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No Ordinary Nutter by Hedwig_Pie
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10: Of Nutters and Awkward Shoulder-Sniffing
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Chapter 10: Of Nutters and Awkward Shoulder-Sniffing


I’m totally calm.

Like, calm people look at me and think holy shit, that girl is calm.

Because I’m just so calm like that.


And I’m sorry for that.


I was currently curled in a ball on my bed, the covers over my head, trying to block out the world. Why, you ask, is the crazy Halle acting even crazier?



This is not your average Quidditch Game bitches, it’s some intense shit. And I’m really scared.

I predicted by the coldness of the air that it was still early morning, and Elle was on my bed, trying to soothe me by patting my back through the covers.

‘Halle, babe it’ll be OK. You’re amazing; you’re probably going to win this.’

Lies. She’s nothing but lies.

I continued making my whimpering noises and she sighed and got up. Was she leaving me? Oh thank god.

I was enjoying this time alone, when I could panic to myself. I should make a panic room. And it will have lots of different things to cheer me up.

Like a pie maker. And a pile of sugar, and a-a-


The door to the dormitory opened again, and I heard heavy footsteps enter the room. That didn’t sound like Elle, unless she had managed to gain fifteen pounds in that short amount of time.

It is a possibility.

‘Elle?’ I asked, through the blanket.

‘Sorry Halle, its James.’

James? James who?

Oh right, Potter of course.

He said my name, again. Not Thomas, but Halle.

I was quite curious, but not curious enough to leave the safety of my blankets, ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Elle ambushed me at my dorm, she was really worried.’

He sat on my bed in the position Elle was in previously. Wow, he was warm. I was suddenly overtaken with the urge to move closer to him, but I banished the though from my mind. It was silly.

He held a hand out and took me firmly by the shoulder, probably in an attempt to stop my violent shaking.

I tensed at his touch, but his attempt failed, since I just continued shivering. He moved further onto my bed so he was practically sitting opposite me, nothing but a blanket between us. I could see his faint outline through the woollen fabric, and I could tell he was worried. He placed both hands on my shoulders, which succeeded in stopping my shakes, and he then looked at me intently.

He probably looks really stupid staring at a blanket.

‘Halle, take the blanket off,’ he ordered.

He said it again. Halle.

‘No. It’s safe in here. And warm,’ I said, although it was getting kind of stuffy.

‘You’re going to run out of air soon.’

‘I’ll buy some more.’

‘From who?’

‘The air fairies.’

‘They don’t exist. Halle, take the blanket off.’

There he goes again, calling me Halle.

His tone was made up of two different layers, one stern and the other remained undecipherable. Practically non-existent, but definitely there.

Gingerly, I poked my head out of the blankets, to see him still staring at me intently, hands still on shoulders.

‘Halle, are you alright?’

His eyes did have flecks of gold dancing around his irises. It was absolutely captivating. The weak sunlight which had pushed its way through the early morning clouds highlighted the tiny speckles, illuminating his eyes. It was, mesmerizing.

I had always known James was hot, but he really was beautiful too.

And there was his name again. Taunting. Devilish. Almost daring me to try it, wanting me to taste it on my lips. True, I might be over exaggerating this whole first-name thing. But it was a matter of principle. To me, he caved first. I don’t care. He’s called me Halle, what is it, three consecutive times now? I think it’s time I deemed him with a response.

I opened my mouth to speak, but something was blocking the words from coming out. I started panicking a little bit, because I was always able to talk. Like always. The only time I ever shut up was when people put a silencing charm on me.

‘Halle? You OK, there?’

I managed a weak nod, which then changed to a violent shake, ‘What do you think? I’m about to complete some task I know absolutely nothing about and there is a huge possibility I might die. DIE! I DON’T WANT TO FUCKING DIE, JAMES! I miss my mum but I don’t want to see her just yet.’

Honestly, I’m not sure where that all came from. It all became a bit of hogwash after I said his name.



I had tricked everyone, even myself, into thinking that I was ready for this. But I wasn’t.

James’s eyes softened and I felt my will weaken. I was usually strong as a rock, but this wasn’t one of my best moments. I bit my lip in an attempt to ebb the flow of water, but to no result. I was crying.

Screw you, tears! I am a strong, individual woman, I do not go crying to a man every time something gets in my way.

I quickly began brushing them away and willed myself to stop, ‘I’m sorry,’ I apologized, ‘You probably don’t want to deal with a crying wuss at six in the morning,’ I said, checking my clock.

‘Jesus, Halle,’ he said closing the distance between us and engulfing me in a hug. I gratefully slumped into his body, and wrapped my arms around him. He was warm.

Great, there goes the stomach. And now the heart. Screw you, hormones.

He gently stoked the back of my head, leaving trails of fire as he did so, ‘It’s alright to be scared, Halle. I’m freaking out here, too. But it’s not like anything that bad could ever happen to us. You’re not going to die. Elle won’t allow that. Neither will Jordin. And…and I won’t either.

Besides, there’s a huge difference between begin a wuss and being scared. But you shouldn’t be scared; after all you’ve been training. You’re Halle fucking Thomas, the crazy girl who kicks arse at everything she does. You can’t give up; you’ve still got to start that Rubber Duck Club, right?’

I chuckled slightly, oddly touched by his attempt to cheer me up. It was obvious this boy was used to it, growing up in a family mainly consisting of females.

I nodded in his chest and saw some sense in his somewhat childish words. He was right. I was awesome, and I did have Rubber Duck Club to start. And all of this, it wasn’t too much for me.

I could handle it.

We sat in this position for quite a while, it could have been a minute, it could have been an hour, but it wasn’t awkward. It just wasn’t. Eventually James began to retract his arms which were still tight around my waist. My face was still buried in his chest and I made a protesting sound, so he just hugged me tighter.

I moved my head from his chest and rested it on his shoulder. Merlin, he smelled nice. Even in the morning, when he probably didn’t have any time to shower, he still smelled nice. I’ve got to ask him what kind of soap he used, because it was the oddest combination of peppermint and Quidditch.

Quidditch smells of broom polish and grass in case you didn’t you know.

I inhaled deeply a couple of times, and was slightly surprised when a ripple of laughter shook through James’s body, vibrating mine along with it.

‘Halle, are you sniffing my shoulder?’


I blushed furiously, thanking Merlin that he couldn’t see me, ‘What? Me? What? My nose doesn’t even work properly.’

Great, now he’s going to think I lack the sense of smell.

He just laughed again, ‘If you say so, Halle. So are we good?’

I finally retracted from the hug slightly, my arms still around his waist, just so I could look him in the eyes when I replied, ‘We good, homie.’



first task is a'coming next chapter, sooo yeah. BE EXCITED! OR NOT. IM NOT TOO IFFY. anyway, i wrote a poem for you lovely reader/potential reviewer

roses are red

violets are blue

you hopefully read this chapter

so maybe you'll review it too!


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