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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy by Littowitch
Chapter 15 : Run
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As everyone stopped and stared at the young blonde making her way down the aisle if only they could see her thought process. Her pace slowed and her concerned father gripped her arm tighter and whispered, ‘Are you okay cupcake?’

Leanne still smiling whispered back, ‘I don’t think I can Dad…I can’ I can’. Whislt the organ continued Mr Garrison stopped and said to his daughter, ‘ if you aren’t sure then for goodness sake girl, don’t do this’ The congregation had now started to wonder as they had stopped and just as they all feared would happen with her slowing pace. The bride passed her flowers to her father, lifted her veil and quietly said sorry, before rushing back out the door. The Weasleys all jumped to their feet with Molly rushing to assure guests, and Ron, he just stood bewildered. Harry put a hand on his shoulder and looked for his other best friend. She wasn’t in her seat, turning to look back at Ron she was on his other side pushing him down to sit on the floor.

‘I don’t understand what happened’, Ron finally managed after being given a firewhisky in his dressing room. ‘Did she say anything before the wedding?’, asked Percy who was bouncing a baby on his hip. The Weasley brothers, Harry,Ginny and Hermione with the kids had descended on the small room. Hugo and Rose both worried about their father’s sad face and confused as to why Leanne had run out.

‘No, it was all she could talk about, I thought she loved me’, said Ron reaching for the bottle of booze and pouring himself another very generous glass. Hermione got up and took the bottle off him and slapped him. ‘Stop this now, you are being a drunkard in front of your children, and as for Leanne it probably wasn’t anything to do with you but more her. Not everything is about you Ronald!’ shouted Hermione.
The room sat in shock, reeling from the verbal and physical attack, Hermione tucked the hair that had fallen from her updo behind her ear, turned, took her children by the hand and lead them out the room. She was quickly followed by Ginny. Ron spoke as soon as the door shut. ‘What the bloody hell does she think she is doing, and how dare she speak to me like that in my state’

‘How dare she? Ron she said what we’re all thinking we didn’t say anything because we’re scared of upsetting you. Something Hermione isn’t afraid to do and apparently neither is Leanne’ said Harry, Ron shot him a disgruntled stare.

‘Too soon?’ asked Harry smiling, ‘Look I’m just trying to cheer you up Ron’

‘I doubt I’ll be happy for a long time, Leanne was perfect’
Harry smiled and said, ‘No Ron, Hermione was perfect for you’, and with that got up, patted his friend on the back and left the room, followed by everyone else. Leaving Ron on his own. Ron picked up the spilt glass and drained the last few drops still in the glass. ‘Hermione was perfect’ he sighed, ‘ and I utterly screwed that up’

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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy: Run


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