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Beyond the Veil by Tazzi
Chapter 4 : Teddy Remus Lupin
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Chapter 4: Teddy Remus Lupin

(Teddy’s POV)

As soon as James walked up to the Sorting Hat I held my breath and looked up a little. After about two whole minutes of silence the Hat finally shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!”

I let out my breath all at once and sighed. James was in Gryffindor. I smiled. Not that it really mattered to me, but I knew it mattered to him. I watched as James hurried over to our table. I got up to embrace him in a big hug as he reached the table.

“Good job James!” I managed to yell over all the other voices. “Remember to write to your mum and dad.”

He nodded to me, looking a little out of it, like he just got done fighting for his life. I released him and he went to sit next to the boy I met on the train, Sirius.

I would be lying to myself if I didn’t find it odd. Odd that James managed to stumble upon a friend named Sirius just like his grandfather, but there was nothing to be suspicious of. After all, even if Sirius wasn’t a common name there is no way that this is Sirius Black. It’s just one of those coincidences, which you hear about never. I sat back down next to Victoire and watched as Sirius and James began to talk.

Victoire was chatting with one of her other finds. Hannah? Courtney? I’m not really sure. I have never paid attention to them. I think the last time I talked to them was fifth year; I managed to insult one of them so I gave up and now I just put up with them because of Victoire.

I looked over to the girl that Victoire was talking too and I caught her eye. She blushed and looked back at Victoire. Great. Just what I need. I didn’t even know the girl’s name, for certain and she was crushing on me. I looked back up front and duly noted the brown haired boy being sorted into Hufflepuff.

I reached down and found Victoire’s hand under the table. I pulled it closer to me. Without so much as turning toward me, her fingers intertwined with mine. I continued to look up front like nothing happened. We were brilliant at this, the whole pretending we were just friends. At least, I would like to think so. I’ve been dating Victoire since the end of my fourth year, her third. I’ve liked her even longer.

At first we were just going to see how long we would date, wondering if we would end up breaking up due to family issues. Then the next thing you know it’s my seventh year already and I’m still dating the most beautiful girl in the whole school. I would be graduating soon and she would still be here. At Hogwarts. The most beautiful girl in the school.

I frowned. I didn’t think I was this insecure, but honestly I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. With a girl like Victoire it was bound to happen one day. I mean even if you put aside the fact that she’s part Veela, she could still turn heads, and that had nothing to do with her charming them.

Victoire had the most beautiful blond curly hair I’ve ever seen. She had blue eyes that flashed at me when she was angry or even happy. Her skin was pale and flawless. She definitely got her mother’s looks. I chanced a glance her way and saw her lips turned up in a smile when she caught my eye.


The sound of someone being sorted into my house drew my attention back up front. Fortunately, it was Fred, meaning the sorting was over.

He ran over to our table and slide in next to James and Sirius. The three started talking at once. With Fred being the last one to get sorted McGonagall rose up and the whole Hall fell silent. Victorie squeezed my hand a little and I grinned.

“I am sure with the delay earlier that everyone is starving, so before announcements let’s eat!” She called at once and food appeared in front of us.

I watched James and Fred as they jumped back a little when the food appeared in front of us. To my surprise, Sirius didn’t jump like them and even grinned and laughed at his friends’ reactions. I frowned. Normally every first year would jump back in surprise the first time food magically appeared in front of them. Those raised in magical households don’t even expect it the first time. Even a few second years that have been through this before jumped too. One fourth year, Eric Davison, jumped back and almost knocked over the punch bowl in shock, and he’s gone through this four times now. He was a bit of a frantic boy though. Nice enough, but clumsy and a danger to anything breakable.

“What are you frowning at Teddy?” Said a voice from next to me.

I turned to the gorgeous blond sitting next to me and smiled at her. “Nothing, Vicky.”

She glared now. “How many times have I told you to stop calling me that?”

I started putting food on my plate, not meeting her glare. “I thought you liked it when I called you Vicky?”

I saw her grabbing food too from the corner of my eye. “When have I ever said that?”

