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Love's Vengeance by AHarryTale
Chapter 1 : Love game
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It had been 19 years since the battle of Hogwarts and there I was stood at King's Cross Station. Ron held me tightly as a tear trickled down my cheek, it was our daughter Rose's first day at Hogwarts.

I couldn't bare to see her leave, she was still just a baby. Ron assured me that everything would be okay. I nodded, hiding my doubt. I knew that it wouldn't be the same, my little girl was leaving home. I looked at Hugo, standing next to Lily Potter. I was dreading the day Hugo left for Hogwarts, both of my babies, gone... Then my eyes began to wander, I found myself gazing at Harry.

What was I doing? What was I thinking? Okay, I admit it, I might of had a soft spot for Harry. Wait. More than a soft spot, I loved him. But he was married to Ginny, my husband Ron's sister of all people!

Me and Harry had been seeing each other for two months but it was just too much. Secret texts, secret calls, secret... Get togethers. All of this secrecy was driving me up the wall. But I couldn't tell Ron, could I? It would break his heart, it would break his sister's heart, it would tear their family apart! How could I be so selfish? And the children, what were we ever going to do?

Me and Harry had been talking about whether to speak up and admit it or just run away. But I couldn't leave my children and he couldn't leave his. He had three children, my niece and nephews. We were just going to hurt everyone, it was inevitable.

"Hugo come here, wave goodbye to your sister." I said, seeing Harry's eyes suddenly meet mine after drawing that attention to myself.

I stood frozen still for a second, it felt like forever. Ginny nudged Harry as to tell him that the train was leaving, which instantly awoke him from his... day dreaming. However, she didn't look at him, she didn't see him looking at me, staring at me. She didn't see me stare deep into his eyes, wishing that everything would be okay, wishing that there weren't so many obstacles to overcome.

I then turned my attention to Ron who was also crying. He waved at Rose, Albus and James who were waving excitedly, shouting goodbye. I closed my eyes as I tried to think of the best thing to do, the right thing to do. I tried to figure it out. That's when I opened my eyes to see Hugo by my side, cuddling me. My heart dropped.

The three of us said goodbye to Harry, Ginny and Lily before leaving. I gave Harry a long warming hug. Ron, Hugo and I apparated home.

We arrived home and I immediately flopped onto my bed, exhausted. I was drained; physically, mentally, emotionally... I screwed up my face and rubbed my temples, feeling a migraine coming on. I tossed and turned, I couldn't relax. Then Ron came in.

"Hey babe... Can't you sleep?" he comforted.

"No. I have a headache." I replied, wanting to be left alone, even if it was with these terrible thoughts running through my head.

"I'll make dinner tonight. You need to rest." I smiled at the idea, knowing I couldn't possibly cook in this state. I'd most probably chop my hand off in anger. Urgh, this stress was killing me...

Ron left me to rest. I could hear him keeping Hugo entertained, he was such an amazing father. But why didn't I love him? Why couldn't I love him? I didn't feel anything when he was around, not even butterflies in my stomach, nothing. But Harry made my heart beat a mile a minute, I couldn't help but smile whenever he was around. He made me happy.

But yes I did still care about Ron, he was one of my best friends. If I didn't care about him, I could of easily told him how I was in love with his best friend/brother in law... But I didn't want

to break his delicate little heart. I couldn't break his delicate little heart. It would be as though I were hitting a puppy, an innocent puppy, an innocent Ron.

And Hugo... My dear baby boy, did I really want to take him away from his father, who was ever so good with him? Or did I really want to leave him? I couldn't leave him, I couldn't leave my child without a mother. But Ron could find a replacement for me couldn't he? I'm no good anyway, I'm a liar, I'm a cheat. What did he need me for? There's plenty of women who would love a husband like him and here I was keeping him all to myself, my selfish self. If I didn't want him, then someone who did want him should have him. Someone who deserves him and will love him the way I love Harry.

Ron peaked through the door, to see me still awake, but looking awful.

"I guess you won't be coming to the party tonight then?" Ron asked.

