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The Truth Behind The Freckles by RavenclawGirl11
Chapter 1 : Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Stupid Perfect Cousins
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Credits to the AMAZING WInterfell_Is_Coming @ TDA


"Hey Lucy, that's your name, right?" The tall boy asks. His dark grey eyes are full of wonder, and his light blonde hair is long and ruffled.

I nod, too intimated to speak. Why was this boy, an older boy talking to me? Wait, I recognise this boy. "You're Scorpius Malfoy." I blurt out. He smirks, "You do speak."

I blush, and look at the floor. "Why are you talking to me?" I ask, fourth and fifth years never talked to each other. Scorpius smirks even more.

"Well, I'm bored, and you're fit." I blush even more, and mumble, "You're going out with my cousin, Rose."

His eyes darken, "She dumped me, two weeks ago. So Luce, do you wanna come Hogsmeade with me."

Wait, what?

"Okay," I find myself saying. "I'll see you next Tuesday."

He rolls his eyes, "Or we could go now. Come on!" He grabs my hand, pulling me along...


"Come on Lucy, you have to sneak out tonight. See you at 12 at the usual place." The phone line cut off. I bang my head in frustration, how am I going to get out again?! Mum and Dad almost caught me last time.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lucy Tonks Weasley, I am sixteen, nine months and two days old. Slytherin has been my home for the last five years, I am going into my sixth year at Hogwarts. Unlike the usual Weasley ginger-ness, I have long, straight blonde hair and bright green eyes. For merlins sake, even Fleur and Bill's kids have strawberry blonde hair.

I pull out the muggle hair highlighting kit and apply it to my hair. A simple flick of my wand and the door is locked, another flick and the muggle music is blaring.

Applying the highlights with my wand, Dad shouts, "Lucy turn that bloody music off NOW!!" Flick, and the music is even louder. I look in the mirror, and my blonde hair is highlighted with Serpent Green.

My bedroom door burst open, and Mum and Dad march into my room. "Oh my merlin, Lucy what have you done to your hair?" Mum demands.

Oh my merlin? Really Mum, I know you're muggle born, but seriously.

I shrug, "I like it. Any way it matches my eyes."

"Look Lucy, I don't know why you rebel, but it has to stop." Dad says.

"Stop? I'll stop when you stop lying to me. I know that you are keeping something from me, and I'm going to find out!"

I flick my wand, and the door shuts and locks.

"And another thing, no more underage magic!"


I grab my old broom - Firebolt Ice Edition - and fly out of the house. Its cold, even though it is July. After five minutes, I stop at an old muggle park. "I thought you wouldn't come."

I turn and face Scorpius Malfoy, my boyfriend.


"If you are ever out that late again, Lucy Nymphdora Weasley!"

"You'll do what Percival Ignatius Weasley?!" I snap back.

"Do not disrespect your father. You will stay in all Summer, and will attend all Family Gatherings starting with Uncle Harry's Birthday tonight." I groan, its not that I don't like Uncle Harry, I think he's amazing. Also, I used to be best friends with Al, but then, Scorpius forbid me to talk to him, and I have ignored him since.

This was going to be awkward.


The Potters live in Godric Hollow, Ron and Hermione live next to them. Harry must have put a spell on the house, because it is way bigger inside then out; six bedroom, three bathroom, and a remembrance room. The remembrance room has something to symbolise something for everyone that has passed away, due to Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

For example, there is a tiny full moon to represent Lupin; a wig that is forever changing colour for Tonks; the old battered snitch for James I; a potions book for Snape; a Lily flower with bright green stem for Lily; a phoenix statue for Dumbledore; a little model of a black dog for Sirius; etc..., etc...,

"Lucy!" Al runs at me. "I knew you'd come back!"

"Get the fuck of me Potter! And no, I am not coming back."

Al's grin wilters, and his green eyes, so similar to mine, look sad, almost disappointed.

Ginny appears next to Al and asks us to come into the living room. Although Al and Ginny look nothing alike, you can tell that they are related: Al has Harry's eyes, James has Al's hair, Ginny has James's eyes and Lily has Ginny hair.

When we enter the living room, James is telling a story about his last Quidditch game. He plays for England as a Beater. Ever since its been, 'I've done this, remember when I did that.'

"Its nice for you to show up Lucia." I could recognise that cold, high-pitched voice anywhere, its Rose Weasley, my cousin's.

"Nice for you to show up too Rosebud." I snap back.

"Be nice." Father whispers in my ear.

"So Lucy - umm, interesting hair colour." Ron says, trying to make conversation.

Little Lily Potter rolls her eyes, "I think its cool. I'm thinking about getting highlights too." Lily is the sweetest, humblest little fifth-year hufflepuff.

"No way are you getting highlights." Ginny says.

"Its serpent green like slytherin green."

Ron's lips turned into a line and I could tell he was annoyed. Attention shifted away from me, and conversation started to flow. When I try to join in, somebody cuts in and stops. I keep noticing that Teddy and Rose are stealing glances at each other, with shifty eyes.

