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Change by Potterfan2389
Chapter 2 : After the war
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After the War

Hermione and Ron appeareated outside the burrow They looked at eachother "we need to talk" They both said in unison. As they walked towards the gardens.

"Ronald I have liked you for the longest time, and their was a time where I wished that you would like me back. We have been friends since our first year at Hogwarts and be have been through a lot together. I look at you now as a brother, and when we kissed in the chamber of secrets, part of me thought it was special then I realized that I don't want to be more than friends, I don't want to ruin our friendship" she said their I said it.

"I agree" he said

"and if you want time to think then I will give you it…..wait what did you say" she asked

"that I agree, Mione you are my best friend and I don't want to ruin it either." He said

"are you sure" she asked

"positive" she said then they embraced in a hug and walked back into the burrow with her arm tucked in his "where is everyone" Ron asked Harry who was sitting on the couch with Ginny leaning her head on his shoulder .

"well George went back to his flat, in Diagon Alley, Percy went back to his as well, your father went up to his room, he said he going to take a shower and head back to the Ministry to help Kingsley. Bill and Fleur went back to Shell Cottage and well your mum went to Andormeda's house to talk to her about Tonks, and Remus. Charlie went to take a leave of absence from work." He said "I am going to go their shortly to see Teddy"

"go ahead, I am going to sleep," Ginny said getting up to kiss Harry on the cheek before heading up stairs

"me too" Hermione said " It will be nice to sleep in a bed again besides a tent" she said hugging both of them before heading up stairs as well.

"well what a tense past few days" Ron said going to the fridge

"I know" Harry said joining him as they both grabbed food and began to eat "I do miss your mums cooking"

"yeah months on the run, wow to think we actually made peace with Malfoy and Parkinson" Ron said taking a bite

"Ron you are the last person I would expect to say something like that" Harry said, "you really have changed because of this war"

"you think, but the next few days are really going to be tough, just think I haven't seen mum once cry in front of us over Fred's death"

"well everyone mourns differently" Harry said going back to when Sirius died and how he pushed everyone away "well now I am going to take a shower and see Teddy" he said getting up and headed up stairs" Ron looked around

"yeah everyone mourns differently" as he wiped a small tear from his eye and headed up stairs.

Pansy house

Pansy walked into the empty house, she looked around for the first time in her life she was alone. She didn't have her mother great her at the door, or she didn't see her father sitting on the couch reading a paper. Her sister didn't come running down the stairs. This house held so many memories both good and bad. "Pinky" she called out as she headed to her room. "yes mistress" the house elf said. Pansy handed her a little bag "Can you make this bag have an extended charm, then I want you to go through the house gather up several of the pictures, my mothers jewelry, my fathers stuff that is for Gringotts, my mothers perfume, and everything else that is valuable and put it in here, if the bag gets to full then put it into another one. My stuff from Hogwarts should be arriving along with Patty's stuff. Make sure that it gets into my room. I want all of my clothes put in their as well. I want you to take all of mums clothes, and dads clothes and donate it to charity and keep my favorite ones, you know which ones correct?" she seen the house elf nodding her head "do Patty's stuff the same way."

"Is everything okay miss" Pinky asked

"no I am alone and I cant stay here anymore, I am going to take a shower and take a nap. Once you get all of this done, you can wake me up if I am not up in a few hours, Thank you Pinky" The house elf nodded and disappeared. Pansy began to cry and she had to do what best for her and she knew that moving on would be better than holding onto the past.

Malfoy Manner

Narcissa and Draco walked up to the manor, she was holding his hand. They both looked at this house that they once called a home. It didn't feel like that anymore, as people were murdered, tortured, and even beaten in the house, they hated now. They walked into the house and looked around it smelled like death. Draco let go of his mothers hand and walked to the drawing room, this was the room where Hermione Granger, was tortured by his aunt, Ollivander was tortured by Voldemort, Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas, Griphook, were also tortured, and asked where Harry Potter was. He still remembered his aunt and father asking him if that was Potter, and he said he didn't know, the same way with Granger. The sound of her scream and her begging his aunt to stop hurting her haunted him. Then he heard a voice he turned around and was met by a slap across the face. "Father" he said

"how dare you, turn on me like that,giving Potter back his wand." Lucius said

"because it was the right thing to do" his mother said coming up from behind him

"you… how dare you, lie to the dark lord like that"

"because I don't give a damn about blood status, and power" she said standing up to Lucius and standing in front of Draco.

