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Wizards by epikhippo
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11
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 A/N: Happy 2013 everyone! I’m so terribly sorry for updating so late… but there’s a little treat at the end of this chapter—if you know what I mean ;)  Thank you to those sticking with this story! And of course, thank you so, so, so much for the reviews, favorites, and follows! It makes me so happy and motivates me to keep working on this story. 

Also, I apologize in advance for any grammatical error because I know I've been slow at updating, so I wanted to post this up as soon as I finished! I do hope you enjoy this chapter, and I appreciate every comment/suggestion you have for me! Thank you again--enjoy!







Sitting around the wooden table, Luna placed a hand on Ginny’s belly, “Pregnancy is such a wonderful phenomenon. Have you heard of the Lovegood’s potion?” Not giving anyone a chance to answer, she continued, “I highly doubt it because my father invented it when I was in my mum’s belly—maybe I could ask him to brew you some, Ginny; it’s highly nutritious, for you and the baby.”




Ginny nervously glanced towards Hermione, “Um, sure Luna, that would be…nice.”




“Excellent,” Luna replied, and with a pat on Ginny’s slightly showing belly, she stood up, “I’ll owl him now—he’ll be so delighted.”




Hermione let out a breath, “It’s almost eleven now.”




Nervously drumming her fingers on her belly, Ginny replied, “Yes—yes it is, Hermione. Don’t worry about it too much. They don’t even have their wands so what’s the worst thing that could happen?”




“I wouldn’t worry,” Luna chirped from the window. “Draco loves you too much so he won’t be too mad.” Stroking the owl, Luna giggled, “Actually, they’re probably busy being angry at each other—Ginny should be worried the most. Draco and Blaise are at least a head taller than Harry.”




Before Ginny could even frown at that thought, a reverberating thud filled Hermione’s flat.




The three men, decorated with bruises and blood, were sprawled on the floor.




“Merlin, Draco—“ Hermione was cut off by Blaise’s outburst.




“This isn’t over, Potter! I’ll have you know that mine is bigger than yours will ever be!”




Harry rubbed the back of his head and slowly stood up, “How the hell did we get back here?”




As if unfazed by the evening’s happenings, Draco crossed his arms across his chest and licked his bloodied upper lip, “I’m sure Granger can answer that for all of us.”




The room fell silent as all eyes went towards a flustered Hermione obviously trying to come up with the best answer. Standing up to her full height, she answered, “Well—the three of us decided that the three of you needed some…quality time together.” Ignoring Draco’s burning glare, she continued, “You guys would never knowingly consent to any kind of bonding time so we hid portkeys in your pockets that would take you to the muggle bar and portkey you back at eleven and I’m sorry but it was a necessary evil!”




Draco was the first to react, “Fuck—did you even think this through, at all? Bloody Potter over here managed to punch me again, and Blaise almost castrated Ginny’s dear boyfriend after his precious man parts were offended. And to top it all off, we had to bloody run from the muggle police.” As Hermione stepped towards him, he held up a hand, “I can heal myself, Granger,” and stormed out the flat.


Harry limped over to Ginny and ran his hand through his hair, “Do you have our wands ‘Mione?”




Silently nodding, Hermione tossed Harry his wand.




“Don’t feel too bad, okay? Malfoy was over exaggerating, a little. Besides, it was sort of fun running from the police.” With a slight smile, Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand and headed towards the floo. Just as the green flames roared to life, Harry shouted, “Oi, Zabini! When we tumbled into the alley, I remember my hand was where it shouldn’t have been, and I didn’t feel the teeniest thing there,” and smirked as he disappeared.




Blaise, still sitting on the floor, let out a groan and looked up at Hermione, “It’s not small okay? It’s pretty big, actually,” he finished his explanation with hand gestures.




Blushing, Hermione stammered, “Erm, o-okay then.” However, it was the next voice that startled everyone.




“Blaise—why the fuck are you explaining how big your dick is to my girlfriend.”




At Draco’s voice, Blaise shot up from the floor and scampered towards Luna. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, mate.” Grabbing Luna’s waist, he led her to her room, “Let’s go Luna, I’ve heard wonderful things about your healing spells.” Blaise looked back and muttered, “She’ll appreciate how big it is,” just loud enough for Draco to hear.




Draco put out his hand expectantly, “My wand?”




“Oh—right,” Hermione dropped his wand into his hand and took a step back.




“You look as though I’m going to bite you any second,” Draco remarked with a raised eyebrow. He came back over to the flat ready to give her a piece of his mind, but seeing Hermione flustered changed his mind. He wasn’t a sappy person by any means but being with her seemed to have this effect—yes, it was because of her.




