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Love Makes Me by MadiMalfoy
Chapter 12 : Taken
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 A/N: Hey everyone! Thank you for the reads and reviews last chapter from melsanchez2, dramoine is osom, dracos lover, Hermione Granger Draco lover, and TheSortingHat! Up next, drama and action…however, there is some stronger language, so be warned. Enjoy! xx



~*~*~2 weeks later, Friday 7:00 p.m.~*~*~


Hermione’s POV:


Classes had been going well—even War and Peace. Malfoy was being compliant with what we wanted to teach and how, and even contributed a few creative ideas that would benefit everyone. However, outside of class and Head Duties, he avoided me as much as possible, not even sitting by me at mealtimes anymore. I took this as a sign that he regretted what had happened in that room.


I suspected that was where he always ended up when it wasn’t after hours. Evidently Malfoy only cared about himself or he would have talked to me. No matter, he was nothing more than an annoying little cockroach that I had to deal with on a daily basis.


And, Ginny still wasn’t giving Harry the time of day to fix things. I managed to corner her myself and told her about Harry’s excursions; and also explained to her that he really did love her, he was just feeling a little reckless that summer what with the war looming so near. She seemed to accept what I said as the truth, or at least part of it, because she decided to talk to Harry about it.


I haven’t really seen Ron around, except at mealtimes when he would shoot daggers at me for consorting with Malfoy. Harry hasn’t really told me anything about him either. I’m just glad there weren’t any hard feelings between Ron and I after I ended things. He agreed it was for the best and even promised not to go back to Lavender. That act alone proved he valued our friendship over having a girlfriend.


Things were about to change.


As I walked back to the Heads’ dorm, I began compiling a list of things the prefects would have to do for the benefit ball. A first year came running up to me and said, “Miss Granger, Professor McGonagall wants you to go to her office immediately!” I nodded my understanding and took off in the direction he came from, holding tightly to my over-flowing book bag.


Gasping for breath, I practically shouted the password from halfway down the corridor to the stone gargoyle, letting my momentum carry me up the stairs and into McGonagall’s office.


“Yes, Professor? The first year sounded urgent. What’s happened?” I asked breathlessly. She looked at me with a worried expression on her face, putting down the parchment she was holding.


“Firstly, I have some good news. The staff and I have decided that you and Mr. Malfoy will be dancing the Argentine tango. However, there is a complication, as you will not be able to dance with him if he is not alive! It seems that someone has grievously injured Mr. Malfoy, and hidden him somewhere inside Hogwarts, with a deadline to another injury every hour we do not find him. Mr. Filch found a small pool of blood and blood smears along the seventh floor corridor near your dorm. It is imperative we find him. You have permission to enlist the help of any student or faculty member to help you in your search. Please find him, Miss Granger, or Hogwarts may have to close if he dies. I have already contacted the Order members and they are on their way. Now go!” Professor McGonagall ordered.


I ran out of her office and into the corridor, sprinting up to the seventh floor and yelling the new password “Ferret” (my idea of course) to the founders, nearly ramming into the portrait when it didn’t swing open fast enough. I threw my bag down, checked I had my wand, and ran back out, traveling down to the Gryffindor common room to grab Harry and Ron.


“Fred Weasley,” I said to the Fat Lady. I burst into the Gryffindor common room, looking around wildly for Harry and Ron. My eyes landed on Ginny, who was sitting rather cozily on the couch talking to her former flame Dean Thomas.


“Ginny! Have you seen Harry and Ron?” I asked, mentally counting down the time until something else would break in Draco’s body.


“Er…I think they’re in their dormitory. Why, what’s happened?”


“No time to explain. Thanks.” I raced up the stairs to the boys’ dormitory and saw them putting away textbooks and getting out new ones.


“Harry. Ron. Something’s happened.” Something in my voice must have registered that something was wrong—Ron dropped his book on his toe and Harry slammed his fingers in his trunk.


“Blimey, ‘Mione! Don’t scare us like that! That hurts you know!” Ron exclaimed.


“What’s happened, Hermione? Why are you even up here anyway?” Harry questioned, covering up Ron’s complaint.