Talk about sexual tension.


"I'm sorry, but I can't meet you tonight, I'm grounded and if am caught sneaking out again I won't go back to Hogwarts."

"You're so boring Lucy, Rose always used to sneak out." I roll my eyes, as if perfect Rose would sneak out.

I hear someone walking and whisper into the phone, "Go to go Scorp someone's coming."

The door opens and my sister Molly walks in. Seeing her flaming red hair, a rush of jealously runs through me and I have to turn around. Molly is nineteen years old, a healer after getting 12 Outstanding's in her NEWTS. "Who were you talking to?" She asks.

"Nobody. Just some stupid video on youtube."

"What's youtube?"

I stare at my sister in disbelief. "If you've never been on youtube, you've never lived."


"LUCY WAKE UP YOU'VE GOT TO BE AT THE PLATFORM IN AN HOUR!" I shoot straight up. Shit, I've only got an hour. I grab my wand, and summon a load of clothes into my trunk. Shoving my books and equipment into it, I grab my tawny owl, Athena and give her some treats.

Another flick of my wand, I'm dressed in a grey top and leggings. I use my wand as an curling iron and my usually waist length hair is now mid chest. The green streaks are subtle, but notice-able. I apply foundation to my tanned face, and mascara to my ocean green eyes. Not a freckle in sight, so how can I be related to the Weasley's?


"We're not coming to see you go back to Hogwarts. You're a big girl now, so there is no need." Father says.

"You saw Molly off every year, even in the seventh."

"Well you're not Molly. Molly was a good little girl. Now, you're going to take the portkey, as you're not seventeen until November, or is it December? One of them anyway. Grab the shoe, yes now! For merlins' sake Lucia, sometimes I think you're a squib. Bye, don't bother writing, because both Father and I are busy at work and don't need you taking up our time. Go now!"

My parents are arseholes.


I'm at the wall outside Platform 9 3/4 and some first year is too scared to run at the wall. I push him out the way, "for dumbledore's sake, its just a wall, its not going to bite you."

I run at the wall and close my eyes, when I open them again, I'm at the platform. The red steam engine is steaming, and I'm surrounded my sound. I see Scorpius and run towards him. "Scorpius!" I kiss him on the cheek, but there is coughing noise behind me, and turn round. Same blonde hair, same grey eyes, yep, this is Draco Malfoy. "So this must be Lucia Weasley."

"I prefer Lucy."

He laughs, a cold high-pitched laugh that is dripping with sarcasm. "So Lucy, no freckles, no ginger. I would say you weren't a Weasley if I didn't know."

"I take after my Mother." For some reason, I feel as if I have to impress him.

His eyes are so light, they're almost white. "You certainly do."


"Hey do you want to get a compartment?"

Scorpius winces, "sorry, I've got Head Boy duties."

"Okay, see you later?" He nods and leaves me alone. I search for an empty compartment, and a strong force knocks me sideways. Bright red frizzy hair smothers my face. "Sorry, are you - what the fuck do you think you're doing Lucia?"

"The funny thing was I was just about to ask you the same thing." I snap back.

"Don't you talk to me like that, Lucia."

"What you goin' to do about it."

"Unless you haven't noticed, I'm the New Head Girl. And unlike you, who seems to have no friends, no life, I'm actually meant to be going somewhere. Bye now, don't trip on the way out." She adds, sarcastically. She leaves, making sure to push me on her way out.


"-What has Rose done now?" Says a voice behind me. Its Oli Wood Junior, a Gryffindor in the sixth year like me. He has light brown hair, that is swept into a side fringe, and piercing grey-blue eyes, a thin nose and a muscular build, despite the fact he doesn't like Quidditch.

"Nothing much, same stuff. Starting for no reason, starting an argument."

Oli looks up with me, his grey blue eyes staring into mine. "You know I'll always be there for you, always. We used to be friends once upon a time. Until you know..." He looked down on the floor, avoiding my eye. He knows not to talk about the Scorpius situation.

A eruption of noise penetrates the area, and I notice my cousin, Fred, is among the group that come up to Oli and I. Fred is a seventh year, a master of pranks with Al and Oli. He has caramel coloured skin, dark brown almost black hair and honey coloured eyes. Only his love of Quidditch - chaser on the Gryffindor Team - and knack for trouble making, mark him as a Weasley.

"Oi Oli, you coming? Oh, hey Lucy, you wanna come throw dungbombs at first years?" I'm about to say yes, when Scorpius' voice comes into my head: 'I don't want you associating with those Weasley's. They're poison.'

"Nope, I'm busy." Fred looks disappointed, and Oli nods. "See you around Lucia!"

I call after him, "Its Lucy!"


A/N: Better? Worse? So, I included more back story, added dialogue between Lucy/Draco, Lucy/Scorp, Lucy/Oli, and Lucy/Rose.

Do you like Lucy?
First impressions?
Should I have kept the other version?

Review and rate
~Macy x

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