 “I see you’ve healed yourself nicely,” Hermione offered while unconsciously licking her lips.




“Potter didn’t do any serious damage, you know. He throws punches like a blind Hufflepuff.”




“But you manage to get hit every time—wait, don’t take that the wrong way.”




He merely nodded and remained quiet, not wanting to get angry and storm off again. Taking a step towards Hermione, he said quietly, “Look, nothing too serious happened so I’m not completely livid, but you could’ve warned us at least.”




“I know, I-I really had no tact.” Avoiding Draco’s gaze, she let out a weak laugh, “I can’t believe Ginny and Luna actually went along with it.”




Draco couldn’t suppress his chuckle, “Granger, you realize that Ginny’s hormonal, and Luna is… well Luna.” He looked down at his girlfriend who was fidgeting and realized that he couldn’t stay mad at her. Closing the gap between them, he put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her forehead. “Why didn’t you just ask me to try to spend time with Potter?”




Hermione felt warm all of the sudden, too much aware of Draco’s close proximity. “Every time I would try to bring it up, you dismissed it—simple as that.”




“Fair enough but I have to admit, if it weren’t for Potter, I’d probably be sitting in a muggle jail with Blaise right now.”




At that, she finally looked up surprised, “What? What did you guys even do?




Draco shrugged, “It’s quite a blur, honestly. But it doesn’t matter, I’m sure Blaise can fill you in on the details tomorrow.”




With a frown, she reluctantly nodded. “So… Draco?”








“Are we, um, are we okay now?”




Draco shook his head with a grin and pressed another kiss to her forehead. “I don’t know,” he replied with a mock frown, “You tell me, love.”




“I think we’re okay,” she replied with a sheepish grin.




“Good. Now, let’s go to my flat and order some food because I’m starved. Plus, Blaise and Luna are going to go at it like hippogriffs any moment now.”




Just then, a wanton moan seemed to echo through the flat. Hermione grasped Draco’s hand and nodded, “Sounds good.”






After finishing off a whole box of mushroom and spinach pizza, Draco and Hermione lounged on his sofa. It seemed like ages since the last time they had alone time—completely undisturbed by Blaise or Luna. Hermione’s bare legs were draped across his lap as they talked about their plans for Christmas. However, it was mostly Hermione talking while he absentmindedly ran his fingers along her legs. Draco would nod along, agreeing to whatever his witch was going on about. He loved her legs. Even though she was petite, Draco thought her legs were especially long and marveled at how smooth they were. Deciding to take his chances, he slowly ran his fingers along her legs higher and higher until he was caressing the inside of her thighs. He could feel his arousal growing and kept going higher until his hands were met with a slap.




“Draco! Have you even been listening to me?”




Keeping his hands firmly resting against her thigh, he answered, “Of course I have.”




Hermione felt his warm hands dangerously high on her leg and couldn’t help but blush a little. Clearing her throat, she said unconvincingly, “We should clean up our mess before we, erm, go to sleep.”




Draco let out a deep chuckle and pulled his flustered girlfriend up so she was straddling him in one swift motion, “Going somewhere, Granger?”




Putting her hands on his broad shoulders to steady herself, Hermione shook her head, unable to form words. Her breath hitched in her throat when brought them chest to chest and when he whispered in her ear, she couldn’t help but shiver ,“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to have you to myself, princess.”




All thoughts melted away when Hermione felt his lips against hers, and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. With a groan, Draco kissed her hard and when he felt her tongue against his, he ran his fingers along the side of her torso, never once leaving her lips. One hand pressed against her back and with one hand under her shirt, Draco laid Hermione across the sofa and hovered above her. He quickly removed his shirt, and following his lead, Hermione pulled her shirt over her head. Draco’s eyes bulged when he saw that she was wearing nothing underneath and merely lost it then. When Hermione shyly smiled, Draco’s mouth descended on hers again while his hands delicately cupped and squeezed her heavy breasts. A dulcet moan escaped her lips as Draco’s lips descended to her neck and then to her collarbone.




“Well, isn’t this a sight to see,” Blaise amusedly remarked from the door.




At the sound of Blaise’s unwelcomed voice, Hermione yelped, and Draco leaned down to cover his girlfriend.




Draco growled from the sofa, “Get the fuck out, Zabini!”




“Okay, okay! Geez, I just needed you know, a condom,” Blaise explained with his hands in the air.




Draco looked at his friend in disbelief, “You need another one?




This time, Blaise smirked, “Well, what can I say? She just wants more and more of me.” And with that, Blaise winked towards the couple on the sofa and left Draco’s flat.




Looking down at Hermione, confused and flushed, Draco pecked her lips, “I’m going to kill that bastard tomorrow.”






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Wizards: Chapter 11


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