Today, when I was snogging you senseless in the train compartment, while your friends were off changing. “Hmm…I wonder. I was sure you said it sometime recently…”

I glanced over at her and noted – with satisfaction – that her face was slightly redder than before. She tried to cover it with her blond curls.

“I don’t recall a time when I would ever say that.”

I grinned and took a bite of chicken.

The relationship that Victoire and I had was rather hard to explain. While we were dating, we didn’t make this public knowledge. In fact, the only one who knew was her younger sister Dominique, because on more than one occasion she had to cover for us. Fortunately, she is ten and easily bribed. We’ve allotted this knowledge to her with the condition that once she starts dating; Victoire and I will cover for her. Also I might have to buy her an owl for her eleventh birthday and a broomstick for her twelfth. We are still negotiating on that one. 

When Victoire and I started dating though, we both agreed that telling the family would be a pain and decided that if we lasted a year we would tell them, then it was two years and a few months later and well, here we are. Honestly, it’s easier this way. No one gets in our way and I don’t have to worry about Bill trying to kill me.

I finished eating and noticed it was mostly quiet with the dull sound of chit-chat here and there, but it appeared most everyone was hungry. Victoire finished a little bit after me and then started talking again.

“Did you have a good break?” She asked. I was with her most of it, but her friends were eyeing us while they finished eating so I played along.

“Yeah, it wasn’t long enough, but I had fun. I don’t know if you noticed, but I got Head Boy.” I said pointing to my badge. I joked about this with her all break, and she was the first person I told.

“Hmm, I guess Professor McGonagall has finally gone crazy.” She rolled her blue eyes at me.

“Probably.” I agreed.

After that everyone seemed to finish and McGonagall stepped forward. She gave her typically spill about the rules and breaking them and warnings to first-years that were really just reminders to the older students. She explained the typical agenda for the first week and just as she was about to dismiss the prefects to lead the first-years her eyes fell on me, she frowned – I guess at the sight of my new hair color – and continued her speech. When it was done I heard the new prefects directing the first-years and Amber appeared out on nowhere.

She had a very serious look on her face, but then again she always had a serious look. She was a Ravenclaw and the Head Girl for this year. From the first year we had school together I somehow insulted her with just my existence alone. Victoire, who has actually had a conversation with her that wasn’t hostile, told me she just didn’t care for my carefree attitude. I personally, think it’s the fact that I don’t study as much as she does and still maintain good grades, plus my hair could turn any color of the rainbow.

Amber seemed to always be studying, but then again she was a Ravenclaw. She had long dark brown hair and glasses, but if I had to be honest, she was pretty in that serious sort of way. No one can compare to Vicky, but Amber wasn’t a cow or anything. Just not my cup of tea for personality, then again that was a two way street for us.

“Ted, Professor McGonagall wants to see us.”

When she delivered her message she turned around and left me. Delightful as always, I thought as she was walking away.

“I’ll see you in the Commons?” I whispered to Victoire.

“We’ll see, maybe I’ll come visit you upstairs in the dorms?” Victoire left me with a wink.

My heart seemed to jump at the thought of her visiting me. That seemed like a wonderful thought.

I raced over to McGonagall through all of the gathered first years. When I reached the front table that over looked the rest of the students I found McGonagall and Amber already talking and her being dismissed.

Amber did an about-face and left without saying a word to me when I just arrived.

“As always, it’s been a pleasure, Amber!” I shouted after her. “See you tomorrow for Defense Against the Dark Arts! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

I turned to face my favorite headmistress who looked murderously at me. Her frown seemed to deepen as she glared at the top of my head. I smiled back, trying to be friendly.

“Why Minnie, you are looking beautiful as always, did you do something with your ha-AIR-OUCH.” I yelled as she grabbed my ear and pulled.

“Teddy, do you know why I made you Head Boy?” She asked calmly.

“My dazzling wit and personality?” I decided to venture a poor guess with the assumption she was going to tell me anyways.

