolf Scamander by then and come straight to the warehouse. He was late, and Raven wasn’t too fond of people who were late. She tapped her foot, trying to pass the time.

She hoped that things had gone according to plan. No one could find out about her operation and her plans for the future. They would try to stop her. Almost the entire Wizarding world was wrapped around the Weasley’s finger; they were too blind to see how terrible the family really was. They had somehow gone to school and didn’t care that they were constantly second class citizens because their last name was Potter or Weasley. But Raven cared, and she was going to stop the injustice. As long as Viper hadn’t totally screwed everything up, she could continue on with her plan of revenge.

Finally the door opened and Viper scurried in, knowing that he was late and that she would most likely be furious.

“You’re late.”

Viper looked at Raven. If looks could kill, he would have been dead by now. If this was how she reacted to tardiness, he didn’t even want to think of how she would act towards other crimes. He was sure almost any crime was punishable by death in her mind. After all, she was slaughtering the Weasley’s because they thought they were better than everyone else.

“I’m sorry,” Viper said, “I had to discreetly get away. The place was crawling with aurors within minutes.”

“How did the aurors know about it so soon?” Raven asked, surprised and angry that the aurors had reacted that fast.

“Well, there was five or six teenagers in the pub and maybe one of them called the aurors,” Viper replied.


Viper fell to the floor as the pain overtook him. He closed his eyes, wanting to make it stop. Never before had anyone used the cruciatus curse on him. He hadn’t thought that working to kill the friends and family of the Weasley’s would be so harmful to him. After several minutes, the pain started to fade.

“You left witnesses!” Raven shrieked, her voice echoing around the warehouse, “That could have blown our entire operation!”

“No one was able to get a good look at me!” Viper argued, hoping to call her now.

“How do you know?”

“I’d be in Azkaban by now if they had! Kristen’s little sister, James’s little sister, and her cousin were in there! If they had been able to get a good look at me, they would have told their parents by now!”

Viper felt the pain rush over him again. He rolled into a ball, closing his eyes, and hoped that the pain would soon be over. He had never known Raven to be so ruthless. The curse was unbelievably painful. Had Raven always been this powerful?

“Why the hell did you leave those brats alive?” Raven spat.

“You told me to kill Rolf Scamander and Hannah Longbottom. That’s what I did,” Viper replied, trying to sit up.

“Didn’t I mention that I wanted the Potters and Weasleys to suffer? If you had killed every single person in that pub, we would have been able to make them suffer a lot more without them thinking it was anything more than a random attack on the pub! It’s common sense Viper!”

“I’m sorry-“

“I don’t give a shit about your stupid apologizes! You had the chance to kill Harry Potter’s only daughter, Ron Weasley’s only son, and Kristen Wood’s annoying little sister and you blew it!”

Raven was really getting angry. Her shrieking voice bounced off the walls. Viper wanted to get out of their as fast as possible, even if it meant killing more people before the night was through. He feared that if he didn’t leave soon, he would be the next victim.

“Would you like me to murder the little brats now?” Viper asked hesitantly, wanting to please Raven and not have the cruciatus curse used on him again.

“No, they could be expecting that,” Raven replied, no longer shrieking but still extremely angry.

“So does that mean I can go home to the night?”

He saw Raven’s menacing glare land on him. How no one ever realized her evilness while she had been at Hogwarts, he never knew.

“Of course it doesn’t, you moron!” Raven screamed, “We have to plan our next attack so you don’t make any other extremely stupid mistakes!”

“Do you have any particular person in mind that we’re going to kill?” Viper asked, intrigued by killing once again.

“Let’s just say, Arthur and Molly Weasley will lose a grandchild before the week is over.”





***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Do any of you have any guesses on who Viper and Raven are? On who they will kill next? As always, I hope you continue to read, review, and enjoy this story :D***

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