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Just A Game by TearsIMustConceal
Chapter 14 : Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground.
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Disclaimer: Nothing you recognise is owned by me, it all belongs to JK. I own only Gisela and her family!

gorgeous chapter image by Elenia @ tda!

Chapter 13

Being dragged into a deserted classroom was not what I had planned when I had left McGonagall’s office but that’s how I found myself after stupidly not paying attention as I walked down the corridor towards Defence. I was pushed forward and after finding my feet, I turned around, hand on my hips.
“What the fuck do you want? Here to torture me? I thought you would have wanted to do it in front of everyone else, to show how much of a man you are.” My voice sounded confident but I was anything but. In fact, I was I struggling to keep myself from shaking. The tough girl act from before was well and truly gone.
And Evan knew it.
“Gisela, Gisela, don’t be so defensive.” The smirk on his face was putting me on edge. He was far too calm for this situation, especially after our earlier confrontation. I would have been more at ease if he had been snarling at me, wand pointed. Him being calm meant he was up to something. He had something planned for me. “I just thought we could talk. We’ve done enough fighting today.”
“Well don’t be offended if I don’t believe you. You haven’t got a track record with being honest, have you?”

I saw his face twitch and I knew I was poking a sleeping bear or tickling a sleeping dragon for that matter, which was more appropriate, given the fact I was currently at Hogwarts.

“Watch your tongue Gisela, you forget who is in charge here.” He made a point to touch the wand on the table, which I realised was mine as I patted my skirt pocket. Dread washed over me like a tidal wave and I shivered. I was completely helpless now.
“Fine, what do you want?” I sat down on the furthest table from Evan and watched him carefully.

“I want to give you another chance, well the Dark Lord wants to give you another chance. He said that if you join us now, your past discrepancies will be forgotten. He will treat you no different to the rest of us, in fact, he will treat you with the greatest respect. He is quite taken with you.”
I felt repulsed at Evan’s words. Did he honestly believe that after all of the trouble I went through to get away, I would willingly go back?
I scoffed. “Oh really? I’m sorry but it’s just not enough to tempt me to my death but thank you for the offer.”
The sarcasm in my voice was plain to see and Evan’s fingers were twitching. It took seconds before he leapt out of his chair and stormed towards me. I jumped up from the table and backed away, making sure there were at least a couple of tables between us, should a confrontation occur.
“You should watch your tone, the Dark Lord is offering you a way out of this mess. You would be wise to take this.”
"You’re probably right but I have never had the trait of being wise, it’s always eluded me somehow.”

“You stupid girl!” Evan’s voice bellowed through the room. “Do you not see you are being given a second chance to live? Has living among blood traitors and mudbloods made you as stupid as a house elf?”

“Hey! I’m not stupid, if anyone is stupid, it’s you! Don’t you see that what you are doing is wrong? You really think you can win this war that the Dark Lord is starting? Look around you Evan, everyone is against you and the others, you stand no chance. The Dark Lord is just one man.”
Apparently this was the wrong thing to say because I suddenly found myself up against a wall, an angry Evan in front of me. “Do not speak ill of the Dark Lord, you insufferable bitch!” I felt a sharp pain and my hand instantly flew to my cheek. Evan had backed off and I was left leaning against the wall, in shock that he had just hit me.

My eyes landed on Evan and saw that he had his back turned from me. “Evan?”

I stood up and walked cautiously towards him, careful not to get to close.
“Leave me alone, Gisela.”

I suitably ignored him and walked closer to him, close enough to touch his arm. Glancing at it, I saw burn marks and frowned. Lightly touching one, Evan’s hand grabbed my arm, stopping me from going any further.

“What happened?”
“I wasn’t concentrating in training. It’s nothing.”
“And this is what you think I want to be involved in?” I walked away from him, leaning against the desks opposite. “I would rather die than become like you and the others.”
Evan looked up and the smirk on his face was unnerving. “Well my dear, you may well just get your wish.” I shivered and the last thing I remembered was an unbearable pain hitting my body.


