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Wicked Array by LadyOrobourus
Chapter 1 : Welcome to my world.
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CI by &lifecontinues@ TDA


  She and her partner ran down a hall, surrounded by battle. She jumped over a broken pillar, taking cover behind it watching as the spell blasts soar over her head. She quickly blasted her attacker who found himself suddenly upside down and flying. She continued down the hall only pausing for a second, Jameason joined her from behind a pillar and broke into a run beside her. The hallway came to a split ahead and both knew this is where they would have to part, as they entered the clearing and made their picks. He nodded to the left and she glanced to the right hall, both unsure if they would see the other again, at that moment’s pause. She pulled him forward around the corner and kissed him passionately before turning on heel and running.

She couldn’t bear to look at him again; it would be too hard to leave. She pulled her wand from her robes and ran down the corridor, jinxing and hexing everything that moved. Pillars crumbled in her wake as she ran. Her destination was the huge double doors at the end of the hallway. That’s where HE was, the last piece to the puzzle. She could feel the magic in the air quiver around her as she felt through the room’s wards, simple and mundane against her skill. His arrogance would be his downfall. She steadied herself before she took a step and blasted them open with enough force to knock them off their hinges. She stepped through the smoke, looking more like an angel of death. With a bright red flash five of the large circular room’s occupants fell to the floor. She stepped forward her wand aimed at the sixth. “We both know it’s your time Xavier, give up. Your soul is mine.” Her proclamation rang in the stillness of the dusty air.

Her teacher chuckled without mirth as he turned in his chair. Quite suddenly she found herself bound. Her wand still clinched in her hand, and she easily sliced through the ropes and cast a bubble over herself. Xavier shot another spell at her, its red aura pulsed as it hit her bubble and she put more thought behind it strengthening it. He laughed out loud again and turned his back to her. Stupid man she thought to herself as she took this chance to touch the ground and manipulate it. For a second the pure magical concentration of the room over-whelmed her as she moved the particles in the stone.  A giant bubble of stone engulfed her teacher and she quickly cast another reverse bubble on it. It was a distraction as she started a complicated spell to encase his magic before he could escape. She felt her magic falter as cracks started to appear in the bubble, she could hear him screaming curses.

Too much time to place a proper circle in chalk she made due with the flooring pattern, her magic arched as she worked to complete it. Xavier broke from the stone just as she touched the edge and watched the room burst with light. Debris floated in the raw energy as she struggled to concentrate on the man. Began to break down his aura, his soul was hers, she could feel him fighting, writhing in agony as his soul tried to resist her manipulation but she was stronger, tugging at it once more and it pulled free, she heard his screams turn silent. She watched her previous detaining magic crumble away completely. In the center of the circle she watched as the floating blue orb hung momentarily from its master’s mouth. She bottled it before it could return. She looked at body trying to feel something in the void. She took a small seed from her cloak and placed it Xavier’s open mouth and closed it before walking away. His soul stored safely in her pocket. Her test was complete, with their master dead the others would join her without question, and well those that protested would not have to worry about their alliance much longer. She smiled as she walked calmly through the rubble to go find James, so they could return home.  

Andromeda Oros made herself and Jameason some tea while he tended to his wounds. The battle had taken a toll on both of them. They had been working for months to get enough souls to finish their stone. The silence was filled with unspoken relief. The moment she had found him at the split, she knew that things had gone better than either of them had hoped. She remembered distinctly their conversation when they found out what exactly went into a philosophers stone. Neither had their qualms with killing, but what they were doing was a bit worse than killing, very much like dementors. Funny thing about dementors, once deconstructed, you can pull out the souls they had “consumed.” Some souls gathered this way were weaker, some, the fresh ones, were stronger, more whole to say. Those were the souls they needed; the others were little more than wasteful. She sighed looking at the last soul in its jar on the counter. It had taken them years of endless searching to get what they had. Soon they would be able to start their newest journey. She looked over at James as he was wrapped a bandage around his thigh. Her heart warmed a little and she allowed herself to imagine a world where James and she could live in peace with their children.  For five long years they had been collecting souls, both at large with the ministry. Would they ever be in peace?  She sighed as she thought back to how they had gotten into this situation.

