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Confessions of a Teenage Witch by FredFan27
Chapter 1 : The Uses of Mice
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A/N: So this story has been bumping around in my head for a while and I finally decided to share it with you! This chapter is a bit long but it was the only logical place to cut off. Hope you like it! Credit to JKR! 

I was having the nicest dream about chocolate and shoes when I heard the most terrifying sound known to mankind. “Oi! Serena! Get your arse out of bed!” That would be my little sister Samantha, Samm if you didn't want to incur her wrath, which was pretty terrifying for someone who looked so innocent.

            “Leave me alone or I'll hex your eyes out!” Okay, not so great of a comeback but in my defence, I was tired.

            Samm plopped herself on the end of my bed and I opened one eye to glare at her. “Fine but if you make us late for the train I'll never forgive you!”

            The train she referred to was the Hogwarts Express, which took us to our school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Today was September first, the start of term. I was going back for my sixth year, Samm, her fifth.

            I considered her words for a minute. I didn't want to get out of bed but I didn't want to miss the train either. My best friends, Lily Evans and Cleo Bennett, would be waiting for me there. “How much time do I have?”

            “It's half an hour until we leave.”

            “What?!?” I screeched and bolted upright. Samm laughed at my panic but I didn't have time to argue. I would kill her later. I ran for the bathroom like a rampaging hippogriff was on my tail.

            Twenty minutes later I emerged dressed in a short, orange pleated skirt, a white tank, high heeled orange sandals and various bits of jewellery. My hair was dry and flat (Which took a lot of effort because I wasn't seventeen and couldn't do magic outside of school. Damn the ministry and their rules.) and my make-up was pretty good, if I do say so myself. I felt quite smug.

            Samm was still sitting on my bed, grinning, and I knew that look. I studied my bedroom, everything seemed to be in order. My pictures were still grinning and waving from their positions and my black cat Winston (Yes I'm a witch and I have a black cat. Go ahead, scream cliché!) was still snoozing on my bed.

            “What?” I demanded of the evil, grinning creature that was my sister. Although, to be honest, I was kind of worried about what the answer would be.

            Samm just smiled wider and pointed to my red and gold Gryffindor clock that was on the wooden table next to my bed. I stared at it for a minute before I understood. “You evil little prat!” The clock showed that I still had over an hour left until we had to leave for the station.

            She took one look at my expression and ran. I bolted after her, surprisingly steady in my heels.

            I'd chased her into her bedroom, which was not easy let me tell you. The girl was anything but neat. She was cowering on one side of her bed while I yelled at her from the other. “I'm going to rip your hair out, I swear it!”

            The look she got on her face after hearing that was priceless. Her hand went to her curly blonde hair and she looked horrified. I couldn't help but laugh at her expression.

            Samm smiled back, aware that the danger had passed but not exactly sure as to why. “What's funny?”

            I was still laughing but managed to sputter, “Your hair...Your face...Just like Sirius!”

            The person I was referring to was Sirius Black. He'd been our friend since before we could remember. We were some of the few people his mother approved of (because we were purebloods).  She actually went as far as to try and arrange a marriage between Sirius and I once. (We were only eleven at the time and in our first year of school. It was a very traumatizing event in both our lives.) Since Sirius ran away though, his mother now advises me to avoid the “filthy blood traitor”. My mum just laughs and tells me to speak to whoever I want. She's great, my mum.

            Anyway, back to the point. Anyone who's met Sirius knows that he is obsessed with one thing- his hair. He loves it just as much as James Potter loves Quidditch or I love shoes. Yes, really, that much. He's kind of vain, so you can understand why my sister scowled and threw a pillow at me.

            “I'm not like Sirius! No one is that bad!” Then we both had a good laugh at his expense, but what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. 

            We both headed downstairs, Samm in her own unique way. She slid down the banister (Which Mum has told her about a thousand times not to do.) and strolled into the kitchen singing some stupid song about purple parakeets at the top of her lungs. I, on the other hand, used the stairs and entered quietly. Well, as quiet as heels on hardwood can be.

