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Fearless by MoonshoesCoffee
Chapter 2 : The Issues of Bludgers
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“Alright, gang! Fifty laps each then!”


We all groaned and glared at James. A year younger than me, and already Quidditch Captain, playing Chaser on the team. Git. I hate laps.




“GO!” he shouted, pointing at the pitch.


We all glared some more and started a slow jog. I dropped my Beaters bat on the ground next to Lupins, and followed the rest of the team.


“10 extra for every minute you go at that pace!”


“GO GO GO GO GO GO GOOOO!” Al, our Seeker shouted as we all broke into a sprint.


An hour later and I had ploughed through a grand total of… drum roll please… SEVENTEEN! Out of sixty!


Great. I’m going to be here all night.


 “Finding it hard, Princess?” A familiar voice came from behind me.




Who is currently on fifty-six laps. Stupid fitness… He doesn’t have boobs bouncing around that get in the way and slow you down!


“A little.” I admitted.


“It’s not that hard.” He smirked.


“Easy for you to say!”


“And what makes you so different from me?”


“I’m a girl!”




“I have… BITS wobbling about!”


“Wear a sports bra!”


“I am!”


“Get a better one!”


“Why the hell should I, Lupin? I expect you enjoy watching me run, eh?”


“Yeah, I would check you out when hell freezes over!”


“Well, that’s great then. The ice arrives tomorrow!”


“Don’t be so bloody stupid.”


“Don’t you fucking dare call me stupid.”


“I’ll call you what I want to!”


“You have no right.”


“I have every right.”


“Have I ever called you anything apart from your name?”


“So many names! Usually to do with my appearance!”


We had now stopped, screaming full volume at each other in the middle of the pitch.


“You deserved it!”


“What makes you so different from me? What makes you think you’re better?”


“I’m not an arrogant prick who thinks he’s so special just because he can make himself look different every day! It gets so bloody annoying, you waltzing in to the Hall every morning so people can stare at your green hair and your orange eyes!”


“At least I make use of my skills! You never use yours!”


I stopped at that. How did he know? Nobody knew about me! The only people that knew were my parents and siblings! And only because they grew up with me!


“Don’t you dare tell anyone about that.” I growled.


He smirked and leaned in closer. “Make me.” He said slowly, inches from my face.


And that was when I lunged at him. Grabbing him around the throat, I took him by surprise and we both went tumbling to the ground. I was straddling him with my hands around his neck and he was trying to reach for my face.


At last he managed to roll over so that I was squashed beneath his weight. His hair was now black and his eyes had turned red with anger. I was expecting steam to erupt from his ears any moment. He held my arms down as I struggled, trying for his neck again.


I closed my eyes and kicked him. Hard.




Target hit.


He rolled off me, clutching his crotch. I immediately scrambled up to my hands and knees and scratched his cheek with my nails. He suddenly sprung out of the foetal position and went for my neck, reaching his target.




We were suddenly wrenched apart by a spell cast by James. The whole team were sprinting towards us. I lunged for Lupin again, but Matt, another Chaser, was now holding me back. I reached for my wand at the same time as Lupin did and cast the first spell that came to mind.


He was thrown backwards with a deep red gash on his shoulder. I was hit with some kind of spell that glued my tongue to the top of my mouth. Lupin’s feeble attempt at stopping me saying any spells. Too bad for him that I have been able to do non-verbal for three years now.


I set his sleeve on fire at the same time as he locked my legs together, unfortunately for me he put it out before I could do any proper damage to vital organs. I had fallen to the ground, but was ready to keep going before Charlotte, our final chaser, disarmed us both.


Matt picked me off the ground and performed the counter spell, while Grant, our Keeper, produced some bandages and held them to Lupin’s face. Traitor… He’s supposed to be my friend. They then both dragged us towards James.


He glared at us.


For several minutes.


When at last he spoke, it was quiet and terrifying.


“I knew you hated each other, but I never ever thought it would come to this.” He looked between us both. “I would never expect such brutal behaviour from people on my Quidditch Team. And to resort to Muggle violence. How dare you? HOW DARE YOU?” He was shouting now. “YOU COME ONTO THIS PITCH AND ACTUALLY DUEL EACH OTHER, UNDER MY AUTHORITY? I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU WOULD BE SO STUPID!