“No, it’s because despite your attitude, you have remarkable grades and you look out for the younger children, but I thought I made it clear in my letter that you were to have your hair color, a normal color.” As McGonagall put stress in the words ‘clear’ and ‘normal’ she pulled harder on my ear like it was going to help her message sink in better.

“Crystal clear, I have the letter here, should I read it?”

By now we have gained an audience and the rest of the faculty was watching us, I noticed though that my favorite teacher wasn’t present and neither was Slughorn. She let go, obviously not keen to my plan.

I took the letter out cleared my throat dramatically before I began.

Dear Mr. Lupin,

It is with much regret that I will have to inform you, that you have been chosen to be this year’s Head Boy. While it’s against my better judgment, I cannot ignore your Outstanding grades and the praise I receive about you from the other Professors. Enclosed with this letter is the Head Boy badge and everything you and the Head Girl should go over in the Prefects Meeting and plans for future events.

Please note, that since I am appointing you Head Boy, it comes with the expectations that you will change your ridiculous hair color and not have five different colors in it at once.

See you the First of September.


Professor McGonagall

I finished reading and then looked up at McGonagall.

“As you might have heard, it said ‘change your ridiculous hair color.’” I read the quote off the letter again. “And not, ‘change it to a normal color.’ Also I am pleased to note that I only have two colors in my hair currently and not five.”

I grinned at her and I saw a few of my other Professors chuckle at my speech.

McGonagall however, looked like she was about to shave my head. An action I knew she wasn’t opposed to doing herself.

I backed away slowly, “So is that all? Because I’m kind of busy being Head Boy and all…”

“Teddy Lupin, you are supposed to set an example.”

“The example I would like to set is how manly pink is.” I grinned and stepped out of her reach. “Will that be all Professor? I’ll be on my way then…”

With that I ran out of the Great Hall.

“TEDDY LUPIN!!!” I heard McGonagall scream from behind me.

Well, that could have been worst. I grinned as I quickly retreated to the Gryffindor dorms.



Classes seemed worst than I remember, okay not classes, but waking up for them did. I rolled out of bed and put my robes on. I caught a glimpse of my reflection on a suit of armor as I went downstairs and noticed that my hair looked like a haystack.

When I got down to the Great Hall the fussing began. Victoire was already seated and looked perfect. So naturally when she took in my appearance she wanted to correct it at once.

“Why don’t you just comb it?” She said as she tried to make parts of it lay flat.

“Why give McGonagall false hope?” I said with a yawn.

Around a quarter til class began for first block, I saw James, Sirius and Fred running into the Great Hall.

“Why didn’t you wake us up?” James asked Fred as he shoved toast with jam into his mouth.

“I wanted to sleep in.” Fred said as he grabbed the orange juice.

“What’s our first class anyways?” Sirius asked.

“Herbology.” I answered, handing them their schedules.

Neville was preparing the Greenhouse for them so he asked the Prefects to hand out their schedules. Most of them had already left so the schedules were given to me. Their schedules were the only ones left.

Victoire got up. “I have to go to Potions, Slughorn has some examples for us today.”

“He normally does for sixth years, make sure you don’t steal any Love Potion Vicky.” I winked at her.

Victoire flipped her hair, causing some fifth years from the Hufflepuff table to turn. She smiled. “Don’t need it.”

I glared at the fifth years as they watched her leave. When we were younger she discovered that her Veela charm doesn’t work on me. At least that’s what I told her. Truth is it really does, but considering that I actually liked her for a long time it kind of got overpowered and it doesn’t affect me like other guys.

“Is she part Veela?” I turned around to see Sirius asking James that.

James couldn’t answer on the account of having five pieces of toast crammed into his mouth all at once.

“One-eighth,” I responded. “Her mom was a quarter.”

Sirius nodded and continued eating.

“Well, I’m off boys.” I told them.

“WAIT! Teddy, I have a question.” James yelled running after me. He had finally choked down his food. I was almost to the stairs by the time he caught up with me.

“Yes, James?”

“When are Quidditch tryouts?” He asked me.