"you turn on your own sister"

"my sister, if your asking if I turned on my sister then yes it was a big mistake to turn on Andormeda all because she married a muggleborn. I missed a huge part of her life and her families life because of this damn war, and as for Bellatrix she got what she deserved due to the fact that she killed and tortured several people that was innocent. Why did I lie to Voldemort and tell him that Harry was dead, well one is because unlike you my main concern was Draco, two when I realized that Potter was alive, I knew that he was our only hope of freedom. All these years, I never understood how Potter lived, well then I realized that his mother sacrificed herself to save him, I would have done the same thing. My cousin Sirius gave his life protecting Harry and all this time, it turns out that I too have sacrificed my self by being married to you. I gave up my family for you, all these years you and Bella talked about how they were doing this and doing that and they shamed the Black family because they chose to fight for good instead of evil. I am glad that Harry killed that monster, I am glad that Molly Weasley killed that evil bitch, and I am glad that my son never turned out like you." She said with rage in her eyes.

“you disgust me” Lucius said

"you bastard" Draco said running at his father and punching him,

"bastard is what you are now, due to the fact that you chose that side, You are no longer my son" he said as he turned away, as Draco heard a crack, and he was gone.

"mother are you alright" he asked

"yes dear, now go up stairs, take a shower, I will be up their shortly and tell you what we are doing" She watched as he went up stairs, then she called her two house elfs. "Meekey and Trintiy, I have to ask you both do some stuff for me, the two of you work together the sooner it will get done." She said and began to tell them their chores.

Longbottom Household

"gran are you all right, I hope that you are not to tired" Neville asked his grandmother

"nonsense my dear boy, it's just been a rough two days, I am so proud of you for standing up for what you believed in." she said grabbing his hand

"thank you, I wish mum and dads knew" he said wiping tears away from his eyes.

"now now dear boy, they are happy, if it wasn't for courage not to give up anything, I don't think you would have gotten the courage to fight for them, deep down, they are proud of you" she said

"thank you" he said giving her a hug "now why don't you go take a shower, then go out and do something" his grandmother told him

"are you sure" he asked

"yes don't bother me when you get done, I will be taking a nap" she said

"well, goodbye" he said kissing her on the cheek, and headed to bathroom, then he turned around "love you gran" he said with a happy smile

"love you too" she said to him as he walked away "goodbye" she said quietly as she headed to her bedroom

Lovegood house

Luna walked through her yard, she had apperated their with Neville and his grandmother as they dropped her off. She took a few minutes to enjoy the scenery, the lake, and the area, for weeks she was stuck in a cell at Malfoy manner. She was on her way back from visiting her mother's grave. She sat there for a while like she always does, and talked to her mother's grave about the war, her friends and how much better everything was. Then she headed home, her house was damaged then before, and she remembered Harry, telling her how they were there and the death eaters had damaged it. She walked in "father I am home, you cant believe what's happened" she said with a big smile on her face then she started to scream, her father's body was laying their on the floor "father" she said trying to wake him but he never did she sat there as she began to sob. She grabbed a piece of parchment and wrote a message and sent it with a owl. A few minutes later a loud crack was heard and Bill and Fleur Weasley were there as they comforted her. Kingsley and a few other members of the Ministry arrived and they told Luna that they had to take her father's body. She moved out of the way, and then Bill and Fleur grabbed a few of her clothes and lead her to the house across the hill.

The Burrow

"You didn't sleep long" Ginny said to Hermione as she came down the stairs

"it's hard you know, with everyone…" she paused she could not say it

"I know, George sent me an owl saying that he's okay, he's with Percy, dad is still at the Ministry, and mum is still with Teddy and Andormeda."

"Harry is still too I presumed" Ron said coming down the stairs. He seen that Ginny nodded "well I don't have to ask about Bill and Fleur they are coming this way with….Luna" he said giving a concern look

"hey what's going on" Ginny asked as Fleur was helping a teary eyed Luna into the house

"Ginny can you take Luna up to your room, so that she can lie down" Bill said without hesitation Ginny and Fleur walked upstairs with Luna. A few minutes later, they both came back down stairs. Then Arthur Weasley and Kingsley came in.

