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Iridescent Hearts by aquabluez17
Chapter 1 : Amber Ruby Malfoy: Crazy Grim Reapers
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Hey guys! This is one of my new favorites. This is going to be intense but still lighthearted so if you are really not upto a rollarcoaster then I suggest that you just avoid this and move on :P

Besides that, I hope you read this and like it!

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine except the OC's and everything else you don't recognize :P

Beautiful CI by rebel_heart@tda

Amber Ruby Malfoy

I sighed as I placed my hand into Mike’s, defeatedly and closed my eyes as the bottom of my stomach dropped, feeling the world swirl around me as we both apparated to the Burrow where it was going to happen.

What was going to happen you dare ask?

Why my marriage off course.

Who? What? When? Why? HOW?

Great questions young one. I wish I knew the answer to them.

Confused? Yeah I am too. Let me backtrack a bit here. No need to get ahead of myself. Maybe if I think through this one more time I’ll see the logic in this situation.

It was a beautiful day with the sun pouring through the windows. The room was alite while birds were chirping right outside as well. I could hear Lucifer pecking the window of my room but made no attempt to get up to let him in. Putting a pillow up to my ears, I successfully blocked out my bloody owl’s incessant pecking until the door slammed open and I heard someone walking, more like kicking, their way to my window to let my owl in.

Groaning I yelled, “Don’t do it Vi, I am telling you. Don’t do it.”

“Shut up! You and your bloody owl are the reason I woke up from my nap,” I heard my triplet sister yell at me, “Wake me up one more time and I will murder you, you bloody wanker,” she screamed as she let Lucifer in and stomped out of my room.

Sighing, I woke up and grabbed the letter that Lucifer had brought and opened it.

If only I had known... Would have never opened that damn thing if I had known...

I clutched Mike’s arm tightly so I wouldn’t fall as we landed. Wouldn’t want to get the dress dirty now would I? Picking up my poofy white wedding dress so it wouldn’t trudge in the mud, I started making my way to the door of the askew house which was known as the Burrow.

The house couldn’t have felt any more intimidating. I had come here often, spending multiple summers and winter breaks in the house, running in the backyard (the same one I would be getting married in), flying over the Quidditch field, always thinking that it was my house. Never knew that would change into reality...

“Oh thank god you are here! Here let’s go we don’t have too much time,” I heard someone call as they ushered me inside and into the living room where everything had been cleared out and was now full with various variations of red haired people, two brunettes, and my aunt.

“Oh my god Amby! You look great!” I heard my best friend scream as she crashed into me and gave me a bone crushing hug.

“You sure do Ambs. He’s not going to have any idea what hit him,” someone said from above the person hugging me. I recognized the words to be coming from Roxy and the person hugging me being Ella. Two of my best friends and in the case of Roxy, my soon to be sister-in-law as well. Cousin-in-law. Or cousin-sister-in-law. Are those even real? Or possible? Yah I make the impossible possible. Get at me bro. No Mike not you...

“Move move! I have to see my niece,” I heard my Mum say as she rushed over to me and pried Ella off so she could do the same, “Oh love! You have grown up so much. I can’t believe it’s your wedding today! Can you Vi? My baby is growing up,” she said as she moved back so she could look me in the eyes, slightly wiping her cheeks which told me she was crying.

“Looking good sis. Knock ‘em dead girl,” I heard my triplet’s voice making me scowl at her as she grinned back though the grin didn’t reach her eyes. She had changed that summer. We all had...

“Dad!? Are you okay!? Why did you call us? Is everything okay?!” I demanded as I stomped into the room with Vi and Mike hot on my trail, not even bothering to look at the occupants of the room.

Looking at my Dad’s ashened face, I walked up to him and quickly starting inspecting him, trying to figure out what could be so wrong that he had sent a howler in the bloody morning. That’s when I heard the voice. His voice. The voice I had grown to remember only with contempt.

“Oh would you let him speak? Fawning over him is not going to get you anywhere Malfoy,” came the taunting sound from behind me.

“Sod it Potter,” I snipped as I turned to face him as I heard my sister ask “Which one??” while my brother added, “Don’t hate mate.”

Yup such a great family I have. Some bright ones I swear. They couldn’t be brighter than a flashlight! Though I don’t really know how bright a flashlight is supposed to be... Being a pureblood and all... Oh well. It seemed like the right thing to say.

“Now now Malfoy. No reason to be hostile. Only stating the truth,” he said, now sneering as I continued to glare at him.

Before I could fully respond and tell the stupid Potter where to shove it, I heard the eerie voice screech out of nowhere, making me scream in shock. Glaring at Potter as he tried to control his laughter, I looked to the front of the room and saw the stupid floating ghost thing, making me laugh internally for being scared of it. Should have known better. Should have just ran. I mean who sticks around when there is a ghost glaring daggers at you?! Oh yeah, that’s me.

