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A Change of Heart by Romance_Fanatic98
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Disclamer: I own nothing but my original characters and the plot. Enjoy!


Maddie stood there clutching her trunk and cat carrier, already missing her father. She was overwhelmed at the many, many bustling bodies occupying Platform 9¾. She glanced around at all the other children, and at their mothers, most of whom were in the midst of tearful goodbyes. Maddie frowned slightly, wishing her mother could have come see off her only daughter.


Often her mother had been staying home, rarely venturing out farther than the edge of immaculate green lawn that surrounded the house. Maddie knew how difficult it was, being gawked at and having such a temper, and she supposed it must be even worse for her mother, since she was a full-fledged veela.


Bringing her thoughts back to the present, Maddie carefully made her way on to the train. She wondered briefly what her first year at Hogwarts would be like, but she didn’t let herself ponder it for too long. She realized that there were no empty compartments. A few minutes later she came across a compartment with two girls and one boy who looked to be her age. She opened the door and stepped inside.


“Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit here? Maddie asked. Three heads spun in her direction. She figured they hadn’t heard her come in.


“Sure.” The boy answered with wide eyes. One of the girls giggled, and so did Maddie. She realized both girls had bright red hair and wondered if they were related.


“I’m Rose.” Said the girl who giggled. “And these are my cousins Molly and Albus. Albus, close your mouth!” Rose said, giggling towards the end. Albus blushed slightly and glared at Rose.


“I’m Maddie. My middle name’s Rose. I love the name.” She said looking at Rose. “Thanks!” Rose said, “I love it too.” Maddie looked at Albus curiously and was about to ask if she knew him, but decided against it.


“Is this your first year?” asked the other girl, Molly. Maddie nodded. “It’s our first years too!” Molly said excitedly, gesturing around the compartment. “I’m so excited. I’ve been looking forward to today all summer! I was always talked about it. Everyone got really fed up with me, especially Dom. Speaking of Dom, Where is she? She’s another one of our cousins.”


Maddie stared at Molly, who had just said all of that in a matter of seconds. “Another one? How many cousins do you have?” she asked in wonder.


Albus, who had finally gotten over himself, said, “Don’t even get me started. Our family tree is so huge and confusing, you’d fry your brain if you tried writing it down. I have five uncles and four aunts, just to give you an idea.”

Maddie stared at each of the children in turn, and said, “Wow. I wish I had a big family. I’m an only child and neither of my parents had any siblings.”


“We’ll share if you want.” Said a voice from behind her. Maddie spun around to see a young girl with light blonde hair just like her own and dark blue eyes. Albus, Rose, and Molly began to laugh, as did the girl.


“I take it your Dom.” Maddie said, joining in. “I’m Maddie.”


“In the flesh. I see you guys have been gloating about your favorite cousin again.” Dom said, sitting down next to Maddie, who laughed. She liked Dom already.


For thirty minutes Dominique joked around and read Witch Weekly, Molly and Albus took turns telling stories about their extensive family, and Rose read a gigantic book twice the size of any book Maddie had ever seen. Maddie laughed and listened to the stories with genuine interest. She could hardly imagine having a family as huge as theirs.


She opened her mouth to talk when the door flew open and a young boy with platinum blonde hair and steel-grey eyes strode in. “Oh, seems as this isn’t the compartment I was looking for.” The boy said.


“You’re that Malfoy boy. What do you want?” Albus said coldly. It didn’t seem as if they knew each other, so Maddie couldn’t fathom why Albus’s was so col- wait. Wait a minute. Did he say Malfoy? Like Draco Malfoy? Maddie knew about him, who didn’t?


“And you must be that Potter boy. My father warned me about you. And the rest of you must be Weasleys.” Malfoy said with a sneer. “Ah, but I don’t recognize you. Scorpius Malfoy.” He said formally when his eyes landed on Maddie. He stuck his hand out.


“Madeline Thompson.” She said politely, although she didn’t take his hand. “Pleasure.” Scorpius said, turning on his heel and leaving them alone once again.


Maddie turned to Albus, Scorpius’s words ringing in her head. She took in Albus’s jet-black hair, his bright green eyes. “Did he say Potter?’ She asked, looking at Albus. And then, turning to the three girls, “And Weasley?”