~6 Years earlier~

Andromeda’s grandmother Hermione Weasley was sitting in her favorite armchair by the fire, her knitting needles flashing and clicking as she sat idly reading a book on gardening. Roe was visiting for the weekend. She was about to attend her last year at Hogwarts. She was sorting through her grandmother’s books for reading material.

“You know Roe you have always been so good at your studies, I want you to know how proud your grandfather and I are of you.”

Roe glanced at the painting of her grandfather Ron that hung beside the window. She knew how much her grandmother missed him; she missed him too, with his blazing hair and quirky stories about saving Harry Potter.

“Well you know grandma it’s because I got your mind, and grandfathers dashingly good looks”

She made a point to flip a hand through her black hair. Hermione chuckled as she looked over her book to Andromeda’s position beside the bookcases. Her only granddaughter, brilliant, possibly more brilliant than she ever was, but her “dashingly good looks” didn’t come from Ron.

 Andromeda looked so much like her great grandmother Narcissa, in the present years she even wore her hair like her, but she had inherited Ron’s blue eyes and Hermione’s wit. Roe had never been average, even in her muggle private school she received top marks, and when it came time to go to Hogwarts, Roe took it as a personal challenge. She had watched as her favorite grandchild tackled everything handed to her. From friends to homework, she even managed to have time to play quidditch for her house team. She had even taken time to go watch a few matches with Ron.


Roe looked down at the book she was holding and put it into the take pile before picking up another and setting it into the leave pile before speaking.

“Grandpa Draco has offered me a house, you know, because I got Head Girl this year…”

While Draco and Ron had always harbored their old grudges. Their love of their mutual granddaughter had allowed some civility at family dinners. She beamed at Roe before placing the socks that she was knitting aside. Roe looked apprehensive as her grandmother reached forward to pat her arm.

“You accepted right? It must have taken quite a bit to give a Weasley part of his estate.” Andromeda rolled her eyes” Grandma you know I’m just as much Malfoy as I am Weasley.” But Roe nodded “I accepted, it was just” She paused, looking down again.”I was wondering if you would move with me after this term…”

Roe was concentrating on her book hard, unable to look her grandmother in the eye. Hermione sat back and thought about it. She wasn’t getting any younger. Roe was looking up at her cautiously now. Hermione smiled before answering, “You know I can’t leave here hunny.” Roe looked around the living room she had spent a lot of her childhood in. The white carpet still had the stain from a piece of blueberry, strawberry pie that she had dropped. No amount of scrubbing had gotten it out then; though now she smiled knowing that at this moment either witch could make it disappear with a flick of her wand. “I thought just maybe it would be easier if you lived with some…”

Her uncle Hugo burst through the door with his youngest son in tow… Her cousin Devon had inherited his fathers red hair, but at the moment you couldn’t tell because it was a brilliant shade of purple. Roe had to cough to keep from laughing. It seemed Devon was always getting into trouble. She pulled herself forward a bit to make room for them to step into the living room. She couldn’t help but see a flash of annoyance at her as Hugo stepped over her.

She and uncle Hue had not been on speaking terms since he had tried to get her father arrested several years back. It wasn’t father’s fault he had found her great grandfather Lucious’ stash of dark objects. Hugo had been snooping around the manor for months. She knew his real purpose was to discredit the Malfoy’s. Her mother and he had not been on speaking terms since. The wedge in the family was obvious. Roe took a moment, trying to decide if staying put was worth the glares. She thought it might be better to disappear for a bit, as Hugo’s face was steadily progressing through stages of red. She gathered up her books to take and with a flick of her wand the leave pile zoomed to their spots around the house. “Grandma I’m going to go finish packing. Call if you need anything.” She leaned over and kissed Hermione’s forehead before heading upstairs to her room.

Grandma Hermione was taking her wand out and Roe watched Devon’s hair turned back to its ginger red. She loved staying at her grandmother’s. The main stair case spiraled up three levels before coming to an open loft full of books. Off to the side of the loft was a small circular room that had been hers since she was old enough to read. Her original room was much bigger on the second floor, but it had been made into a potions room when Roe moved out of it. This room was more hers than her room at home, every summer she could remember was spent here. Grandpa Ron had surprised her with a telescope when she was 8. They would “sneak” up cookies and ice-cream. She smiled as she entered. Its white walls were covered with pictures of her and her family. Several photos’ moved in the frames on her dresser, her four friends Eric Tom Jameason and Timothy waved up at her. This was better than staying in an empty Manson while Mother and Father were away on business. They had made it apparent that neither would be returning in time to see her off. She still had not received a reply from the owl she had sent when she had gotten her letter with her Head girl badge.