"Oh... I completely forgot. I don't think I'm quite well enough." I coughed, I actually felt terribly ill. An excuse I could tell Ron, as to why I wasn't going to the party I guess. I wasn't feeling very sociable at the moment anyway, I needed time to think about things and talk to Harry. I would be terrible company if I were to go out anyway, I'd be so busy trying to deal with this pressure, that I wouldn't be able to relax or enjoy myself.

"Besides, I have nothing to wear. But you should go, I insist!"

"Not without you-"

"Just go!" I interrupted.

Ron gave me a look as though he'd been punched in the stomach. A 'What was that for' look. He left the room and closed the door. My eyes welled up, I waited for him to leave, listening for

the sound of the front door closing. He came to say goodbye before kissing my cheek. He seemed genuinely upset that I wasn't coming with him.

"Who's going to be at this party?" I asked.

"Just some people we went to Hogwarts with, no one from Slytherin though." he laughed.

He really did hate Slytherin House... I felt uneasy about him going to a party on his own, without me. Maybe people would think he was single, maybe he would act as though he were single without me around. Wait, Ron wasn't like that. But if he were to have a few drinks... Who knows? But why was I so worried when I myself was having an affair. I shouldn't be getting wound up and agitated at the thought of him being with other women. But I couldn't help it.

Ron left my room, I heard him pick up his keys and phone.

"Hugo's with Neville, he offered to babysit since you aren't well. Dinner's in the microwave, you need anything, just call." He shouted waving his phone at me through the doorway. He was ever so thoughtful. I waved him a small goodbye whilst blowing him a kiss. A kiss I knew was false.

I heard the door to our flat close. I instantly burst into tears, drenching my bed sheets. I cleaned myself up before finally sending Harry an owl asking him whether he would be attending the party with Ginny. I waited a while, it seemed like eternity before I finally got a reply.

"No, she's went out with for her friend's hen night. I'll be round in a few minutes." The letter read. The doorbell rang the moment I finished reading. Well, owls weren't the fastest means of messaging. I opened the door to see Harry's face, filled with guilt. He knew that what we were doing was wrong, but he as much as I couldn't help it. I invited him in. I held his hands in mine, as we lay on the bed. We stared deep into each others eyes, not breathing a word.

I'd been at the party for a while now, but I felt so our of place without Hermione. I stood in the sidelines, not really mingling with anyone. Then who would I see happen to see? Lavender Brown.

Wow, it had been so long. She had been fatally injured during the battle of Hogwarts by Fenrir Greyback. I thought she was dead to be honest, it was such a surprise to see her. Plus, she was stunning. Her once wild hair was now tamed, she looked beautiful... Wait, snap out of it Ron, you're married for Merlin's sake! You have children! You can't just go around, looking at other women. I snapped out of my trance to see Seamus Finnigan greeting me.

"Ron! It's been a while! How's everything going? You still with Hermione? I haven't seen her in years."

"Oh, hey Seamus! It's been too long! Yeah I'm still with Hermione, we have two children. She couldn't make it tonight though, she's been feeling awfully sick."

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that. You don't think it could be another... Baby, do you?"

The thought hadn't crossed my mind. But there was no chance of it. Since Hugo was born well, we hadn't had time for us, for ourselves. Whenever we had some spare time and the kids weren't home, Hermione would be out. She was always visiting friends, doing overtime at work or something. She never had anytime for me. It was like she was avoiding me! But she couldn't be...

"No, it couldn't be... Hey Seamus, can I ask you something?"


"Do you think... Hermione would cheat on me? We haven't really had any time to ourselves lately, with the kids and all..."

Seamus just stared at me in shock.

"Well mate... I think you should just forget about it and get pissed." he advised. Which is exactly what we planned to do.

Seamus and I headed to the bar, we saw Dean Thomas, who still seemed to be close friends with Seamus, we all had a drink together. Before long, from the corner of my eye, I saw Lavender looking at me from across the room. Dean nudged me and flicked his head towards where Lavender was standing, as to say 'someone likes what they see'. I turned around to see Lavender biting her lip, she winked at me. I looked at the floor and slowly spun around on the spot. I faced Seamus and Dean who looked as though they were both about to explode with laughter.