I hung my head in shame.


He sighed. “That’s it. You’re both off the team until further notice.”


“WHAT?!” Me and Lupin both shouted, throwing shocked looks at him.


“You can’t kick us off! There’s a week until the match against Slytherin!” Lupin said, with a pleading look on his face.


James turned back to us, coming very close and spitting in our faces as he talked. “You don’t actually think you can behave like that on a Quidditch pitch and not have to face the consequences, do you?”


He pulled back. “Get out of my sight.”


We paused.




We both turned and stormed towards the changing rooms. I cannot believe he kicked us off the team a week before the big match.


“This is all your fault.” I hissed at Lupin as we reached to door to the changing rooms.


“You are as much to blame as I am.” He spat back. His hair was still black, and his eyes a terrifying red.


I growled, and I probably would have started shouting again but he turned into the male showers and slammed the door.


When I saw myself in the mirror, I immediately panicked. My hair was the darkest black it has ever been, and my eyes were the same shade of red as Lupin’s. I really hope that happened once I was inside.


As soon I was in the shower, I started to get less worked up.


Ok, I should maybe explain about the whole ‘skills’ thing.


You see, I am an extremely powerful witch. I don’t know why, but I am. My shield spells can deflect Unforgivables, which even Dumbledore’s couldn’t do. I am good at most subjects, except when it involves pincushions and hedgehogs. I got O’s in all of my exams last year, except Divination.


I am also a metamorphagus. Nobody knows about that except my immediate family. I keep my hair the same long, curly blonde and my eyes the same blue every day. It’s only when I am feeling a particularly strong emotion that I change. Some people I have assumed have cottoned on, like Daisy and Beth etc. But they never said anything about it. Probably because they knew I don’t want to talk about it. I always hated that Lupin flaunted his talent, while I kept it on the down low. I considered letting people know and just using it, but have decided against it countless times. I could do without the attention.


And for some reason, I am an Animagus. Not even my family knows about that. I can turn into a leopard whenever I want to. But I don’t use it. Ever.


So there you have it. I am the awesomest witch to live ever. EVER.


And now my dear cousin has kicked me off the Quidditch Team. Arse.


“Vic? You in there?”


I sighed as Lotte’s voice slunk through the shower curtain.




“Are you okay?”


“Oh just happy dandy. You know, getting banned from doing the thing I love most. Just fan-fucking-tastic.”


“Well, you kind of deserved it.” Charlotte mumbled.


“I know.” I sighed, turning off the shower and reaching my hand out of the curtain for a towel.


“You shouldn’t let him work you up so much.” She said as she handed me a soft scarlet towel. “That’s how things like this happen.”


“But he is such a prick!” I said, wrapping it around me and stepping out. Glancing in the mirror, my hair and eyes were back to normal and I sighed with relief.


“I know. Just ignore him, though.” She said, pulling back a curtain and stepping into the shower.


“Why do you always have to be right?” I sighed, resting my head on the sink top.


“I’m not. I just am around you.” She laughed as her robes were flung over the curtain, landing in a heap on the floor.


“Smart-arse.” I grumbled good-naturedly and wandered through to the changing rooms.




“Boys? Are you decent?” I knocked on the male changing room door.


“They already left. I’m dressed, though.” I heard Lupin’s voice through the door. Just the person I wanted to see. I pushed open the door to see him standing and taking stuff out of his locker, putting it into a cardboard box at his feet.


“Hi.” I said, sitting down on the bench and pulling my legs up to my chin, resting it on the cool denim jeans.


“Hi.” He didn’t look at me.


There was an awkward pause, with just the sounds of him folding his Beater robes and putting them with the spares.


“How much do you know about me?”


He laughed. “I know your name is Victiore Gabrielle Weasley. Your father is William-”


“I mean about my powers.” I interrupted him. The smirk left his face.


He didn’t say anything for a while, just turned his bat over in his hands before putting it in the box with the balls.


