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Missing by Courtney Dark
Chapter 10 : Tori
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One year ago

Tori was trying her hardest to forget about the unpleasant incident with Albus in the bathroom the other day, really she was.

The problem was, Albus seemed to keep popping up all over the school in unexpected places.

Each time she saw him, Tori would feel her cheeks go red and she’d quickly look away, humiliated.

She’d never felt this way about a guy before.


Before Albus, all the guys she’d gone out with had just been tools for her to use, so that she’d get a higher social standing.

She just couldn’t get Albus out of her head, even when she was making out with James in abandoned classrooms.

Which, incidentally, was what she was doing right now.

She and James were sitting on a small, heavily graffitied desk. Tori was sitting on James’ lap with her long legs wrapped around his waist. He was moaning slightly as she ran her newly painted fingernails (purple, with glitter) up and down his back.

She smiled sexily and bent her head back, allowing James to kiss her, all the way up her neck until his lips met her mouth.

“I love you,” he murmured huskily, running a hand through her silky blonde hair

Tori giggled. “Not as much as I love you,” she whispered, and began to unbutton his school shirt, revealing his firm, tanned chest.

She knew she shouldn’t be doing this.

Not when she was in love with another boy.

But a big part of her still hoped that she could make herself fall in love with James. What wasn’t to love about him? He was handsome, famous, charming…

But he wasn’t Albus.

Tori suddenly pulled away, feeling disgusted at herself.

James didn’t deserve this. He was a good guy. She shouldn’t be leading him on…

But she had to. James was the most desired guy in the school and she had him. She couldn’t let him go, not yet.

Not until everyone saw that she could get whatever she wanted.

“What’s wrong?” James asked her, nipping her earlobe.

Tori forced a smile. “Nothing,” she said.

James pulled her off his lap. “Come on, I can tell something’s wrong.”

Tori bit her lip and looked down at her feet. She was wearing one of her favourite pairs of shoes-eight inch black stilettos with lacy bows. She’d brought them from a little shop on the edge of Diagon Alley. They had a special charm on them which meant it was impossible to fall over while wearing them.

She looked back up at James and brushed a long strand of hair out of her eyes. “You haven’t asked me to the Halloween ball,” she asked in a girly, little kids voice.

A voice which she hated the sound of.

A voice which always got her what she wanted.

This clearly wasn’t what James had expected her to say. “The Halloween ball?” he laughed, running a hand through his already rumpled hair.

It made him look dead sexy.

Why wasn’t she into him?

“I wouldn’t have thought that would be your cup of tea, Tor. It is supervised by teachers, you know, and that means no Firewhiskey or beer pong.”

Tori put her hands on her hips. “You are the worst boyfriend in the world!” she said. “Do you honestly think I have no class?”

James snorted. “Trust me Tor, no-one could possible think that about you.”

“As my boyfriend it is your duty to ask me to the ball,” Tori continued stubbornly. “Anyway, it could be fun.”

James looked at her strangely, and then shrugged. “Alright,” he said.

“Well go on then, ask me.”

“I just did!”

“Ask me properly.”

James rolled his eyes. “Tori, Tori Heron, will you go to the Halloween Ball with me?”

Tori gave him a light kiss on the cheek. “I would love to!”

Tori and Rebecca were sitting on the best sofa in the Gryffindor Common Room. Tori had her fantastically perfect legs spread along the length of it, making boys stare. Rebecca was squashed up at the other end, reading the book they’d been assigned for Charms, about memory charms.

Tori was supposed to be reading it too, but she was too bust staring at Albus.

He was sitting alone in the corner, fiddling with his glasses, head stuck in a thick book with yellowing pages.

Tori wondered what he was reading about.

She wondered if he was thinking about her, too.

Or maybe he already had a girlfriend. Maybe that was why he’d refused her…

“What are you staring at?”

Tori jumped at the sound of Rebecca’s voice, and quickly turned away from eye stalking Albus.

