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Engagements by MaddiePHughes
Chapter 17 : Titanium
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“Where are you going?” Draco asked as he watched Hermione run around their bedroom looking for something. From what he examined from her outfit she was going out. She had on her favorite small knee length black dress and knee length grey cardigan, along with her famous black heels. Hermione’s hair fell in loose waves down her back 

“I have to meet Ginny in London for a little bit, she wants me to help her find a new crib for Lily,” Hermione explained dropping to her knees and looking under the bed.

“What are you looking for?” He replied raising an eyebrow.

“My wand,” She sighed standing back up and brushing off her dress.

“Right there,” Draco pointed towards the bed. Scoripus was lying on his stomach and his face buried in a pillow, his little hand clutching on tightly to his wand, while Fire was leaned up against him.

“I wanted to leave without him noticing,” She whined throwing her head back in release.

“You’re going to muggle London, right?”


“Then you won’t need it, and if anything happens, you have Ginny,” Draco shrugged.

“Are you sure?” Hermione asked walking towards him.

“Yes, positive. Now go have fun, and buy a few things for yourself and that family room we’re decorated on the second floor. It’s quite empty,” Draco chuckled embracing her tightly.

“I thought that could be a bedroom.”

“When the time comes, it will be, but for right now, it’s a bonding room. Now go,” Draco demanded swatting Hermione swiftly on the behind. She smiled widely and threw her purse over her shoulder before quickly apparating away to Ginny’s.

“Ginny?” Hermione called standing outside the front door. She rose on her toes and glanced through the glass of the window. Hermione placed her hand on the knob and turned it slowly, alarmed at the knowledge it was locked.

“Harry?” She called again opening the door wider. She stepped inside and her eyes widened at the sight of the living room, it was completely destroyed.

“Ignore the mess,” Harry stated walking down the stairs.

“Where’s Ginny?”

“She’s changing, are you leaving Draco with Scoripus as well?”

“Yes, you should go over there with Lily, keep him some company,” Hermione offered.

“I just might do that,” Harry agreed sitting down on the small blue couch.

“Ready?” Ginny asked coming down the stairs adjusting her left earring.

“Yes,” Hermione agreed locking arms with Ginny and apparating away to muggle London.


“Gin that was pure fun. I don’t think I’ve ever drank that much in a long time,” Hermione admitted stumbling to unlock her front door.

“Here, let’s get you inside,” Ginny replied opening the door for her and walking her across the foyer.

“Draco?” Ginny called beginning to walk up the stairs. After a long minute Draco walked around the corner of the top of the staircase and watched in amusement as Ginny tried helping a very drunk Hermione up the stairs.

Hermione quickly spotted Draco and squealed loudly, “I missed you!”

“Fire Whiskey?” Draco chuckled walking towards Hermione and lifting her up swiftly in his arms.

“Yes,” Ginny sighed walking back down the stairs, “Tell her I’ll see her in a couple of days. Goodbye Draco.”

“I’m not drunk,” Hermione giggled lightly placing her finger on Draco’s bottom lip. Teasingly, he bit down softly on her finger producing a squeal from her mouth.

Draco walked her down the large corridor of the Manor and pushed their bedroom door open with his feet, slowly stumbling in and placing her on the bed. He leaned down and peeled her shoes and stockings from her feet, along with her cardigan. He placed her purse and wand on the bedside table and watched as Hermione held her arms up like a child. Chuckling again he grabbed his white t-shirt from the chair in the corner and placed it down next to her before quickly peeling the dress from her body which she was completely naked underneath and replaced it with his t-shirt.

“Bed,” Draco demanded pulling the covers down and sliding her beneath them.

“But, I want to spend time with you,” Hermione giggled staying where she was.

“Shush, Scoripus is right over there in his bed, you insisted he starts sleeping in here, now you suffer the consequences. Bed,” Draco replied shutting the bedside lamp off and rolling underneath the covers himself.

“I’m drunk,” Hermione admitted placing her head on Draco’s chest.

“Yes you are, and that’s not very wise to be doing,” He scolded lightly.

“It wouldn’t be healthy for me to do if I was with a baby.”

“Absolutely not, with this second child, you are not leaving the house,” Draco said.

