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Days Pass by Gracie__Mae
Chapter 1 : Seven Years Later...
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     Hermione woke up in a sweat, little beads forming on her forehead. The dream wasn't a dream more of a nightmare. Lord Voldemort killed... Everyone, She was alone hiding amongst the death eaters pretending to be part of the dark lords army, tears silently rolling down her cheeks as she bit the insides of her mouth to stop her from sobbing. Watching Voldemort she Could se a vein throbbing on his forehead, and his breathing had gotten heavier.... But there was that gleam, the gleam in his eye that meant he had succeeded and the more he succeeded the more powerful he got.

Getting out of bed she looked over to her husband, Brendan, and gave an inward sigh...There was no passion between them anymore, the first three years were great, their wedding had been one of the best in the year, but she felt nothing for him now....Deep down she loved him but not in the way she used to.  Though she could see whys she feel for him, with his dark hair that hung just above his eyebrows and his dark hazel eyes that used to hold so much emotion...But not anymore, he's all clammed up, like paper on wood stuck by super super glue.His body was quite muscular plus being long and lean and very athletic.

Whilst walking to the bathroom she straightened her pale lilac cotton nightie and patted her hair so it didn't look too wild wild when she looked in the mirror. Getting to toilet she sat down and took two deeps breaths and pondered about her nightmare. She then looked in the mirror and saw tear marks on her light rosy cheeks, 'i must've been crying in my sleep' Hermione thought. Though Hermione hadn't changed as much as she though she had, her hair was still a frizzy puff and she still had huge brown eyes, she had grown into a womanly body, curving at all the right places ... her sense of humor had long gone though and her lovely eyes were nearly soulless.

After washing she headed back to her bedroom, finding Brendan still asleep underneath the silky silvery-grey covers. Finding her way towards the wardrobe she opens the large dark grey painted doors, after picking out a simple dark blue tank top and clean cut jeans she slowly walked down the stairs to start making breakfast.

20 minutes later breakfast was ready and Brendan was heavily padding down the stairs.'Thanks, love' he said sitting down and eagerly eating his full English. Turning round Hermione started washing up, she preferred to do it by hand rather than magic it brings back some normality of her childhood.

The same thing happened every day, she woke up ,  washed and got dressed  , made breakfast for Brendan , and then left for work as a gardener.

Half way through Brendan's breakfast there was a knock on the door, Hermione calmly walked to the front door wondering why someone was calling round so early. Reaching the door and unlocking it, she open it cautiously and standing on the other side was........ Draco Malfoy

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Days Pass: Seven Years Later...


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