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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight
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As I rolled over in bed, pulling the quilt with me, I heard a splat and then a hiss. Oops, guess I forgot Ginger Nut was there.


There was that noise again, it must be Ria knocking on my bedroom door.


And again, I groaned as I sat up and scanned my room for the source of the noise and jumped a little because I realised I wasn't back at home, but in the seventh year Slytherin girls dorm at Hogwarts. Looking around I saw the door was open (I thought we closed that before bed?) and a large snowy owl was at the end of my bed tapping it's beak on the wooden post.

recognised the owl as Hallow since she belongs to Ria. Rubbing my eyes, I reached for my glasses of my bedside cabinet. I crawled to the end of my bed and took the letter that was sealed around her leg. I got up and grabbed a few owl treats from the packet that was on the window sill by Ginger Nut's cat food and gave her a couple before stroking her, she hooted happily.

Looking down at the letter I saw Ria's neat writing on the front, back five minutes and she's already sending me a letter. After sitting back on my bed I opened it. Inside I found another envelope this one addressed to Tessa and a piece of parchment. Unfolding my letter I read:


How was your first day back at school? And how's Tessa?. We're dying to know which house she joined, is she a sneaky Slytherin like you and me or a daring Gryffindor like Ria. Or even a Loyal Hufflepuff like your mother or a Brainy Ravenclaw like Auntie Sarah? You take good care of your sister and make sure she writes every week. Hugs for you both, all my love dad xxxx

I snorted, loyal? my mother was not loyal she left dad with four kids.That's not exactly loyal is it? Underneath my dad's messy scrawl was much neater writing and I knew it was Ria's:


I sent this with Hallow and told her to deliver before breakfast, so I hope you've got it before. Hope school's going okay even though you've been there a day. I'm now sleeping in your room so I'm closer to Bentley and Aubri as they've been unsettled, hope that's okay. They're definitely missing their mummy already,when they woke up this morning they cried non stop for a good ten minutes, nothing would soothe them until they saw your picture. Aubri's got another tooth coming through, but other than that they're both fine. Dad and Oscar are both okay, as are the rest of the family. Hope school's okay.

Take care sis, Love Ria xxxx

P.s Don't forget to give Tessa her letter and did you find the picture I put in your trunk?

Grabbing a bit of parchment and a pen from off my bedside table I wrote out my replies;


It was okay considering it wasn't actually my first proper day as I didn't have lessons. Tessa's fine now she's been sorted and she's made friends with Lily Potter. She was made a Ravenclaw along with Lily. I'll make sure she writes. Look after your self old man, Hugs and kisses. Love Flick xxx

And underneath that I wrote Ria's reply:


Yes, she delivered it before breakfast, in fact she woke me up. School's okay and it feels very strange to be back, I thought Hallow's tapping was you knocking on my door. I'm glad you're taking  care of my babies and I miss them as well. If Aubri's temperature is up or cries constantly give her some medicine, it's in their cupboard in the kitchen. Give them a kiss for me. Love Flick xx

P.s I won't and yes I did, thanks Ri x

Sealing it up I tied it around Hallow's leg and gave her another treat. She hooted once more before flying back through the open door which I swear we shut before going to bed. That is so strange?

I sighed, it's really odd not waking up and seeing Bentley and Aubri. I miss them already and I've only been gone a day. Then again I've never left them before overnight, the longest I've ever left them has been with dad or Ria and only then for a few hours. Looking at the clock it said six am.

"First day back and I'm up at bloody six," I grumbled as I got back out of bed, picked up some clean underwear and my toiletries and headed for the bathroom to take a shower.

I took my time and when I came out, I found the others had woken up. Rory was sat up in bed, Didge was looking through her trunk, Hattie was drooling slightly in her sleep and Dom was doing her make up.

"Morning," I greeted them.

"Morning, Flick," Dom and Rory replied.

I got my uniform out and got dressed before brushing my blonde hair and letting Dom put some mascara on me as well as some blusher; "To bring some colour to your cheeks," she told me.

I put the letter for Tessa in my school bag along with my stuff and after Dom was ready in her much to short skirt and high heels we left the dorm. Al and Scorp were both sat in the common room, both looking as tired as I felt.

"Morning," They greeted us.

"Flick!" Came a voice that I recognised. I turned around to see my cousin Lily-Ann running towards us. She's also a Slytherin and has just started her fourth year.

"Hey, Lil," I said as I hugged her.

"Mum said you were coming back," she grinned at me, as she pushed her blonde hair hair out of her eyes.

"Yeah, auntie Holly loves me, I'm her favourite niece," I joked.

Auntie Holly is one of my dad's younger sisters and is married to Liam Attwell; a famous Quidditch player. Together they have Lily-Ann who is the oldest, and then there's Ivie-Mae who's ten and Liam Junior 'LJ' who's seven.