            As quiet as my entrance was it was still noticed more than Samm's. My father looked up from behind his copy of The Daily Prophet and raised his eyebrows. “What's this? Serena? Up early? Is the world coming to an end? Should we run for the hills?”

            I rolled my eyes at him and grabbed his cup for a sip of tea. “Haha. Anything in the Prophet?” Dad's smile turned stiff and he hurriedly closed the paper. Obviously there was something in there that he didn't want us to see. Probably more missing muggles, he always tried to hide those from us. Honestly, I was sixteen years old and we always heard the news from our friends anyway.

            “No, just boring ministry news.” Dad worked for the ministry as an auror but he tried to pretend that his job wasn't dangerous. We all knew it was Mum who had the boring job, she was secretary to the President of Internal Affairs for the ministry. Yawn! But Dad was still talking. “Why are you up anyway?”

            Samm opened her mouth to brag about tricking me but I cut her off. “Nevermind why...” I said, shooting my sister a glare. “Let's just get Mum and leave. I'll be early for once, Lily will never believe it.” Lily was always yelling at me for being late but I never paid her any attention. She was such a goody-two shoes, she was even a prefect for Merlin's sake.

            Grinning Samm opened her mouth and I quickly covered my ears. Just in time too because a second later she let out an ear piercing scream. “Mum! We're leaving!” I honestly don't know where we found her. She must be part troll, or maybe banshee, she was certainly loud enough.

            This shout was quickly followed by the clattering of heels on the stairs. (Yes, I got my love of shoes from my mother. Samm though obviously missed out on that. She was wearing some grubby old white trainers that had clearly seen their better days.) Mum appeared in the doorway looking slightly frazzled.

            Mum was very pretty in an angelic sort of way. You know, very tiny, long curly blonde hair, big blue eyes and cheekbones to die for. (Sirius always calls her a “babe”, but I digress.) Samm looked just like her which always made it more surprising when she started to swear at you. I however, looked just like my father, well, a feminine version of course. My hair was long, straight and dark brown and my eyes were brown too. I luckily got the cheekbones but I missed out on the delicate beauty that my mother and sister had. I was taller and had more umm...curves than they had.

            Right now though, my mother's curly hair had gone a little frizzy and she had a bleeding scratch down one of her forearms. “Serena, that cat is a menace! I tried to cage him for the trip and look what it did! Look!” She shook her injured arm at me but I just shrugged. She knew that Winston hated that cage.

            She kept muttering about “Demon cats” while she searched the cupboard for the Dittany. Mum's grumbling made me smile. In reality, she loved Winston, She was the one who brought him home for me when he was just a teeny little black ball of fluff. She even sent treats for him in her letters when we went to school.

            Mum muttered a curse when she still couldn't find the bottle of Dittany to help her cut. I rolled my eyes and told her. “If you can't find it just ask Jilly.” Jilly was our house elf. I know, now your gasping and frowning. Yes, we had a house elf but really, she was well treated. She had her own room and a very nice pink pillowcase to wear. Samm and I tried to give her a dress once but she cried so hard that we had to take it back. She loved us and we loved her. She was like a part of the family. Like an extra sister with big ears. A less annoying sister, really.

            “Nevermind, I found it!” Mum pulled out the bottle and started dabbing at the scratch. “You just get Winston and we'll go. He's hiding though so finding him might take a while.” She warned me but I just laughed and shook my head at her scepticism.

            “Winston, Kitty, it's time to go back to school.” I called out in my special Winston voice that was more coo than anything else. And then about ten seconds later twenty pounds of black cat came prancing into the kitchen and sat at my feet, looking up at me expectantly. I grinned when the rest of my family looked at me in amazement. “And you wanted a dog.” I bent, picked him up and then we all headed to the station.



