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A Child's Unbreakable Vow by QuendallynBlack
Chapter 1 : The Morning After
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All places, names, items or anything else you recognize from Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. The plot and new people are mine. Enjoy and please, please review my first born!


The morning broke through the large windows behind heavy curtains, illuminating the edges of the room with a buttery glow. The guest room within the Manor was very large indeed with an oversized bed surrounded with blood-red, solid oak pillars and a head-board carved with a large Death Eater serpent symbol surrounded by a large black rose. Several paintings adorned the dark green walls with silver trim along with multiple ancient and most likely dark objects displayed in bookcases. The faintly opaque drapes surrounding the bed were certainly useful since many of the paintings seemed to be rather curious of their guests within the bedroom the previous night.

Slowly waking herself was one of Fiorella’s trademark quirks. As a young child, her mother, Ariella Rosier, would have Carpy (the old house elf) jump on the bed until Fi would finally give in and get out of bed. Now that she was an adult, she could do as she pleased and stay in bed to her heart’s content. Today, however, she was curious and eager to hear of the triumph from last night’s events and staying in bed was the last thing on her mind. She wanted the news and wanted to celebrate within Malfoy Manor with the rest of her extended family. More importantly, she wanted to see the one who had chosen her to finally indulge in his eager, last-remaining human desire.

She allowed herself to reflect on the previous night and how she had never felt that much intense passion in her existence. The Dark Lord was so in tune with her needs and wants that she, for a fleeting moment, thought he was using legilimency but she could not have cared less for she was in such a euphoric state, it was as if she had never truly lived before. The overwhelming feeling of want started to come over her again so she quickly decided now would be a good time to shower and get ready for the new world she had been expecting.

As she made her way to the shower room, the painting of a man most curious with her eyed her coolly which made her bind her robe more tightly about her slim body. When he noticed her shyness, he simply stated, “Oh, I have seen my fair share of harlots in my day, madam. There is no need to cover such a beautiful masterpiece as yourself. I am a humble man…”  

“How dare you!! I am not a harlot! You should be ashamed of yourself calling such a name to a Rosier. I should have you taken down to the dungeons to keep company with the mudbloods…” Fi exclaimed furiously. The nerve of this man! Ruining what was supposed to be one of the best mornings of her life.

“My sincerest apologies, Miss Rosier. I was unaware of your…status. Please accept that I am merely a bored old man stuck within these walls and I rarely get to see a beauty such as you,” the painting of Nicholas Malfoy said plainly. Still eyeing her coolly as she rolled her eyes and gracefully swept into the bathroom, he pointedly added softly, “You are a lucky one to be in such good graces with the Dark Lord, let us hope he keeps you in such a position.”

She undressed quickly as the shower warmed and glanced in the mirror swiftly noticing that she had a glow about her she had not noticed the prior day. She fleetingly thought it must have been the well-rested night she had…although she did wake once in the early morning hour upon having a slight pain in her lower abdomen. Thinking nothing of it, she again turned her attention to herself and thought how she did have the good fortune of inheriting the same stunning attractiveness as her cousin, Narcissa. While her pale skin and dark blue eyes were expected, her dark blonde hair was surprising. Her skin was flawless, she had perfect cheekbones and her round eyes drew-in a captive audience wherever she went. An elegant essence emitted when she smiled and while she preferred to not attract the interest of others, she drew eyes upon her when she entered a room.  

After the warm shower, she took great care to apply herself in looking her best. She wanted to make a great impression on the Dark Lord once again and hopefully make a devoted habit of the previous night’s activities as well as maybe gaining his ultimate and entire trust. She was so sure that she could fulfill the needed position to assist him with the tasks ahead and provide the needed companionship he so desired with devoted love and complete loyalty. She was more intelligent than anyone she knew, she was well-liked and respected among the clan of followers and she could not deny her longing to be at his side once these times of fighting were over. 

As she dressed in a dark green, long, silk dress with a v-neck line and petite sleeves, she heard shouting in the adjacent corridor. Thinking the long-awaited party was about to begin, she flew to grab her over-coat (she was always a bit chilly) and as she glanced one last time in the mirror she heard a loud crashing sound and a scream.  

She inherently debated within her head, should she go? Should she stay? Hide, perhaps? She decided to wait and see if anything else suspicious happens when the door crashed open and two wizards with wands drawn were yelling at her to announce herself at once.

“I am Fiorella Rosier!” She was terrified. Where were Lucius and Narcissa? Where was Tom? What in the name of Merlin was happening?

They both grabbed her arms and asked to see her wand. She pointed to the bed-side table and they grabbed it before she could protest. Her heart felt crushed as they grabbed her wand made from pear wood with a core of Pegasus wing feather…she had always felt her wand was intimately connected to her somehow and it hurt to have someone maliciously handle it. They immediately used the Prior Incantato spell and saw (to her utter embarrassment) that her last spell had been an Obscuro charm. She hoped they did not put two and two together if they glanced around the room; her undergarments were strewn around the room and her shirt was half torn from the night before. He only let her use the charm for a moment and she knew that he was aware of what she was planning to do to him while blind-folded anyway.