“Come on Ru. It’s time to go. Here hold the bouquet and Dad is outside waiting for you when you are ready,” Mum said as she and everyone quickly left the room to go take their seats with Vi giving my arm a good squeeze and a grimace before leaving.

Sighing slightly after they left, I quickly walked to the mirror to make sure I didn’t look constipated, and to my surprise found some tears streaming down my cheeks that I had not seen. Wiping them quickly before anyone saw, I took 10 deep breathes remembering everything Stefan had taught me. When I was finally calm enough to blink without my eyes turning completely red, I made my way to the door and pulled it open to see my Dad waiting there patiently.

Feeling the warmth coming up in cheeks as I realized I had kept him waiting, I walked to his side and looped my arm through his, surprising him slightly but he didn’t say anything. We walked in silence, not saying a word. He didn’t comment on my speed and I didn’t comment on his unusual behavior. When we could finally see the backyard coming into view and everyone else as well, I felt a slight tug on my arm, forcing me to turn around and face my Dad who was a head taller than me.

“Amber,” he said, immediately letting me know that what he had to say was serious since my family never referred to me by first name, “You don’t have to do this.”

I looked at him as if he had just said Voldemort had come back to life, with my mouth hanging and my tongue just wagging in that very attractive feminine manner. Ya I am such a lady. I put all of the Queen’s of England to shame! Shaking my head slightly I closed my mouth before flies started flying into my mouth, fully ready to decline my Dad’s generous offer. Though he took my silence as a cue to talk more making me witness one of the scariest sight ever. No seriously! Not even kidding. I watched as my Dad, the great Draco Malfoy, verbally vomited.

“It’s just that... What I mean is- You really don’t... I don’t want you to- This isn’t something...,” he said before stopping to take a breath and try again, “What I mean is that you don’t have to go through with this. I will not hold it against you Ru. I will still respect you and... love you,” he finished, shocking me since I knew how hard it was for him express himself, making me even more sure that I was doing the right thing.

“So you are here! Finally! You sure took your time,” the ghost taunted, his mouth attempting to be in this evil sneer which didn’t really work since.... well he was a ghost!

“What the hell do you want?!” I demanded without even bothering to think. Ya... it’s a problem. Ya.. I need help. Ya, not doing anything about it.

“Watch you tongue young lady. You have no ide-” the ghost started but I cut it, him, off before he could finish.

“Are you trying to blackmail me?! What are you going to do? You are a ghost. You can hardly hurt me,” I scoffed at him but before I could verbally the ghost any further I heard my sister behind me and felt Mike pull me back so I was standing next to him.

“Ru shut up. Mike hold her back and get her out of here if she can’t handle this. Dad please explain what is happening,” Vi commanded as she took control over from me. She always told me that I was useless in any important situations where answers were necessary. I had scoffed at her and would usually argue with her for telling me what to do, just like I was right now.

“Vi I can speak for myself you know,” I called out before Dad could respond.

“Yes yes. Let the girl talk. The more she speaks the better it’s going to be,” the ghost cackled, if that’s even possible. It sounded more like a ghastly coff but I’m assuming that was not the intent.

“Stop. All of you. Sit down now,” Dad commanded making us all shut up instantaneously and take a seat before he got mad or worse... didn’t tell us what was going on.

“Well well well. So dearest daddy is the only one who can tame the fire cracker now isn’t he?” the ghost leered as he hovered over to me. Gritting my teeth, I held back a retort as I watched it float over to Dad who looked even paler than the ghost, “Would you like to explain why they are here Draco? No? Ha! Well then allow me to do the honors,” the ghost taunted and turned back to us. Us being the three of us and the Potters ( well Harry Potter and one of his spawns).

“As you all must know, Draco here was a death eater during the second world war, which was skillfully ended by the one and only Harry Potter,” the ghost said as I rolled my eyes out of exasperation, “But the other part of the war was completely forgotten!”

“What part you imbecile?!” I bit out, anger taking over.

“The part where Harry Potter saved your father more than 3 times. Because of Harry Potter, your father has escaped death 3 times. Being so close to it each time. And as you know third time's the charm but your father still lives. So now I, the grim reaper have come to take your father’s life and all of yours as well to right the wrong that has been done. Draco Lucius Malfoy will not evade death once again and as his punishment all of his family will join him!” the ghost cried, this time assuring me that he was cackling.

“You have got to be kidding me,” I heard Mike mutter under his breath, his hands grabbing Vi and I by our arms as if to protect us. That’s what he always did, our big triplet brother. Protect us. But even he couldn’t save us from something he could have never imagined...

“Dad, I want to do this,” I started but he cut me off before I could continue.

“Don’t lie to me Amber! I know you like the back of my hand. I know you don’t want to do this. And you know what? You don’t have too. We don’t care. We will readily handle the consequences. Don’t do this. Don’t marry him,” I heard my Dad command me but I was already shaking my head.