             Mum and Dad kissed us good-bye before we went through the wall to Platform 9 3/4. Samm had this weird thing about them not coming onto the platform with us, I think it was because everyone always said, “You look just like your Mum!” She hated that for some reason. I wouldn't mind looking like Mum.

            Dad hugged me tightly and then gave me a stern look. “You tell those boys to keep their distance, right? I don't want to hear about any boyfriends!”

            I rolled my eyes but assured him that he wouldn't, though it was because I wouldn't mention them, not that I wouldn't have them. Boys were one of the joys of being a teenage girl after all, though I could never convince Samm, Lily or Cleo of that.

            I waited for Mum to finish her list of warnings for Samm (She's such a trouble maker which I think is mostly Sirius' fault.) and then she turned to me and gave me one of her hugs. My mum gives the best hugs, they make you feel safe and loved. She repeated Dad's warning about boys with a wink and hugged me once more, then Samm and I headed away from them.

            We were a few feet away when Mum called out, “Oh, give the girls and Sirius my love! Tell Sirius how disappointed I am that he didn't come to visit this summer and that he has to come for a few days in Christmas!” I looked back at her and nodded. I really didn't understand why she liked Sirius so much, he was such a vain little prankster. But then, he was one of my best friends so maybe the Sirius Love ran in the family.

            Once we were through the platform I gave a sigh of relief, it was so good to be going back. I didn't love school, like Lily and Cleo did, but I love Hogwarts. The history, the atmosphere and of course, the people made me feel like I belonged. Even just knowing that I would be there in a few hours was enough to make me smile.

            Samm apparently, was not sharing my thoughts. “Getting these trunks on the train is going to be hell.” She muttered, already eyeing her trunk, which was considerably smaller than mine.

            Shaking my head I told her in a mocking voice. “Oh, Sammy, you poor naive little girl. Just watch and learn.” Then I glanced around me, focused on a target and pushed my trolley towards the train.

            The target in question was a tall boy, a seventh year and on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team if I was not mistaken, which I rarely was. He was one of the beaters who was remarkably built for a Ravenclaw.

            Instead of heading straight to him I stopped close to the train a few feet in front of him. Now was the time to put my acting skills in use. I took a long look at my trunk and then another at the train. I bit one corner of my lip and tried to look innocent and helpless which would be so much easier if I had Samm's looks, her wide blue eyes would go perfect with my innocent facade, but of course, I had to make due with my own brown ones.

            Even if I didn't have any baby blues to bat, it didn't take long for the intended reaction to occur. The target approached me and asked in a very deep voice that I decided I liked. “Would you like some help getting it on board?”

            I jumped and looked at him in feigned surprise, as if this wasn't exactly what I wanted to happen. “Oh, would you?” He nodded and smiled at me and I let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you, I wasn't sure how I was going to make it.”

            When he turned his attention to my trunk I looked over and smiled at Samm, who nodded in approval. Then two seconds later she headed across to a red headed younger boy who had been standing innocently enough beside the train. “Oi, you! I need this-” She pointed to the trunk, “on that.” And she pointed to the train. The boy looked slightly afraid but that made him hurry to her trunk all the faster.

            She strolled over to me and we watched the boys struggle with our luggage. I shook my head at her in disappointment. “You have no class, Samm.”

            Making a face at me she gestured to where the little red head was trying to push her trunk aboard the train. “It got the job done didn't it?

            “That is so not the point.” I whispered to her, so the boys wouldn't overhear. “I bet I could get a date out of this, you however, will get a reputation for being even more mean than you are.”

            Amazement dawned on her face and she exclaimed (a little louder than I would have liked but then again that was Samm.) “You fancy that bloke?”

            I hissed at her to shut up and glanced at the Ravenclaw, (who's name I happened to know was Trevor), to see if he had heard but he didn't appear to. “No, I don't fancy him, I'm just saying that if I did I could get him to ask me out.”

