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The Dating Game by Courtney Dark
Chapter 1 : Creating the Game
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 “I’m bored!” Sirius whined.

I looked up from the book I was reading; A Guide to Advanced Transfiguration, and stared at Sirius with raised eyebrows.

He was sprawled out on his back, staring up at the cloudless sky with a haughty expression on his face, absentmindedly tugging strands of grass from the ground.

It was a warm, sunny day-a Monday-and the grounds were packed with students, enjoying the sunshine while it lasted. From where I was sitting, cross legged against the knotted trunk of a large oak tree, I could see all the way up to the great, stone castle that overshadowed everything in its path and down to the edge of the Forbidden Forest, which Hagrid’s hut was perched on the outskirts of.

Speaking of Hagrid’s hut, I could see the gamekeeper himself, strolling up the hill and holding two dead roosters in his dustbin sized hands. Lovely.

There were several groups of girls, lounging on the edge of the lake: skirts hitched up, bare feet dangling in the cool blue water. There was one particular group of girls, all of whom wore so much make up that I wasn’t sure how their necks were holding the weight, who were staring over at Sirius, and giggling frequently.

If I were Sirius, this would have annoyed me to no end, but my best friend seemed to enjoy the attention. Every now and then, he would look up and wink at one of the girls, causing them to blush and giggle even more. It was pathetic.

“Why don’t you write your Transfiguration paper?” I suggested lightly and, as expected, Sirius screwed his nose up in disgust, giving him an even more arrogant look, as if though he were above us all. One thing I didn’t understand about Sirius was how he managed to do so well in class. He was the top student in our year, apart from James, but all they did every lesson was have sword fights with fake wands at the back of the classroom and make card houses out of exploding snap cards. It drove Professor McGonagall bonkers-especially when they aced each and every paper.

“Already done it,” said Sirius triumphantly. “Anyway, I want to do something fun Remus! I’m sick of all this studying!”

I sighed. “Sirius, we have O.W.L’s coming up in less than a term!” I said, but I couldn’t hide a grin at the disgusted look on my best friend’s face. “Anyway, since when do you study?”

Sirius pretended to look offended. “Well, excuse me, Mr I’m-A-Prefect! What’s that you’re reading, anyway?”

And, before I could react, he’d snatched my Transfiguration book from my hand and was eying it importantly.

I glared at him. Why was it that every bone in my bone snapped and bended once a month and I turned into a great, bloodthirsty beast but I had reactions as slow as James at seven o’clock in the morning? All the myths and legends I’d read about werewolves clearly stated that we were supposed to be strong, quick and faster than any man. Clearly, I got the bad genes.

“A Guide to Advanced Transfiguration!” Sirius read loudly, and I felt my cheeks going a bit red. “What’s this Moony? We’re not supposed to get this book until next year!”

I looked down at the ground, embarrassed. “McGonagall gave it to me for extra credit,” I muttered, knowing full well that Sirius would just mock me.

And, as it turned, out, I was 100% correct. I usually am, not to sound up myself or anything.

Sirius let out a bark like laugh. Sometimes I wondered whether turning into a massive black dog at least once a month had had a strange effect on him-he certainly had gained some very canine like attributes. Every time he got out of the black lake, he’d shake his mane of long black hair like he was a golden Labrador and I’d even seen him with his tongue hanging out at dinner a few times. Oh, and yesterday he proclaimed there was an itch behind his ear, and then promptly began scratching his neck with his toe.

Let me tell you, it came as a real shock to all of us. None of us knew Sirius was that flexible.

“Look at this, Prongs!” Sirius snorted, tossing my book to James who was slumped against the other side of the tree, a depressed pout on his handsome face.

When I first met James I have to admit, I thought he was a bit of a spoilt brat-he still acts like a pampered little prince half the time these days; doesn’t realise how good he’s got it. But he’s my best friend-well, one of them, and I don’t think you could ever find a nicer person.

The problem is James covers up what I like to call his ‘true self’ with this tough exterior. This exterior usually comes out in the presence of Lily Evans, who I firmly believe is James’ one weakness.

He’s had a crush on her for years, which Sirius finds absolutely hilarious (he and Lily are constantly arguing) and always goes all weak at the knees and red faced in her presence. And then he’ll start ruffling up his hair, and drawling and boasting and I’ll groan and Lily will start shouting at him and calling him names and threatening to dock points. And while all this is going on, Sirius will either be rolling on the floor laughing (that, sadly, is not an exaggeration) or attempting to look up Ruby Cherrytree’s skirt.