“James, I don’t know that, I’m Head Boy and I’m not even on the Quidditch team.” I said. “Besides, first years can’t join.”

“But dad joined his first year!” James retorted.

“Harry was a special case, Jamie.” I told him, ruffling his already messy hair that almost matched mine. “Just stick to studying for now. Get good grades this year and tryout when you are old enough.”

I patted him on the shoulder and left him. Hopefully, that would be the end of it and I wouldn’t have to deal with the new Gryffindor Quidditch Caption Ashley Pewitt. She was a seventh year and headstrong. Honestly, she was a great friend however, I can’t stand her when she stresses out about Quidditch.

 I climbed the stairs to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. I sat next to Rory, my friend from Hufflepuff when I arrived at the classroom. He nodded to me.

“Teddy.” He said.

“Rory.” I nodded back. “How was your summer?”

“Fine.” Rory shrugged. “Same old, same old.”

“Sounds like fun.” I laughed.

“Congrats on making Head Boy.” He gestured to my badge.

“Amber was thrilled.” I joked.

“Better you than some others, although you weren’t my first choice, Lupin.” I jumped as Amber sat her bag next to Rory.

“Morning darling.” I teased.

She rolled her eyes and got out her wand. “Think he’ll have us duel first thing?” She asked.

“Sounds like something he would do.” Rory piped in. “Make sure we didn’t get rusty over the summer.”

Amber nodded and turned to me, “Do you know how you did on the written portion of the final exam last year? I missed one.”

“Oh no! You missed one! What has the world come to?” Rory threw his hands up in the air and almost fell backwards in his chair. I laughed as he corrected himself. Then I turned to Amber to answer her question.

“I didn’t have to take it.” I said with a smirk.

Amber looked like she was going to snap her wand. “What?”

“I got perfect on everything up to the final and when we did the practical final he told me I didn’t technically need to take the written one because it didn’t matter. Plus I’m one of his favorites.” I gave Amber a cocky grin.

“Oh well, lookey at little Loopy, class favorite and school heartthrob.” I turned to my right to see Ashley Pewitt sliding in the seat next to mine. “I heard McGonagall made you Head Boy.”

“I heard McGonagall made you Gryffindor Team Captain.” We acted like we were saying ‘hello’ to one another.

“Horrid mistake on both parts, want to switch until tryouts are over.” She slumped into her chair.

“Only if you do my Head Boy duties.”

“No problem, right Amber?” She peaked over Rory and I to see Amber.

“I’d rather have Lupin than you. At least he does his job when I threaten him.” Amber said matter-of-factly.

I leaned over to Rory. “Damn, I think she’s actually paying me a complement.”

“Enjoy it while it last.” Rory laughed with me.

Ashley laughed with us and Amber tried to throw her pencil at me. Despite, Amber not caring for my carefree attitude, she did admit that I was rather brilliant and always talked to me in class. Out of class however, was a different story.

I have most of my classes with the three of them now that we are seventh years. All my classes are in correlation with the hopes that I’ll be accepted into Auror School. Only Rory knows that though. I’ve never told Amber or Ashley and the way I understand it Amber doesn’t care anyways.

Amber has plans to pretty much become the Minister of Magic someday. At least that’s what I understand. Ashley is being scouted by different Quidditch teams, but needs a fallback plan for later, so she’s also planning to become a Healer. And Rory wants to travel. He doesn’t care how, so he’s taking whatever classes he can. I told him about Victoire’s Uncle who works with Dragons and he seemed interested, but not dead set on it.

Just as Ashley was talking to Amber about her summer, Professor Lowsley entered the classroom from his office entry. Amber’s attention fell upon him and Ashley was forced to pay attention as well since Amber stopped talking to her. Rory and I also looked forward.

“Clear the desk back against the walls and get out the training pads. I want to see how much everyone forgot over the summer.” He smiled as he charmed the front desk back against the wall.

Everyone got up and there was a screeching of desk being pushed back with and without charms.

Professor Lowsley waited for us in the center of the classroom were pads now occupied most of the open space. I leaned against the tables we just moved with Rory, waiting for Lowsley’s instructions.

