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Crossroads by Lumos Nox
Chapter 1 : Introduction
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Chapter One - Introduction
Eden Marino

“Shit!” I muttered as I accidentally snapped the heavy book shut unknowingly whilst my fingers were in them. Typical. Not even back at school yet and I’ve already injured myself. I put on a pained expression as I examined my fingers to see if they were bleeding. But just to be sure, I ran to the nearby mirror to check if there was a trickle of blood running down my arm that the naked eye could not spot.

Staring at myself at the large mirror, I stood there and pushed my hair behind my ears. I was fairly average height, not too short but a little tall for my age. I had basically inherited every trait from my father; the long brown hair (although recently, it has been looking quite red), the blue eyes, the dark Italian complexion (which only seems to show when I’ve tanned). The only trait I got from my mother was loudness and ability to create awkward situations. I rule at that. But otherwise, I'm just your average girl next door.

Now with the introductions.

I am Eden Marino. My parents are divorced, and both of them are remarried and have other kid(s) and I am one of the many Marino/Jones children. My father's half Italian and my mothers French (she went to Beauxbatons), but me and my siblings were born and raised in muggle England, which is why we sound so British. Now there are a lot of us. And when I saw a lot, I don’t mean like four of us, I mean like double that. Just bear with me as I name us all.

There’s Lucas, my twin brother. Yes I am a twin, shocking right? Now I apologise since I know this is probably a lot to spring onto you like that, considering we’ve only just met like three paragraphs ago. But you need to know about my very large family. Eve and Daniel are my two older siblings. Eve is nineteen, just two years older than me, and Daniel is twenty. And Ethan, my sixteen year old younger brother who loves absolutely anything to do with Quidditch; as you can guess, he’s very easy to shop for. Then there's the Jones: Noah, my thirteen year old younger half–brother and Adam, my eight year old half-brother. I should point out that we've all got same mum and different dads.

And then there's Ruby.

Ruby's the eleven year old daughter of my dad. Dad got remarried soon after he and my mum divorced (but then again, so did mum) and it wasn’t long before Ruby was born. But you should know that my mother did have Noah two years after they divorced, when Ethan was just three. So in all honestly, they’re just as bad as each other.

Confusing? Don't worry, you'll catch on.

Now to the interesting part: I'm a wizard. And today is the day I return to complete my last year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


That was sarcasm, by the way. Just in case you weren’t smart enough to figure that out.

Swiftly running my hand through my brown (or red, whichever way you want to look at it. Though I refuse to admit that I have gone ginger) locks, I bolted down the stairs in such speed that I didn't even know I possessed. Unintentionally, I hit into my mother who had been picking up broken glasses from the floor.

“Careful Eden!” she snarled before motioning for me to go past the mess. “Look at what the stupid dog did.”

“That was Pippa?” I asked, an eyebrow raised.

Pippa's our very tiny dog. I say ours, but I really mean Eve's. Her boyfriend Tom got it for her when she turned nineteen. Mum was completely against the idea of letting her have the dog, saying that Eve was completely irresponsible. It's true. She is. Once when she was nine, she had been given a hamster from the pet shop for free. She cared for the little hamster for the first few days, but that didn't last. Poor little hamster had drowned in the pool; apparently someone didn't tell Eve that hamsters couldn't swim.

If she couldn't handle a hamster how was she supposed to handle a dog? Eve had promised mum she would care for the little dog like it was her child. She’s very convincing like that; why she isn't an actress, I'll never know. But she was trying her best to care for the little dog, minus the misplacing of her food and the almost getting her ran over.

“Yes! That bloody dog is such a pain!” Mum continued rambling. It's no surprise that she hated the dog. Don't ask why as I don't know the reason. She even claimed to be allergic to it, so we weren't allowed to let it anywhere near three meters from her.

I nodded along to what my mother was saying, being the ever understanding daughter I was. “Yeah mum... I totally understand.” I checked my watch, thirty five past eight? Shit. I need to get some food in me before we're due to leave.

“Mum, sorry to interrupt but I'm starving.” I said, rubbing my hand over my belly.

“Oh, of course sweetheart, I nearly forgot.” she instantly dropped the broom and raced up the stairs. I clearly got my agility skill from her. Walking over broken pieces of glass that had spread near the entrance of the kitchen, I cautiously proceeded in. My little brother, Noah – the thirteen year old – was sat on one of the bar chairs behind the counters, a bowl of cereal in front of him.