James, who was clearly distracted, only just managed to catch my book by the tips of his fingers. My guess is that he wouldn’t have caught it at all, had he not been the best seeker in who knows how long.

Peter always tells James that he will go on to be a great Quidditch player one day. And then James will laugh loudly and pat him on the head in a patronising sort of way. I don’t think Peter minds. He’s always looked up to James and Sirius.

James grinned over at me with his strange lopsided smile; his hazel eyes flashing. “McGonagall really loves you, doesn’t she Moony?”

I shrugged. “I think she expects me to try and control you two.”

Sirius snorted. “Control us? The Pair of Pranksters? Never?”

I looked back and forth between James and Sirius who were grinning at each other in a way that usually meant Severus Snape was about to have a bottle of shampoo poured over his head. “You do know that’s an awful title, right?” I commented, rolling my eyes. “I’d have though you two would be able to come up with something a little more creative, brains like yours.”

“True,” sighed Sirius. “But our brains are a little too pre-occupied, aren’t they Prongs?”

“Indeed they are, Padfoot.”

“Pre-occupied doing what?” Peter breathed, looking up at his two heroes with wide eyes. “Are we going to play another prank on Snape?” he added excitedly, clasping his pudgy hands together.

“Well, I know for a fact that James’ brain is planted firmly in the world of Lily Evans,” Sirius snorted, laughing as his best friend hit him in the shoulder with the book-my book, I might add.

“Oi!” I said loudly, breaking up what threatened to become a friendly brawl turned ‘I’m-a-better-wizard-than-you duel.’ “Careful with that book! The binding is fragile.”

Unfortunately this comment just made Sirius and James laugh even harder-James, in fact, laughed so hard that he clutched at his stomach and fell flat on the ground, tears streaming from his face.

Honestly. It wasn’t that funny. Sometimes I wonder why I hang out with a pack of idiots

“Oh Moony,” Sirius grinned, slapping me on the back appreciatively. “You’re hilarious, you know that?”

I gave him a look. “If you say so, mate,” I muttered, reaching over and snatching my book from James’ limp hand, and then tucking it into my bag-which was already stuffed with several bottles of ink, two quills, a large stack of parchment and multiple textbooks.

There was a shrill giggle from over by the lakeside, and we all looked over towards Lily and her group of friends immediately; James’ ears going very red as he quickly attempted to ‘fix’ his hair, and brush all the bits of grass out of it.

I felt my own cheeks going a bit red as I watched Ruby Cherrytree pulling up her skirt a little, and slipping further into the water.

Ruby was super fit. I’d watched her from afar for several years now, but had never had the courage to actually talk to her. Of course, we’d exchanged a brief greeting in the corridors on occasion, and sometimes we found ourselves jammed together in the Great Hall for breakfast. But Ruby was…popular and funny and cool. And who was I? Boring, bookish Remus Lupin. I was one of the four marauders, sure, but only Sirius and James were well known.

And every time the other marauders and I crossed paths with Lily and her group of girls, Ruby had eyes only for Sirius. And why wouldn’t she? He was by far the best looking of all of us-dark hair and dark eyes, strong jaw and high cheekbones. He was as regal as a prince-and, lets face it, that Black’s do consider themselves royalty. They are one of the last remaining pure-blood families.

James is good-looking too, I guess, but not in the same way as Sirius. There’s something more…mischievous about his features-like the cunning glint in his eyes and the way his hair sticks up in every direction and refuses to lie flat.

And then there’s Peter. He’s the one that is the most ignored, out of the four of us. We didn’t really become friends with him-James, Sirius and I-until our second year, and that was because…well, we felt a little sorry for him.

He was alone and friendless, struggling in all his classes, a plump little thing with watery eyes and a small nose. But, much to my surprise, James and Sirius helped him get better grades in classes. And from then on, he became one of us. A marauder.

“Who are you staring at, Moony?” James asked suddenly, and the sound of his voice was so unexpected that I jumped, flustered.

“W-What?” I stammered.

James smirked. “You don’t fool me,” he said triumphantly. “Moony has his first crush!”

“That’s not true!” I lied, as he and Sirius sniggered, looking thoroughly delighted at the thought of terrorizing me until I told them which girl I liked. Even Peter looked a little excited-although this was probably because he wasn’t the one getting picked on, for once. Gits.