When did she ever eye stalk boys?

She was the type of girl who made out with guys she thought were hot, not the type that daydreamed pathetically about them.

God, she was turning into the type of schoolgirl she had always loathed.

The type of schoolgirl she used to be, before the…accident.

“I’m not looking at anyone,” she said, opening to the first page of the book about memory charms. Luckily it wasn’t too thick.

Tori hated reading.

Although she was naturally gifted at charm work- the Charms Professor had told her so the other day.

Professor Flitwick was the one teacher that seemed to like her.

This wasn’t saying much, as he was an ancient old bat who thought she was someone called ‘Miss Lovegood’.


“Yes you are,” insisted Rebecca, leaning over her and peering in the direction Tori had been staring in.

Tori decided it would be a good time to distract her.

It was becoming a little too obvious for her liking that she was into Albus-and no-one could know this, especially not Boring Becky, who would probably go blabbing.

“Were you looking at Albus?”

Tori’s heart froze and for a moment she wasn’t able to answer; she just stared at Rebecca in horror.

Finally, she managed to compose herself.

“Of course not!” she scoffed, making it sound like the idea repulsed her. She smacked Boring Becky lightly on the arm, who winced. “Where the hell would you get an idea like that Becky?”

She bit her lip. “I don’t know, lately you seem…different, that’s all.”

Tori laughed loudly, and several people turned round to stare at her curiously. “I have a boyfriend, Becky! An amazingly hot, perfect boyfriend. Why on earth would I have a crush on nerdy little Albus?”

Rebecca frowned. “I…I never said you had a crush on Albus,” she stammered, looking nervous. “I-I just asked if you were looking at him.”


Things had to change.

Tori had to make it obvious how much she was in love with James, or things would start to get complicated.

“I’m glad you don’t like him though,” continued Rebecca. God, could anyone be so stupid?

“And why is that?” Tori asked, without interest. She didn’t really care about anything Becky had to say. The only reason she allowed the girl to be her friend was so that she had someone to brag to.

Bragging was one of Tori’s favourite activities, and something she was very good at.

It came with practise-a lot of practise.

To Tori’s surprise, Rebecca went a furious shade of red-it made her look like a beetroot sprouting a mane of black hair.

It was hilarious.

“Because…because I like him,” said Rebecca, going, if it was possible, even redder. Tori felt her heart pounding even harder in her chest.

Rebecca liked Albus?

No. No. This could not be possible.

Albus was hers.

Rebecca was an idiot for thinking that he would ever like her.

Rebecca bit her lip and looked up at Tori hopefully. “I really like him, Tori,” she said, and Tori felt the urge to slap her across her stupid, red face. “I’ve liked him for a long time now. I just…I just don’t know how to tell him. I mean…he’s younger, and I’m not even sure if he likes me back.”

“Why don’t you just tell him then?” Tori asked flatly, feeling supremely irritated with Boring Becky.

Of course Albus doesn’t like you, you stupid bitch.

Rebecca’s eyes widened, and she lowered her voice. “I’ve never asked a boy out before, Tori,” she said. “I…I don’t really know how. And what if he rejects me?”

Tori shrugged. “You’ll get over it. There are plenty of other puny nerds to have sex with in this castle, Becky, I’m sure it will be easy to find another one.”

Tori!” Rebecca hissed, sounding horrified, and Tori grinned meanly. “Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean…”

Tori zoned out. A thought had just occurred to her.

She needed to prove how much she loved James, how she could get anything she wanted.

This meant she couldn’t be in love with Albus anymore. Or at least…it couldn’t seem like she was…

But she only needed to be with James for a few more months, then the deal would be done-she could dump him, and get together with Albus.

But Albus couldn’t get another girlfriend in the meantime.

Which meant Tori needed someone who could save him for her. Someone who would do whatever she told them…

“Are you going to the Halloween Ball?” Tori asked abruptly cutting off Rebecca mid sentence.

