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The Secret I Keep by yerawizard27
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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A/N: Hello :) So I'm not entirely sure if this will end up being a short story or a novella, so we'll have to wait and see!

Rated mature just in case.

Rose Weasley sat on edge of her bed in the corner of her dorm and watched as her dormmates of seven years ran around in a flurry of activity, all trying to be dressed and ready in time for the party.

Even as she sat there, Rose couldn't believe it was all over. Seven years. Seven years, she had been here at Hogwarts, the place she considered home.

With parents like hers, Ron and Hermione Weasley, two whole quarters of the golden trio, Rose had been exposed to magic from a very young age. Weekly trips to Diagon Alley, yearly trips to platform nine and three-quarters to see off relatives, as well as Teddy Lupin, who the entire family considered family even though he was of no blood relation.

Rose recalled the immense jealousy she felt, watching them head off to Hogwarts every year, and having to hear the tales they would tell every Christmas holiday. Even the stories her parents and uncles and aunts would tell, tales of bravery, courage and adventure. Rose wanted all of that too. So badly.

Finally the day came when Rose got to wear her very own school robes. Not wanting to wait, she had put them on first thing when she woke up that morning of September the first, and wore them straight to the platform. She remembered the chuckles of her father and her uncle Harry, claiming she was just like her mother.

Rose looked down at the floral skirt she was wearing as she sat on the bed. She had borrowed it from her cousin and best friend, Dominique, specially for the party tonight. It wasn't something she would normally wear, since Rose was a strictly school robes and jeans on the weekend kind of girl. She straightened out her leg to look at the sparkly high heels on her feet. Her feet looked oddly adult-like, not like her own feet at all, which were normally encased in plain runners or flat pumps.

"Quick! Rose! Which one?" Dominique held up two tops, one, a low-cut halter neck covered in silver sequins, the other, a bright pink bandeu. And there was Rose, thinking she was being adventurous in her white tank top.

"That one," Rose pointed to the silver halter neck. Dom nodded and threw the pink top over her shoulder, before turning around and pulling the shirt she was wearing over her head. Pulling her new choice on, she turned back to face Rose. "Okay?" She asked, giving a twirl.

Dominique was definitely beautiful, there was no denying it. She had long blond hair that fell in naturally silky waves down her back, and a perfectly proportioned face with huge blue eyes and long, thick eyelashes. All the boys in Hogwarts would chop of their right leg for a chance to date her, and she knew it.

Rose grinned at her. "You look amazing."

Dominique smiled flashed her a wide smile and turned to face Molly, their other friend. "Okay?" She asked again. Molly nodded eagerly and pulled at her own blue dress.

"And me?" She asked the two of them.

"We all look amazing." Dominique stated, extending her arm to Rose, who in turn, reached for Molly. "Lets go make an entrance then, shall we?" said Dom. And with that, the three of them left the dorm arm-in-arm to go down to the party of the year.

Pfft. Party of the year? Seriously? This party was bloody awful, that's what it was.

This was supposed to be fun. Graduation was tomorrow. Tonight was her very last night as a Hogwarts student. And what was Rose Wealsey doing? Sitting down on a couch in the corner by herself.

The Room of Requirement was huge tonight, and full to the brim with stupid, drunk teenagers. Rose never really was one for drinking. Dominique was quite the party animal, and had found a cup of alcohol and the mouth of a willing stranger almost as soon as she came down to the party. Even innocent Molly had disappeared off somewhere with Dean Thomas II, the guy she had been pining over since forever.

Rose took another sip of her water and leaned back against the couch. God, this was dull. Rose didn't have many friends outside of her family. They were all far too intimidated by her last name to approach her, and she was far to shy to initiate a conversation.

"Dull, isn't it?" A masculine voice asked for beside her. Rose slowly opened her right eye and looked to the voice.

"Malfoy?" She asked, sitting up in surprise.

Scorpius smiled and raised his cup to her in a 'cheers' motion. "Scorpius, please." He said before taking a sip.

Alright, well this was odd... Rose had never said two words to Scorpius Malfoy before. Although Rose had never actively hated Scorpius, she had never befriended him. Especially since she could still remember the warning her father had given her right before her first day of school, how he had told her to stay away from Scorpius.

Although many claimed that Scorpius' father, Draco Malfoy, was a changed man after the war, Ron Weasley was still very weary of him and his family.

Rose had followed her father's warning, but that hadn't stopped her from admiring Scorpius from a distance. He was handsome, beyond question.

Rose cleared her throat and smiled, "Yes, it is," she took another sip of her water. "Dull, I mean."

Scorpius nodded and pointed to her cup. "Refill?" He asked. Rose nodded and handing her drink to him silently. He stood and disappeared into the crowds with their two cups.