“Moony’s got a cru-ush, Moony’s got a cru-ush!” James and Sirius sang, so loudly that a group of nearby Hufflepuff’s turned round to look at them in alarm.

I don’t blame them. My best friend’s were awful singers. If we were near windows, one surely would have smashed by now.

“…Moony’s got a cru-ush!”

“Will you keep your voices down!” I hissed, and my so called friends just laughed some more. “I do not have a crush-and please don’t use that word! It makes me sound like a pouf.”

“Aw, there’s nothing wrong with having a crush, Moony!” Sirius said mockingly. “We all know Prongs has got one, on a certain girl with red hair and a horrible temper…”

James thwacked him on the head. “Shut up Padfoot or I’ll curse you into oblivion!”

“Now that would be interesting to watch!” I said enthusiastically, and Peter giggled. I shot him an appreciative grin.

Sirius looked over at Lily, Ruby and their two other friends, still sitting in the bank of the lake with a thoughtful expression on his face.

James grinned. “I know that look!” he said happily. “Padfoot is hatching a plan!”

I groaned. “Whatever he’s thinking…this is going to end very badly. For all of us.”

“Nonsense!” said James. “Padfoot’s plans are awesome! Do you remember that time he persuaded Peeves to follow Snivellus around the school for the whole day?”

Peter clapped his hands together excitedly. “Yes!” he said. “That was awesome. Snape ended up having a tantrum in the middle of the Great Hall!”

“And if I remember correctly,” I added. “Lily found out who had done it, used the Bat Bogey Hex on you and then refused to talk to us for a month.”

For a moment, James’ smile fell slightly.

Peter gasped loudly. “And what about the time we floated that Niffler up to the girl’s dormitories? It destroyed the whole room! Or when Sirius hexed Ruby Cherrytree so that her hair turned green!”

James snorted. “Oh, that was funny, that was!”

“Padfoot got detention for a week,” I said, remembering. “He had to help Professor Slughorn prepare potion ingredients.”

“Ah, that wasn’t too bad,” Sirius said, coming back into the conversation. “Old Sluggy loves me. Kept saying “You should’ve been in my house, Black! Your brother Regulus is a marvellous student!”

“And what did you tell him?” James asked.

Sirius smirked, which made look haughty once again. “That I’d rather strip naked, swim across the Black Lake and get eaten by the Giant Squid than be in Slytherin,” he said. “He made me extract Billywig Sting Slime after that,” he added, frowning.

I rolled my eyes. “I wonder why.”

“So anyway Padfoot, what’s your great plan?” James asked eagerly. “Because if it will help me win the heart of Evans…”

“Honestly James,” I said, exchanging meaningful looks with Sirius and Peter. “You really can stop calling her Evans now. Everyone knows you have a thing for her.”

James frowned. “Who’s ‘everyone’?”

“Professor McGonagall,” Peter said.

“Madam Pomfrey,” I added.


“The whole of fifth year.”

“Probably the whole school, considering you professed your love for her at breakfast the other day”

“And the Giant Squid,” Sirius finished, nodding. “That guy is smart!”

I frowned. “And how exactly would you know whether a squid is smart?”

Sirius winked, and tapped the side of his nose secretively. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

James sighed impatiently. “Are you going to tell us what your evil mastermind plan is or not?”

Sirius patted his friend on the arm. “Now, now Jamesie. Don’t get your knickers in a twist!”

“I thought I told you not to call me Jamesie!”


James scowled. “You’re an awful best friend.”

“Ouch. That stings.”

I sighed. “Will you guys stop arguing like an old married couple and tell us what this plan is please?”

“Strange thought, that,” Sirius said slowly, staring up at the sky. “Me and James married…”

“We could share each other’s clothes!” James said enthusiastically.

“But would we be Mr and Mr Potter, or Mr and Mr Black?”

Wow. I truly do hang out with a pack of idiots. So this is what my life has come to. Fantastic.

“You’re both dimwits,” I told them. “I am ashamed to be in your presence.”

Sirius pouted. “Alright I’m sorry! I’ll tell you what my fabulous plan is!”

“It better be fabulous or I’ll knock you over the head with my broomstick until you can’t remember your own name,” James muttered.

Apparently, Sirius didn’t take offence to this comment. “Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen!” he said. “Because you guys are going to love this idea-especially you, Prongsie.”

“Excuse me, but where exactly are the ladies?” James asked.

“Wormtail’s about as close as it comes.”