She frowned, now that she thought about it she had not heard from her friends much lately. It wasn’t until she looked over to the bed did she notice her bed had a few presents and a letter. She smiled opening the letter at once but was slightly disappointed to see Grandpa Draco’s writing. His letter was short, only giving a few hints that he was stopping by later that evening to have dinner with her and Hermione.  This was a little out of the norm but she would take it. Grandpa Draco was always a blast to hang out with. Then a yell from down stairs reminded her that it wasn’t just her and grandma in the house. Her family seemed to always be at each other for some reason or another, always fighting, always in conflict. She knew some wounds ran deep but it was inexcusable. She just hoped this evening could go off without it, Grandma Hermione and Grandpa Draco always managed to be civil, but if Hugo and Devon were staying for dinner, well she didn’t want to think of it.

She reluctantly went back down stairs to tell Grams about the dinner date, but when she turned the corner onto the second floor she ran into Devon who was sitting at the top of the stairs. He grumbled rubbing his head; she looked down him with smugness, before apologizing.  She barely knew her cousin. They didn’t talk much, even though he was in the same year, but his trouble making ways and consistently bad grades had put somewhat of a wall between the cousins. Roe couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, with a father like his, well anyone was likely to turn out a loser.

She stepped over him and continued down stairs, she found Grandma and Hugo in conversation that abruptly stopped when she stepped into the living room. She had a nasty feeling she was their topic. Hermione looked up and smiled before gesturing to the empty chair beside her, Hugo began to protest but Hermione stopped him with a hand. “As you were saying Devon needs some tutoring... Why not Andromeda? Her grades are excellent and she doesn’t get into near as much trouble as your two.” Roe noticed a twinkle in her eye as she said this. She knew she was her grandmother’s favorite, but out of the selection how could she not be. Her older cousin Blake was serving a 3 month term in Azkaban for stealing caldrons. “Devon needs tutoring?” she asked the question innocently enough but she could barely contain her wicked glee. Hugo looked even more uncomfortable, he squirmed in his chair as Hermione answered “yes apparently his remedial lessons are not working out; he only obtained two owls last year.”  Failing remedial lessons? How stupid was the kid?

Roe took a second to pretend to ponder, inside she was battling laughing out loud and telling Hugo no.  Hugo seemed to think the same thing because he stood up abruptly, the sofa he was sitting on scrapped against the floor knocking over Grandma’s table with all her trophy’s and pictures. “Stupid rubbish, mother do you insist on keeping your junk in such inconvenient places!” Hugo spat as he watched Roe respond to the mess, before Hermione had time to react with more than a “oh!”

Roe fuming looked up at her uncle as she cleaned up the mess, setting everything right again. He watched her without trying to help. His smile verged on the side of nasty glee watching her clean. She gripped her wand tighter, red sparks emitted from its tip, a hand calmed her as it came to rest lightly on her free hand and she turned to her grandmother’s pleading face, knowing full well the older witch could sort out everything in a second but she was giving Roe a chance to do right.

She smiled ruefully and spoken to him without meeting his eyes. “I’ll send you an owl within the week with my answer. If you would kindly please leave, Grandma and I have dinner plans.” She could see him turn red from anger and didn’t care; he knew to tread carefully around her, having proved herself more than capable of defeating him. “Who do you think you are, telling me to leave my own mother’s house?” He got up slowly pulling his wand from his robes. Hermione was starting to stand herself. Hugo abruptly turned and called after him in a mock casual voice. “I’ll see you later mother… Devon! Come along we are going home.” Hugo left the house without so much as looking at the two, Roe heard Hermione ‘s breath catch and she immediately felt horrible for her actions, leave it to her grandmother to remind her of her humility. Devon followed his father quickly with wide eyes glancing at the two without a word.

Roe felt defeat before the door closed. She was ashamed of her actions and tried to apologize, but Hermione beat her to it. “I’m sorry for my son Roe, he’s just a bit like his father stubborn and hear headed, I’m sure he meant no harm.” Roe simply hugged Hermione. Her grandmother laughed while sitting back in her chair, “you know I don’t think I have felt that much tension in a room since your mother brought home your father. Ron was so livid.” Her laugh turned into her familiar chuckle. Roe felt her tension slip away as she thought about that story. Apparently it wasn’t just Scorpious Malfoy that Rose showed up with but Scorpious and Draco. Her grandfather’s had quite a go that night.