“So serious,” Hermione pouted with a comical voice, lightly tapping Draco’s nose.

“Bed Hermione,” He replied pulling her closer to him.



“Mum!” Scoripus yelled jumping in between Hermione and Draco. Hermione groaned loudly and gripped the pillow her head was on and threw it over her face.

“Go play honey,” Hermione mumbled.

“He wants you,” Draco said pulling the pillow from her face. Hermione sat up abruptly and glared at Draco with heavy eyes. Scoripus was sitting between the two with his index finger in his mouth and gnawing on it with his few teeth. Once he saw Hermione staring at him he pulled his hand from his mouth and smiled widely while throwing his hands in the air.

“Stay here with daddy, I’m going to take a bath,” Hermione demanded.

Hermione shifted her body and placed her feet on the cool wooden floor and led her lifeless body towards the bathroom. She tampered with the faucet that commanded the hot water, and adjusted the faucet that poured the cold water. Mixing the temperature just right she quickly stripped herself of her clothes, placed her coral colored satin robe on the counter and slipped into the tub, placing the water pillow behind her neck and craning it till comfort was reached, the bubbles circling around her.

“Love?” Draco asked from outside the closed door.

“Yes?” Hermione sighed moving her head to glance towards the opening door.

“Are you alright? You don’t look so good,” Draco asked kneeling down next to her.

“I’m fine, just healing from last night.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please stop pestering me about it.”

“I’m just worrying love.”

“You need to stop before you get grey hair,” She giggled toying with a few pieces of his hair.

“Would you still love me even if I looked like an old man?” He smirked.

“Possibly,” She replied throwing a handful of bubbles in his hair.

“Bad idea,” Draco warned quickly pulling his shirt over his head.

“Where’s Scoripus?” She asked quickly.

“Asleep… in his bed,” He chuckled.

“What are you doing?” Hermione giggled watching as he stripped the remainder of his clothes and lifting her up in his arms.

“Put me down!” Hermione squealed as he stepped into the large square bathtub.

“With pleasure.” Quickly Draco dropped Hermione into the water, sloshing water over the sides, and watched as she surfaced with her hair and face covered in bubbles.

“You arse,” She laughed jumping on him smashing a handful of water in his face. Draco gripped Hermione’s hips and shifted her body so that her back was pressed against the wall and his head was pressed against her chest.

“Old age taking over?” Hermione giggled.

“No, I would just like to spend some alone time with my wife,” Draco corrected.

“Okay, you have me, now what do you want to do?” She sighed placing her hand on his left cheek.

“This,” Draco replied clutching her chin in his palm and pulling her face to his own. Once Draco’s lips were inches from Hermione’s the doorbell to the house rang a few times shooting Draco’s eyes to glare daggers at the bathroom door.

“Time to get out,” Hermione sighed quickly stepping from his grasp and clutching the towel around her body. Hurriedly, Hermione ran her fingers through her damp hair that seemed to already be drying and pulled it into a bun on top of her head. She pulled her favorite cream sweater over her head and a pair of black leggings that were covered at the bum by her shirt. She placed a pair of black flats on and began walking towards the door before Draco stopped her and pulled her back.

“I got it,” He urged stepping out the door before her in a pair of light wash jeans and a white t-shirt.

“Okay,” She whispered chastely kissing him on the cheeks.

Draco swiftly stepped past Hermione and walked slowly down the hall, with the hair wood floor feeling like ice on his bare feet. He ran down the marble white steps and crossed the entry hall to the foyer. Slowly, he placed his hands on the double door handles and opened the door to hear his breath hitch and feel his eyes widen.

Astoria Greengrass stood on the front porch in a small pink dress, her hair very large and curly, and her emerald green eyes boring into his silver grey ones.

“What are you doing here?” Draco demanded.

“Can’t I drop by and say hello?” Astoria asked coyly stepping past Draco and into the foyer, “Quite lovely, this should have been our home you know.”

“How did you find this address?” He snapped shutting the door and crossing his arms.

“It’s very brilliant, how I can tease your teammates into giving me information about you,” She giggled shining her pearly white teeth.

“You slept with one of my teammates to get my address?” Draco scoffed, “How pathetic.”