Sirius grinned. “Sorry Pete.”

I tapped my foot impatiently. “Get on with it, Sirius.”


To my surprise, Sirius scrambled to his feet, sweeping his black hair out of his eyes as he did so. Sometimes I wondered how he always managed to look so…composed.

Even James, with his lopsided grin and floppy hair couldn’t match his air of superiority. And I…well, lets just say I was another story altogether.

“OI!” Sirius bellowed, in the direction of the four girls, including Lily and Ruby. “YOU LOT! COME OVER HERE!”

I groaned, putting my head in my hands. Typical bloody Sirius. He had to make a fool of himself…without actually making a fool of himself.

James seemed to be thinking along the same lines. “What the hell are you doing?” he hissed.

Sirius waved his hand impatiently. “It’s all part of my brilliant plan.”

The four of us quickly fell silent as Lily turned round to stare at us-or perhaps glare was better word. Because every time her bright green eyes fell upon James, they narrowed in disgust, like she thought he was a piece of chewing gum on the sole of her shoe.

I had to admit, I was impressed that James hadn’t given up on her yet. Usually, he has the attention span of a goldfish.

“What do you want, Sirius?” she asked irritably, earning herself jealous looks from the groups of girls that sat around her-girls who would do anything to be on speaking terms with Sirius Black, though I have no idea why. He really isn’t that amazing. And it’s certainly not a proper conversation with Sirius unless he brings up something lewd. Though maybe that’s what girls like these days.

“Get your petite arses over here!” Sirius yelled, and Lily flushed a very bright shade of pink that clashed horrendously with her hair. “We have something important to tell you guys!”

James decided it would be a good idea to finish this little speech by winking seductively at Lily. In response to this, she snorted loudly, tossed her long hair and turned away.

Sirius huffed in annoyance. “Now look what you did!” he told James. “You ruined my awesome speech!”

“Let’s be honest, it was a pretty terrible speech,” I pointed out.

“Well, she seems to have liked it,” Peter said in a squeaky voice, and I realised with a jolt that Ruby Cherrytree had clambered from the bank and was marching towards us, followed by a scowling Lily and their two other friends.

To my horror, I felt my cheeks start to burn as I watched her come closer-as I watched her hips swinging and her long, red-brown hair swishing against her back.

My embarrassment reached unnaturally high levels when Ruby sat down between Sirius and I, stretched out her long, smooth legs, smiled and said; “Hey guys. Hey Sirius.”

Sirius grinned and stretched, which somehow resulted in his arm wrapped around Ruby’s back. I couldn’t help but notice she looked very pleased about this, and I felt an ache of jealousy in the pit of my stomach. “Hey Rubykins,” he said in a deep, seductive voice.

The other three girls had also sat down opposite us, so that we formed a sort of circle. I noticed that Lily had sat as far away from James as possible, had her arms crossed very tightly and was eying him (he was ruffling up his hair and trying to look charming) with disapproval.

On her immediate right was a girl called Dara Riddelson. She was my partner in Potions and seemed nice enough apart from the fact that she was the clumsiest person I knew and had blown up a total of thirteen cauldrons. This year. She had dirty blonde hair which was currently tied up in a ponytail, though most of it had come loose and was covering most of her face. There was a dreamy, not all there quality about her features but a permanent smile was etched across her cheeks.

Sitting next to Dara was the last of the girls Lily hung out with: June Bennett. She had a round face, light brown hair and a long fringe that concealed most of her chocolate coloured eyes. Her cheeks were flushed slightly pink and she looked at the ground, refusing to meet anyone’s eye.

The thing about June Bennett was that I had known her a long time. Even longer than I’d known James or Sirius or Peter. Her parents were family friends, and she used to come over to my house when we were little. My dad always said we were inseparable. Well, he was wrong, wasn’t he? The moment June and I started Hogwarts, we went our separate ways-I suspect this had something to do with James and Lily’s initial dislike for each other. And now…I don’t even know June anymore. I feel awkward around her, just like I feel awkward around every girl. She is very quiet-barely speaks in class, and I’ve seen her a lot in the library.

I have to admit, she’s kind of…attractive. But doesn’t hold a candle to Ruby, whose light shines brighter than any other girl in the school. And my heart flutters like a bloody twelve year old girl every time I see her.

Of course, I don’t tell the boys this, because they’d likely just poke fun. Scratch that, I know they’d just poke fun.