"how is she" Kingsley asked

"she's asleep right now" Fleur said

"what the bloody hell is going on" Ron said

"Luna came home to find that her father was dead, so she owled me and Fleur we appreated here." Bill said

"but he was alive a few days ago…" Hermione began to say

"yes he was it is believed that after the fall of vvVoldmort that the death eaters came backed and killed him, he did let Harry get away." Arthur said

"but are we in danger" Bill asked

"your house has a protection shield around it, now an alarm will go off if anyone tries to invade. I have several different aurors on watch on a regular basis. The Lovegoods house was not on any type of protection, that's how they were able to kill him" Kingsley said

"we have some of them in Azkaban and some are refusing to talk. Right now we know there are several death eaters out there as they are going to be after Harry for one, and those closes to him. Now I don't want to scare any of you, we have protection shields all over the place including Diagon Alley. They are not going to attack where they know they have several witnesses…"

"they didn't care last time" Ron said

"last time was different they had Voldemort this time it's just a bunch of death eaters that want revenge, all I have to say is be aware of your surroundings, and pay attention. Now I have more business to take care of will Miss. Lovegood stay here be a problem" Kingsley asked

"absolutely not she will be welcome to stay here as long as she wants" Arthur said

"alright, I do need to talk to Potter, your son, and Neville Longbottom when they get the chance." With that he nodded and stepped outside and apperated.

Andormeda's house

Andormeda sat with Molly Weasley for a long period of time they both sat and cried over the loss of their children. They were sitting across from eachother drinking tea when the door bell rang. Andormeda went up to answer it and she gasp…

"what is it dear" Molly said coming up from behind her to look to see who was at the door.

"im sorry Andy" Narcissa said with tears in her eyes, beside Draco was standing their with two bags in his hand Andormeda stepped aside and allowed her to come in, she took her little sister into a hug "it's alright dear," she said as they walked over to the couch.

"Draco and I have no where else to go, Lucius….left and we don't want to stay in that horrible house anymore I sent my house elves out to pack our things, and we left what was not important to us… I also sent the elves to Hogwarts to help out…Andy these past few years have been horrible, I am so sorry that I betrayed you. That I missed out on important parts of your life, and your family." She said wiping tears away

"all is forgiven, you and Teddy are the only family I have left" she said as she hugged her sister once more. "and Draco of course" she got up to hug him. Then an owl came to the window as Molly went and grabbed the letter. "its for you and Draco" she said handing the letter to Narcissa

"it's from the Ministry, we have a trial coming up in a few days for our involvement with the death eaters" she said looking at the letter then her son

"but mum I didn't do anything, nor did you why don't they go after the people that did" Draco said

"because we were still their" she said

"but….what are we going to do" he said "I don't want to go to Azkaban"

"I will testify for the both of you" a voice said coming down the stairs

"Harry I cant make you do that" Narcissa said

"you guys helped me, and I know that you guys didn't participate, I was on the astronomy tower, I seen Draco lower his wand, and Mrs. Malfoy if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here. So I am going to help you." He said she nodded her head

"I will testify as well, you guys did fight with us, towards the end" Molly said taking Narcissa hand "but right now I have to go and see my family everyone kind of went their own ways once the war was over" she said as she hugged both woman and headed outside.

"well Teddys asleep, I will come by as much as possible, I am going home to join the rest of the family, I will see you later" he said as he hugged Andormeda

"Pott….Harry do you mind if I come with you as well" Draco asked

"no problem. … " Harry said

"mum are you going to be alright" he asked

"I am now, go ahead just let me know where you are staying." She said with that he nodded and him and Harry went outside and apperated to the Burrow.

"well it's not much, but ever since I stayed with the Weasleys, they have showed more love and well you get fed really well, then I have had living anywhere else. Besides Hogwarts this is my home." Harry said as him and Draco headed into the house. Everyone stopped and looked at him as they welcomed him there. Percy and Charlie had came back the only one was missing was George. Molly was cooking and yelling at Ron for trying to dip his spoon into the cake batter

"merlins mom I haven't had a home cooked meal in months" he said as Molly smacked away his hand

"well if you keep trying to sneak food, you wont have a home cooked meal at all tonight" she said

"Draco, it's good to see you, I hope you will be staying for dinner" she said

"ummm if you don't mind" he said

"no not at all Neville and Luna are here as well" she said "now go have a seat make yourself at home" she said

"Neville and Luna" Harry asked Ginny

"yeah Neville just arrived about 10 minutes ago, Luna arrived earlier, her father was killed and Bill and Fleur brought her here" she said

"death eaters" he asked

"how did you know" she asked taking his hand

I killed their leader, and not to mention before we left Hogwarts I talked to Kingsley." He said

"well mum has yet to cry in front of us, dad went to his shed." She said

"your mum has her own way of grieving" he said as he took her hand and they walked out to the garden.

Draco looked around he had to give the Weasleys credit he did not realize how much love and care came from one family. All his life he spent hating them well he was told to hate them by Lucius. He realized that the insults were from his father himself and he hated his father for that, for making him mean to people. The Weasleys showed more love to him within the first five minutes that he got there, than he has gotten from his father his whole life. He did not know where to sit, and who to talk to. Ron was still in the kitchen trying to sneak food. Arthur was somewhere he knew probably grieving over his son. The other Weasley sons were talking about fixing the school and taking a leave of absence from work. He seen that Harry and Ginny had wondered off for some alone time together. The only person he seen was Hermione who was sitting on the couch reading her book.