"Nah, you know she hasn't got favourites and if she did it would be Aubri."

My eyes went wide at the same time hers did and she shut up quickly.

"Who's Aubri?" Scorp questioned.

I debated saying 'my daughter' but I chickened out and blurted, "My niece. Lil, can I have a word please?"

She nodded and I pulled her over to the side as Dom called, "We'll see you at the table."

"I just messed up didn't I?" Lily-Ann said.

I nodded. "Lil, believe me if you hadn't then I would have. You're sworn to secrecy as is Tessa. As much as I hate saying this, but they're not mine okay, they're Ria's," she nodded and I gave her a hug. "Cheers, Lil."

"It's good to have you back, Flick," she said as she went over to join her friends on the sofa.

Ah shit, well that's one slip up already on day one and I've not even had breakfast yet. I left the common room and walked up from the dungeons, I had just entered the entrance hall when a male from from behind me drawled, "Well, well, well. We meet again, Felicity, it has been too long."

I scowled, great that's all I need. Hattie's brother Aaron drooling over me again. He's a sixth year and ever since he came to Hogwarts he used to follow me around like a lost puppy. It seems like both the Nott children have obsessions with me, Hattie hates me and Aaron, well apparently he 'loves' me.

Ignoring his calls, I carried on into the hall and took a seat at the Slytherin table next to Dom who looked disgusted. I was about to ask why, when I saw Hattie sat on Al's lap have a snogging session. Yuck! Must they do that in public, at breakfast when people are trying to eat.

Dom then indicated for us to move so we went and joined Scorp who was sat with Rose at the Gryffindor table. At eight o'clock Minnie came around with the timetables, she smiled as she handed me mine.

"Miss Saunders, I wish to see you in my office. I believe you have a free lesson at quarter past three, if you could come and see me then."

"Sure thing, professor."

She went about handing out the time tables but turned back, she smiled as she said, "Oh and Miss Weasley, I really don't think those shoes are suitable. Five points from Slytherin."

From beside me Dom groaned and I smirked. "Guess who owes me back those five galleons, Dom."

She stuck her middle finger up at me without even looking up from her timetable. I looked down at my own time table, looking through I saw that it wasn't all too bad.

Monday - Double Charms - Break - Double Transfiguration - Lunch - DADA, Free

Tuesday - Herbology, Potions - Break - Charms, Free -Lunch - Transfiguration, Muggle Studies

Wednesday - Double Muggle Studies - Break - Herbology, Free - Lunch - Double DADA

Thursday - Free, Free - Break - DADA, Charms - Lunch - Potions, Free

Friday - Transfiguration, Muggle Studies - Break - Double Potions - Lunch - Double Herbology

I think Thursdays' my best day since I have charms which I love, Defence which is kind of fun, potions not so fun and then three free periods.

"Interesting timetable Flick," Al said as he peered over my shoulder before sitting next to me.

 "Got rid of it now, have you," Dom muttered under her breath.

She's never liked Hattie either and this morning she told me that she's hated the past year without me as she's hasn't had anyone else to bitch about Hattie to apart from Rose but she doesn't really get it as she doesn't have to share a dorm with her. And Rory and Bridget kind of get on with her but they're not exactly best friends.

"I suppose," I muttered.

"Come on we better get to Charms before Hattie and Mel take our seats," Rose suggested.

We all agreed except for Al who protested, "But I just sat down, I need breakfast."

"Tough shit, Al, you shouldn't have been kissing it," Dom said.

Rose and Scorp both hate Hattie so no surprise when they take the piss out of him for being with her. I swear she's with him just because he's famous. After much whining from Al, Dom dragged him from the Gryffindor table and out the hall before going up the stairs, followed by me, Rose and Scorp laughing our heads off. Oh it's good to be back.

We were sat at the back of the Charms class with ten minutes to spare' myself, Dom and Rose and Al and Scorp were sat in front of us. Rory and Didge were sat near the front and according Dom they like to suck up to the teachers. Pathetic really.
The rest of the class came in and everyone was chatting, Dom kept nudging me and whispering things as I stared out the window. Looking out across the castle grounds, my thoughts were wandering and I thinking if I was back at home I'd probably just be coming back from taking Oscar to school or I'd be playing with Bentley and Aubri. Home, I missed it loads already, not to mention Bentley and Aubri.

I snapped out of my thoughts when Dom nudged me really hard causing me to shriek, (that girl has some seriously sharp elbows) and the rest of the class to look at me. At the same moment the classroom door opened and in walked a very beautiful young woman. I furrowed my brows as I tried to remember who was the last charms teacher. Professor Chang I think it was? This woman had long cascading blonde hair and was wearing red high heels, a navy pencil skirt and a white shirt.

