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Masks by LittleLionGirl
Chapter 2 : My Back up Tryouts and a Suprise
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Now I will start talking about the greatest thing ins school, aside from You-Know-Who…

My crush! Not Voldemort. Gosh.

Anyways…. Wait- what was I talking about? Oh yeah! Quidditch. It’s the best sport there is; aside from snitching. Snitching is solely a seeker game but there is more than one kind of snitch. Some are even faster than the one used for quidditch. When school is out that is the only thing I do. However during school I am a chaser like my dad was.

There is just one issue with both of these sports. I am extremely accident prone like my mother. Once a year I fall off my broom and break something or the quaffle hits me wrong and I break something like my elbow. Seriously who other than me is special enough to get a broken elbow in quidditch? Not that you could tell either way since my elbows are double jointed.

That was probably too much information; excuse my rambling. I have a condition; Constant Rambling Syndrome, CRS if you will. Normally my friends put me out of my misery by covering my mouth up before I say anything too embarrassing; normally I end up saying something ridiculous that makes my friends want to disown me (Not that they could… they love me too much).

I finished putting my gear for quidditch tryouts. The only reason I had to come was because Xavier Flint (Slytherin’s captain) wanted my opinion on a back-up chaser, because normally I was the one they'd have to fill in for. I was early enough I could grab something to eat before I went to try outs.

I looked around me as I picked up a muffin and ate it hungrily, I had another with orange juice and bacon. Normally I was the person who covered waffles in extremely sweet things, and drank tea with an absurd amount of sugar thanks to my mother's American habits, which I of course adopted.

“Another muffin Zabini?" a familar annoying Gryffindor voice questioned.

"What do you care James?" I shot back. 

"Well don't you have an image to watch being pureblood and all?"

Stupid Gryffindor seventh year making pureblood assumptions.

I purposely took another piece of bacon and bit into the delicious goodness, “Don’t worry- you’ll be the last one I complain to when my "image" crumbles.”

I looked up as Albus walked in across the room, “Okay so make that second to last.”

James laughed and left with an eye roll that I returned. I didn’t necessarily hate James; but I didn’t like him or the fact that he always seems to get involved with Albus’ problems. Especially when Allie’s problems involve me.

I walked out to the pitch with my Doxy Dart 3500, the fastest broom with top of the line safety features (not that they helped much). I met up with Xavier and watched the tryouts helping Flint weed the numbers down from twenty to five. Three of them had average talent and looked like they were willing to do whatever it would take to make sure we would win. One was very talented; but they were hoping to get the keeper spot; which tryouts for would be held the next day with the whole team. Flint sent this one off with a slip of paper telling her the time tryouts were.

Twenty minutes and an infirmary trip later (yes for me…) we decided on a my new replacement. Her name was Leena Chang, a small fourth year with large glasses. Her older sister was a claw in my year her name was Chantelle. I was just glad Leena isn’t a piece of work like her sister is. After the nurse bandaged me up I decided to look for Carrie.

I however became bored a third of the way through my search, so I decided to roam around like a raptor. You know: the dinosaur that everyone is convinced should sound like a tortured creature while your arms are scrunched towards your chest as you run like an idiot? Yeah that. All I was doing was running around like a raptor (or a deranged teenager; whichever is your preference) when I smacked full on into Albus Potter.

The sight wasn't pretty at all. I could practically see the steam come out of his ears when his face was red.

Hey- he kind of looked like the Hogwarts Expressnow that I think about it.

I bit my lip in slight nervousness at the time. I had never seen that shade of red on Albus Potter.

His anger turned into slight amusement, “What in the name of Merlin have you been doing Zabini?”

I looked down, I had on my tattered quidditch robes (I had to magically mend them after nearly every game and practice), I knew my hair was a mess and I was positive I had mud on my face.

“Well you see Potter I was just minding my own business pretending to be a dinosaur when I was ran into.”

“My apologies.” He said with his trademark smirk. It was impressive but not as much so as Scorps.

“Wait- Was that an apology?” I said confused.

“I dunno you tell me.”

“Allie I’ve known you for twelve years. You never apologize.”

“I don’t believe you know me as well as you think you do.”

I rolled my eyes lightly to which he chuckled.

“You know Zabini I think I’ll take my chances again; will you go out with me?” Last time he asked that question was last year. The usual cycle seemed to start a little quicker than the year before.

I shook my head no while studying his face. He looked slightly hurt which took me aback; Albus Potter has no feelings. It was a simple fact I took comfort in; like cats are demons and spiders take you were you need to go.



“No.” I repeated more forcefully.

“Why not?” I realized he still had the same Potter persistence.

“You’ve hated me. For years.” I pointed out.

“Maybe I don’t.”

“That is a lie through your teeth.” I nearly snarled at him, it used to be his goal to make me cry just so he could watch.

“How do you know?” He shot back. The blugger did have a point but that doesn’t mean I was going to give him an answer.

I of course walked off and told Carrington the whole story.

She squeaked, “He asked you out?!”

“Yeah…” I said confused, “He does every year.”

“Eilley Joanna Ophelia Veronica Zabini!” Carly said to me shocked.

“What’s the big deal Carr?”

“Maybe…. It is because he likes you!”

“I’ll believe that when wangspurts fly.” I snorted.

“Believe what?” Scorpius asked as he walked in.

“That Potter likes me.”

“He what?! Stay away from him Elle. You know he’s bad news.”

This of course was coming from the Slytherin playboy.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” I informed him.


A/N: I didn't do much edits because I enjoyed the tone as it was. Hope yall like that I fixed the spacing though :)

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Masks: My Back up Tryouts and a Suprise


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