“My feelings for you aren’t pathetic,” Astoria retorted with anger growing in her voice.

“You came here expecting me to redo a relationship with you, didn’t you?” He placed together walking towards her.

“I know you miss me, admit it Draco, you feelings for me still burn somewhere in there,” Astoria admitted pointing a finger to his chest where his heart lies.

“I have no,” Draco spat.

“Oh, I think you do, and I know exactly how to bring them back,” She giggled stepping closer so that her chest brushed against his own.

“Astoria, you shoul-,” Before Draco could finish his demand Astoria gripped his face in her own hands and pulled his lips to hers in a forceful manner, wrapping her hands around his neck.

“Draco, who’s at the-,” Hermione began as she slowly walked halfway down the stairs. Her eyes widened at the sight in front of her. Draco quickly pulled away from Astoria and pushed her body as far from his as he could.

“Hermione,” Draco pleaded running at her.

She stepped back quickly and glared at him, “How could you? And in our house! OUR house Draco.” Hermione felt a familiar lump in her throat and noticed her tears begin to fall freely down her face. She brushed past his shoulder quickly and bolted out the door leaving Astoria inside the house alone. Hermione darted down the patio and pasted the entry gate until she found the door to the muggle garage she had made Draco install. She grabbed the keys to the small black sports car from the hook and stumbled to find the key to the ignition.

The garage door quickly slid upwards and Draco ran to the driver’s side door gripping the half opened window in his fingers.

“Hermione please,” Draco pleaded again quickly following the backing out car.

“Let go!” Hermione yelled shifting to drive.

“Let me explain,” He whispered feeling tears threaten his eyes.

“I’m leaving! If you want me, I’ll be at Blaise’s, let me go Draco. I’ve been hurt enough,” Hermione sobbed with a pleading voice. She watched as Draco slowly released the window and stepped back.

He stood in the middle of the gravel road and watched as Hermione quickly took off, with dirt and gravel flying behind her. Draco watched as the car slowly vanished from his vision and he felt his knees buckle beneath him and he fell to the ground, tears falling from his eyes.


Hermione pulled up in front of Blaise and Pansy’s manor and quickly bolted from the car to the front door. She felt fury writhe through her and she pounded on the large wooden door until she caught glimpse of a tired Blaise answer in a pair of pajamas pants and t-shirt.

“What are you doing here?” Blaise asked rubbing his eyes. The large lump in Hermione’s chest appeared again and she felt her tears begin to spring from her eyes. The familiar feeling of a strong grip wrapped around her body and felt Blaise carry her inside the manor.

Blaise continued to glance at the broken down Hermione in his arms and carried her up the large staircase of his manor and down the corridors of the only room he thought that would bring her peace.

The Library.

He placed her down in the large raven colored chair and kneeled down in front of her. Blaise heard Pansy walk in from the hallway and kneel down beside him placing her hand in Hermione’s and felt as she squeezed tightly when a large sob escaped her mouth.

“What’s going on?” Blasie asked pulling her right hand to his cheek and rubbing it lightly against his stubble.

Hermione shook her head and more sobs escaped her lips.

“Is it Draco?” Pansy inquired shifting so that she was sitting down next to Hermione in the chair. She wrapped her arms loosely around Hermione and felt her head fall onto her chest.

“Yes,” Hermione whispered through sobs.

“What did he do?” Blaise asked with a soothing voice.

“The doorbell rang, and Draco went to answer it while I finished getting dressed,” Hermione rubbed a fallen tear from her eye, “And he was taking really long, so I went to look after him. When I was half way down the stairs he was there in the foyer, and kissing Astoria. Blaise he didn’t push away until I said something.”

“I’ll be back,” Blaise whispered to Pansy before leaving the room.

“Hermione, you’ll be okay. Remember that song you showed me when Blaise and I got in that big fight a few weeks ago. You sang me the lyrics?” Pansy asked.

Hermione slowly nodded her head.

“It’s my turn to sign you the lyrics,” Pansy replied sitting up straight and letting Hermione’s head fall on lap.

“I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away. Ricochet you take you aim, fire away, fire away.”




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Engagements : Titanium


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