"Good morning class," she addressed us with a smile when she turned around and I got the feeling I knew her from somewhere.

It didn't take me long once Dom practically yelled, "Tori?"

Our new charms teacher was Victoire Weasley; Dom's big sister. Duh Flick!, I heard myself thinking, Can't you see the resemblance? Then again, apart from the same hair colour and build, they do look totally different in the face. Dom's definitely got more Weasley in her I think.

"Are you the new teacher?" Rose asked after recovering from seeing that her cousin was going to be her teacher.

"Yes I am, Rose," she turned her back towards the board causing her hair to swish. "I am Professor Weasley," she said as she turned back around and I saw the exact same words on the board. "I am your new charms teacher for the year after Professor Chang felt the need to take a different career path. She is sorry to leave you at the beginning of your last year but she wishes you all the best and knows that you'll do well. Any questions?"

I could see two Gryffindor boys (called Cole and TJ if I remembered right) down the front with their heads together and then the one boy's (TJ, I think) hand shot up.

"My mate was wondering if you're single because your pretty fit."

"OI!" Dom cried as she stood up and threw her text book towards the boy's head. "That's my sister you little perv." There was a loud crack and a thump as the book hit TJ and he fell off his chair and onto the floor.

"DOMINIQUE WEASLEY, DETENTION!" yelled Professor Weasley.

It's odd hearing Dom being called Dominique, mainly because her mother and Nana Molly are the only two people I've ever heard call her it. And she hates being called Dominique due to the fact when she was younger James and Fred used to call her 'Domifreak'.

"But, Tor, he's drooling all over you," Dom argued with his sister.

Victoire looked really pissed off as she said, "Dominique, I am an adult and I am perfectly capable of teaching nine Slytherin's and nine Gryffindor's otherwise I would not be here. Now if you don't sit down I'll give you another detention for interrupting my class."

Dom sat down but that didn't shut her up because when Victoire went to bend down and pick up Dom's book Tj and Cole's tongue's were lolling out and I swear they were drooling. I hate teenage boys, why can't they go from that cute little kid to a decent young man and just skip the puberty bit in the middle. Then again puberty did Al well, he went from spotty geek who wore glasses to perfect skin, contacts, Quidditch captain and one fine body. Then again I went out with him so I won't complain too much and he still is pretty hot. Swoon.

"Oi put your tongues back in, you're not a pair of dogs," Dom hissed pretty loudly.

Victoire stood back up with the book in hand. "Before we start any charms work I would like you to write me an essay as to what you want to do after you leave Hogwarts and why. Your title is 'My career'," she ordered us before bringing the book to Dom, having her sat in the middle of myself and Rose was a bad idea, especially since it looks like she's going to get yelled at.

I busied myself as I got out my parchment, quill and ink and set about writing the title. I heard Al whisper, "Hey, Tori, how are you and Ted? Still together then?"

She whipped around pulling her wand out and muttering something, her hair flying everywhere. "Keep you mouth shut Albus," she hissed. "Teddy, may be your godbrother but he's my fiancé so leave it okay. Or I might let it slip to Auntie Ginny that a certain someone is turning out like his big brother and blowing up half the castle."

I swear if I was able to see Al's face right now, his cocky smile would probably have gone and he'd be looking so scared. If anything scares that boy more than spiders, it's the females in his family, well at least the tempers on them.

"So you are still together then? And for the record I'm nothing like James, Tor, and you know it. And since when have I blew up half the castle?"

Victoire smiled wickedly. "Well you know, there could be a little accident in charms class and since I'm your teacher I might let it slip to auntie Ginny something happened. Then Albus will be saying bye-bye Hogwarts."

"You're so evil," he said through gritted teeth.

"There's a good boy, now keep quiet," she added ruffling his already messy hair.

I was starting to think either the other's were very quiet and listening intently so they can gossip or when Victoire pulled her wand out she cast the Muffliato charm on everyone but  us.

I put my head down and started writing about the fact I would like to be a healer or medi-witch when I leave and was listing the reasons why. Victoire was inches away from my desk when she put both hands on Dom's desk. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something glint in the sunlight, so out of curiosity I peered to the left and saw a large diamond ring on her finger.

Turning my attention back to my work, Victoire started to yell at Dom, "Don't you think for a second that I won't owl Maman and tell her that you're disrupting my classes because I will. As for those two idiots I can deal with them, Dom, I'm a twenty-four year old women for Merlin's sake. I can look after myself. You may be my baby sister but when you're in my classroom, I am your teacher. Now just do your work please, Dominique."

Victoire stood up straight and left, waving her wand as she went and I was able to hear Rory and Didge talking again. Yep, she defiantly used Muffliato on them. Dom started cursing under her breath as she wrote. In front I could see Al was physically shaking because he was laughing so much, so I took the liberty of whacking him around the head quite lightly with my text book.