“Hey little bro.” I greeted cheerfully, making my way towards the fridge. “Excited to be going back to Hogwarts?”

Noah looked up with his big blue eyes and grinned. “Very!" he answered, nodding eagerly like a puppy. "Summer's gone really quick, don't you think?” he asked, still staring at me.

“Maybe.” I shrugged indecisively, though he probably couldn't see as my head was lost deep in the fridge. Pulling out a bottle of milk, I poured it into the awaiting bowl of cornflakes on the counter. “Who are you most excited to see again?"

“Er...” Noah thought about it for a second. ”Sam.”

“Shocking.” I rolled my eyes, grinning to the expected answer.

“How about you?” he asked me, playing with his spoon.

“I miss Jade a lot.” I told him.

Jade is my BFWWSTNMHMBGASBGITW. Best friends who will stick together no matter how many bitchy girls and stupid boys get in the way. Don't ask. Jade made it up in third year after our first actual argument and it sort of stuck. We've been together since first year when we were both sorted into Gryffindor. I shared my haribos with her and that was when our beautiful friendship started.

We've been through everything, Jade and I. Heartbreaks, boys, heartbreaks, boys oh and heartbreaks. We basically made an agreement, to both be abstinent in fifth year, but that didn't last since Aaron Jackson asked her out a few minutes after. And Jade couldn't say no to that. Seriously what was she meant to say? “I can't go out with you because I promised my best friend I wouldn't date anymore.”? If I was in her situation, I would have said yes. Aaron Jackson was seriously hot. But the relationship didn't last; Jade said it got boring so they decided to end it. 

I whipped my head round when I heard a loud yapping noise coming from a very small animal. My older sister, Eve stood there, in her pajamas, carrying Pippa like she was a precious newborn baby.

“Morning everyAHHHHone.” she yawned.

“Have you seen the mess your little princess has caused?” I asked her as I took my seat on the large dining table and began digging into my cereal.

“She didn't mean it.” Eve said, making weird baby faces to Pippa. “No you didn't. No you didn't.” Noah shot me a knowing look. I shrugged, not bothered to ask my sister why she was talking to her dog like a mad woman.

“You're returning to school today, right?” she asked, still cuddling Pippa.

“Yes we are.” Noah grinned.

“Excited?” she asked Noah, knowing very well that I would not reply when there was food in front of me.

“Very.” he repeated his earlier answer.

Eve rolled her eyes before placing Pippa on the counter and pulling out a carton of dog food. If mum was here, she would have had a fit about the dog being on the counter. “How unhygienic.” she would complain before giving us a lecture about how she and her room mates had to keep their dorm clean when she went to Beauxbatons. Daniel came in a few minutes later, with mum and Ethan in tow. And thankfully for Eve, Pippa had jumped off the counter and was lying innocently in the corner with her blanket.

“Is that everyone?” Mum asked no–one in particular. When no one answers, she sighs and starts counting her children. It's funny, because she sometimes forgets how many kids she has. Once she thought there were five of us, then she thought there were seven of us. I blame her for reproducing like rabbits.

“No, Lucas and Adam aren't here.” I told her, standing up to wash my empty bowl. Not a second later, both boys came in

“Morning family.” Lucas, my twin, grinned whilst Adam ran over to pet Pippa.

“I take it someone's excited to be going back to school.” said Eve.

“Oh, I am!” Lucas grinned once again.

“That's a first.” I muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear. Everyone laughed (because I'm so funny), except for Lucas, who shot me a deadly glare.

“Dear brother, you know I'm joking.” I said in my most posh voice. He ignored my ridiculous voice and went to grab an apple from the fruit bowl next to the fridge. Weird. He's been eating healthy all summer; it must be something to do with his Quidditch training, which would make sense since he was a chaser. He took pride in his role, more than anything else.

I think he feels as though he needs to carry on a tradition. Our brother, Daniel had been a Keeper, Eve had been a Seeker even Ethan was a Beater. Noah had been pumping and working very hard over the holidays so he could be a Chaser. I, on the other side, couldn't care less. I'm not going to fly high above land and risk my own life for a stupid cup.

“Where's your trunk Eden?” Mum asked me.

“It's in my room,” I told her. Seriously she should know me better than that; I'm the only one of her kids who's responsible.