            She let out a sigh of relief and glared at the boy who had stopped to take a breath. When he caught her look he gulped audibly and turned back to his task. “I'm glad you don't like him.”

            Well, that was an odd thing for her to say, she didn't even know Trevor. “Why the sudden interest in who I fancy?”

            “I have no interest in who you choose to snog but I know Sirius wouldn't like it if you were going out with a opposing Quidditch player, and no one wants to deal with Sirius when he gets sulky.” I rolled my eyes but I did agree with her. Sirius had this thing about any of his friends dating someone from other Quidditch teams, of course it didn't stop him when he fancied one of the girl players. Sirius was such a hypocrite and I never let him choose who I dated. For the most part he let me make up my own mind (Except for that time when his younger brother asked me out but that's a whole different kettle of fish).

            The boys had finished with their work and we watched as the younger one scurried away, eager to escape from Samm's clutches. Trevor lingered though and headed my way. Samm quickly said good-bye and hurried onto the train, she always said that she hated to watch me flirt. I liked to think it was because she was jealous of my skills, hehe.

            When the tall, blonde haired boy approached me I smiled up at him and said, “Thanks for helping me. You're Trevor right? You're on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team?” He beamed and I hid a giggle. Boys were so predictable, they loved it when you had noticed them.

            “Yea, and you're Serena right? I've seen you around school.” I nodded and he motioned for me to precede him onto the train.  We walked along the aisle for a minute, making small talk until we reached the compartment that Lily, Cleo and I always claimed.

            I told him this was mine and opened the door to step inside. Before closing it behind me though I turned and smiled at him. “Thanks again. So, see you around?”

            “Definitely.” I grinned at the certainty in his voice and turned to my empty compartment.

            I was actually the first one here, this hadn't even happened to me before. Usually I come scurrying in while the train jerks into motion but here I was, the train was still and I was alone. A little lost as to what to do, I settled into a window seat and waited for the other members of my faithful trio to appear.

            I didn't have to wait long because of Lily's strict time-keeping compulsions. A few minutes after I'd entered, the compartment door opened and a tall, athletic red head with fiery green eyes came waltzing in. She stopped for a second, (I suspect in shock because I was early) but then she let out a shriek, which I mimicked. I jumped up, rushed to her and threw my arms around her. We jumped up and down screaming and laughing.

            “Oh, Merlin, could you two be quiet?” I looked over Lily's shoulder to see Cleo, the final member of our gang. She was shorter than Lily or I with short black hair and very unusual eyes, one was vibrant blue, the other a bright green. She hated them but I thought they were beautiful. She was wearing a longsuffering look that she often did when Lily and I showed our exuberant side. She was much quieter and more staid than either of us. 

            Lily and I looked at her, then at each other. A slow smile dawned on both our faces and then we turned as one and ran to her, screaming and jumping all the way. We kept doing this until she started to laugh and made us sit down.

            Cleo and I started to talk about our summer but Lily jumped up. “Sorry girls but I have a prefect meeting, can we discuss summer gossip later?” Cleo and I sighed but we agreed, Lily always got upset when we shared juicy news without her.

            As soon as the door closed behind Lily I looked at Cleo and said, “Umm, Clee, would you mind...?”

            She laughed at me and pulled a book out of her satchel. “Go see them before Lily comes back. You know she'll be off on a James Potter rant if you even mention them.” I grinned and gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. She wiped off her face and pushed me toward the door. “Just Go!” Smiling, I headed off to find my other group of friends – the Marauders.

            Who are the Marauders? Well, I don't exactly know where they came up with the title but they called themselves that and it kind of stuck. They were a group of four boys who considered themselves (and okay, they might be right) the most popular boys at Hogwarts. If you guessed that Sirius was in this group than you're right. The other three were James Potter (the charming one), Peter Pettigrew (the nice one), and Remus Lupin (the good one). I considered Sirius the annoying one but most people considered him the handsome one, though the other three were attractive in their own way.