He jumped and shrieked like a little girl which made the others look back and snigger. "Ow! What was that for?" he said rubbing his head as he turned around.

"Albus, quiet!" Victoire snapped.

I smirked. "First of all you shouldn't be laughing at Dom. She's just sticking up for her sister, something you should be doing since they're both your cousins. And second you shouldn't be annoying the teacher whether she's your cousin or not."

At the end of the first lesson Victoire took our essays in before she started to go on about more complex spells. Eventually the lesson ended and we left with the exceptions of Dom, TJ and Cole who were all getting detentions. The three of us, (me, Rose and Scorpius) headed to the courtyard so we could get a place to sit for break, Al had gone off with Hattie. We were stood outside Minnie's classroom when Dom graced us with her very annoyed presence with five minutes to the bell.

Minnie's class was as normal as it could be and all I had to put up with was Hattie blowing kisses and making what she thought were cute faces at Al, who was sat next to me. I tried holding my breath and not smelling him but I just couldn't help it, I got a whiff of his smell and I felt like I was in heaven. I really wish he didn't smell so go, maybe if he smelt bad I wouldn't get these feelings in my stomach when I see him or smell him. I know I sound insane saying it but there is just something about Al, and he always smells so damn good.

At the end of lesson Minnie asked me to stay. "Flick, a word please."

Dom was still grumbling about earlier and muttered, "See you at lunch," as she left.

"I still wish to see you later. I hust wanted to ask how everything was?"

"It's fine," I managed to say whilst trying not to think of Al. "And it's great to be back, a bit weird, but I'm glad."

Minnie smiled at me. "I won't keep you from your lunch any longer, I shall see you later."

Leaving the classroom I made my way down to the great hall. As I did, I wondered what Ria would be doing with Bentley and Aubri, maybe she and dad will have taken them to the park if the weather was nice. Home: I can't be thinking of it, I need to concentrate on my work and make sure I pass my NEWT's. I can't afford another repeat of fifth year, my mind was so pre-occupied on the fact I was pregnant and how I was going to tell Al. When I was trying to study then, nothing seemed to be going in and in the end I failed most of my exams.

I was so glad when Minnie suggested a tutor and for me to re-take my exams after myself and dad had a meeting with her the week after I received my results. Towards the end of the school year (what would have been my sixth year) I was flooed to Minnie's office where I sat all my exams except some of the practicals which were done in a disused classroom not far from Minnie's office.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice that I nearly walked into a boy. The same one I had ignored this morning.

"Ahh, Felicity, what a nice surprise." he drawled.

"Oh sod off, Nott, I just want to get to lunch," I told him sternly as I tried to get passed not caring that I hadn't said sorry.

"I've missed you my girl," he told me, his voice making my skin crawl.

"I don't care and I'm not your girl. I'm no one's girl."

"We'll see," he drawled with a sly smile on his face.

I shuddered as I entered the great hall, I hate him and I don't get why he's got such an obsession with me. I've never spoken to him except to tell him where to go when he annoys me and if you can develop love from that then I really don't think he's as in love with me as he says. Stupid kid.

"Hey," I said as I dropped my bag and slid in next to Rose who's plate was full of chicken, chips, sweet corn and potato salad. My stomach growled as I picked up the bowl of potato salad and started spooning some onto my plate. "Freaky boy just tried talking to me again."

Dom snorted into her bacon sandwich, "For Merlin's sake, again?" I nodded. "That boy needs a life and has got to stop drooling after you. Seriously those siblings have some series issues with you."

"Who's drooling after Flick?" Came Al's voice as he sat opposite me and next to Dom.

"Aaron," I said wearily as I helped myself to chips.

"Ew and why would my brother be drooling after you?" Came Hattie's voice as she slid in next to Al and kissed him. Yuck.

"Hmm let's think, because Flick is actually pretty compared to some people," Dom replied staring at her, clearly hinting that Hattie was 'some people'.

"I'll believe that when I see it," she sneered. "It's not like she's ever had a boyfriend."

Rose glared at Al and then Hattie. "Hattie, your 'boyfriend' and I use the term boyfriend loosely since he should dump you, but he and Flick dated for three years," Rose informed her and I smiled.

Al just sat there and helped himself to noodles without saying anything.

"And may I remind you who he slept with when he broke up with her. Me! And who did he start dating when they broke up and she broke his heart. Me!" Hattie said.

"You know I have name," I told Hattie.

She laughed. "Oh please you've been gone a year. Did you really think that everything would be the same as when you left, because things are not. I'm with Albus who I love and he loves me." At that moment Al shifted uncomfortably in his seat and nearly choked on his food, Scorpius who had just came over whacked him on the back for good measure whilst bitch face prattled on, "Dommie and Rosie may still be your best friends and blondie may still be all loved up with Rosie but that doesn't change the fact he gets around. None of that changes a thing, you left and I wish you hadn't come back because quite frankly things were better when you weren't here."

