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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 34 : Almost
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 Chapter Thirty-Four

I probably should have suspected that it would have been Hugo who was the one to wake everyone up early the next morning; I had a massive hangover despite not having drunk THAT much compared to Hugo who was bouncing around as if he’d been sipping on orange juice all night.

“Thought you hated Christmas I groaned” as we began walking down the stairs. It was half past bloody six; Jack stopped getting up at that time four years ago “For someone who hates it you are being awfully positive today”

“I don’t hate Christmas” said Hugo “I said I hate all the festive happiness but when it comes to getting my presents, I am on it like a fucking car bonnet mate”. I smirked as we headed into the kitchen to find Hermione and Rose cooking breakfast and Ron looking even more hungover than me crashed out on the sofa. Hermione wishes her son happy Christmas before wishing the same to Jack and me. I soon saw why Hugo always got as excited about his presents as he did. He and Rose got loads from Ron and Hermione, more than Jack and I got combined, it made me feel quite envious as Jack and I opened the few we’d had. Mum was treating us both to a “second Christmas” in January, out of guilt I assumed. I was quite pleased with the presents I’d got; the entrie Weasley clan had all clubbed together and bought Jack and I MASSIVE bags of every flavour beans. Like seriously massive, I’m pretty sure Jack’s bag was actually taller than him. Rose got me a binder because I was always losing homework, Hugo got me a little but cool golden dragon model (I like dragons) and Ron and Hermione gave me a bunch of books that looked really interesting. Jack got what he had specifically asked for from everyone; sweets and lots and lots of them.

Ignoring the fact my little brother was probably going to finish the day the size of a house I gave the Weasley’s their presents from Jack and I (Like I’d trust an eleven year old to choose sensible presents) before rushing over eagerly when the owl arrived with a letter. It was from Abi. I was quite nervous; Hermione saw who it was from and offered to read it for me but I decided it was something I needed to do. Being dumped on Christmas Day was bound to be tragic enough anyway

I opened the letter

Dear Oliver,

I’m sorry. Really I am; I’ve never wanted to come across as one of those clingy girlfriends but I just do not trust Lily. I’m sorry; she knows you inside out and she knows how to work you. You’re too kind for your own good Oliver; you try to see the good in everyone which isn’t always a good thing. I appreciate it will be hard for you and Lily to stay away from eachother totally over the holidays and I guess I’m just going to have to trust you won’t hurt me

Send my love to Jack, Rose, Hugo and everyone and have a lovely Christmas Oliver, I do love you a lot and I will see you on either the 29th or 30th December it depends on how tired I am. Then we’ll party it up on New Year’s Eve!

Lots of love and happy Christmas,


PS: I have no idea how, or why, the owl has lost part of its foot. Tell Hugo he should really take better care of his pets

I sighed with relief, I was sure I’d have been dumped and I was glad Abi seemed to have realized staying away from Lily would have been damn near impossible. After breakfast; Rose, Jack, Hermione, Ron and Hugo and I set off to the Burrow for the big Weasley family Christmas. Jack clung on to me like no tomorrow as we used the floo network through the fireplace; it was his first times bless and I was glad he chose to come with me. As happy as I was that he and Hugo got on I liked to be reassured he still saw me as his big brother. Also, quick tip never, ever use the floo network with a hangover. Yikes.

Further note, Molly Weasley’s cooking is bloody excellent. I was so stuffed by the end of the meal I felt like I could barely stand up. Everyone else seemed to be suffering as well except James who was bugging everyone to start the annual Weasley Christmas day Quidditch championship. I really could have done without it; I was hungover, stuffed and terrible on a broom and I didn’t particularly like the idea of Jack participating in what could be quite a violent game if James and Al got as competitive as usual. Hugo seemed to be despairing of the possibility of a Quidditch match as well but everyone else rather annoyingly seemed fairly up for it.