"She's coming over..." Dean murmured. Oh.

"Hey barman! Two shots please!" I stiffened up. It was Lavender.

I turned around to face her, she had already began leaning over, gradually pulling herself closer to me.

"Won Won! Where've you been?! I missed you..." She jumped on me, squeezing me tightly.

"Oh... It's been a while..." I muttered, peeling her arms off my body.

Lavender took hold of my arm, I took a deep breath. I felt really guilty just being around her, she was my ex and I was married. Seamus nodded at me as the bartender passed us our shots. I turned to Lavender and smiled. Fuck Hermione. Two can play at that game...

"We need to leave, we need to run away, we'll take the kids." I quickly spluttered out.

Harry didn't take it too well, his jaw fell open with astonishment. I knew he wasn't ready, but would he ever be ready?

"We can't just get up and leave! You know we can't, you don't want to either. We need an excuse, say you're going away for the weekend or something. We can have a cosy weekend together, wherever you like. One day we'll leave for good. But we can't just do it so unannounced and for so little reason."

Well he did have a point... But 'for so little reason'?! I glared at him narrowing my eyes, now alight with spite.

"What do you mean 'for so little reason'?" I asked calmly.

"No! I didn't mean it like that! Of course not, I love you. I mean with so little excuse to tell Ron and Gin."

I knew what he meant all along, I just wanted to hear him say he loved me. I looked longingly into his eyes. I pulled him closer and passionately kissed his lips. Then to my surprise, I heard footsteps from outside. I dragged myself off the bed, away from Harry, leaving him in complete

and utter shock. I looked through the window to see a small glimpse of ginger hair, before it left my sight being so close to the door. I rushed Harry out of the flat, telling him to hide and wait for Ron to pass by. I slowly, quietly closed the door as not to let Ron know I had opened it in the first place. So he would have no suspicions of anyone being here. I quickly ran back to bed, just in time to hear the door to our flat be opened. I heard a giggle.

"Goodnight Won Won..." I left our bedroom to see Ron closing the door.

"Who was that?" I questioned suspiciously.

"Just, y-you know... A friend." Ron stuttered.

"Won Won? Who calls you that, hey? When was the last time someone called you bloody Won Won?!" the anger crept into my voice.

"She just... I saw her at the party. We just had a chat..."

"Are you kidding me?!" I roared

Ron shook on the spot. I walked up to him, knuckles clenched. Then it dawned on me. I was no better, I was cheating on him. But it enraged me so much. His eyes were bloodshot, his face was red. He took a deep breath.

"You know what Hermione? You deserve it, I hope you get what's coming to you. I know what you've done."

I froze. Did he know? What was he talking about? How did he find out?

"Hermione, you're pregnant... And it isn't mine."

Well that thought certainly didn't occur to me! But I couldn't be pregnant, it was impossible.

"How dare you." I spat out, a look of disgust nailed to my face.

"I've had enough of this Hermione! You're never around! Would you like to tell me exactly where you've been when you're 'doing overtime' or 'visiting a friend'? Or would you like me to spell it out for you? Tell me who you've been seeing Hermione."

It wasn't a question, it was a demand. I looked into his eyes, he was upset rather than angry. He loved me, he couldn't understand why I would do such a thing. I knew he didn't want to hurt me, he didn't want to cheat on me. He wanted me, and only me.

"Answer me!" he yelled as he flipped the dinning room table, breaking it into pieces. I fell to my knees and cried. Ron continued to destroy our home before leaving without another word. I wiped my eyes, my hands now covered in black mascara. What would I tell Harry? What would I tell Ron? What would I do?

A/N: Don't worry Dramione shippers, this is a Dramione fic for a reason. You just got to be patient, wait and see! Also, I that Lavender Brown was supposedly dead, but can we just imagine she survived, for this story? Hope you like it anyhow! Please review, as it would let me know that you like/don't like it and would certainly encourage me to carry on writing. Thank you! :)

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