Rose turned to Scorp who had a sandwich halfway to his mouth and asked, "Blondie get's around does he?"

I didn't hear Scorpius' reply as I was ready to spit fire. I wanted to punch her there and then, but instead I jumped up grabbing my bag. Ignoring the shouts off Rose and Dom I stormed out. The common room was empty as I raced through it and up to my dorm. I flung myself on my bed and my tears fell, thick and fast. Why did I even come back, I hate her and I hate the fact she thinks she's better than everyone else just because she's dating Albus.

The tears just flowed and I suddenly wished that I was home with my babies. They would cheer me up, they always cheer me up when I'm down. Ria would cheer me up as would Oscar and dad. I've been back a day and a bit and I already want to go home because of stupid bitch face. This isn't the first time she's made me wish I was back at home, when she bullied me when I first started dating Al she made me want to be at home and away from her and her nasty ness. For some reason we never hit it off in first year and from then on it's like she decided to make my life a misery. I hate her.

Wiping my tears away out of my bag I pulled out some parchment, a quill and some ink. I wrote a really long letter to Ria explaining things and that I was thinking of coming home.  I don't  think I could stand sharing the dorm and most of my lessons with bitch face for another year. The main reason I came back was to sit my NEWT's and right now I'm thinking Minnie could get my tutor Mrs Samuels back and I could just floo back to sit my exams with the others.

I folded the letter up and put it in an envelope, tucking it in my pocket. After a quick check in the mirror and wiping away my mascara smudges I left, picking my bag up on my way out. I left the common and headed to the owlery since it was still lunch.

Choosing one of the schools barn owls I attached it to its leg after stroking its soft feathers first. Watching it fly out the window I took in the breathtaking view. I really do love this place but I'd rather be at home, doing what I do best: being a mother. I was too per-occupied with looking out over the lake and across the grounds when out of the corner of my eye I saw that my watch said two twenty. Crap, I was late for Defence Against The Dark Arts.

Rushing back to the castle I ended up sprinting up the stupid stairs, glad I was wearing ballet pumps. I mean whose idea was it to put one hundred and forty-two staircases in this bloody place?

Pausing outside the classroom to get my breath back I took the moment to compose myself. I had fixed my eye make up before I left the dorm, I just hoped my eyes weren't still red. I knocked the door and after being called to enter went in, everyone was already sat down and the Professor had already started the lesson. 

"Miss Saunders, ten points from Slytherin for being fifteen minutes late."

Looking at my watch I saw it was two, thirty-five. Crap.

"Bet she was crying and writing to mummy," Hattie mocked to her cousin Mel as I sat down next to Scorpius and Rose at the back of the classroom.

That pissed me off even more, she's knows nothing about my mother and it's not like I would write to her if I could. She stopped being my mother the day she left us. I got my book out and slammed it on the desk making it create a small 'thump' as well as getting out parchment, quill and ink before slinging my bag onto the floor.

"You okay, Flick? Anything I can do?" Scorp whispered as Rose looked over at me.

I shrugged as I saw Al was sitting by Hattie and not us. "Unless you've got something big and heavy that I can throw at bitch face, then no, Scorp, you can't help."

He chuckled as the Professor turned around, "Page three hundred and ninety, Miss Saunders, copy off the board please and no talking."

"Who's that?" I whispered.

"Professor Edgecombe," he replied. "Started last year. Apparently she was a big supporter of that evil teacher Umbridge who taught my father as well as Al and Rose's parents.

"Great," I muttered.

"But seriously, Flick what's up apart from the wicked witch who's dating Al?"  Rose asked.

"Nothing, except her, she does it to wind me up. I've been back one bloody day and she's already causing me trouble."

"Ignore her, Flick, she's just immature. Rose and Dom have both had words with Al and he's supposed to be talking to her later on," Scorpius told me quietly.

I shrugged like I didn't care and did my work. The lesson went pretty quick and at the end she called me and asked me to stay. Al and Dom were already waiting outside, Rose and Scorp joined them as I said bye to the three of them since they were off to Ancient Runes. Dom mumbled something about waiting for me as she had a free lesson next as well.

"May I ask why you were late to my lesson?" Professor Edgecombe asked once she shut the door on my friends.

"Something happened at lunch and I lost track of time."

She looked at me and raised her eyebrows. "Do you wish to talk about it?"

I shook my head, feeling like an idiot for what I was going to say next. "It's my first day back and I really, really don't mean to be rude Professor but I'm meant to have a meeting with the headmistress right now. And I don't think I should be late for her."

