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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 33 : Christmas Eve
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 Chapter Thirty Three

Christmas Eve

Lily and Ginny went home the next morning though we were due to see them again the next morning so I didn’t really understand why we all had to gather on the front porch to see them off at six am. Lily kissed me on the cheek before she left which didn’t go unnoticed by Hermione or Ginny, it also probably would give all the wives something to gossip about the next day. Hugo and I were heading over to Louis’ to spend the day with him, Al and Freddie (James was staying at home to spend time with his dad; clearly my advice had sunk in). I wasn’t really sure what this “hangout” would involve but I gather alcohol would be involved so I was pretty sold on the idea. Hermione and Rose took Jack over to Percy and Audrey’s so he and Lucy could meet up; Rose seemed to really resent the fact she’d be spending Christmas Eve with them

“Ah Oliver” said Louis’ mum Fleur, officially the best looking mother ever, as she greeted me on her front doorstep by kissing me twice on both cheeks “Eeet iz so nice to see you again. You av grown a lot since the summer have you not?” I nodded not really sure to what I was agreeing to, I always ended up in this weird kind of trance when Fleur was around, she was almost hypnotic in the way she spoke and moved. The rest of the boys had grown up with her so didn’t really get my fascination with her. Louis room was very typical of Louis; it was very clean, in order and very attractive looking. I noticed a lot of pictures of him and Ben at a park

“We went last week” he sighed “Ben’s gone away to America for Christmas, this was our last day together before he went”

“It’s two weeks Lou” I said with a smirk “I’m sure that you will live”

“Two weeks is a long time when you love someone though” said Louis “I’m sure your missing Abi just as much aren’t you?” I gulped; I hadn’t even begun thinking about writing back to Abi and had considered giving her present to Dom or someone else who wasn’t a possessive physco. Louis noticed my mood went funny when he mentioned Abi and changed the subject to how I’d been getting on with Hugo’s family. I was grateful; Louis certainly had more tact than certain male members of his family. Louis asked me to help take down the pictures of him and Ben before Hugo, Al and Freddie entered the room as they didn’t yet know that they were together

It made me feel quite sorry for Louis, he loved Ben a lot and clearly wanted to shout it from the rooftops but couldn’t because Ben wasn’t out yet. From what I could tell Louis was clearly quite miserable about the whole thing but wanted to respect Ben’s feeling and privacy and would sacrifice his own happiness for it. I came to the conclusion that Louis was an amazing person. Hugo, Freddie and Al didn’t notice anything when they entered the room and soon enough the conversation headed in the direction of me punching James a few nights before. I should have seen it coming

“It was amazing guys” said Hugo “I was so proud, he just walloped him then and there in front of the whole pub. You should have seen James’ face; I bet nobody’s ever had the nerve to do that to him”

“Teddy did it once” said Al “But then again James had insulted his dead parents so I think it was fair enough, I’m surprised it took this to change him though – no offence Ollie – but he’s been so much nicer these past few days. Like he actually has a heart somewhere in there”

“Well that makes his tinman nickname redundant then” sighed Louis “I’ll have to think of a new one now”

“Maybe we could call him Buzz Lightyear” suggested Freddie

“I prefer block head” piped up Hugo. We all laughed

“Why don’t you just call him James” I offered; they all gave me a weird look “I know James can be a bit headstrong, a bit of an idiot and yeah there may not be a whole lot going on upstairs and sometimes he acts like a caveman but it’s because you guys let him”

“What do you mean?” asked Freddie; though Hugo was clearly kicking himself internally for not thinking of calling James a caveman earlier

“I just mean that a lot of James’s behaviour comes half from him being like that and half from him thinking that’s how you all see him” I continued; I was taking a muggle psychology course on the side just in case I couldn’t find any jobs in the wizarding world “If you treat James like a moron and give him nicknames that make him seem like a moron then that is obviously how he’s going to act”

“Damn it Ollie, why you gotta be so deep all the time” exclaimed Al as the others laughed “But you are right, maybe we should meet James halfway here. He’s trying to be nice, let’s try to treat him like he at least has some form of a brain”

We all agreed except Hugo who began brainstorming ways to make James suffer, he’d made it clear that as far as he was concerned that was it between himself and James. I was touched Hugo was so angry on mine and Jack’s behalves but I felt kind of guilty for causing quite a big riff in the family but Rose and Hermione assured me that Hugo just needed one more excuse to cut James out of his life for good. They’d never got on since James made Hugo’s life hell as a child because he wasn’t athletic and he didn’t care about Quidditch.

Dom and Roxy soon came into join us and we ended up watching a muggle film called “It’s a Wonderful Life” which involves a family overcoming financial hardship at Christmas. The film was in black and white, which made it immediately crap in Hugo’s eyes, but I found it kind of inspirational and it made me think about what I had with Abi. If George Bailey and his wife could pull through all of that then I was sure as hell Abi and I could. She was worried that I’d cheat on her, I couldn’t really blame her. She knows I’ve like Lily for years, she kind of knows Lily likes me back, She knows what Lily is like and she’s aware we’re going to be spending a lot of time with eachother these two weeks. It made me feel quite guilty about being so angry with her, though I did still think she had gone way too far with what she said

Later that night, back at Hugo’s I began my letter to Abi

Dear Abi,

It will be hard for me to stay away from Lily and I don’t think it’s entirely fair of you to expect me to do so when I’m a guest of her families for Christmas. So how about we compromise? I will make it sure Lily and I are not alone together at any point and I won’t make a deliberate attempt to spend time alone with her like I did yesterday; sorry about that by the way. However, when in company I will talk to her, I don’t wanna be rude as I’m a guest and Lily and I are friends again and I don’t want her to think she’s done something wrong.

Happy Christmas, can’t wait to see you again and I’m looking forward to New Year’s Eve with you so much. Everyone sends their best to you and I’ve attached your present as well so I hope you like it, I’m sure I’ll love mine it certainly looks big anyway and thanks for getting Jack something you really didn’t have to but I’ll make sure he appreciates whatever it is

Have a good time skiing, eat as much crap as you want and most of all just have a bloody good Christmas because you deserve it.

Lots of Love,


P.S.: I don’t suppose you know why the owl is missing some of its foot do you? It’s missing some of its foot

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Escaping the Friend Zone: Christmas Eve


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