“Someone has taken Malfoy and seriously injured him, and will keep injuring him badly every hour unless we find him. McGonagall said that if he isn’t found in time, he might die and Hogwarts could close. His blood was found on the floor near the dorm. Now please, I need you to help me find him. I don’t care that you don’t like him, but he needs to be found. So please, for my sake and my sanity, help me. Help me find him,” I pleaded, chest heaving.


As soon as I had said the word “taken” Harry’s eyes had lit up. “I’ll get out the cloak and the map.” He looked at me. “We’ll find him, Hermione, don’t worry. We’ve found much more difficult things before.” Harry squeezed my arm in confirmation before releasing me to grab the cloak and map before leading the way downstairs.


I just hoped we wouldn’t be too late.




Draco’s POV:


Head throbbing. Joints aching. Heart pounding. Blood gushing. I opened my eyes groggily and tried moving from my prone position but realized I could only move a few inches on account of the magical bonds tethering me to the cot.


I found I could move my head freely, a small plus in this world of negatives. Looking down at my body, I saw numerous cuts, gashes, and burns across my arms, legs, and chest. My left arm was skewed at an angle that suggested it was broken; the pain radiating from my shoulder seconded that notion. Other than the cuts, bruises, and burns, my legs were fine.


Bloody hell this hurts. Yep, this is definitely not good. How did whoever they are get me? I should’ve been paying better attention.


My Slytherin robes and tie had been cast to the foot of the cot, where they were folded—neatly. Something strange was going on here. My headache worsened and I realized I probably had a concussion. Finally, I took in my surroundings.


On the opposing wall was a door, firmly closed and made of stone. To the left of my makeshift cot stood a rickety table with a menacing array of knives and various torturing weapons. To my right was another door, this one made of wood and slightly ajar. I heard a voice speaking, but couldn’t make out whether it was male or female. All I knew was that it was my tormentor and I had the urge to kill them if I ever got the chance.


Shit, where’s my wand? And where’s my ring? That arse! I struggled against my bonds to no avail. Whoever is holding me here is going to wish they were dead when I get free or Granger finds me. Bloody hell, Granger! I hope she’ll know where to find me. I purposely left blood on the floor near the dorm to warn her.


Okay, so maybe it wasn’t intentional. Still, I know someone found it and told someone and McGonagall would have taken action by now…right? I mean, people don’t hate me that much, do they? It’s been what, three, four hours since my kidnapper first hit me in the head? They have to be looking for me by now.


They have to be…this thought kept swirling through my head as I succumbed to the less painful darkness of unconsciousness.




Ron’s POV:


I didn’t really understand why Hermione even wanted to find Malfoy, the bloody git. It wasn’t like he’s treating her that much better than before. She looked so scared and frazzled though; I had to help her—it’s my job as her best friend.


We took the moving staircases up the seventh floor, landing near the corridor to the Heads’ dormitory. As I turned the corner, I put my arm out to the side, effectively stopping Hermione in her tracks and said, “Hermione, you probably shouldn’t see this.”


Harry looked at me and nodded, going to inspect it while I stayed with Hermione around the corner, out of sight of the blood. “What? No, I have to see it! I don’t care what you think it’ll do to me; I need to see it so I can save him. Please, Ron. I NEED TO SAVE HIM!” Hermione cried, tears starting to trickle down her cheeks.


Cupping her face in my hands, I rubbed the tears away with my thumbs; she held onto my wrists and released a few more tears. “Hey, look at me. Look at me. We’ll find him. We’ll get the little bastard that took him. Don’t worry, Hermione,” I stated firmly, silently begging her to keep her emotions in check.


She nodded and let go of me, wiping her eyes and giving me a small smile. “Okay, Ron. Okay.”


I stepped to the side and allowed her to pass me around the corner and inspect the scene.


“HARRY!” a feminine scream pierced my ears as I rounded the corner and barely registered an unconscious Harry on the floor and Hermione kneeling next to him before a spell blasted me out of nowhere and the blackness swallowed me.




Draco’s POV:


I woke up when I heard a loud scuffling noise from outside the door. Cautiously I lifted my head up and watched as my kidnapper—hooded and with a fellow conspirator—dragged in…Potter and Weasley? But where was Granger?