“Balls aren’t really my thing,” Rebecca replied. “And we have a test in Transfiguration coming up…”

“James asked me this afternoon,” Tori said smugly. “I’ve already ordered my costume from Wendall’s Wild Witch Wear.”

“That’s great!”

“Yeah,” beamed Tori, and then widened her eyes as though she had suddenly thought of a great idea. “You should totally ask Albus!” she said, clapping her hands together happily, like the idea of Albus and another girl excited her.

Boring Becky shook her head frantically. “I can’t!” she said. “It would be…embarrassing if he said no.”

Tori rolled her eyes. “Honestly Becky, you’re never going to get anywhere in life if you’re afraid of a little rejection. Do you know, even I’ve been rejected before.”


Yes. Just the other day in the boy’s bathroom, as a matter of fact.

“Yes. And I got over it. You are asking Albus to the Halloween Ball, or I will be renouncing you as my friend. Got it?”

Rebecca nodded unsurely.

“Great,” Tori beamed, and grabbed Rebecca’s wrist. “Let’s go!”

“What, now?”

“Of course! There’s nothing to be afraid of-and I’ll be with you.”

Tori dragged a protesting, embarrassed Rebecca over to Albus’ table.

“Hey Al,” she said throatily, leaning sexily up against his table, Rebecca hovering anxiously behind her like an irritating insect.

Albus looked up in surprise. “Tori? I thought you were avoi…”

“I’ve brought someone with me,” Tori said quickly, pushing Blushing Becky in front of her. She smiled at Rebecca. “Go on. Tell him.”

Albus frowned. “Tell me what?”

Rebecca didn’t say anything, so Tori nudged her viciously in the ribs.

Rebecca took a deep breath. “Do you…do you want to go to the Ball with me?” she asked quickly, and then went beet-red again.

Even the roots of her black hair were red.


“Oh!” Albus looked surprised, and Tori felt her heart beating very fast. He looked at her quickly, and then back to Rebecca who looked like she was about to pass out.

“I’m going with James,” Tori confirmed, hoping this got a good reaction out of Allbus.

It didn’t.

Albus smiled at Rebecca. “I’d love to go with you,” he said, and a stupid smile appeared on Rebecca’s face. “Thank you so much for asking me!”

Tori felt like she was about to throw up.

She hadn’t admitted it, even to herself, but she had been hoping Albus would say no.

To prove he felt for her what she felt for him.

“You actually said yes!” giggled Rebecca. The redness had faded, but her cheeks were still slightly pink. “I honestly didn’t think you would-I only asked you because Tori insisted!”

Tori glared at Rebecca as Albus looked at her, the confusion etched all over the face. “Really?”

Tori grabbed Rebecca’s arm again. “Well this is very cute and all,” she said in a snappish voice. “But Rebecca and I have work to do. Becky, you were going to teach me the theory behind Obliviate, remember?”

“Oh,” said Rebecca, remembering. “Right.” She smiled at Albus. “I’ll see you at the ball?”

Albus grinned. “Absolutely.”

Tori felt one hundred times worse than ever.

What the hell had just happened?

“You look gorgeous Tori,” Clementine sighed, gazing at Tori with large eyes as Tori used a severing charm to make her red devil’s dress several inches shorter.

“I know,” Tori smiled, finishing with the charm and throwing her wand down on the bed. She picked up the pair of devil’s horns that had come with the dress and carefully placed them on top of her head. They contrasted nicely with her blonde hair, making it look even shinier than it already was.

Neither Clementine nor Lavender had dates to the Halloween ball, so they were going together. They were both dressed as pumpkins and looked absolutely ridiculous.

And they wondered why they hadn’t been able to find boys to go with…

Tori strode over to the bathroom door in her thigh-high black boots and banged loudly on the door. “What the fuck are you doing in there Rebecca?” she asked rudely.