“How about you Lucas?” she turned to Lucas who seemed to be sucking the life out of the apple. Not a very charming sight, I must say. He mumbled something and mum just nodded, obviously not wanting him to go into further details with the apple in his mouth.

“Ethan?” Ethan groaned and mum glared. Ethan groaned again before getting up and slowly making his way up the stairs, the same time Trent was coming down.

“Morning family!” Our stepfather said in a sing–song voice.

“Mum, he's doing it again.” Eve groaned. Mum just laughed before allowing Trent to give her a full mouthed kiss. Ew.

“Not in front of the children!” Dan covered Noah and Adam's eyes with his hands. Parents should be banned from kissing in front of their children. There should be a law about that. It's like they're trying to scar their kids for life, put them off kissing people. With that, they just continued to kiss right there in the middle of the kitchen. Mum had absolutely no problem with public affection. No wonder she has six kids.

“Oh kids, c'mon.” Dan was pushing Noah and Adam out of the kitchen. “At least save yourselves.” They finally fell apart and mum started giggling like a little schoolgirl. Every fucking time.

Eve had been so busy with her phone – probably texting Tom – that she didn't see the show, nor did Lucas who had evaded the room as soon as the couple started kissing.

Trent turned to me. “Eden, are you excited for Hogwarts?” he asked, at least he got the name right this time. Usually it was 'Pigwarts or Hogfarts' (he's a muggle); I bet you he was really happy that we were going to be gone. With four gone, it would just be three kids left to deal with. Dan, Eve and Adam.

“Yes.” I answered, used to the same question.

“Well, that's... good.” Trent was obviously not expecting the lack of enthusiasm in my answer.  What did he expect me to say? "I'm bloody excited to be going back to Scotland, where flying horses exist, thanks for asking!’? “I'm going to go get my trunk.” I informed them, before going up to my room.

My room was exceptionally large. I didn't have to share with anyone, due to the large house we lived in, which meant whenever Jade came to visit over the holidays, we had more chance to talk about private stuff, and were both able to fit onto my abnormally large bed. I saw my trunk parked at the corner of my room and with all the muscle in my body, I pulled it. Boy, was it heavy. I trudged down the stairs where the whole family was waiting for me.

“Are you carrying your bed in there as well?” Ethan asked.

“Knowing my twin, she probably is.” Lucas replied smugly. Eve, still in her pajamas, rushed over and gave me a bone crushing hug before I had even reached the last step.

“I'm gonna miss you the most!” she cried into my hair. She was a few inches taller than me, with her blonde hair reaching down her waist. She was just a younger version of our mum.

“Gee, no offence taken.” Lucas said. And I stuck out my tongue. Ah sibling love.

With an incredible amount of effort, I managed to get my trunk down the driveway towards the car where Trent was waiting to unload them. I gave Eve and Dan both huge hugs, promising to write to Eve at least once a week, and said goodbye to Pippa before leaving.

Hogwarts, Hogwarts here we come.


But first stop, Platform Nine and Three Quarters. It was packed. There were so many people: children, parents, aunts, uncles all crying, laughing, or shouting.

Lucas led the way by bustling through the large crowds, with his huge trolley. “Out of the way!” he called. Mum took notice of her son and just continued walking, holding Adam's hand tightly. It was very difficult trying to find my way around everyone, especially when I was trying to stay close to my family.

After about ten minutes of navigating through annoyed people and apologizing for my twin's rude behaviour, we reached the Hogwarts Express. I stopped pushing my trolley and stood for a moment to admire the shiny train.


“Eden!” Upon hearing my name being called, I turned round to see a tall brown haired man, with light grey eyes.

“Dad!” I screamed before giving him a hug. “You're finally here!”

“Us? We've been here for thirty minutes waiting for you all!” he said, gesturing to where Danielle and Ruby – his wife and daughter – stood.

“Oh whatever dad.” I waved it off.

“DAD!” Lucas and Ethan screamed in unison like little children meeting Santa Claus for the first time, before coming over to hug him. If their friends were here, they would have just clasped the back of dad's back instead of hugging him.

“Hey!” Dad greeted, accepting both their hugs.

“What'd you get us?” Ethan asked eagerly.

Very subtle Ethan.

Dad chuckled. “What do you mean?” he cocked his head towards where mum stood talking to Noah, before whispering. “Are you trying to rat me out or something?”