One of the goons conjured up two cots and levitated Potter and Weasley onto one each. It seemed neither of them had any injuries aside from being unconscious. My mind went into overdrive as I realized Hermione wasn’t with them.


Why didn’t they take Hermione too? How did they get them here without attracting attention? Who are they?


My head started spinning with the whirlwind of my thoughts. I fought against the blackness, but my kidnapper forced a potion down my throat, causing me to succumb to the desolate, barren emptiness of unconsciousness.




Hermione’s POV:


“HARRY!” I screamed as I saw him lying unconscious on the cold stone floor. Kneeling down next to him, I turned to see Ron come around the corner only to get hit by a spell that shot him into the wall, hitting his head hard. “RON! NO, PLEASE! DON’T HURT THEM! PLEASE!” I shouted into the air, not seeing their attackers.


A tugging feeling on the back of my robes turned me around again to face…Peeves? He put a finger up to his lips, motioning silence. Nodding in understanding, I quickly followed him down the corridor a ways into a small alcove that held a suit of armor.


“Peeves! Is this your idea of some kind of joke? I can have you removed from the castle for this! I am Head Girl! Answer me!” I whispered furiously. Peeves shushed me and peeked out from behind the suit of armor. He pulled his head back in, a frown on his face.


“They’re gone. Peevsie saved Granger. Saved Granger from danger! Granger in danger! Granger in danger! No dancie dancie with Drakie Drakie! Hidden room for a broom! Granger don’t want to lose her Drakie, no, no. Granger wants to save her Drakie Drakie. Drakie hidden in room for a broom! Or room for boom, room for sleep, room is deep, hidden room! Ahaha!” Peeves chanted quietly, slowly drifting off down the corridor in the opposite direction they had come.


I looked out from behind the statue at Peeves floating down the hallway, trying to understand his song. Clearly he had some sort of hidden message, but what was it?


Hidden room for a broom…room for sleep, deep, a hidden room…that’s it! The Room of Requirement!


Turning to go down the corridor containing the Heads’ dorm, I began running through lists of wordless spells and wandless magic I could use to disarm the kidnappers. I burst through the portrait hole, accio-ing the things I would need. Then I created a patronus and sent it to Blaise Zabini, not caring that it would be a surprise for him to receive a plea for help. 


I exited the dorm, taking the founders’ good luck wishes to heart. Striding to the moving staircases, I hid in an alcove containing a statue of Merlin near the entrance to the seventh floor, waiting for Blaise. Only a few minutes later I heard quick footsteps coming towards me. I slipped my wand out of my sleeve into my hand, wary of who it might be. 


“It’s me, Blaise. Where are you, Granger?” I stepped out from behind the statue and grabbed his arm, pulling him into the alcove.


“Did you understand my patronus?” he nodded, so I continued. “I’ve found where they’ve been taken. I just couldn’t go alone. McGonagall told me for a fact that Draco has been given serious injuries for at least three hours now, and I think it’s safe to assume he has been injured otherwise. Before Peeves got me, Harry and Ron had only been knocked unconscious, but Ron might possibly have a concussion from hitting the wall. The kidnappers have taken them to the Room of Requirement. However, we can’t just barge in there. We’ll have to use a different way to get in, but still make sure we get into the right room, since it’s a very shifty room now ever since the battle. Can you trust me to get us in and get them out, even though we may be injured in the process?” I asked, searching his dark eyes with mine own.


“Yes. Now let’s go,” Blaise stated.


We left the cover of the alcove and hurried down the corridor, twisting and turning through the corridors until we reached the corner before the Room of Requirement’s back entrance.


I stepped around the corner, closing my eyes and walking past the blank wall three times until a heavy wooden door appeared on the stone wall. Blaise came and took my left hand in his right and squeezed it. “Let’s do this.”

We treaded carefully to the door, opening it silently to see what lay beyond.

A/N: Please don’t hate me for this cliffhanger! But tell me, what do you think? Many of you had very good guesses last chapter, so if you have any more, I’d be happy to hear them and anything else you have to say in a review. :) Another installment of TToDM to be up next!


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