            There wasn't much to say about the marauders except that they were Hogwarts golden boys and pranksters. Every boy wanted to be them and every girl had a crush on at least one of them. Well, except for Lily, Cleo and myself. I'd known them too long, Lily hated James and therefore never got to know the others and Cleo...well, Cleo never told anyone who she fancied.

            Why did Lily hate James you ask? Well, that's a good question, one that no one knows the answer to. Of course, James did become sort of a prat around her. He was usually so nice and he could charm the pants off anyone (Including Professor  McGonagall which I had thought was impossible) but when he was near Lily every bad habit he'd ever had came to the surface. He was always begging her to go out with him, or demanding it or telling her that she would be sorry someday. I think he hoped to wear her down but all he really did was make her mad and a mad Lily is a scary thing- seriously scary.

            Anyway, I scurried through the train until I heard two voices that I recognized.

            “I'm telling you Padfoot, this is the year. This is the year she's going to say yes.”        

            This was followed by a bark of laughter that I knew was Sirius. “Prongs, you've been saying that since first year. Maybe it's time you gave up on the lovely Miss Evans and looked somewhere else. There are tons of girls ready to drop their skirts for you.” I grimaced at Sirius' description but barrelled into the compartment anyway.

            There were three boys sitting inside. One was the famous Sirius Black, who was leaning against the window with a smirk on his handsome face. He was wearing jeans and a red t-shirt, his too-long dark hair was perfect, as usual. James Potter was also in residence, sitting opposite of Sirius. He had a distressed look in his eyes, behind the wire frames of his glasses and his hair was messed, as always. Peter Pettigrew was lounging beside James with a small smile on his slightly mousey face. He was used to the antics of the other two.

            For a minute I wondered where Remus was and then I remembered, prefect meeting. Yes, one of the marauders was a prefect. I suspected that it was so that he could try and keep the other three in line, but you know that never worked. And often enough, Remus was the brains behind the operation. Sometimes I wondered if he had the only brain out of all four of them.

            When I walked in Sirius beamed and opened his arms for me. “Hey beautiful! How were your holidays?” I told him that they were good and went into his arms for a hug. We always greeted each other like this, some people thought it was flirting but really it was just the result of a long friendship (and one almost engagement haha).

            I stayed with the boys for a while and they filled me in on their summers. Sirius and James had the same story because Sirius had been living with the Potters since he ran away from his troll mother. Peter filled me in on his family trip to Bulgaria and I told them all about my summer at home with my family.

            “By the way, Mum sends her love and says you have to visit over Christmas.”

            Sirius beamed. I think, because of how his mother treated him, he loved it when other people's mothers liked him. He acted the same way with Mrs. Potter. “Of course I will, wouldn't want to miss your Mum's famous sugar cookies!”

            I was in the middle of rolling my eyes when the compartment door opened and we all swung to see who'd just walked in. I am ashamed to say that my mouth might have fallen open and I might have stared for a minute...or two. I know he noticed too because he looked at me and grinned, “Hi Serena, good summer?”

            I got myself under control enough to nod and smile at him. Who was this person that made me lose my senses? Well, I'm glad you asked. It was none other than Remus Lupin. But I swear, he hadn't looked like that at the end of last year. Oh, he'd always been quite attractive, in a less showy way than James or Sirius, but he had changed.

            He had gotten at least two inches taller and much broader. He was still thinner than Sirius but it was a muscled thinness. A light blue t-shirt clung to his chest and Merlin what a chest! He had dreamy deep brown eyes and they were twinkling at me like he knew what I was thinking! (He didn't, did he?) And his sandy brown hair was just a little too long and it hung onto his forehead, making me itch to push it back. Remus Lupin had gone and turned...gorgeous! Were boys allowed to do that? Just change like that? I was sure there must be a rule against it somewhere.