Professor Lowsley was a somewhat serious man from just a glance, but over my six years of getting to know him, he was actually a laid back man. He was the Professor hired after the Battle at Hogwarts ended and everyone was surprised after he made it through a whole year without leaving or anything happening to him. When I was younger, Harry told me about all his different Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, one being my dad. I was proud to note that my dad was his favorite. Although, compared to some that probably wasn’t saying much.

Professor Lowsley however, was a very good Professor and taught his subject well. His fifth years typically score very well on their O.W.L.s and his N.E.W.T. students all achieve Exceeds Expectations or higher normally.

He was one of the younger teachers. He was also one of the younger professors on the staff. Only ones younger was the Transfiguration professor and Neville. He had dirty blond hair and was rather lanky for his age, but quite a capable dueler, I would know. I actually knew very little about his personal life though, for how much time I spent with him. He seemed to know all about me though.

“I can honestly say how glad I am that I have you all for my first class, it saves me a lot of setup time and I don’t have first years trying to levitate desk over their classmates. Normally, that ends with me taking a few of them to the Hospital Wing.” Lowsley laughed along with most of the class.

He turned around and did a quick count. “This is my advanced class correct?”

Everyone nodded. The seventh years were broken up into two sections, those who got Outstanding’s on their O.W.L.s and those who got Exceeds Expectations. It also depended on what career you were pursuing, but that was just technical stuff here and there.

He looked around again. “Where’s Teddy? Is he already skipping?”

“Here Professor.” I stood up a little so he could see me. “And I don’t skip; I just get sick conveniently, during your boring classes.”

He smiled at me. I was pretty sure that I was the only student that could say this to him. He was also the only professor that would allow me too, without giving me a detention that is.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you with your new hair color.” He laughed. “Blue?”

“To match my eyes.” I just remembered he wasn’t there last night when McGonagall was confronting me about my hair and thus didn’t know about my color change.

“Last year your eyes were purple.”

I shrugged.

“Have you been dueling over the summer?” He asked me.

“I’m not going to lie to you Professor, but I will tell you that I didn’t get rusty.” I smirked.

“So would you be able to duel me?” Lowsley asked.

The whole class now looked at me. The only time Lowsley dueled us was first year and fifth year. First year was to show that we really didn’t compare to professors and fifth to show we still didn’t compare to professors. Or at least to him. He wasn’t just the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor by mistake or because we didn’t have anyone else, he was a professional.

I remembered I was the first and only first year to challenge him my first year. I thought I was tough because Harry taught me a few spells and said I was ‘really good.’ What I didn’t realize is, that’s what you say to an eleven year old that just learned his first spell. I remember bragging to Ashley at the time, saying how my Godfather was Harry Potter and even he said I was good at dueling.

Next thing I know I was waking up after Lowsley hit me with a spell and I fell backwards and hit my head on two different tables. No one challenged him after that.

It wasn’t until fifth year when he was preparing us for the O.W.L.s that he even offered. Once again I was the first to challenge and happy to note that I almost hit him with a Stunning Spell. Right before he knocked me out again.

This time though, I knew better. I wasn’t going to go charging in.

“Anytime Professor Lowsley.” I smirked.

Okay, I was lying to myself, but this was a perfect opportunity to see how far I’ve come. Or how much I’m out of practice.

As I walked forward I could see Rory shaking his head and Amber rolling her eyes. Neither of them were there for the other times, but they knew I was the only one stupid enough to duel our teacher.

The whole class stepped back when I approached him. Most of them went slightly closer to Lowsley’s side, in case I get blown back again. As I passed Ashley she grabbed and whispered to me, “I got a gallon that you’ll at least get in a shot before you’re out, don’t let me down.”

I rolled my eyes at her and positioned myself across from Lowsley about seven paces.

“Typical dueling rules, when they apply of course.” Lowsley said as we bowed to one another.

“Of course.”