She hugged Hermione before adding to the moment by telling her that Draco was on his way. She watched her grandmother pull herself together in an instant. Roe smiled as she ushered her grandmother into the master bedroom. She searched the closet for Hermione’s set of periwinkle robes along with what she knew to be Hermione’s favorite bag. Roe smiled at the beaded bag that sat on the dresser. It was older than she was, some of the threads on it were showing, most of the bead work was gone but still grandma refused to repair it or replace it. She kissed Hermione’s forehead before leaving the room to collect her thoughts and change into robes more suitable for a meeting with her grandfather.

She had always a great amount of respect for her paternal grandfather. She had heard the stories from Grandfather Ron and even Draco himself. He had once been a bad man, and still he managed to hold a proud demeanor. He had refused to remarry when his wife had passed at a young age of forty-three. He raised her father through most of his Hogwarts years; he had barley protested when father brought her mother, Rose Weasley home.

 She was a half-blood and that was more than acceptable for Draco. She had a feeling that his preference to wizards was a product from his childhood and had never held it against him. Her proud family had a rich history of being in the wrong crowd. She smiled to herself; she had come across her great grandfather’s stash of dark objects while working on sensing magic, long before Hugo had found them. At the time it had been an accident but now it was a work in progress. James and she were working on the ancient art; it was their personal homework this year. They had mastered Occulumancy in their third year. That had lead to one of the most awkward moments in her life. She to this day could not look her father in the eye without giggling. Even grandfather Draco could not enter her mind, when she had asked him to test her. It had become quite a game between the two.  Their fourth year was mastering potions and transfiguration. The fifth summer they managed to get into a whole heap of trouble at quidditch camp and had to spend the summer with minimal communication.

Draco admired his only granddaughter so much she was spoiled and she knew it. She had received the best of the best her whole life, and now that she was about to enter adulthood she couldn’t help but feel anxious, she had a feeling Draco wanted to meet with her and grandmother to talk about her future. The two had become somewhat weary allies in the war of Roe’s education. Both of them brilliant while in school they seen that their mutual grand-daughter had their flare of intelligence, mixed with the Malfoy’s cunning, they could see that she was going to be great. When she had been sorted into Slytherin, she had received many letters of pride from her grandfather, even Hermione had wrote to congratulate her, Ron had not said much as a word to her over that Christmas’s dinner until she started talking to him about quidditch, it wasn’t hard to manipulate her rather grumpy grandpa Ron. She knew he had more of a soft spot for his other grandchildren, and that was fine, she got all the attention she could want from most of the family.

 She chose a set of emerald robes from her closet, before going to shower. She pulled her hair back in a spiral and set in the emerald pins that had been her grandmother’s before she passed away. She admired the overall effect, her pretty face was framed by long bangs that hung in tight curls, and her natural black hair laid over the platinum underside. She had seen many pictures of her great grandmother with this hair style and was happy to see it worked well with her face. She went down stairs to wait for her grandfather.

 Hermione came from her room moments later with her beaded bag in one hand and her wand in the next. Her hat was lopsided and wrong, Roe laughed helping her set it straight. Draco’s knock came quicker than either had expected. The door opened magically and he swept into the room with the sudden breeze. He greeted Hermione first before turning and giving Roe a hug. He held his hand out to Hermione as they made their way down the stairs to the court. Both women stopped as they caught view of a horse drawn carriage. Jameason Oros, her best friend from school held open the door in royal blue robes. Roe ran to give her best friend a hug. The warm summer air swirled around them as they rode along, chatting idly about nothing at all. Roe could feel a sort of tension. A pull of sorts, as she watched as the evening became night, James took her hand and squeezed it gently, whispering into her ear, “You know, nights like this make me believe in magic.” She was caught off guard by the words, the same one he told her when they had spoken for the first time in the Astonomy Tower in their first year. She looked up at the stars, and laughed. 



A/N Hello Lovelies this is my NaNo story, and I know its rough, but I hope you like it enough to give it a shot. I had so much fun writing it. As always tell me what you think. Happy Reading ~ Lady :3

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Wicked Array : Welcome to my world.


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