            Before I managed to make a further fool of myself a little blonde whirlwind pushed past Remus and launched itself across the compartment. “Sirius!” It cried in a voice that sounded suspiciously like my sister. Confirming my suspicions Sirius caught the whirlwind and, laughing, cried, “Samm!” in the same excited tone of voice. I rolled my eyes and shifted further down the seat so Samm could sit between us and Remus took the seat across from me where I could stare at his beautiful face. Okay, Focus!

            Samm and Sirius started a conversation about the possible uses of mice in pranks (don't ask, you really don't want to know.) and James sent me a considering look. I knew what was coming so I shook my head. “No way Jamesy, Not a freaking chance.”

            He looked dejected and tried pouting, “Please Serena, please? I'm a changed man, I swear it! I won't annoy her, I promise!” What he was begging for was me to allow him to come back to the compartment with me, so that he could see Lily. I, knowing that it would only end in a headache for me and probably significant bruising for James, was trying to refuse.

            “You know she'll hurt you James. It's the first day back, can't you give us all a break?” Every year he came up with a new plan to get Lily and every year he failed. It was the most annoying thing really. I don't know why he couldn't just shut up and accept defeat.

            He pushed back his hair and put on his puppy dog face, which always works. “Please, Ren? I'll owe you big time.”

            “James...” I was starting to give in, and he knew it.

            “Please?” His stupid brown eyes went a little bigger and got a little sadder.

            I muttered a curse that would make my mother faint and nodded. “But you have to be good. Please? I just can't handle it today.”

            “I'll be good. I'll charm the pants off of her.”

            “Prongs!” This came from Remus. Prongs was James' nickname, Sirius was Padfoot, Peter was Wormtail and Remus was Moony. Weird I know but I expected nothing less from those boys. But anyway, Remus was warning James in a sexy voice (Well, I thought it was sexy but no one else seemed to notice that.), “Don't charm her, don't ask her out, don't talk to her and don't look at her with funny expressions. Ok?” James hesitated and Remus repeated, “Ok?”, in a very firm tone of voice.

            James sighed, “Fine, Moony, fine. But your ruining my life.” Remus snorted and I smiled, most likely Remus was saving James' life. “Let's go then!” James jumped up and rushed out the door.

            “Are you coming too, Samantha?” Peter asked my sister as he stood to follow James and I watched as Samm blushed and nodded. She got up to follow him and I squinted at her all the way out. Had my sister just blushed? No. No way. Samm didn't blush. If Samm got red it was because she was so angry that her head was about to explode. No way had she blushed because of Peter Pettigrew of all people.

            “You coming Serena?” I looked up and noticed that Remus was the only other person left in the compartment, Sirius having followed Peter and Samm. I blushed and got up, walking past him when he motioned for me to go first.

            We were walking along the corridor when the train jerked into motion and I fell backwards into Remus (And if you were wondering his chest is as hard as it looks!). Luckily he managed to keep his balance and stop us both from falling to the floor. “Whoa, are you alright?” He asked me and I nodded at him. I righted myself and adjusted my clothes.  “Well, it's no wonder you almost fell! Look at those shoes!”

            I did look at my shoes and saw nothing wrong with them. I sent him a curious look and asked, “What about them?”

            “They must be three inches high!” Then I got it. He was insulting my shoes! How dare he? Who did he think he was? Just because he was probably the most gorgeous person that I'd ever seen did not mean he could go that far. I mean, really, my shoes!

            “Actually, they're four inches and goblin made thank you very much!” I know, you thought that goblins made jewelry and weapons but lately some got bored of that and started making shoes. Let me just say that it was the most wonderful decision they ever made! I love those brilliant goblins.

            Remus raised his eyebrows at me but I humphed and stalked away. I thought I heard him chuckling behind me but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction to turn around and look.