*    *    *


“So does it get annoying? Having everyone basically treat you like royalty?” Maddie asked a while later. Her and Rose were sitting in a boat, making their way across the black lake.


Rose shrugged. “Sometimes. But James said it really comes in handy at school. Especially because a lot of the professors were in school with ‘The Golden Trio’.”


“James? Oh wait, let me guess, another cousin?” Maddie said amused.


Rose nodded. “He’s Albus’s brother. He’s a year older than us, like Dom. I have to warn you, he’s quite a prankster. Takes after his grandfather.”


Fifteen minutes pass and Maddie finds herself reunited with Albus and Molly, who were talking to a boy with platinum blonde hair and indigo eyes. “This is Louis, Dom’s brother.” Molly said. “Another one of you.” Maddie said with a fake sigh. “Gosh you Weasley-Potters multiply fast. Are you sure you’re not rabbits?” Everybody chuckled, and then they had to hurry to keep up with the rest of the first years and to not to get lost. Hogwarts was like a maze.


They entered the Great Hall and immediately Maddie’s mouth dropped open. The size, the incredible number of students, and the ceiling! It was all very impressive. “Wow.” She said quietly.


“Incredible, isn’t it? It’s charmed to look like the sky.” Rose said knowingly. “I read about it in-“


Hogwarts-A History.” Albus and Molly mimicked, rolling their eyes. Maddie and Louis laughed, and Rose sent a glare at them while they got ready for the sorting ceremony.


“Welcome, first years. I am Professor Branstone. I will call your name and you will come sit on this stool, where you will be sorted. Annabelle Bronstein!” Said a woman who was probably in her thirties.


“Professor Branstone teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts.” Rose stated simply.


“Ravenclaw!” the hat screamed.


“Nigel Cardington!”




“Marie Cauldwell!”




This went on for a while. When they reached the M’s, nobody was surprised that Scorpius was sorted into Slytherin.


“Albus Potter!”


Albus seemed nervous as he made his way to the stage. He sat down and closed his eyes. When the hat declared “Gryffindor!” Albus looked relieved.


A few minutes pass, and then Maddie was called up. She sat down nervously and waited. Professor Branstone gingerly placed the hat on Maddie’s head. She crossed her fingers and waited. The hat said absolutely nothing to her. After what seemed like an eternity, it screamed out “Gryffindor!”


Relieved, Maddie made her way to the table and sat across from Dom and Albus, next to a boy who looked just like him but older and with hazel eyes. “You must be James.” She said.


“And you must be Madeline.” James said shortly. Maddie frowned at his tone and at the way he used her full name. Not that she didn’t like her name, but only adults called her Madeline.


She watched Louis, Molly, and Rose get sorted into Gryffindor. She cheered loudly for each of them. Molly sat next to her, while Louis sat next to Albus and Rose sat next to Dom.


Through the entire meal, Molly talked Maddie’s ear off, Rose rattled on about the thing she had read in Hogwarts-A History, Louis and Albus argued about Quidditch, and Dominique and James talked about people that Maddie didn’t know. James acted cocky, bragging about this and that. He made rude comments to her and only referred to her as Madeline or Thompson. During dessert, she was about to take a bite of a pastry when it exploded in her face.


“Oh, Madeline! You’ve got something on your face.” James said, trying to smother a laugh and stuffing his wand back into his robes. Maddie had had enough. James was getting on her very last nerve. She calmly cleaned her face with a napkin. James seemed disappointed to not have gotten more of a reaction. Maddie stood up and picked up her goblet of pumpkin juice when James wasn’t paying attention. There had been absolute silence at the table since the pastry had exploded.


“I think you need to cool off.” Maddie said before dumping the contents of her goblet onto James’s head. He gasped, the juice pouring down his face. His family members were cracking up. “Looks like someone got a taste of his own medicine! Thank you Maddie, really. Nobody’s ever had the courage to do something like that.” Dominique laughed. She smiled, and right then the food disappeared and the prefects called for the first years. Maddie flipped her wavy blonde hair over her shoulder and walked away without another word, not knowing that this would be the beginning of a long feud.



A/N: So I hope you liked it! Let me know what you think, good or bad. This chapter isn't that good, but the next one is amazing I promise! 

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A Change of Heart: Prologue


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