Mum noticed us and quickly came over. “Joe!” she exclaimed.

Dad kissed her on both cheeks, which made mum blush lightly. “Jane, it's nice to see you again.” Oh so you can make out in front of your children but when it comes to a light kiss on the cheek in public with the father of five of your kids, you suddenly go red? Jesus mother.

“You too Joe.” Mum brushed away the strand of blonde hair that was falling before her eyes. Just before things got any more awkward, Trent came over, having been trying to tie Adam's shoelaces in the corner.

“Hello Joe.” he managed a civil handshake. It was no surprise that Trent didn't like dad. He always felt very intimidated by him, I guess he just doesn't like the idea that his step-children have him as a dad, or that his wife used to be married to him.

“Awkward.” Lucas whispered to me.

“Tell me about it.” We all stood there awkwardly waiting for our parents to finish exchanging niceties. I can't imagine them all in the same room, how awkward would it be? I felt someone tugging on my top and I looked down to see my little half–sister, Ruby.

“RUBY!” I exclaimed, bending down to give her a hug. I'd nearly forgotten that she was here. Lucas and Ethan both gave her a hug at the same time as I was giving her a hug. Talk about Agoraphobia.

Ruby was grinning from ear to ear when the boys let go. “Nice to see you all too.” The boys absolutely adore her. I don't get it. I'm their biological sister – same mum, same dad, yet they act as though I'm just the gardener sometimes. I felt myself being pulled away to the side. Me, Lucas and Ethan, that is.

“I need you all to promise me something.” Dad said, looking very serious to each one of us.

“Depends...” said Lucas and I sent him an approving nod. Never promise something without knowing the consequences. That's my motto.

“Look after Ruby.” he said. “She's very excited about this; it's all she's been talking about over the summer.”

Ruby had been accepted into Hogwarts at the beginning of summer. She knew about us being Witches and Wizards and she found it very fascinating. So no doubt she was over the moon when she received her acceptance letter. We're a family of Witches and Wizards, you see. Now all we need is for Adam to get accepted and the collection is complete.

I looked over my dad's shoulder to see Ruby, looking around frantically before being dragged off by Danielle, to join our mum and Trent.

“Dad, do you really think I'd let anyone near my little sister?” Lucas asked, crossing his hands over his chest.

“I'm just saying...” his gaze drifted off to where Ruby was. “She needs her older siblings to be there for her.”

I placed a hand on dad's shoulder. “Don't worry Dad, we'll look after her.”

Dad nodded. “I know you will Eden, not sure about–”

“Dad, the fact that you don't trust us to look after our little sister is insulting! There are three of us, four if you count Noah.” Ethan chimed in.

He sighed. “If anything happens to her, I swear I will send you all on the next train back home.”

Lucas laughed. “Okay dad!”

It's hard to take Dad seriously. He's very laid back; nothing ever seems to bother him. You could tell him that his oldest underage daughter was pregnant, and he would try to act mad, but always failed. That's what amazing about my father; mum is definitely stupid to have dumped him.

“Joe?” Danielle called softly in her sweet voice.

Danielle was tall and lean, with long red hair and a face filled with freckles. She was very fair and pretty, like supermodel pretty, which is why I absolutely deteste her. Normally you wouldn't think a ginger person with a face filled with freckles would be attractive, but she, like the Weasleys, was absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

More reasons to hate her, if you ask me.

When we were back with the rest of our families, waiting for everyone else to unload themselves onto the train, I said goodbye to Trent, Adam, Mum (who looked like she was about to bawl her eyes out), Dad, and even Danielle.

The inside of the train was cool compared to the heat of the platform and much quieter. All I wanted to do was to find my friends. Hopefully they're in a nice compartment somewhere close and not at the end of the train. Because I seriously have no energy to walk anymore with this heavy weight I'm carrying around. And get this, Lucas, had not offered to help me once! I think he gets a thrill from watching his sister suffer.

Both Ethan and Noah had gone off to their own different compartment to be reunited with their friends. So here we were. Me, Lucas and Ruby. Ruby was staying extremely close to me, clearly afraid of all the big people. Following after Lucas, I entered a compartment and before I had even had the chance to drop my trunk, I was wrapped in small skinny arms.

“EDEN!” my best friend screamed.

“JADE!” I screamed back, still hugging my best friend.

“Been here for two minutes and I think my ear drums already burst.” said a familiar voice. I rolled my eyes and turned to face James Potter, who was sitting down with a book in his hand.

