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A Girls Guide to what NOT to do at Hogwarts by MagicQuill
Chapter 1 : Witchdom? AWESOME!
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A/N Hello readers!  I will be rotating between three protagonists: Isis, Fred and George. Part of the reason I wrote this is because evry time you search for a Fred and George fic, Wood fics show up. So I am fixing that disgrace. I am gonna try to update every week or two, but forgive me if I can't. Also, Starkids owns A Very Potter Musical, JK owns the whole premise, and I own the Peverell family.


Enjoy the story!













I dropped my backpack on the floor. "Im home!" I called and ran into the kitchen. Mom looked up from her cooking.




"Hello Isis. How was school?"she asked. I grunted vaguely. 




What else am i supposed to do? I mean seriously? Who likes school? 




"Drama?"Mum continued. My face lit up,




"Its fantastic! Rehearsals are going great and my accent is so awe..." I was interrupted by my brother Spencer thumping into the room. 




"Hello Mother. Isis" he greeted us primly. I rolled my eyes, seeing straight through the facade. As a general rule, Spencer is vicious, at least when not in the presence of adults. Mum immediately fawned over him, and got his favorite dinner ready.




Ugh. You now all see who the favorite child is.




"Whats for movie night?" Spencer asked. I hopped up."Harry Potter!" I yelled.




 I love Harry Potter. They are the best books/movies of all time. I'm 11 years old, and today is August 31. This little part of me knows Im not gonna get a letter, but I'm still hoping.




"Nooooo!" Spencer yelled."Those movies suck!"




 How dare he?




"You suck" I yelled



"your face sucks!"


"your mom sucks!"


"Thats why I'm bloody adopted!"


Mom cleared her throat. I immediately stopped in the middle of telling Spencer what a unintelligent prat he was. 


"How could you say that to my poor Honey Bun! Did she hurt you?"


Spencer grinned at me evilly over Mum's shoulder, "She did, mother. Those words were hurtful." 




Git. now you see why I hate his guts.




 Mum looked at me disapprovingly, 


"Since it is Isis' turn to pick the movie;We will watch one of the Harry Potters, however, Spencer will decide which one."Mum decided. Spencer groaned but chose the first one as Dad walked through the door. 




I happily sat on the couch watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.




 I wish I was a witch. I have all the books and everything! I was even a production of A Very Potter Musical! I, of all people, deserve to be magical. 




Suddenly the doorbell rang and Mum paused the movie. "I'll get it" I sang. Please let this be a professor. Not likely. I ran to the door and opened it to a monstrous man that looked like....Hagrid?


"hello lassie! Would you happen to be.."He consulted a paper" Isis Peverell?" 


"Uhh yeah, that's me, " I stuttered" Who are you?"




You can't really blame me for freezing. What the heck would you do if a half giant showed up at your front door?




"The name's Rubeus Hagrid. I'll be your guide to Hogwarts!" He dug into his pocket and brought out an official letter, which he handed to me. My parents had walked in just in time to hear the last part.


 "I'm sorry? Dad said "But Hogwarts doesn't exist."


"That's what the Muggles think! Isis, have you ever heard bout your great great great grandfather Wildelen?


"Once or twice" I replied




Grandfather Wildelen was a nut. He claimed to be magical, yet never performed any magic in front of anyone.




"he was a wizard! And you are a witch!"


My parents gasped in unison. Literally, it was one of those things where it looks totally rehearsed, but isn't.


"Isis is a witch! Mum cried, and turned on me."Get out! Pack your things and leave! " I ran upstairs, my head spinning. But somehow, it felt right. I began to understand  memories that wouldn't make sense without magic. The time I swore I watched flowers blooming within seconds. That day a mean boy pulled my braids in second grade and then mysteriously lost his memory. The time I fell off the apple tree and broke my arm, only for it to heal itself before my mother came. 




When I had finished packing, I trudged downstairs, lugging my suitcases. My family (Using the term loosely since they did just kick me out)was standing there, hugging each other. Spencer sneered at me as if to say




"I'm loved, you aren't" I threw him one last pointed glare(I'm really good at those), turned my back on my old life and walked into a new one.



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