She still hadn’t gotten over the fact that Albus had actually agreed to go on a date with Boring Becky.

Tonight, she was going to do everything possible to make sure the two of them didn’t become anything more than friends.

“I look terrible!” Rebecca whined through the door. “Albus is going to hate me!”

Good, thought Tori, smirking.

“Oh, honestly Becky!” she shouted irritably. “You can’t look that bad! Nothing I can’t fix, anyway. Come out, and I’ll help you!”

There was a small pause and then Rebecca finally opened the door and stepped out.

Tori heard Clementine and Lavender gasp.

Rebecca looked amazing.

She was dressed as a witch-well, a Muggle storybook witch, anyway, complete with a tight fitting black dress, pointy hat and heeled boots. She was wearing long, silver earrings and several shining necklaces around her neck.

Her costume was so much better than Tori’s.

Everyone would notice her first, then look at Tori afterwards.

And that just could not happen. Tori had to be the centre of everyone’s attention-especially Albus’.

“How do I look?” Rebecca asked nervously, tugging on the hem of her dress.

“Beautiful!” the twins chorused dreamily, and Tori shot them a look.

“You look good,” she admitted grudgingly. “But you still need a serious makeover!”

She grabbed her wand from her bed, and instructed Rebecca to take her hat off.

“What are you doing?” Rebecca asked anxiously, as Tori began to circle her, the heels of her boots clicking loudly on the ground.

“You need to stop hiding behind your bangs, Becky,” Tori said confidently. “You have amazing cheek bones-it’s time you start working them.”

And, before Rebecca could do anything about it, Tori was twirling her wand and cutting large amounts of Rebecca’s long black hair off until it was short and choppy, and framed her face.

She didn’t look ugly-in fact, it looked quite cool, but Tori knew from experience that boys noticed girls with long hair first.

“My hair!” Rebecca squeaked, sounding like a frightened mouse as Tori used a vanishing charm to clean up the strands of black hair that had covered the floor.

“You look absolutely gorgeous now, Becky,” Rebecca beamed, as Clementine and Lavender stared. “But there’s just one more thing I have to do…”

Rebecca sat down on her bed, in shock, as Tori began rummaging around in her suitcase, until she found what she was looking for: her make up box.

Tori put it on the bed next to Rebecca, took out her green eye shadow and hesitated. She was torn between making Rebecca look better to show that she, Tori Heron, could turn an ugly duckling into a swan, and making her look worse so that Albus would never go for her.

As she dabbed green eye shadow onto a blush brush, she decided safely on something in between.

As she powdered it onto Rebecca’s face, she eyed her in confusion. “Is that green?”

“You’re a witch, remember?” Tori said, still dabbing. “And Muggle witches are always green. I have no idea where they got that idea from.”

One more thing and Boring Becky would be finished. Tori drew a large spot on her nose and used other colours from her eye kit to make it look as wart-like as possible.

Then she clicked her make-up box shut and admired her work. “Perfect!” she said, and Rebecca stood up, looking sceptical. Tori turned round so that she was facing the twin pumpkins as well. “Ready ladies? Let’s go meet the boys!”

James and Albus were waiting for them in the Gryffindor Common Room, talking and laughing.

Tori observed the two brothers quietly before approaching them.

Clearly, Albus had not said anything to his older brother about him and Tori, because they both appeared to be getting along.

Tori knew James still thought she had been flirting with Albus that day in the library, but he seemed to have gotten past that.

Everything was fine and dandy, except for the fact that Tori was attending the Halloween Ball with the wrong boy.

“There’s my girl!” James said loudly, as Tori approached.

Tori smiled sexily and strutted towards him, seeing Clementine and Lavender struggling to get out of the portrait hole in their pumpkin costumes as she did so.

“Hey babe,” she said, kissing James on the mouth.

As she kissed him, she could see Albus and Rebecca watching them awkwardly as they stood next to each other, not really speaking.