            I braced myself for an explosion when I got to the door of our compartment, because that's what usually happened whenever James and Lily were in close contact but it was surprisingly quiet. I slid open the door and poked my head inside, fully prepared to yank it back out but what I saw left me in shock. Cleo was still sitting next to the window reading her book and ignoring Sirius who was sitting beside her (She never had any use for him. She called him arrogant and frivolous and she was mostly right.) but it was the people on the other side of the compartment that gave me a surprise.

            Lily was sitting directly across from Cleo and next to her was none other than James Potter. She didn't look happy but he wasn't talking to her, or sitting too close so there was nothing she could really do. Next to James was Peter and on the other side of Pete, deep in conversation with him was my little sister. What could Samm and Pete possibly have to talk about?

            As all seemed to be well I walked in and sat next to Sirius and then glared at Remus, who settled beside me. Lily caught the glare and, shifting further away from James, she asked, “What did Remus do?”

            “He insulted my shoes!” was my ready answer and I could tell by Lily's face that she knew how horrible his offence was.

            She gasped and looked to my feet, where everyone else seemed to be looking as well. “Those? But those are your goblin made pair that your parents gave you for your birthday! They're gorgeous!”

            I nodded violently and then we both glared at Remus. I saw Cleo roll her eyes and the boys started to laugh, all but Sirius, he knew about me and my shoes.

            “You've done it now, Remus. You'll be on her bad list forever.” Sirius informed him, grimly.

            Remus expression turned a little disgruntled and he announced, “I did not insult them. I just pointed out how impractical they are for a train ride!”

            Lily and I gasped and Sirius grimaced, “Now you're in for it, mate. Just don't say I didn't warn you!”

            “I'll have you know Mr. Remus Lupin,” I poked a finger into his chest (and even though I was mad I couldn't help but notice how sexy it was!), “that shoes are not about being practical! Shoes are about love and style, something which you must have no idea about, you Cretin! These shoes are the most beautiful thing since..since...I don't know since what but they're the best things ever! How dare you insult them” I started to sputter from anger. 

            “So Ren, who helped you with your trunk this year?” This came from Cleo and I was fully aware of what she was trying to do. She wanted to distract me from yelling at Remus by talking about boys. I looked at Remus while I considered the distraction. Since he looked suitably upset I decided to give him an out. With one last glare I turned to Cleo and smiled at her.

            “That cute Ravenclaw beater, Trevor whats-his-name.”

            “The one with the great body?” Lily asked and I grinned and nodded.

            “What...” James started but one look from Remus and he stopped and sat back in the seat to sulk, obviously angry and jealous at Lily's interest in the other boy. Lily looked at him in shock, James had never before passed up an opportunity to tell her that other boys were no good for her.

            “You always get the good ones, Ren!” Cleo laughed and the boys looked a little confused so she elaborated. “It's kind of a game we play. Ever since first year Serena has never had to put her trunk on the train by herself. It's always fun to see who she conned into doing it for her.” She laughed again at the stupidity of boys and I had to chuckle myself.

            “Hey, I don't con, I charm, it's totally different!”

            Cleo rolled her eyes again, “You keep telling yourself that!” We giggled and settled in for a long chat.



            The shoulder under my head moved and I muttered and slid my hand from Sirius' chest to his stomach and hit him there. I'd gotten up way earlier than usual and he shouldn't be disturbing my nap, even if it was on top of him. He muttered an oof and I realized something. I wasn't asleep on Sirius! How did I know? Well, for one Sirius' stomach had never been that hard. I mean, sure he had abs and everything but this stomach had some serious muscle. And another thing was this person didn't smell like Sirius. He always smelled like cologne and this person smelled different, like rain...and sunshine...and the outdoors.

            Then the realization hit me, I was asleep on Remus! The gorgeous shoe insulter! I had fallen asleep on him! I had hit him in the stomach! I opened my eyes and sat up quickly, my cheeks flooded with colour. Sure enough, Remus was smiling at me and I reached up to fix my hair which was probably rumpled and frizzy.