“NO! No, no, no. No Dad. No. I have to do this. I am going to do this. And you can’t stop me. I want to do this. I want to save our family. I want to marry him. And really Dad, if you think about it, I’m actually quite lucky you know,” I joked, trying to lighten the air, “Marrying the most eligible bachelor according to Witches Weekly and all.”

“Don’t Ru... You don’t hav-,” Dad started to say but I grabbed his hands and held on to them as I responded, “Please Dad. Please. I have to. Please let me.” I watched as he looked a bit shocked until his eyes filled with this deep sorrow as he nodded. Nodding in response, knowing that it would be an appropriate response, I slipped my arm through his again and started walking to the people and the aisle.

“And now shall we?” I asked, indicating the aisle which lead to my doom.

“Yes, yes we shall,” I heard him say back softly as he strengthened his grip on me and started walking, holding onto me as if he was ready to catch me if I fainted, making me smile slightly.

“WHAT?!” I cried out in shock, “You want to KILL us all?! What kind of a freaky joke is this?!” I asked outraged and then turned towards the one and only Harry Potter and said, “And you are okay with this?!!? DO SOMETHING!”

“Tut tut tut. Now now love. Don’t go yelling at the savior of the world. Soon he will become the savior of your world as well. Or rather his son,” the ghost responded.

“What?” Mike asked, speaking to the ghost for the first time.

“Well I am glad you asked dearie! I have a proposal! You see, since Harry Potter is responsible for the birth of your family or well rather your brother Scorpius or shall I say cousin since your Uncle isn’t technically your Father, I will let your family live if you help Harry Potter’s family live on, as in letting the Potter name live,” the ghost responded but I am pretty sure we all stopped listening the moment he said that Dad wasn’t our actual Dad.

No one knew that. No one. Only Dad, Mum, and us three knew that plus Scorpius. Now that insipid demon knew it too and he had just announced it to the whole world. Or well just to the two Potters in the room but still! I think Vi was the quickest to recover and for the first time in my life... I was happy that she always took control.

“What do you mean?” Vi asked the ghost, getting right down to business, making him even a bit surprised.

“Well well. We have a Slytherin in our presence don’t we? Off course we do. Only Slytherin’s are smart though I must admit your uncle was a bit of a let down,” the grim reaper commented, “I was a slytherin you know! When I was alive! I was such a good Slytherin that when I died I became the grim reaper! It is such an honor. Maybe you will become one too,” he commented lightly, laughing at his own joke.

“I’m sure it is quite an experience. Will you please tell me how Harry Potter’s son is going to save my family now?” Vi asked, her voice and face in complete control, only her straight platinum blonde hair turning slightly bluer showing any signs of her rage.

“Well if I must. Like I said, since Harry Potter is the reason that the Malfoy lives on, you must help the Potter name live on. Meaning that one of you,” the ghost said, pointing to all three of us, “Must marry a Potter and have a child with him if you want your family to live on,” the ghost finished grinning at the silence that had now fallen in the room.

“Well I guess that counts me out since he said him and well... I don’t swing that team,” Mike joked about 5 mins later making me come to my senses and smack him.

“So basically, you want one of you,” Vi said, pointing to herself and me, “To marry one of the Potters and have their child?” she asked, her voice only showing a little bit of the panic that I could tell she was going through.

“Well yes and I mean you can have more you know since you can’t exactly divorce each other but I won’t force you to have anymore,” the ghost drawled as he rolled his eyes.

“He’s kidding right? You're kidding right? Please tell me you are,” I asked almost desperately when no one responded and the ghost only laughed louder.

“Shut up Ru. Let me handle it,” I heard Vi growl and I instantly shut it, knowing I was doing no good.

“Well well. You know what? I was going to give you a choice. I was going to be a nice grim reaper, since your uncle is a Slytherin and I have a soft corner for them but you, you young lady have changed my mind. I was going to let you two choose who would get married and to which Potter but now I’ll decided myself,” the ghost growled as it neared me, making me very sure of what he was going to say next.

“YOU. You will marry Potter,” the ghost drawled as I closed my eyes silently praying that he would pick the one I actually liked as a friend even, knowing it was hopeless really. What he said next was what brought me where I am now.

“You will marry Potter and you will marry THIS Potter,” the ghost demanded, pointing at the only single Potter in the room making me wince.

I let my Dad’s arm go as I walked up to the altar, in a sense letting go of my old life as well, and stood in front of my future. My soon to be husband, who was also a head taller than me, as he looked me over like I was some kind of cattle for sale in shock and then turning away, making me realize what I was really into. A life full of hatred and pain.

With James Sirius Potter.

Sooooo? How did you like it? Please leave a review! It will make my dayy =) And you know help me update faster as well :P Tell me if I should continue!


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