Finally, Tori and James broke apart, and James put his arm around Tori’s waist. “You look hot,” he stated.

“Don’t I!” beamed Tori, tossing her hair. “You look amazing babes!”

He didn’t really. He was wearing a green tunic with a large ‘M’ on it, a cape, and a stupid hat and had a fake sword at his hip.

“Well,” said Tori, flashing Albus and Rebecca a smile, who still looked awkward. “Shall we go down then?”

As they walked down the stairs, Tori pretending to listen to James, she snuck a glance at Albus.

He looked hot.

He was wearing contacts rather than glasses, making his green eyes even brighter. He wasn’t really wearing a costume as such-just slightly scruffy black jeans and a long sleeved, tight black t-shirt with a picture of a skeleton on it.

Tori didn’t know why she found him so attractive.

He definitely had muscle, that was for certain, but didn’t have amazing abs, like James. And he was very nerdy looking, like he was unsure of himself.

Perhaps that was why Tori found him so attractive.

The Great Hall was covered with Halloween decorations like flying bats and ornate pumpkins. There was loud music playing, and Tori scrunched up her nose.

At Beauxbatons, there had been a Winter Ball each year, which was always much classier than this.

James had been right. This wasn’t her cup of tea.

The moment they entered the Great Hall, Albus asked Rebecca if she wanted to dance, and the two of them headed off into the large crowd. Tori tried not to watch them too enviously. She tried to remind herself that putting Albus and Rebecca together was all part of her plan.

Fred and Mickey suddenly bounded up to them, both wearing the same stupid costume as James, except Fred’s was red and Mickey’s was purple.

“Jamesy!” Fred yelled, hugging James like a girl and pounding him on the back.

“Wow Tori, you look great!” Mickey commented, and Tori noticed him staring at her boobs.

She smirked. Pervert.

“Thanks Mickey!” she said, tossing her hair behind her shoulder. She looked at Fred with raised eyebrows. “Freddy, what the fuck have you come as?”

Fred pretending to look insulted. “I take offence to that!”

James grinned at her, and put his arm around her shoulder “I thought you said you liked my costume? Meaning you knew what I was?”

Tori shrugged, trying to fight the urge to detach herself from James’ warm arm. “I lied.”

“We’re the Three Musketeers!” Fred said loudly, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Tori raised her eyebrows. “Am I supposed to know who they are?”

Fred chuckled and ruffled up her hair. “Aw Tori, you know we love you, but you don’t know much do you?”

Tori glared at him, trying to flatten out her hair.

“You wanna dance or something?” James asked.


“Actually, I’m really thirsty,” Tori smiled up at him. “You stay here with the other…Musketeers and I’ll get us some drinks.”

“Just warning you, there’s no alcohol here,” Fred said, still grinning. God, he was dopey. “Trust me, I’ve already checked. But I wouldn’t say no to a cup of pumpkin juice.”

“You got it,” said Tori, snogging James before heading over to the food and drink table.

She wasn’t really thirsty at all, but the table was raised above the rest of the hall, giving her a good vantage point. She was hoping to scope out Albus with Boring Becky.

As she slowly began to pour pumpkin juice into plastic cups, Tori noticed Aine standing alone at the end of the table.

She was wearing an odd dress that looked like it had been handmade and was staring in the direction of James, Fred and Mickey.

Smirking to herself, Tori put the drinks back on the table and stalked over to her. “Hey.”

Aine jumped as Tori spoke. Her eyes immediately went to the large amount of bare leg Tori was showing. Her mouth curled slightly. “Careful, Tori,” she said. “You don’t want people to start thinking you’re desperate now, do you?”


Tori smiled sweetly. “Honey, you need to make it less obvious.”

“Make what less obvious?”

Tori leaned in closer to her, as though she was sharing a very important secret. “That you’re attracted to Mickey.”

Aine flushed furiously. “Why…why do you think that?”