            “You look fine. I just woke you up cause we're almost at school. I figured you'd need to change.” I murmured my thanks and took a quick look around the compartment. Peter and Samm were still whispering to each other, Sirius was asleep with his head against the back of the seat and Cleo was still buried behind her book. When I glanced at Lily I gasped and grabbed Remus' thigh. (hey, it was a reflex...mostly!) Lily was asleep and breathing deeply...on James' shoulder! And his head was cushioned on top of hers!

            “We have to get her away from him before she wakes up! She'll freak!” Then I turned to Cleo and glared at her. “How could you let her do that?!?” In my mind I added, and how could you let me fall asleep on Remus!

            Cleo shrugged, obviously too preoccupied with her book to care much about the drama of her friends! I motioned for Remus to help me and we stood up and approached the sleeping pair quietly. Remus lifted James' head off Lily and I pushed Lily back until she was laying against the corner of the seat, far away from James. When we were sure that they were both still asleep Remus shook James and I shook Lily. “Lils we've got to change. Wake up sleepy head.” She muttered and came awake slowly, her green eyes were muddled with sleep.

            Then I turned to Sirius, who was still snoring softly against the seat. I went to touch his shoulder but Samm stood up. “Oh, please, let me!” She grinned and I stood back, knowing what was going to happen. Samm bent over Sirius and leaned close to him. She opened her mouth and “Oi! Black! Wake up!” she bellowed right in his ear and he jumped comically. His dark blue eyes snapped open and he let out a little yell.

            We all burst into laughter and he glared at us but mostly at Samm. “What the fuck, Samantha?!? Merlin, was that necessary?” He tried to take a swipe at her but she laughed and ran from the compartment. I noticed that she took the time to wave at Peter but not at her only sister... git.

            “Sorry boys, but out you go. We've got to change into our robes.” I motioned for them to leave and Pete, James and Remus stood but Sirius leaned back and put his hands behind his head.

            “That's okay, babe, I don't mind. Go ahead and take your clothes off.” I glared at him and hit him in the stomach, he cursed again but followed his friends out.

            Lily, Cleo and I pulled our robes from our trunks and started to change. “Hey girls...” I started but had to pause while I pulled my shirt over my head, then I continued. “Did you notice how Remus changed? I mean he's...” This was kind of awkward. “Hot.”

            Lily and Cleo burst into laughter and I turned around with my hands on my hips, “What?”

            Lily buttoned up her blouse and giggled, “Remus has always been good looking, Serena.”

            I rolled my eyes and got back to dressing. “I know that Lily, but he changed over the summer. He's gotten even better looking!”

            “Weird.” Lily mused. “I would have thought that if anyone fell for Remus it would be Cleo. I figured your marauder would be Sirius. You two would be like the power couple of Hogwarts.” She giggled at her own thoughts but I was interested.

            “What do you mean, the power couple?”

            We were all dressed and we started stuffing our regular clothes back into our trunks. Lily sat down again when she finished and explained. “Well, everyone knows he's one of the most popular boys in school, and your one of the most popular girls. If you guys started to date you would be like, the most beautiful couple. You know, like in all those teen romances that you read.” She said that like she didn't have her own pile of romances under her bed, but she did have a point.

            “Wow, Lil, you've really put thought into that. But if Remus is supposed to be my marauder and Sirius is Ren's, then who exactly is yours?” Cleo had picked up on Lily's earlier phrasing and I giggled at Lily's expression of horror.

            “Merlin-in-a-dress, I didn't mean it like that!” Lily's green eyes were wide and Cleo and I laughed at her.

            “I know Lils. Don't worry about it. I'd say that Serena is the only one who fancies a Marauder. Remus Lupin does nothing for me.” Lily relaxed and Cleo grinned but I couldn't believe that. Remus Lupin was sexy enough to do anything for anyone! But I didn't mention my beliefs as we headed off the train and to the school.

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