“I hate Quidditch, I hate cold weather, I hate Christmas and I sure as hell hate James” said Hugo half an hour later as we waited for James, Harry and George to decide who would be on what team. Victorie wasn’t playing (pregnant), Molly and Arthur weren’t playing (old), Audrey wasn’t playing (boring as fuck) and neither were Hermione or Percy (General no talent in that field) leaving myself, Jack, Lily, Al, James, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Rose, Hugo, George, Angelina, Freddie, Roxy, Bill, Fleur, Teddy, Louis, Dom, Lucy, Molly and Charlie. Four subs per team suited me absolutely fine, luckily Quidditch only needs seven players per team

I was put on a team with Jack, Lily, James, Ginny, Rose, George, Freddie, Bill, Teddy and Dom whilst everyone else was on the opposing team (duh). After the toss of a coin James was made captain of our team. Rose, Dom and I made a collective sigh at this as Hugo and Al smirked on the opposing team. Hugo’s cool face didn’t last long as Hermione came over with all kinds of protective head gear for him to wear

“Oh I’ll just go without then shall I” Rose muttered to herself but clearly loud enough so Lily and I would hear “Mummy’s innocent little boy my arse. If I told her how much sex he’s had this past term…”

“Hugo the eternal virgin no more I take it then” said James approaching us from behind “Guys, we need to figure out who is going to sit out for a while”

“Jack!” I exclaimed immediately. He looked irritated with me and protested but James seemed to have cottoned on to something for the first time in his life and told Jack he could play later. I sent James an appreciative smile which he returned. To my dismay Lily, Dom and Bill all volunteered to sit out meaning I had to face the Quidditch violence. I was also made a chaser. As was Hugo, people did not seem to appreciate us having a casual conversation in the middle of a game. I liked watching Quidditch but I hated playing it. I looked down to see Jack wrapped in a blanket with Lucy to keep him warm. I envied him, not that he was snuggled up with an eleven year old, but more because he was warm, comfy and not flying around on a dangerous broomstick

Our team won. Of course and I didn’t sustain any major head concussions so it was an all in all success. Later on, all us young ones gathered in the living room at the Burrows whilst the adults did adult things in the kitchen (Don’t be dirty minded, they’re simply talking shit about friends behind their backs). We’d all started giving presents to eachother when Lily whispered “Come and see me alone” in my ear

I knew this couldn’t end well so I have no idea why I went up to her bedroom with her. She led me by the hand sat us down on the bed, she looked straight and me and, even if I say it myself, you’d have had to be blind not to see the pure look of love in her eyes. It made me feel both uncomfortable and happy at the same time. She put her hand on my face and stroked my cheek

“I love you” she said simply with a shrug “That’s it plain and simple Oliver; I love you. You’re everything to me and I got you something for Christmas I hope you’ll really like”. Lily pulled out a small wrapped up present and placed it in my hands. I looked up at her and smiled. “Well open it then you idiot” she giggled. I smiled back at her and began to unwrap the present. I nearly fainted when I saw what was inside. My mum’s necklace. My mum’s necklace she’d had to sell to pay for dad’s private care when he got ill

She’d cherished it, it was the first thing that dad had ever bought her and it had broken her heart to sell it. I looked at Lily in amazement; she shrugged and smiled like she’d not done anything big at all

“When you told me about it, it broke my heart” said Lily “It’s taken a few years but I finally tracked it down, it didn’t even cost me that much now. You do like it don’t you? I was worried you’d be pissed I didn’t get you something you could use”

“Lily, this is amazing” I said admiring the necklace “This is going to make Mum’s Christmas. Plus, I only got her some slippers this year so double yay”. Lily laughed and snuggled her face into my neck, I kissed her on the cheek and she went as red as her hair

“Now I feel bad I only got you that dress” I said

“What dress?” asked Lily sitting up

“Oh when I went back into that shop the other day at Diagon Alley” I explained pulling the present out of a plastic bag “I knew how much you’d fallen in love with it so I bought it for you”

“Oh wow, Oliver this is amazing” said Lily “I can’t believe that you did this; it must have cost you so much you can’t be spending all that money on me”. Her hand reached towards mine and grasped it, I smiled once again as Lily and I embraced. Nothing happened, but it could’ve. We both wanted it too



Also, I’ve found a theme song for this story! It’s a song called What About Us by a girlband called The Saturdays and it summarises Ollie/Lily perfectly

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Escaping the Friend Zone: Almost


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