"do you mind if I set down" he asked

"no not at all" she said closing the book and began to look at him

"its weird seeing you here" she said as he took a seat

"I know someone would have told me this a few years ago I would have never believed it." He sad

"me either, Molly told us about your trial and we all agreed to testify as well"

"really… I would appreciate that" he said

"not a problem you were never evil, it was just the house you were raised in" she sad

"how do you do it….I mean since our first year at school I have insulted you and bully you and you still can talk to me" he said

"because I didn't really let you get to me..Yeah you made me cry a few times, but after all, we are still the same, I didn't steal magic it came to me. " she said

"I am sorry I made you cry, and for everything. you are… well don't let no one hear me say this because of my reputation but I think you are the brightest witch of our age" he said

"well thank you, I am surprised that you don't have Parkinson hooked to your arm" she said

"well she is not my girlfriend so why would I have her hooked to my arm" he asked

"shes not, I always thought she was given the fact…"

"well we dated here and their but we were nothing serious, our families kind of pushed us together we really are nothing more than friends. What change the subject"

"well I have been thinking about her, how she has no one I thought that you would be with her" she said

"well I haven't even talked to her"

"I wonder how she's doing, I am worried about her" Hermione said

"me too I am going to check on her" he said getting up walking towards Molly and told her that he will be back . Hermione followed "do you mind if I go"

"no not at all" he said grabbing her hand and they appearated away from the Burrow.

Pansy looked around the house… she had two bags in her hand and her trunk. The house was empty. Pinky had did everything she asked her too. "anything else you need Miss" the elf asked. Pansy shook her head "thank you, for everything, I want you to go to Hogwarts and help the elves over their" Pansy said

"Pinky don't want to leave if the mistress is sad" the elf said, but before Pansy could say anything their was a knock on the door. Pinky answered it and allowed Hermione and Draco in. "going somewhere" he asked as he embraced her in a hug. "well I don't know where exactly I just want to get away from here, this house theirs nothing left for me" she said

"well you can come stay with me at the Burrow" Hermione said

"I don't want to impose, they are going through a rough time right now and I don't want to get in the way" Pansy said

"your not Molly and Arthur have plenty of room and besides where else are you going to stay." Hermione said

"are you sure" she asked

"yes Molly will be happy to have you" she said Pansy nodded and looked over at Pinky.

"I am fine now, Pinky I am not that sad anymore, I have friends" she said

"alright if mistress needs me, all she's gots to do is call" said the elf

"I will Pinky, thanks again and I will see you soon" she said the elf nodded and disappeared

"time to go" Draco said grabbing her hand, as he grabbed she grabbed her trunk and he grabbed Hermione's other hand and they headed outside

"that's a bag that has the extended charm on it doesn't it" Hermione asked

"yes you gave me the idea" Pansy said

"that's where mum got the idea from as well" Draco said shaking his head as they appereated back at the burrow. They walked back up to the yard and noticed that the tables were lined up. Nacrissa, Andormeda and Teddy were there. As they came walking up everyone looked towards the three "Molly I was wondering…"

"you are welcome here Pansy" Molly said as she took Pansy into a hug. She used her wand and levitated all of Pansys stuff into the house as Pansy went to take a seat. Everyone greeted Pansy and went back into their conversation and only a few people noticed how Ron stood up and pulled out a chair for her. Hermione looked at Harry, who looked at Ginny, who looked at Neville who looked at Luna and she looked at Draco. They all were trying to hide their smiles as they sensed that things were changing, as they all began to eat.

Tom Riddles house

"We have got to find away to get rid of Potter" a voice said

"time is all we need, we cant go barging in, they will be expecting us. We have to give them time we will get Potter and anyone who stands in the way." Said another voice

"are you willing to go up against those close to you, your wife, your son" the voice asked

"yes I am… they are traitors and I don't give a damn about what happens to them " Lucius said

"good now that we are on the same page its time to figure out how we are going to get Potter." Dolohov said

"I will worry about Potter, you watch everyone else, The Ministry has eyes everywhere we can not go out and opened we will have to plan it out." Lucius said

"what are we going to do we can ambush them one by one there are more of us" Lestrange

"yeah but Potter is never by himself, he always has someone else with him." Dolohov said

"let them think that they are in the clear, that they don't have to worry about us and we will get them when they least expect it all in good time my friends all in good time." Lucius said

Little did they know that the other three death eaters sitting at the end of the table were staring back in forth at each other.

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Change: After the war


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