“Alright,” said Sirius eagerly, sitting up straight and clapping his hands together. “I have called this little meeting today because…”

“Get to the point, Sirius,” said Lily irritably. “The girls and I have things to do.”

Sirius frowned. “You know it’s considered rude to interrupt, right?”

“Ignore Lily, Sirius,” Ruby frowned. “She’s just sour because she fancies James and…OW!” she shrieked, as Lily reached across and slapped her on the arm.

One thing I know about Lily is that she has an awful temper. Never get on her bad side.

“Aw, is that true, Evans?” James beamed, looking happier than I’d seen him since he strapped Snape to one of Hagrid’s hippogriffs and persuaded it to take flight. “You fancy me!”

“No I don’t, Potter!” Lily snapped. “Ruby has no idea what she’s talking about!”

“I know a lot about love, actually,” said Ruby, and Sirius gave her yet another seductive wink. Ruby giggled and I felt another pang in my stomach.

Why was it that the girls I liked always fell for Sirius’ charm? He could have any girl he wanted, and yet he had to go choosing the ones I fancied.

I cleared my throat loudly, because Lily was glaring at James with a murderous glint in her eye and he was smirking back smugly, leaning casually against a tree trunk, and I’d really rather avoid a mass murder. Because if Lily murdered James then Sirius would probably use Avada Kedavra on her, and then Ruby would probably throttle him (she seems the throttling type) and then she’d go mad with grief and possibly jump of the Astronomy Tower, and then I’d get all the blame for not keeping my friends in line and therefore get expelled and then Peter would fail all his classes and have to become a rubbish collector when he was older. And it would all be very tragic.

“Right!” said Sirius. “My fantabulous idea…”

“That’s not a word,” Lily interrupted promptly, and I began to wonder whether she just liked causing problems. Or maybe she had a need to be right. Either options were viable reasons.


“Fantabulous. It’s not a word.”

“Actually, yes it is,” Dara piped up. “It’s in the dictionary.”

Ruby snorted. “Since when do you read the dictionary!”

This seemed to offend Dara. “Excuse me!” she said. “But I am an extremely knowledgeable young girl with a thirst for knowledge!”

“No you’re not,” said Ruby, Lily and June together.

Dara frowned. “You guys are mean.”

“That’s why we’re you’re best friends,” Ruby grinned.

Dara smiled. “I think June’s rubbing off on me.”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?”

Sirius gasped, and we all turned to look at him with raised eyebrows.

“Are you alright there, Sirius?” Lily asked sweetly. “Do you have something stuck in your throat? Would you like a cough drop?”

A turned my laugh into a hacking cough. If you looked up ‘devil hidden in a sticky pink cupcake’ in an encyclopaedia, you would see a nice big picture of Lily Evans.

“No, I was just surprised that that one talked,” Sirius said, pointing to June, who went a furious shade of red. I felt a sting of pity for her-Sirius knew exactly how to embarrass people. “I thought she was a mute.”

“I just don’t like crowds of people,” June murmured, picking three strands of grass and weaving them into a braid.

Despite myself, I smiled slightly, a strange memory coming back to me. It was…I dunno, maybe seven or eight years ago. Before I became a werewolf. My family were visiting the Bennetts at their lake house…June and I were sitting on the edge of the water, and June was threading daisies, making a chain to wear around her neck.

“What are you grinning at Moony?” Sirius asked abruptly.

I shook my head. “Nothing. Continue with your idea, Sirius.”

“I shall! And no more interruptions please,” Sirius said, giving Lily (who stared intently down at the ground) a meaningful look. “Right. This is what I propose: A Dating Game.”

A Dating Game? What the hell was a Dating Game? And why did I already feel that this was not a good idea?

I seemed to be in the minority however, because Ruby perked up at once, her eyes lighting up. James seemed to find the idea appealing to, because he ruffled up his hair and snuck a quick peek at Lily, and Peter (in typical Peter fashion) squealed and clapped his hands together. He is one strange boy.

“That sounds like an awful idea,” said Lily flatly and I gave her the thumbs up. I like to think I’ve always been closer with Lily than the other marauders. I mean, James is always asking her out and Sirius gives her a hard time but Lily…she can be nice when she wants to be. And she’s been there for me, in some of the hardest times.

“I haven’t even explained the rules yet!” Sirius exclaimed.

I sighed. “If these rules involve rule breaking of any sort, then I’m out,” I said. “I won’t abuse my prefect duties.”