“I know you’re a metemorphagus.” He said, throwing an old stray Bludger into the bin. “But for some reason, you never show it.”


“How do you know?” I asked, dumbfounded.


He smiled. “Do you remember when Grandpa Arthur got sick and had to go into St Mungo’s?”

I nodded.


He continued, still not looking me in the eyes. “We were thirteen. I remember it so clearly. We had come rushing straight from school when we heard. You were wearing a yellow top and three-quarter length jeans. And as we stood by his bedside, waiting for news of whether he was going to die or not, your hair changed. It used to be blonde and really curly, but it was suddenly straight and a dark blue.” He finally looked at me. “Like it is now.”


I hadn’t even noticed it had changed. I could remember the way I felt when we waited for news, so sad and worried and scared all at the same time. Luckily he recovered, but had been in and out of hospital for years. I quickly changed it back. “What else do you know?” My voice cracked as I tried to change the subject.


 “You’re an animagus.” He replied, now going through various objects and chucking them into the bin or putting them into the box. “I don’t know what. Something growly.”


“Again, how do you know?” I queried. What is he, a stalker or something?


“When Lewis dared us to go into the Forest during the last full moon, you did some seriously creepy stuff, growling and baring your teeth and crap.”


“That could just be my werewolf genes showing through. You were exactly the same.” I defied.


“But they weren’t.” he raised an eyebrow at me.


I sighed. “Half and half.”


He smirked. “So what else are you, metamorphagus, animagus, what’s next? A Seer?” he joked, then frowned. “You’re not, are you?”


I shook my head, smiling. “Not that I know of.”


“Are you sure?” He was now wiping his hands on some kind of rag, and standing opposite me.


“I can see your futuuuurrreee!!” I said spookily, making my eyes pop and wiggling my hands about.


He shoved me off the bench. “Shut up.” He laughed.


I hit the ground with a thump, still giggling. “Can you imagine me dressed as Trelawny?” I asked, standing up. I walked towards him with my arms extended. “I see DEATH in your future, Teddy Lupin!” I said in my mystical voice. “An early, painful death is in your path! DEATH!”


He laughed, his hair going from angry black to a bright yellow. He tipped the last couple of things from his locker into the box, and slammed it shut. “You’re a strange one, Victiore Weasley.”


“Coming from you.” I smirked.


“Shut it. Have you got all your stuff from your locker?” He asked somewhat croakily. I nodded.


“It’s in the other changing room.” I turned towards the door and went to get my own box. It was full of old good luck charms, a couple of Bludgers with the charms worn off, my own Beaters bat, my broomstick grooming kit, and my Lightyear 3000 lay next to it. I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door to find Lupin waiting with his own box and Solar 360.


“Ready to go?” he said quietly. I nodded, letting the door to the girl’s changing rooms close behind me. I didn’t know if I would ever be back here.


“Come on then.” He said, leading the way down the wooden-panelled corridor to the door. I ran the tips of my fingers down the boards on the walls, feeling for what could be the last time the smooth wood on my hand.


When we stepped outside, the cold night air chilled our wet hair as we walked towards the castle.




“He did WHAT?!”


I flopped back onto my bed and sighed. “He kicked us off the team.”


“Why?” Alison asked, looking up from her homework.


“Umm…” I answered, not really wanting to tell them.


“What the hell did you do?” Daisy asked, giving me a ‘look’.


“I may or may not have gotten into a fight with Lupin.” I said awkwardly.


“So? That happens every day! That’s no excuse!” Beth said, hanging upside down from the bar she had installed in her bathroom door.


“It may have been a physical fight…” I screwed up my eyes, fearing the worst.





“You didn’t…”


“With wands?”


“Who won?”


“Emm… no. It was a Muggle fight. I may have attacked him.” I said, still not looking at them. I could feel they’re burning gaze as they stared at me.


“You. Did. WHAT?” Alison said, slamming her book down.


“Are you crazy?”


“You are either incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid.”


“I cannot believe you! James had every right to kick you off the team. You deserved it! And he did too! There is no way you can complain about this. No way.” Alison went into a rant.


That’s when I got up and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind me.

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