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The Sun Will Shine Again. by SydneyBlack
Chapter 6 : Mr Brown, the Man Who Makes Wands
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Mr Ollivander's POV

The office was small and stuffy, with peeling yellow wallpaper, and a bright orange shag carpet.

The place smelled of Lavender candles, which were sitting here and there along the book shelf.

The man sitting in front of me held a thick, plain, black wand.

I remember that wand.


Seventy-four years Earlier.


An eighteen year old Jeremy Ollivander, stood in front of the charcoal black building that was to be his new work place.

A man stepped outside the door, he waved Jeremy inside, and slammed the door after him.

The building was larger than it appeared from the outside, although just as dark.

The windows needed a good washing, the floor boards had come loose in places, the grey wallpaper had almost completely peeled off the wall, the curtains were torn and stained, and wand boxes were scattered across the floor.

The man stood behind the counter at the back of the room, "I'm Colin Brown. You can call me Mr Brown, nothing else. Do everything I say, exactly as I instruct", Brown was very rude.

Jeremy nodded.

"I've had complaints about the shop, and how it is..dirty." Mr Brown paused to glance around the room, "So, we'll be cleaning up a bit. You can start by washing the windows".

Jeremy nodded again.

He went around the counter and found an old cleaning cloth, which looked like it hadn't been used since it had been purchased.

He wet the cloth in the sink in the back room, which was just as dirty as the front part of the shop.

He began scrubbing at the dirt, which didn't come of very easily.

It took Jeremy, half an hour, to get all  the windows spotless.

"Now, you can pick up the wand boxes" called Mr Brown from behind the counter.

Jeremy started on the boxes, he opened the nearest box, and was startled to see a wand that looked exactly like his own.

It was his own.

No, his was tucked away in his back pocket.

He opened another box, and found the exact same wand.

Mr Brown saw the look of surprise on his face, as Jeremy opened more boxes, to find the exact same wand.

He chuckled, "Each of our wands are the same, the colour, length, weight, even core".

"Why?" Jeremy stood up, staring down at the wands.

"We haven't got the time to make each different" Mr Brown said sadly, his rude attitude had melted away.

Jeremy nodded, and started packing away the wands.

He dusted off the almost completely empty shelves, and then started neatly stacking the boxes.

He stepped back and surveyed his work, he smiled to himself, the shop already looked better.

Mr Brown stood next to him, "I forgot, what is your name?" he asked frowning slightly.

"Jeremy Ollivander" Jeremy grinned shyly. 

Mr Brown grinned, "I was friends with your dad way back when at Hogwarts. How is he doing these days?".

"Not well, he's been sick for quite awhile now," Jeremy sighed, "Which is why I've come to work with you" he put on a tentative smile.

Mr Brown nodded, "We should start on the floor boards" he eyed the nails that stuck up here and there along the floor.

Jeremy nodded and took out his wand. He began beating down the nails with a charm Mr Brown had taught him.  

By the time the floor had been cleaned up, Jeremy felt hot and sticky.

It was  awfully hot inside the shop. 

Mr Brown offered him a glass of lemonade, which Jeremy gladly accepted.

He downed the drink, pouring himself another glass.

He and Mr Brown sat on the stone steps of the building.

Jeremy reached for his book bag, that he'd left by the door.

He retrieved a small sketch book and pencil.

Out of the corner of his eye, he studied Mr Brown.

Drawing the round shape of the man's face, and his short, pudgy neck.

He added in the sharp angle of his nose, and a set of thick eyebrows.

Beneath the eyebrows he drew a set of almond shaped, brown eyes.

He moved next to the lips, oblivious to Brown, who now was slightly leaned forward, to get a better look at the page.

Finally he added the large moustache Mr Brown sported.

He smiled to himself, pleased with his drawing.

Brown chuckled, "Quite the artist, you are".

Jeremy froze, how long had he been watching?

Mr Brown's chuckle grew into a booming laugh, "I quite like how you've done my moustache!".

"Thank you" Jeremy laughed, as he tore the paper from his book, "Here, you can keep it if you want" Jeremy handed the paper to Mr Brown.

Mr Brown smiled, "Thank you, Jeremy", he tucked the paper into his front pocket, "Now, how about we get back to work?".



This chapter might seem to be out of place at first, but there'll be several chapter flashbacks :)

It basically explains how Ollivander became a skilled crafter of wands ;)

Bye :]Rate, Review, Comment.


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The Sun Will Shine Again.: Mr Brown, the Man Who Makes Wands


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