After he was gone, Rose crossed and re-crossed her legs. She ran her fingers through her hair and fluffed it up a little. Did she look alright? How was her makeup?

Hang on a second.

Why was she primping herself here? This was Scorpius, for Merlin's sake! A Malfoy! If her father had an idea that she were speaking to him, let alone if he could see what she was thinking, he would probably spontaneously combust!

...But who could really blame her? Scorpius was a very attractive guy, after all.

Just as she was contemplating standing up and leaving, Scorpius returned to her, although empty-handed. "They're all out of drinks, sorry." He apologised with a shrug. Rose gave him a half-smile.

"That's okay." As she spoke, she took the chance to give him a second look. Damn, he was attractive. Ice-blue eyes and blond hair that fell just over his forehead, and clear, pale skin. (She tried not to be jealous over that one, particularly since she disliked the splatter of freckles that covered her nose)

"I don't see you at these things very often." Scorpius noted and sat back in the couch. Rose snapped her eyes up from where they had been examining his plump pink lips to look into his eyes.

"I'm not really the party kind of girl." Rose said.

Scorpius nodded. "I noticed."

Rose smiled at him. "Looking out for me, were you?" She joked.

Scorpius shot her a smile. "So what if I was?"

His words caught Rose by surprise. He really did look for her at parties? If she had known that, she definitely would have attended more often.

As she thought of how to reply, she looked around and spotted a bottle of Firewhiskey lying on its side just about a metre away from where they were sitting.

"Hey." She stood up to go and claim it.

She picked it up and sat back down beside Scorpius. "I found us something to drink." She peeled off the plastic wrapping covering the lid and gave Scorpius a cheeky grin. Scorpius himself was watching in amusement.

"I have to say, I never really took you for a drinker." He smiled back at her.

"People can change." Rose said as she unscrewed the cap and took a swig of the amber liquid. It burned its way down her throat. Wincing, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and passed the bottle to Scorpius.

He also took a deep swig and grimaced and shuddered. "Ugh." He grunted.

This pattern continued for about an hour until the drink stopped burning and everything turned blurry and very funny.

"Okay, okay, okay, I have one." Rose giggled with a burp. "Favourite colour?" She asked as she handed the bottle over to Scorpius.

"Green." He said with a smile before taking another gulp of the drink.

Rose rolled her eyes. "Merlin, you are such a Slytherin."

Scorpius cackled. "Why, what about you? I'd bet anything your favourite colour is red." He laughed. "Silly Gryffindor." He handed the bottle back to Rose, who stuck her tongue out at him.

"Your turn!" She exclaimed as she took another sip. Things around her were starting to spin a little, and it felt good, to finally lose control for a while.

Scorpius tapped his finger against his chin. "Do you prefer carrots or broccoli?" He asked very seriously as he accepted the bottle back from Rose. They looked each other straight in the eyes for a moment before breaking out into loud laughter.

"Carrots." Rose said.

Scorpius handed the drink back over to Rose. "Where in the world do you want to go most?" She asked before drinking another mouthful.

Scorpius thought about it for a second. "Wales." He said.

Rose handed over the drink, but missed Scorpius' hand, dropping the drink onto the couch. "Whoopsie..." She giggled and picked the bottle back up. Luckily, it hadn't spilt. "Why Wales?"

Scorpius shrugged as he drank. "'Cause I've never been there."

Rose nodded, "Your turn."

Scorpius was silent for a second before reaching down and placing the bottle on the floor.

He turned to Rose and looked her in her brown eyes and smiled.

"Do you like me?" He asked, reaching up to tuck a stray piece of red hair behind her ear.

Rose's breath caught in her throat at his close proximity, and found herself unable to form words. So she simply nodded.

Scorpius' eyes lit up with delight. "Really?" He grinned.

Rose, feeling dizzy, nodded again, a huge smile on her face.

Next thing she knew, her lips were on Scorpius' lips, her finger running through his hair, his hands on her waist as they both leant back on the couch.

The funny thing was, Rose didn't feel awkward and nervous at all. In fact, everything felt kind of right. I didn't matter that they were both so drunk they could barely see straight. It didn't matter that her father didn't approve. All that mattered was how good she felt when Scorpius kissed her, and how safe she felt in his arms.

After a few minutes, Rose pulled away from Scorpius to look into his eyes."Can we go up to your dorm?" Rose whispered quietly.

Scorpius studied her for a moment. "Are you sure?" He asked hesitantly.

Rose nodded and took his hand. "I'm sure."

Little did Rose know, that decision to go up to Scorpius' dorm would lead to her having to keep the biggest little secret of her life.

A/N: Please review and let me know what you think/any thoughts or suggestions you have!


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The Secret I Keep: Prologue


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