“Hon, it’s obvious to everyone in the vicinity. Why don’t you just do everyone a favour and ask him to dance? He obviously likes you too-he keeps looking at you. It’s sickening.”

Tori saw that Aine was struggling to hide a smile.

She didn’t know exactly why she was trying to set her up with Mickey. Maybe she just wanted someone to be happy.

Which was ridiculous of course, because the only happiness she had ever cared about before was her own.

“Hey, Mickey!” she called out loudly, and gestured for the idiot to come over.

He did immediately, like a puppy dog following his master’s orders.

“What’s up?”

Tori put her hands on her hips. “You and Aine,” she said, pushing them together. “You both like each other so…I dunno, talk or something.”

For a second she enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing the bewildered looks on both their faces, before walking away, completely forgetting about the drinks.

She’d just seen Albus, heading away from the dance crowd.


She hurried after him and approached him, just as he disappeared behind a large stone column.

“How’s your date with Becky going?” she purred, leaning very close to him and smiling.

If Albus was surprised be her sudden presence, he didn’t say anything. “Fine,” he said, maybe a little stiffly. “She doesn’t talk much.”

Tori smiled. “Sounds like someone else I know,” she said, looking at him pointedly.

Albus raised his eyebrows. “Me? I talk plenty, thank you very much.”

Tori snorted. “When I first met you, you were this shy little library boy who looked as though he’d never seen a girl in his life.”

“Shy little library boy? Is that really your description of me? I take that as an insult.” But his tone was light, and he was smiling.

“Not anymore it isn’t.”

There was a short pause.

“Why did you persuade Rebecca to come to the ball with me, Tori?” Albus asked.

Why did he have to bring Rebecca up? She was nothing…nothing at all.

Luckily, Tori was spared answering when James and Fred approached them.

“Where have you been, Tor?” James asked. “I thought you were getting drinks!”

He suddenly realised Albus was standing there, and his smile fell slightly.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Tori asked, a little too innocently. “You’re not planning on keeping me all to yourself the whole night, are you?”

James face had gone slightly stony. He grabbed Tori’s hand. “Come with me.”

She stared at him as he practically dragged her out of the room, into the Entrance Hall. She could feel her heart pounding in humiliation-it seemed like there were hundreds of sets of eyes on her. She wondered what they were thinking.

When she and James were away from the crowds of dressed up students, Tori turned to face him, her arms crossed.

“I can’t believe you dragged me away from the party,” she said. “I’m so embarrassed.”

James stared at her. “You’re kidding me right?” he said. “You’re embarrassed?”

“What are people going to think? Everyone was staring at us when you dragged me away like that!”

“You know what you’re doing, Tori.”

She was feeling angry now. She was not in the fucking mood to depict riddles. “No, I don’t know actually James. Would you care to enlighten me?”

He swore under his breath, and ran a hand through his hair. “Fucking hell, Tor! I know…I know you’re flirtatious. That’s just who you are, you flirt with every guy who so much as smiles at you. All I’m asking is that you stay away from my fucking brother!”

Tori stared at him. “What makes you think there’s something going on between me and Albus!”

“That’s not what I’m trying to say, Tori!” James said, and he definitely sounded pissed off now. “Are you trying to make me jealous?”

“Of course not!”

“THEN FUCKING KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!” James hollered, and the couple that was making out on the stairs stopped kissing to stare at them. For the first time in her life, Tori wished they’d look away.

Will you keep your voice down!” Tori hissed. She had no idea where any of this was coming from. Although, it was probably her own fault. But she couldn’t help it that all the boys wanted her…James was lucky to have her.

“Al isn’t good around girls!” James continued. His voice was quieter but he still sounded furious. “He doesn’t know what to do around…around girls like you! Do you want to ruin him?”

Tori shook her head in disgust. He had gone too far-and what did he mean by ‘girls like you’? And how could she ruin Albus? The whole thing was ridiculous!