"Oh, well then, Miss Saunders, off you go, I wouldn't want you to be late. And I will be checking on that, to make sure you're not lying to me. Just make sure that you're on time for my lesson next time."

I smiled at her. "I will and thanks."

I left the classroom quickly in case she decided to call me back and dragged Dom halfway down the corridor. Which wasn't easy considering she still had her heels on despite Minnie's warning earlier. To be honest I'm surprised she didn't notice them in Transfig but I don't suppose she was staring at our feet.

Dom squealed as we rounded the corner, "Flickkk, what was that for?" she whined.

"I wanted to get out of there in case she thought I was lying and called me back. I've got to go and see Minnie so I'll meet you in the common room or library."

"Library," Dom answered. "I need to start on auntie Hermione's essay," I frowned at her. "Oh yeah Rose's mum is teaching muggle studies, she was last year as well. The ministry got a bit too much for her."

I nodded in agreement knowing how demanding the ministry could be, dad has a tendency to moan a lot about the other departments when he's stressed. "Did she set an essay at the end of last year then?" I asked as I was still confused.

Dom shook her head, her blonde hair going crazy. "She gave me a heads up the other week. Well she let slip about her first lesson plan when we were all at Nana's. Oh and I'll tell you what's going on with my darling sister as well."

I smiled knowing that Dom would love to tell me all about that, she doesn't always see eye to eye with her sister and loves a good gossip. Then again it's the same with me and Ria, but I have to say we're a lot closer than Dom and Victoire though.

"See you later," Dom called as she walked down the corridor, with every step her heels hit the floor and made a noise.

I made my way up to Minnie's office and I had a strange feeling of deju vú. I felt like it was nearly the end of fifth year and I was going to tell her I was pregnant. When I arrived outside the gargoyle I realised she hadn't told me the password, taking my chances I said, "White mice."

The gargoyle was still and didn't move an inch, I groaned. "Jelly slugs, pepper imps, chocolate frogs," I cried as it still didn't move. Feeling as though I was running out of sweets I yelled, "Lemon drops." And the gargoyle sprang to life. Smiling to myself I hopped on as it moved upwards.

I lifted my right hand to knock when Minnie's voice came from within, "Come in, Miss Saunders," I opened the door in surprise, that was so weird that she knew I was was there. "Do take a seat," she said pointing to a rather fancy black leather chair opposite her desk.

"So how has your first day been?" she asked as she conjured up a silver tray with different drinks on, "Tea, coffee, pumpkin juice?"

"Pumpkin juice please and it's been okay," I replied.

"I know things are strange right now and that you would rather be back at home with your children but you need to complete your seventh year," Minnie informed me as she handed me a glass of pumpkin juice which I took a sip off. "I also saw what happened at lunch, I may not have heard but I saw the scene between you and Miss Nott. Anything you would like to add?"

"She hates me and has made my life her a living nightmare since day one and I'm fed up. She said things earlier and I just want to go back home and do what I do best, be a mother to Bentley and Aubri. Can't I do the same as last year and have Mrs Samuels back and then just floo to sit exams?"

Minnie sighed as I took another sip of my drink. "Flick, I know it must be difficult for you to be away from them and I know the problems you've had in the past with Miss Nott but you need to be the bigger person and ignore her. If it gets worse then come and see me."

"I just can't do it any more, professor. The things she says and the way she snogs Albus in front of me. It's like she knows and she wants to see me snap. I can't take it," I blurted not realising what I had said.

Minnie looked at me. "And what has Mr Potter got to do with you and Miss Nott?"

I opened my mouth and closed it again before opening it and saying, "He's Bentley and Aubri's father. I never got round to telling him before and now he's with her. But I've made a promise to myself and to my babies that I'd tell him before the end of seventh year."

She didn't seem very surprised as to who their dad was, then again when you date a child of the 'Chosen One' word gets around pretty fast.

"I see and I'm guessing Miss Weasley, Miss Weasley and Mr Malfoy don't know either."

I nodded. "I just couldn't do it, I thought they would disown me as their friend. Only my family, you, Professor Longbottom. Madame Pomfrey and the teachers who taught me in fifth year know that I was pregnant."

She nodded. "Very well. I ask you this, Flick, please reconsider your decision about staying. You're perfectly capable of passing your NEWT's and I have no doubt that you will get into Healer school, if that is still what you wish to do."

I smiled weakly. "Thanks, professor."

Minnie smiled back and said, "Have a think about it and if you change your mind come and see me on Saturday."

I stood up and picked my bag up. "Goodbye," I called to Minnie and the portraits as I left the room.

It wasn't until I was half way down the corridor, that I remembered the letter I was supposed to give Tessa. I hadn't seen her all day and I wondered how she was getting on, since I had become so wrapped up bitch face I totally forgot that Tessa was here at Hogwarts. How crap of a sister am I?, I thought. I had no idea where she would be so I put it to the back of my mind and went to join Dom in the library.


