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Pink Elephants by Zyii
Chapter 5 : Yellow Dogs
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Yellow Dogs

Mild Language

George had tired eyes, he’d stayed up almost all night researching (or rather watching) several television shows that had strong romantic leads, so that he’d have some way of knowing how he could woo and claim Hermione. He’d stuck to shows that had a romance between a jock and a geek or a prankster and a geek or a badass and a geek – you can see the theme.

It was terribly horrifying to realise that George didn’t have enough charm to charm Hermione himself, but by watching the television he managed to avoid the humiliation and embarrassment of having to ask another person like Charlie or Harry.

He chucked overly romantic ideas out the window and gave up his subtle route as clearly Hermione didn’t get it. Speaking of Hermione, as George walked upstairs to bed, he saw her door was open. He was only a man and couldn’t help but take a peek; she seemed to have fallen asleep halfway through getting ready for bed. She was still wearing her day clothes and hadn’t even managed to get under her duvet. Instead she was wrapped in the most hideous blanket; it was a cream colour that had allsorted yellow dogs on it.

George snorted to himself, her obsession with these animal prints were really getting out of hand. He didn’t understand why she was determined to try out all the products before selling them. Clara had mentioned that they’d already had a ton of orders for some of the items already uncovered, however Hermione had still refused to start selling the items. When George had tentatively asked Hermione why she was still withdrawing the products, her response was that the designer had a particular day in which they wanted to release all their products for public sale, so she was not allowed to release them until that exact day.

Shaking his head, George moved from Hermione’s open doorway and walked the remaining distance to his own room. George stripped down and changed into his sleep ware. Once in bed, he already felt relaxed and ready for sleep.

George felt peculiar, the land around him would not settle into something substantial. It was all misty and disorientated. Someone called through the mist, George could not place who it was but it sounded familiar as if from a distant memory.

‘George, George’ the voice called, louder now as it approached.

George turned around meaning to whip out his wand as he went when he realised his wand was not on his person, thoroughly disconcerted he scrambled around looking for anything that he could defend himself with, but found nothing.

‘George, you would take arms against your own brother’ said the voice scandalised.

George turned slowly, not believing his ears.

‘Fred?’ he whispered.

‘Who did you think it was’ replied his brother smiling.

‘You aren’t real’ stuttered George.

‘Pish posh!’ said Fred, ‘Just because this is a mere dream doesn’t make it any less real’.

George, finally over his shock was able to smirk at his brother, ‘So what power has sent you to my dreams?’ he asked.

‘Not so much a power dear brother, but rather a small bushy haired witch’ he replied.

‘Hermione sent you?’ asked George.

‘No, but I am here because of her’ replied his brother.

‘Fred?’ asked George confused.

‘What is holding you back from Hermione George?’ asked Fred.

George blushed ever so slightly, ‘Nothing’ he replied.

‘Yet you do not act’ said Fred.

‘It is complicated’.

‘Don’t lie George, your feelings for her are returned. The longer you wait the more impossible it will become’.

‘When did you become so wise?’ asked George.

‘When I looked on life another way. Be happy George’ said Fred.

George watched the mist engulf his brother, taking him away. Though George could no longer see anything he was not afraid as he once was. Seeing his brother had been a great shock to him. It was like forgetting that Fred had died at all, so it was sad to see him disappear again but it also bought George some peace. It was pleasant knowing that his brother was happy where he was and it gave George strength to continue on alone.

George sat bolt upright in bed, heart thumping and sweat dripping from places he didn’t even know existed, his dream still so vivid in his mind, Fred’s smiling face imprinted and to never be forgotten.

Trust Fred to stick his nose in, but then again Fred had always known the right thing to say to George. George had been coping well enough without his brother but it was good to know that his brother could still offer him just advice. Seeing Fred again had warmed George’s heart, something that only a certain witch had been doing recently.

Speaking of said witch, George looked at his clock, the time read; 7:45am, Hermione would be up now, and hopefully wouldn’t have had a run in with Charlie half naked. In George’s opinion Hermione always had a rather boring breakfast, oatmeal, porridge, an apple. There was no fun or excitement in her breakfast – as there should have been. On one of his many trips into the muggle world with Harry, George had discovered a shop that sold sweets from America. This according to Harry was really cool because hardly any of those American sweets were generally sold in England.

So George was introduced to the wonderful world of pop tarts. He couldn’t believe they came in so many different flavours, he felt sure that Hermione would like at least one of them. George’s way of picking out the perfect pop tart for Hermione was done in a way someone might pick out perfume for another. He thought about the way Hermione smelt and picked the pop tart accordingly. Thus he ended up with strawberry and vanilla pop tarts and cinnamon and vanilla pop tarts. George felt sure that Hermione wouldn’t be able to resist these.

He’d waited and not revealed the pop tarts for some time, but having seen Fred in his dream had pushed George into admitting that the time was right for pop tarts.

He was glad to see that Hermione was already seated in the kitchen, though fortunately for him, she had yet to eat breakfast.

‘Good morrow Hermione, thou fairest Lady’ he said comically.

Hermione took in his overly bright nature and raised an eyebrow, ‘George’ she said.

‘No breakfast yet?’ he asked.

‘I have not yet decided’ she replied.

‘Have no fear dear maiden, for I come with the answer to your troubles’ he declared.

[If anyone were to ask him later why he was talking like this, he would honestly be able to say that he had no idea, but it seemed like something good to do in the moment].

Hermione looked at George suspiciously, ‘You have food for me?’ she enquired, ‘How can I trust it won’t do something to me?’

George put a hand over his heart and gasped, ‘Thou fairest maiden doubts me, I am awash with hurt and pain. I only wished to see her smile while she partakes in the breakfast I created’ he said with a smile and a wink.

Hermione glared at him and George briefly dropped the act.

‘Seriously though, I bought it at a shop in muggle London, ask Harry I was with him’.

His answer seemed to placate Hermione for she looked less suspicious and more resigned at his behaviour.

‘What have you got then?’ she asked.

With a flourish of his hand the pop tarts appeared, ‘Ta-da’ he exclaimed.

Hermione looked at the offending object with mild disgust.

‘Do you know how many calories are in those?’ she said.

‘Live a little Granger’ he replied.

She hesitated.

‘I bought these for you, it would be very poor taste for you to refuse them now, I will remain here until you eat them’ said George stubbornly.

Hermione huffed, she knew that to be a heavy loaded threat, so she reached forward, took the pop tart and bit into it. For a moment nothing was said until George faintly heard a little moan escape from Hermione’s mouth, she looked mortified that such a sound had come from her.

‘Told you they were good’ said George in a sing song manner.

A small smile graced Hermione’s features; though it was not big it was enough to let George know that all was forgiven between them.


AN: Anyone seen The Hobbit? It was amazing no. I have been obsessing over the soundtrack for many days that was until I discovered Hermione/Legolas crossover fics. It was then a downward spiral to anything else I should have been doing. This chapter was supposed to be uncrossing some wires that were previously crossed in other chapters. Thoughts? ~Zyii


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Pink Elephants: Yellow Dogs


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