“You know what you are, James Potter?” Tori hissed, making her words as venomous as possible. “You’re just an insecure little boy! That’s why…”

She trailed off because James’ reaction was not at all what she’d thought it would be. He wasn’t scowling, he wasn’t shouting.

He was laughing at her.

“Something has to change, Tori,” he said. “If it doesn’t….if you can’t find some way to…to control your urges, you and I are done.”

Panic rose quickly in her chest, and she grabbed his arm. “James,” she said in a pleading tone, her eyes widening, but he just shook her off, and stalked away, past the couple that was still passionately making out on the stairs and out of sight.

Tori stared after him for a very long time.

She had just been broken up with. Never, ever had a boy dumped her before. She was the one who did the dumping, not the other way around.

This was bad. Very bad.

People could not know that Tori Heron had not been able to hold onto the golden boy of Hogwarts for even two months.

Tori glanced back towards the Great Hall.

She could hear music and laughter coming out of it, but didn’t want to go back in alone.

She couldn’t face all the questions about where James had gone.

But she couldn’t go back to the Common Room, either. She couldn’t face James. Not yet.

Feeling upset and angry, Tori hurried up several flights of stairs until she reached the empty Charms classroom.

It was locked, but a simple Alohomora Charm unlocked the door, and Tori hurried inside.

Sitting on old Flitwick’s desk was a large cage of chirping yellow birds, when all she wanted was silence.

Closing her eyes slightly, Tori pulled her wand from inside her bra and pointed it at the cage.

“Silencio!” she murmured, and several of the birds fell silent. “Silencio!” she said again, more forcefully. The birds all continued to chirp, but no sound came out of their mouths.


Startled, Tori turned round to see him standing at the door, his hands shoved into his pockets.


“You followed me,” she said tonelessly.

She wasn’t looking forward to sharing with Albus that his brother had just broken up with her.

“Hope you don’t mind,” said Albus sheepishly. He crossed the classroom and pulled himself up onto the desk next to her. “What happened?”

Tori looked away from him. “Nothing happened. I’m fine.”

“You’re crying.”

Tori stared at him, before putting a hand to her cheeks. Sure enough, they were wet with tears.

Feeling embarrassed, she wiped them away. “I didn’t realise.”

“You look beautiful tonight, Tori,” Albus said quietly, and Tori stared at him, her heart racing.

“Your brother didn’t seem to think so,” she said bitterly. “I think he just broke up with me.”

Albus stared at her, and then shook his head. “He’s crazy. If I…if I had you, I’d never let you go.”

Tori didn’t say anything. Just continued staring at him, her eyes wide.

“I love you, Tori,” Albus said in a shaky voice.

Tori felt another tear spill out from the corner of her eye. “I love you too,” she whispered and Albus leaned in and kissed her.

Tori closed her eyes slightly as he kissed her, as he gently ran his cold hands along her skin, wrapping his touch around her hips and up her back. He sharpened his grip as he moved down to her thigh, with surprising confidence.

Tori heard herself gasp quietly as want filled her chest and made it clench. All the right emotions were filling her stomach, emotions that were making her feel dizzy and light-headed.

Albus was all she wanted. He was all she needed to survive.

Tori felt her muscles tense as he ran his soft fingers farther up her leg. He came even closer and kissed her neck, just as James had done earlier. However, it felt so different from when James had done it. It felt right. It made her want him to come even closer.

And he did.

He moved in and put his lips to her ear, sending a shiver down Tori’s spine.

“Is this what you want?” he whispered, his words coming out very shaky.

“Yes,” Tori said, and kissed him like she’d never see him again.

A/N: Hello, my amazing readers! So this is the first chapter of 2013! What do you think? Any new thoughts about Tori, Rebecca, Albus or James? Any predictions about what is to come?

I want to thank everyone who has left me such positive feedback in their reviews-it really means a lot to me!



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