It was nearly five o'clock and my stomach took advantage of the quiet and rumbled. Dom looked at me and then her eyes went wide like she had just remembered something important, I watched as she scribbled on a piece of parchment and then flicked it over to me.

Forgot to tell you on the platform, Teddy and Tori got engaged.

I smiled as I replied, What really??? Who'd have thought it, Dom. They've  been together since Vic was what? Fifteen?

Haha, anyway they broke up due to the fact Teddy thought he kissed someone else when he was drunk and now their relationships on the rocks as Tor doesn't trust him any more. But according to her this morning he's her fiancé again. Can we go now? I'm bored and your hungry.

I laughed at the last bit but nodded anyway as I packed up my stuff. Dom started talking nineteen to dozen as soon as we were out of the library. "So what did Minnie want?" she asked casually as we turned the corner.

"To know how my day was going and if everything was okay."

"I hope you told her about bitch face."

"Yeah I did, she said she had saw what happened so I told her. I also told her I wanted to leave Hogwarts."

Dom stopped in the middle of the hallway. "Say what? I am not loosing you again, Flick, you are not leaving this place until we graduate in June. You can't leave just because of her."

I sighed. "It's not just that, there are other things. Things happened since I left and because of that I would rather be at home."

"What things?" Dom asked curiously.

"Just things."

"Flick, tell me," she pressed on. "Is it your mum?"

"I can't, Dom, I will one day but right now I can't. And no it's nothing to do with her," I replied. Crap why don't I just tell her now and get it over with. "Sorry for being snappy," I added as I linked my arm through hers.

She shrugged in reply as we carried on walking. "It's okay, you'll tell me when your ready. Pinky Promise?"

"Pinky promise," I replied as we crossed fingers.

When we entered the great hall we went over to the Gryffindor table where Rose and Scorp were sat. I piled my plate high with chips and ketchup before getting some bread and butter to make a chip buttie. Which I then devoured happily. I didn't even notice Al come over to until he coughed.

"Do you hear anything, because I don't," Dom said loudly.

"Me neither," Rose chimed in. "Apart from the sound of a stupid snake who can't see his 'girlfriend' is using him."

"They have a point mate," Scorpius added, pointing his fork at Al.

I sat in silence, picking at the last few chips that were on my plate.

"Flick, I'm really sorry. You know what she's like when she gets angry," Al mumbled.

I shrugged. "I don't care, Al. Save your apologies, if anyone should be apologising it's her and since that's never going to happen, you can stuff your apology where the sun doesn't shine. You're supposed to be my friend, if anyone else had spoken like that to me they wouldn't be able to write or walk for a week. Do you know what else you can shove where the sun doesn't shine..." I paused as I stood up and Al looked at me, fear in his eyes as he started to mumble something. "Our friendship, I've had enough of it. Of her and of you. If you were my friend, Al, you would have stuck up for me but you didn't. So clearly a manipulative, lying girlfriend who just wants you because of your last name is what you need and not one of your friends. Goodbye Al." I swung my bag over my shoulder as I headed out the hall.

As I came out the doors, I wiped away the tears and bumped into a group of little people who were talking amongst themselves. "Sorry," I muttered as I steadied the little kid I had walked into.

It took me a minute to realise it was Lily, Al's sister. What with her flaming red hair and big brown eyes she's not a person you can forget easily.

"Sorry, Flick. Hey are you okay?" she asked just as Tessa came into view.

"I'm okay, Lily, I just need to see Tessa." Thankful I had found her, even if it was by accident.

Lily smiled at me and nodded, following the rest of her friends into the hall. Lily's got the same smile as Al and I felt a pang of guilt knowing I had just ending our friendship all because of bitch face, and I had barely been back a full day.

"Fliss, what's wrong?" Tessa asked.

"I'm fine, we need to talk."

She nodded as we walked across the entrance hall and into an empty classroom, from within my bag I pulled out the letter addressed to her and handed it over. "Here."

She opened it and smiled before looking up at me. "I'm guessing you didn't pull me in here about a letter. So what's up and don't bother lying to me, Fliss."

I sighed as I sat on one of the desk. "It's her! All she every seems to do is make my life living hell. Not to mention I just told Al that our friendship was over. Tess, I just wish I was at home with Bentley and Aubri. I haven't even been back a proper day and I can't stand it."

"Fliss, it's okay," Tessa murmured as she pulled me into a hug. "I know you want to be with them but you're doing this for them. You're doing this so you can get a job and be the best mum there is."

I smiled weakly as we broke apart. "Thanks, Tess."

We must have stayed in there for at least fifteen minutes talking, with Tessa reassuring me, Making me feel like such a crap sister once again, it should be comforting her since I'm the elder one. On leaving the classroom I said bye to her,  watching as she skipped off into the hall and sat with Lily, and her new friends.