“Hi James.” I smiled. He stood up and enveloped me in a hug. He then ruffled my forehead and smiled down.

“Hey Eden.” Thank you for that. Just what I need, a dead rat on my head.

“If they start getting physical I swear to Harry Potter I will hex myself.” Ryan groaned.

Lucas hit him with James' book. “That's my sister you're on about.”

“And stop swearing on my dad's name.” James retorted dangerously.

“Well whose name shall I swear on then?”

“Anyone but my dad's.” he said as he sat down.

“That's gonna be hard.” Ryan said, gazing out the window, a finger on his chin.

“Guys, this is my little sister.” I told them, remembering the little girl beside me. “Ruby.” Everyone greeted her and Jade made a huge deal, acting as though she was the queen and everything. Bitch never acted like that to me. Turns out my best friend prefers my little sister to me. I think everyone does.

I looked round the compartment mentally counting everyone – like mother like daughter, I guess – and realised there was people missing. “Hey, where's Dom and Fred?”

Lucas looked around as well, as if just noticing his friend was missing. “Yeah...”

“Dom had to go to France last night for some family emergency.” James explained.

Dominique Weasley is the other girl in our group. She’s like the best friend who’s hardly ever here.  She misses a lot of lessons and is always late to come back to school. Last year, she was two weeks late, and her excuse was: “Being the daughter of a veela and a Weasley is hard work, you know.” Then she flung her shiny blonde hair in our faces.

“Last I saw Fred; he was chatting to this Hufflepuff girl.” Ryan informed us.

That must be a new record. Every year, before we get to Hogwarts, Fred would have already bonked a girl. He was always talking about him breaking his own record, the quickest time to convince a girl. And I think he might just have done it. Someone should make him a certificate, knowing Fred; he probably will do that himself. He thinks it something to be proud of, shagging girls and 'promising' to call them back but not actually doing anything. He's well known for that, yet girls still lust after him. Girls are stupid like that, and before you ask, yes I am a girl. And yes we are stupid.

And then there's Ryan. My awkward friend, with the IQ of a dead rat. No scratch that, a dead rat's probably smarter than him. No offence to Ryan though, it's not his fault he's failing every lesson there is. We were all very surprised when he passed his OWLs. It wasn't until the day after that he told us he had been in possession of Liquid Luck.

The train jolted loudly, telling everyone to get on to the train and be seated. Jade quickly stood up and pulled down the curtains on the window of our compartment, leaving the compartment barely lit. She thinks it’s stupid and extremely corny how parents don’t just leave after they say bye to their kids, but insist on staying and waving until the train leaves the station.

Lucas abruptly stood up, causing all attention to fall on him. He muttered something before digging into his pocket and pulling out his prefect badge – yes, he is a prefect – and then quickly barging out the compartment.

“How was your summer?” James asked from where he was sitting next to me. Jerking out of my reverie, I turned my head so that I was smiling at him.

“It was nice.” I shrugged, having absolutely nothing better to say. The thing with James is that he doesn't think sometimes. We e-mailed like every day during the holidays and yet he still feels he needs me to tell him every detail in person.

“Just nice?” See? My point exactly. Before I could blurt out a sarcastically annoying comment, the compartment door opened and in came Fred Weasley – clothes and hair ruffled – with a satisfied smirk on his face.

“Well, look who finally made an appearance!” Jade exclaimed, gesturing to the door in an over the top manner. Fred, completely ignoring the glares he was getting, plumped himself on a seat next to Lucas.

“Who was it this time?” Jade asked, her arm crossed in annoyance.

“I don't remember.” he said, a smug smile playing upon his lips.

“Another blonde bimbo, I'm guessing?” James asked.

“Let's keep this PG.” I said, wrapping my right arm around my sister's neck.

“Who's she?” Fred asked, looking very confused.

“My sister.”

“What?” he gasped, raising a mocking hand to cover his mouth, and then he coolly shrugged. "I guess it makes sense, you're both gingers."

“What – I am not ginger.” I defended loudly, stammering uncomfortably before huffing and crossing my arm across my chest.

"Of course you're not." Fred said, rolling his eyes. I rested my head on James’s shoulder and he rested his on top of mine. This would be a very awkward if I wanted to remove my head, or if my neck starts aching, but I’m not complaining. I’ve yearned to be in the presence of my friends ever since the summer started, and now that I am, I am going to enjoy every minute of this.

