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Unprepared by MissIncendio
Chapter 29 : Here We Are
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Chapter Twenty-Nine

“So here we are.”

The cold night air bit at my skin sending goose bumps down my arms and raising the tiny hairs there. I felt Scorpius shift behind me, heard the soft sound of fabric brushing fabric before a warm coat was lain over my shoulders.

I put my hand over the one of his that lingered on my collarbone, turning my head so I could look up at him and smile. He just stared back at me, studying my face, drinking it in. I probably looked the same.

How I had missed just looking at him. His long blond eyelashes, his stone grey eyes that danced even now in the dark, his sharp chin. I even found myself reveling in his smirk, that little twist of his mouth that I hated and loved equally.

I reached up on my toes, and kissed the edge of his jaw before turning back around. His arms wound around my waist pulling me into him, holding me there.

“Here we are.” He repeated, his breath tickling my ear.

We gazed out together, from our perch on the old Astronomy tower, my hands on the cold railing, his on my waist. There were so many stars, blinking and twinkling down at us.

“We've really made a mess out of us, haven't we?” He whispered.

I smiled a little. “We have.”

“I can't guarentee I'll never hurt you again, Rose.” His voice was serious now, soft and pained.

“And I can't promise I'll never hurt you.” I turned to face him, placing my hands on either side of his face. “But I'm not leaving you again, I'm not giving up on this. I will not.”

“Good.” He smiled now too, and it made my stomach drop. He pressed his lips to my forehead and I sighed in pure relief that finally I could say these things and be forgiven completely. “Because I'm not leaving you ever again, Rose. Whatever happens from now on, I will stick by you. Forever.”

“Forever sounds perfect to me.” And I curled my fingers in his hair, bring his lips softly to mine.

“I have something of yours.” Scorpius's voice broke the peaceful silence. We were back to studying the stars, both gazing out at the black blanket of them.

“Oh?” I laid my head back against his shoulder, and looked up at him.

He fished something out of his pocket; a small glittering chain.

“My necklace.” I breathed, a smile breaking over my face. “I thought I'd lost it at the Potter's.”

I vaguely remembered a blury memory of my fingers fumbling with the clasp, eyes almost blind because of tears. I remembered finally freeing my neck from it and throwing it with all my might across the room.

“Ryan found it in your room, she gave it back to me the day we got back.” He replied as I lifted my hair and he struggled to do up the tiny clasp.

“And you've been carrying it around it your pocket ever since?” I asked, unable to stop myself.

He didn't answer right away. “Yes.”

I turned around again. “So even when you'd given up on us, you still had a little hope.”

“There's always a little hope.” He smiled down at me, tucking a curl behind my ear.

“There's always a way.” My fingers brushed my necklace.

He took a deep breath, he seemed to chew on his words for a second, opening his mouth and closing it again. “You never trusted me before, not completely anyways. Do you now, Rose? What changed?”

It was my turn to think, what had changed? “I...I realized that the world isn't full of terrible people, that not everyone is going to hurt me. That it wasn't people hurting me, it was me hurting people.”

I looked down for a second, but his fingers tugged my chin back up and I looked him full in the eyes.

“I trust you, Scorpius, completely.” My fingers grazed his neck, and wound themselves in his hair again. “Do you trust me? Can you after all I've done?”

His eyes bore into mine as I waited on that endless moment for his answer.

“Of course.”

I smiled, wide and hard, and buried my face into his neck, where it fit perfectly, breathing in his scent. Relishing in him. He was mine.

He was mine. And so here we sat, my body between his legs, leaned against the wall of the Astronomy tower, watching the cold night sky, his fingers in my hair, mine absently drawing patterns up and down his wrist.

Just us. Perfect and simple.

I let my mind wander, feeling no need, no urge to break the silence. It wasn't exactly a nice silence, the kind where you know nothing needs to be said. But nothing did need to be said, and yet it was heavy. Heavy with our thoughts that swirled through our minds like mist.

Where would I be a month from now? A year? What would the Rose a year in advance want to say to me, what would she know that I didn't? What did my future hold?

I even wondered about tomorrow. What would I be doing at this time? Asleep in my bed, dreaming pleasant dreams. Would I have tears running down my face? Would I be breathless after a fight?

Would I be happy?

And for a several months, I was. The end of January sped to the end of March in a blink of an eye. Valentine's day passed with roses, and kisses. I beat Scorpius on every test. I laughed at Dom and Rowan's fights that usually ended with them snogging. I watched Ryan blush every time Al was in the vicinity. My birthday came and went, a great party filled with loud noise and thumping music. I watched, I laughed, I lived.

Scorpius and I's fire never died down. We slowly started to touch each other again, this time keeping to going slow. Kisses got longer, and clothes disappeared. And then, finally, on the night of my birthday, we slept together.

And it was bliss. Perfect and loving, how it should be. We lay on the bed, for what seemed like forever talking and kissing, not hiding anything, until finally reality caught up with us and we had to get up for class.

Two months could not have been more perfect. So simple and yet so good.

But then world comes crashing down.

And it hit with such a simple question.

“Rose, can I borrow a tampon?”

A/N: I can't apologize enough for this long delay. I simply don't know what to write anymore, but I am starting to slowly get inspired again. Sorry for the short chapter, but I need it to be split up like this. Also sorry for the spelling/ grammar errors my spellcheck isn't working. See you soon. xoxo.

Ps I changed Rose's birthday to March 5th, instead of May 5th, hope that's okay :)

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