Oh how I wish to be eleven and carefree again. I went back to the dorm and got changed before taking advantage of the empty common room. I led on the sofa looking up at the ceiling thinking about things. If this week doesn't improve then I'll go and see Minnie on Saturday, if it does then I won't.

Once people started coming in from dinner I went up to the dorm, getting the picture of my babies out from under my pillow. I could do nothing but stare at it and their chubby little faces;  Aubri was smiling away and Bentley was chewing on his fist. The closer I looked the more they seemed to look like Al. I sighed as put it back. I've made a mess of this, I thought, of my life and theirs.

The door creaked open and since the green hangings around my bed were shut, whoever had come in hadn't noticed, or at least thought no one was here.

"Who does she think she is? She broke his heart and walked off the face of the earth. Now she's back it's like she thinks everything is still the same, well it's not and I don't give a fuck what she thinks. Albus is mine and if she thinks that she can get her claws into him then she's got another thing coming, eh, Mel."

No guesses as to who the 'she' is that Hattie's talking about.

I heard a vague reply from Mel and Hattie continued, "Stupid little blonde, I bet she's come back just to piss me off. Just because she's friends with the stupid Wotter gang, she thinks she's so damn special. Well I'm his girlfriend and do y'know what, Mel?" Hattie paused.

"What, Hat?" Mel replied.

"We're going to make sure that I become more than his girlfriend, we're going to make sure that I become his finacé soon to be wife. That'll knock Saunders off her perch and I'll finally be a Potter. Just think of the fame and all that fortune, I'll be rich. Dad will finally see me for who I am, a strong woman, maybe he'll notice me more and stop paying anttention to stupid Aaron. Now that she's ditched him as a friend it's perfect. Come on, Mel, I'll tell you the plan on the way," Hattie said as a trunk slammed shut and a bed creaked.

Once the door had closed I let out a small sob and burst into tears, I curled up in the foetal posistion and hugged my pillow, letting it all out. No wonder she hates me, she's trying to get me out of the way so she can marry Al for his money, well his parents money. I don't see why her dad is famous to some extent. After I had run out of tears, I eventually drifted off to sleep. I was still in the same position when Dom found me.

"Flick, Flick, speak to me," she whispered as she shook me gently.

"Huh?" I muttered as I opened my eyes to find Dom inches away from me.

"Thank god," Came a male voice.

Rose came into view as I sat up and Scorpius was behind her, both with worried expressions on their faces. "We've been worried sick. Dom told us you were on about leaving so we assumed you had."

"Come here, Flick," Scorp said as he pulled me into a hug.

"I'm okay, I think. What's the time?"  

"Nearly nine," Rose answered. "Why?"

"I'm tired," I replied as I picked up my pyjamas and headed for the bathroom, I wasn't going to get changed with Scorp in the room. When I came out Dom was sat on the end of my bed and Rose and Scorp were on Dom's bed.

They didn't say anything as I put my uniform away and got into bed. As I went to pull my quilt up, Dom put her hand on mine and squeezed it.

I looked up and she said, "Flick, we're here for you okay, no matter what. If you need to talk we're here. Flick, promise me you won't do anything rash."

"Like what?"

"Like leave," Rose suggested.

"Promise us, Flick."

I sighed knowing that I wasn't going to get any to sleep without telling them what they wanted to here, so I said, "I promise."

They looked satisfied that I wasn't going to suddenly do a runner and they each hugged me in turn. I broke away from Rose and as she stood up she said, "I need to be getting back to my dorm since it's getting late."

"I'll walk you," Scorp offered. "Bye, Flick, and please don't disappear."

I smiled and waved bye to them as they left leaving just me and Dom who turned to me. "Flick, like I said earlier I am not loosing you again. You're my best friend, I need you and you need me. We've known each other since we were six and I want us to stay friends well into our sixties. Maybe one hundred and sixties. Pinky promise that you'll stay." She held out her perfectly manicured little finger.

I looked at it for a second before saying quietly, "Dom, I can't. As much as I want to I can't, I'm sorry, Dom."

"Flick, what's wrong? Please just tell me," Dom pleaded as I pulled my quilt up over me.

"Dom. I really can't say right now," I whispered as I held back the tears. "I promise I will tell you but not now, like I said earlier, I pinky promise. I really don't want to fight."

"Hey it's okay, I understand honey. Just get some sleep, things will be better in the morning."

I smiled and hugged her, "Thanks, Dommie."

Dom went off into the bathroom muttering something about taking a shower, I curled up and was left to my thoughts before I eventually fell asleep.

A/N What an eventful first day back for Flick, I felt so bad for her when writing this chapter but there will (hopefully) be happiness to come.

Edited - 16.02.2018

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