“Eden…” James murmured, removing his head from mine so he could turn round and face me.

“Yes…” I said dragging out the word.

“Are things okay now?” he asked concerned, his pink lips turning into a straight line.

“Er, yeah.” I said, shrugging casually.

“No,” he shook his head slightly. “I mean, seriously…”

“James, things are okay. Everything’s okay!” I chirped, a little louder than usual, but thankfully only Fred had heard me. He shot me a look that meant – shut up you loud bitch.

James studied me for a minute, as if to see if I was lying or not. I’m a brilliant liar, I could tell you I was actually Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger’s love child, and you would believe me, I’m that persuasive. Something me and Eve share. If there was a Nobel Prize in persuasion, I would surely win, no doubt. There should be one, maybe there is one. If there is, then I should be nominated; I’ll get Jade to nominate me. I mean, how sad would it be if I nominated myself? I could get everyone in my family – FYI, that’s a lot – to vote for me! Wait, do people vote for Nobel prizes? They should. I’ll ask Jade about that later, she probably won’t know but oh well. She’ll be glad that I thought to ask her first before asking someone smarter.

Anyways, back to the black haired boy with piercing brown eyes in front of me. Er, is he going to talk or what? This is getting very boring. By the time he actually thinks of something to say, I could have counted how many strands of hair he has. Might as well start now, since it seems as though he won’t be saying anything for a while. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine–he ran his hand through his hair– fuck sake! I lost count.

“Eden, I hope you don’t think of me as annoying.” James began in an apologetic tone. “I’m just really concerned about you. You hardly said anything in the e–mails. And you didn’t answer my calls when I tried to call you.”

I bit my lip and wrote it down on my mental note pad as a twinge of guilt. “I’m sorry; the holidays are pretty hectic for us and I did e–mail you.”

“I missed your voice.”

I shifted a bit in my seat. I never know how to react when someone says something sweet to me. Normally I just wave off the compliment, but when it’s from James I blush uncontrollably. His compliments wasn’t the usual, “You look nice today Eden.” It’s something deep and unexpected like, “There is a smell of saltwater in the air, a scent like no other. That is exactly what your eyes remind me of, the ocean.”

James chuckled as he noticed my blushing. He raised his incredibly soft and warm hands and placed them both on my cheeks. I blushed, again. Why’d he have to touch me? Boys as fit and gorgeous as him shouldn’t be allowed to touch girls like me. Mentally making a note to put that as a law in the imaginary world that lived in my brain, I smiled into his hands.

He kissed my forehead and leaned in more, until our foreheads were practically touching. I foolishly grinned at him until Lucas threw a book at us that just narrowly missed James’s head. I turned to look at Lucas (when did he get back?), who was shooting daggers at me. Chill bro, it’s not like we were snogging or anything!

That’s the thing with mine and James’s relationship, we’re very close and sometimes we do things that might not be considered normal for people who call themselves best friends (nothing sexual of course, I have morals), but that’s just us. It’s not weird for us, and one would think that my twin, who’s knows us more than anyone, would understand our bizarre relationship. But nooo, he doesn’t! Sometimes I feel that Ryan understands me more, and that’s saying something!


Which is why, I sat next to Ryan and Jade at the Gryffindor table during the Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony.

The Great Hall looked absolutely grand that night. The ceiling above us was a tenuous dark blue, smudged with clouds. Stars twinkled in an almost lazy manner, and no moon could be seen. Candles flickered above everyone’s heads, casting an amber glow. The Hall was completely silent, as one by one, the first–years stepped up and were sorted into their respective houses. Excitement and anxiousness made the atmosphere tingle.

Ever since the end of the War, students were not required to sit by house. Hufflepuffs, Gryffindors, Slytherins, Ravenclaws all sat together now. The only exception was the Sorting Ceremony, when everyone sat with their house for tradition’s sake, and because if you didn’t Headmistress McGonagall was sure to give you a proper telling off.

I was feeling very queasy all of a sudden. I clutched my stomach and groaned a bit.

Jade noticed from beside me and whispered to me, “Are you okay Eden?”

“Er, yeah.” I said, ignoring the dying whale sound my stomach was making.

Jade noticed and giggled. “Was that your stomach?”

“Shut up.” I muttered.