Before I even had time to correct myself after the bow Lowsley had already sent two non-verbal spells my way. I dodged one and used a shielding spell for the other. When the shield dropped I had three more spells coming at me.

Retrorsum Calamitas. I thought.

The three spells twisted around me and returned to him. He managed to block two of them but the third grazed his shoulder and made his arm limp. Sadly it was his left and not the right which held his wand.

I took this chance to use another non-verbal spell that Harry thought me.


Lewsley hung in the air but held onto his wand and sent a Stunning Spell as he was lifted up. Sadly, it hit me and my wand was thrown aside. I didn’t get knocked out this time, but my body became stiff and I couldn’t move.

“Well done!” Lewsley said to me, still hanging upside down. Everyone was silent for a moment while I was hindered to the ground and Lewsley was trying to mutter different counter-curse to undo my spell, but he remained hanging upside down. He looked at me. “What spell did you use.”

“Not telling. Undo this one and I’ll undo that one.” I smirked. “Then we’ll call it a tie.”

Lewsley thought about it and undid mine and when I went to get my wand I turned around and flicked it and thought, Liberacorpus.

Lewsley fell to the ground, but landed fairly easily and not face first like I did the time Harry casted it on me. He then stood up and shook my hand. “You’ve improved a lot since the first time.” He joked and then turned to the others.

Everyone was still silent, looking between myself and Lowsley.

“Very well, I want the rest of you to get into groups of three or four and start practicing for the remained of the class. Only use non-verbal spells. If I hear any noise, I want it to be from you lot crashing into things.” He turned to me. “Teddy, I would like a word with you.”

I nodded and turned to Rory before I left. “I call dibs on winner when I get back.”

He nodded as he joined Ashley and Amber. I saw Ashley wink as she flipped a gold Gallon up in the air. I rolled my eyes and followed Lewsley into his office.

As I entered I noted that there were more cages than the last time I was in here. Although Lowsley was the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, he enjoyed studying different magical creatures and often had a few held up in his office. I looked into one of the cages and saw something that looked like a pixie fluttering about in the shadows.

“Poppy Pixies?” I asked looking for him to confirm it.

He seated himself at his desk and nodded. “If you feed them different things they produce different dust.”

“What type of dust?” I asked.

“All kinds, ranging from medical uses to potion uses.” He told me. “Most of their dust is hard to come by and it cost a small fortune to get it fresh. So I decided to secure a few.” He gestured to the cages. “Only problem is they bite and it can be poisonous based on what you feed it.”

“Have you been bitten yet?” I asked.

“Yes, quite a few times, but nothing to worry about.” He said waving his hand in the air. “That’s not why I asked you here.”

“Then why did you ask me here?” I grinned.

“I hear your Godfather’s son is starting here.” Lewsley said with a smile. “I was wondering if you could tell me about him. I need to know if I should expect him to duel me too during his first class.”

“Oh you should expect it alright. Actually, I would wager there are two duels to look out for.” I said thinking of Fred.

“Oh?” Lewsley said only with slight interest. “Who would the other be?”

“His cousin. Fred Weasley.”

He seemed to nod.

“Anyone else?” He asked me.

I thought about it. “Not that I really know of. James has already made a new friend, but I don’t know much about him. They seem close already though. Albus will be here next year. He’s not as outgoing as James, but he will be a decent dueler by fifth year. He’s more patient and obverse before he jumps into things.”

Lewsley smiled. “Sounds like a bright boy.”

“Umm…Professor? I was wondering if I could do more private lessons this year to get ready for Auror School.” I asked timidly. During my sixth year he had offered to train me when he found out my ambition to be an Auror. He told me he once had similar training and would be pleased to help me. We kept them a secret though because he didn’t think that McGonagall would approve.

“Will you have time now that you’re Head Boy?” He grinned.

“I’ll make time.” I told him.

He smiled and nodded. “Then we will continue.”

He got out one of his books and opened it up and sighed. He looked up to me and then said, “That will be all Mr. Lupin.”

I smiled. “Thank you for your time Professor.”

I got up to leave and went back out into the classroom to join the class.


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