James groaned. “Don’t be boring Moony!”

“I’m not being boring! I’m being practical!”

“Don’t worry, no rule breaking is required,” Sirius said, which surprised me. Sirius’ plans always involve rule breaking. I guess there’s a reason we called ourselves the marauders.

“The rules of the game are simple,” Sirius said. “There are four girls, four boys, right? Well, if you count Peter…”

“I’m right here you know!”

“Sorry Pete. Anyway, there are four boys and four girls. The aim of the Dating Game is to find out who is the best at dating. Simple right?”

Dara frowned. “I don’t follow.”

“Of course you don’t,” Ruby snorted. “You were probably in dreamland the whole time Sirius was speaking!” I couldn’t help but notice that she was now sitting very close to Sirius…and that he had her right hand in his and was playing with her fingers.

Why wouldn’t she notice me? Was there something so wrong with me? Did I smell bad or something? I shouldn’t do! The prefect’s bathroom was awesome-had about a hundred different soaps and scents!

“That’s not true!” Dara cried.

“Ladies, ladies,” James drawled-the ‘tough exterior’ voice he uses whenever Lily is in the vicinity. “Calm down. As much as I enjoy watching girls fight…”

“You disgust me,” Lily snorted.

“…we have much more serious matters to discuss.”

“Indeed we do!” Sirius said importantly. “Four dates. The guys (he gestured at me, James, Peter and himself) will date the girls (this time he gestured at Ruby, Lily, Dara and June). Four dates over four weekends. And at the end of it all, everyone will vote on the date they enjoyed the most. The person with the most votes wins the ultimate prize.”

“Oooh!” said Dara, looking excited. “A prize! Now I’m interested!”

“And what is this spectacular prize?” Lily muttered.

“Er…well I haven’t thought of that yet,” Sirius admitted. “Any ideas?”

“I know!” said Ruby excitedly. “The winner could choose anyone to do their homework for a week!”

“There’s an idea,” said Dara, nodding. “I’m failing Transfiguration…”

“You’re failing every class.”

“Shut up. I’m failing Tranfiguration and June could get my grades up for me!”

June frowned. “Why me?”

I smiled at her. “You’re the smartest person I know,” I said and to my surprise, she went beet red. I guess she doesn’t like being complimented in front of other people.

“Aw, Remus!” grinned Sirius. “Giving another girl a compliment! How cute.”

I think I went as red as June. I just hope Ruby didn’t notice.

“Here’s an idea,” said James slowly. “The Winner of the Dating Game gets to pick one person to go out on a date with them…and the person they pick has to say yes.”

He gave Lily a meaningful look, and she wrinkled her nose up in disgust. “No way!” she cried. “I am not going out on a date with you Potter!”

“You have to anyway!” James said in a singsong voice, and I rolled my eyes at his stupidity. Prongs may be an amazing chaser, but he is a little bit useless around girls.

Though I guess I can’t talk. I’ve never even had a girlfriend. So many times I’ve wanted to ask Ruby out, but have been too shy to. But now…now is my chance! I can finally show her what I great guy I am! What she’s been missing out on!

“I quit!” said Lily firmly. “I’m not playing anymore.”

“Liiily!” Ruby pleaded, her eyes wide. “You have to! Please? For me?”

I rescued Lily by saying. “I like James’ idea for the prize, but I think we should add something else on.”

“Like what?”

“The people who lose…have to be the winner’s slave for a day,” I said, my eyes shining at the prospect.

The others seemed to like my idea. Sirius let out a bark like laugh, June and Dara nodded in approval and Ruby looked at me and said; “That’s a great idea Remus, nice one.”

I felt my cheeks burning (god, I am such an idiot) and looked away.

Sirius nodded. “Alright, I like it. The prize for the winner of the dating game are: a date with whoever they so choose and to be king-or queen- for the day. Everyone agreed?”

Everyone around the circle-even stubborn Lily Evans-nodded in agreement.

Sirius grinned. “Awesomesauce!” he said. “Now…who has a hat? We have to work out the order of dates.”

As Dara fished a strange looking feather garment out of her bag, I found myself staring at Ruby with a slight smile on my face.

This Dating Game may end in disaster, but at least I’ll get the one thing I’ve wished for so long now: a date with Ruby Cherrytree.

I grimaced slightly. The next four weeks were going to be very interesting.

A/N:  This is for shazalupin's out of your comfort zone challenge, so please let me know what you think!


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