We watched as the first years came on and were sorted into their different houses, clapping whenever someone was sorted into Gryffindor. I searched for Ruby amidst the crowd of small children. I couldn’t find her. I just wanted to give her a quick smile and thumbs up – telling her everything’s going to be okay.

I waited and waited until finally, “Marino Ruby.” was called out. I watched as Ruby carefully sauntered up and sat on the chair before Headmistress McGonagall placed the hat on her head.

I cautiously watched with my fingers crossed under the table. Please let her be sorted into Gryffindor, please, please! Ruby looked very frightened as the hat pondered and muttered something before loudly declaring her “GRYFFINDOR!”

The whole Gryffindor table broke out in a fit of cheers and claps. I was clapping so hard and cheering so loudly that I felt as though I was going to lose the limbs I was using. Ruby rushed over to where we were sitting before being pulled into a hard hug by Lucas. Whoa brother, let the girl breathe! As she sat down across from me, I raised to give her a high five, which she so warily accepted.

The rest of the ceremony drawled out pretty quickly. Maybe it did, I wasn’t paying attention.

Headmistress McGonagall made a speech about equality, education, and a quote off the late headmaster, Professor Albus Dumbledore. She then proceeded to name the prefects and the new Head Boy and Head Girl. I saw Lucas straighten up from the corner of my eye. What’s he got to be proud about? He should be used to his name being called out as prefect for the past two years.

“Our new Head Boy and Head Girl of the year are…” Headmaster McGonagall began. The hall was so quiet that I was pretty sure if I cleared my throat, everyone would have looked at me as though I just performed the Macarena naked. Haha funny. I make myself laugh. “Lucas Marino and Becky Parker.”

“WHAT?” I took a double take, did I hear that correctly? My brother? Head boy? And with Becky Parker? The wicked bitch of the school? OMG this cannot be happening! I started to hyperventilate whist everyone else took no notice of me and watched as my brother walked to the front to be joined seconds later with a very perky Becky.

WAIT did her boobs get bigger or something? They were not that big before the holidays. Looks like someone’s been having their five–a–day. Stupid bitch. Why didn’t he tell me? He knew and he didn’t tell me? If he was keeping this secret from me, what else was he keeping? Twins shouldn’t have secrets! They should share everything, just like they shared the same womb.

During the feast, I hardly ate, even though my stomach had been crying since we entered the hall. I was mad. It wasn’t the fact that Lucas was Head Boy, but that he hadn’t told me! The least he could have done would be to come and explain everything to me after McGonagall had announced it, but no, he had gone back with Becky to the Slytherin table. I am going to kick and hit that boy when I see him, even If I have to wait until tomorrow!

“Ugh, I’m so full!” Ryan moaned, clutching his belly. Everyone else nodded agitatedly in agreement.

James was staring at me. Maybe he noticed I hadn’t touched my food. “Eat.” he mouthed to me.

I stubbornly took a chicken wing and bit into it as though I held a grudge against it. “Happy?” I mouthed to James. He smirked and nodded. Stupid James.

After we were exiting the Great Hall, I decided to hurry and look for Lucas so I can give him a mouthful of what I think of him. Everyone had left, Jade had been eager to take Ruby up to the common room and show her the paintings. I bustled though the annoying crowd and carefully stepped over the first years. Where was he? My twin telepathy thing could really come in handy now!

Then finally, outside the Great Hall, I saw him.


Snogging a girl.

And not just any girl.

Yup, you guessed right.



I was just about to race over there and slap them both across their faces, when I accidentally hit into someone. Merlin, this seems to be happening a lot. It’s as though the laws of Physics have a secret meeting once in a while to decide when the most embarrassing moment for me to trip/fall/tumble/accidentally hit someone.

I admit, I’m not the most coordinated of people, but I’m certainly not light on my feet either.

“Merlin, Eden, you’re so clumsy.”

I sat there, on the floor, staring at my shoes, my mouth shaped into an O.

That voice. It can’t be! Not today! I’m not ready to face him just yet.

Without my permission, the owner of the voice pulled me up so I could face him.

And there he was, the womanizer, the heartbreaker, the Casanova, the cause of my pain, the cause of all evil in the world, the cause of my agony, the cause of my sometimes unexpected bitterness, the cau–oh you get the gist. With careful deliberation, I pulled my eyes away from my very interesting shoes, and met his gaze.

Jacob flipping Malfoy.

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