They glanced around the room and one of them had a small, half-smirk as they guided her out of the room and into the foyer. That is when she saw Lucius on the ground and Narcissa holding Draco who was crying into his mother’s shoulder.  One witch and one other wizard were guarding them when Fi entered with the two wizards.

“We found her in the west wing in one of the bedrooms. She does not seem to have used any unforgiveable curses with her wand and she is not on the list of known or suspected death eaters,” said the guard holding her right arm.

The witch eyed Fi and then Narcissa. “We will take them all back to The Ministry for interrogation and we will decide what to do from there. Take the boy as well.”

As she was grabbed to apparate, her heart thudded and her head pounded. We lost the war? But we had everything ready! At that moment, they arrived in the atrium of the Ministry…and Fi promptly vomited on her guard.

The guard grabbed her arm more firmly and growled as if he was about to bite her head off.

“Sorry.” She said quietly. Tears were forming in her eyes as she looked around. The ministry was in disarray but it was evident that the war had gone terribly wrong for Voldemort. They were re-forming the entire Ministry and people were gathering together to hug one another, crying with happiness. Others were looking fearful as they searched and asked for family members. More pops were heard as other Death Eaters were brought in, some in pairs but mostly solo.

Lucius was immediately whisked off by the witch and wizard while Fi watched Narcissa scream for her husband. Draco was in complete shock and still had not said a word. It was then that one of her guards separated her from the Malfoy’s and took her to the lift’s to be interrogated.

Her mind seemed to shut off as she was ushered into a small room with only a table and two chairs. He forcefully sat her down and asked her name again.

“I told you already, Fiorella Rosier. Can you please tell me what happened?!?”

“You will not get the chance to ask questions. Death Eaters have no rights here at this time. Take out your left arm.” When she did not move, he yelled, “NOW!”

She shook as she took her arm out of her coat and his face fell when he saw she did not have any mark at all. “What are you playing at? How did you get the mark to disappear?” He looked furious.

Fi stumbled as she spoke and she was feeling nauseous once again, “I…I was…was never a Death Eater.”

The guard stood up and got in her face, “you better start talking about why you were in that house…I know you weren’t captive. If you don’t give me a good story, you will be going to the Wizengamot straight away for a hearing and every one of the members will be in a right state to give you the maximum if you don’t tell me how you got that mark off your arm!”

“I swear,” fully crying now. “I was never a Death Eater. I only just arrived at the Manor a couple of weeks ago when my cousin invited me to stay. I have never hurt anyone in my life.” She was hiccupping with fear now but continued, “I was only an informant for the Dark Lord when he needed information on pure-blood families who were on the fence about joining him. I swear I have never hurt anyone!”

He walked around the table again and sat down.  “You are telling me that you are related to the Malfoys and Bellatrix Lestrange herself and you were just a little birdy in their ears?” He laughed heartedly. Finally, she was infuriated. Narcissa was always a little rotten and mean-spirited but she never caused harm on anyone. And everyone knew Bella was clinically insane.

“What do you want from me? I will do anything to prove my innocence and my cousins. Narcissa never hurt anyone either.” Fi was gaining back her courage.

The guard curtly replied, “Veritaserum.”

“Do it. Right now. I have never done anything more than gain information on how other pure-blood families were feeling and giving that information to whomever asked.” Fi was finally feeling a little better and asked, “I would like some water as well.”

“You do know that you may have given Voldemort information which led to the deaths of multiple pure-blood families who did not wish to join him, correct? And, also, you may have some water if you say ‘please’.” The snarky man said.

“May I please have some water? And I only went to families who knew me…which meant were on good terms with the Rosier’s, Black’s and Malfoy’s. They were families who would never go against him but didn’t want to be involved with getting their hands dirty. I was more of deliverer of good-will between them and the Dark Lord. Neither side wanted to make any drastic moves before the war so I kept up with the communication between them.” Fiorella replied confidently. After she thought about it, she really did not have anything to worry about. She just had to make sure Narcissa hadn’t done anything too drastic in these last few weeks.

The guard left the room (with her wand, bloody hell) and locked the door. She only ticked a few minutes off of her internal clock when he returned with some water and a small bottle of veritaserum. He gave her the water first and while she gulped, he started explaining, “Normally, we never use this potion but we have made some changes for this occasion, we do not know who to trust anymore so we need to be extra careful who we let go. We cannot hold every single person we presume to be a probable Death Eater, so this is an easy solution. I will not ask any personal questions. Only questions that would determine if you were a Death Eater and if you permit me, questions regarding Narcissa since she has become hysterical after Draco was taken from her.”

“What about Draco?” Fi was concerned for the boy. She did not know what his involvement was but she knew he had tried to kill Dumbledore among other things.

“We are taking care of Draco and Lucius separately. So, do you agree?”

“Yes.” Fi felt rather calm about this. She knew she had nothing to hide and she did not know of anything Narcissa did that would get her sent to Azkaban.

“Then let’s get started.” He handed her the small bottle and she sighed before drinking the entire thing in one gulp.

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