Waking up, I moved and cringed in pain immediately. Opening my eyes fully, I looked around and saw that I was still in the classroom. Groaning, I managed to lift myself up and stand eventually, leaning against the desk as support. Evan had really done a number on me, judging by the fact I was struggling to stand. Grabbing my discarded bag, I left the room, checking the corridor was empty before heading to the Gryffindor Tower. It took me a while but I finally made it to the seventh floor unnoticed by anyone and I slipped into the Common Room without so much as a glance to the Gryffindor’s occupying it. Heading up to the dorm, I expected it to be empty but it was just my luck that Evans was sat on her bed, nose stuck in a book. She looked up as I walked through the door and jumped up from her bed rushing over.
“I’m fine Evans.”

I took a seat on my bed, careful not to aggravate any wounds. Evans ignored me and was crouched down in front of me.
“You’re clearly not.” She took my arms, seeing the bruises and stood up. “I’m going to get you help. Wait here.”
I rolled my eyes. “Well it’s not like I’ll be able to get anywhere fast.” I saw her red hair disappear and I stood up, shakily and headed to the bathroom to observe myself in the mirror. What I saw looking back looked nothing like me. My face was bruised and puffy, with cuts dotted around my tan skin. In short, I did not look attractive. I didn’t have time to examine the rest of my body as I heard footsteps and the door opening.

I slowly made my way out of the bathroom and saw Evans, Potter, Sirius and Remus standing in the middle of the room, all looking at me.
“Bloody hell Martinez, you look awful!” I rolled my eyes at Potter’s bluntness and moved past them.
“Thanks Potter.”
“He’s right Gisela, you do look awful. What happened?” I looked to Remus, who was looking at me intently and I looked away more or less instantly, not able to hold his gaze.
“Nothing, I just tripped down the moving staircase, I lost my footing. No big deal.”
Sirius scoffed. “And where have we heard that before?”
“Piss off Black, I fell down the stairs. End of story, if you don’t believe me then get out!” He glared at me before he stormed out of the room, Potter at his heels like a lapdog. Evans looked at me apologetically before following behind them, no doubt going to shout at them for leaving. I looked to Remus before sitting down in the middle of my bed. He joined me seconds later and I could feel him staring at me.
“It was Evan, which you probably already knew.” I looked away, not wanting to see his face. I was embarrassed by the state I was in because it was my fault. I should have been paying attention.
“I did have a feeling. Are you okay?”

I finally looked up and blushed at the concern written on his face. It was strange to feel cared about.
“I guess so. I’m sore though, so sore. This is what I get for acting big and tough in front of him, if I would have kept my mouth shut, I probably wouldn’t be so bad.”
“Yeah well, you’ve never been one to keep your mouth shut, have you?” Remus laughed and I tried to look offended but I knew he was right. I gave him a small smile and a little laugh. “You should smile more often, it’s nice to see.”
I raised an eyebrow and saw him blush madly. Laughing a little louder, I shook my head. “Relax Lupin, I’m just joking.”
“Do you want me to try and help with the pain? I’m pretty good with charms.” I nodded and took my jumper off so I was in my school shirt. Lifting it up, I turned so my back was facing him and heard him gasp a little.
“Is it that bad?”
Remus didn’t answer and I didn’t press him. I kept quiet and let him get on with trying to help with my injuries. I felt a sharp pain and I cringed slightly. Cool hands touched my back gently and I tensed. “Sorry.”
“It’s okay.” After a couple of minutes, he was finished and I felt my shirt being moved down my back once more. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” He stood and held a hand to me, which I took so I could stand. “You coming for dinner?”
“Yeah, I will.” Grabbing my bag, I smiled at Remus. “Lead the way.”


The Great Hall was bustling and we managed to walk in semi unnoticed. Walking in behind Remus, I took a seat between him and Sirius, with the Slytherin table right in my eye line.
“I want to kill him.”

I turned to Sirius and frowned. Following his glare, I noticed it was fixed on Evan, who was smirking my way. Sirius had clearly figured out what had happened. For all his stupidity, he was actually quite smart.
“Just leave it Black, he’ll get what is coming to him eventually.”

Sirius growled and I rolled my eyes. Why did boys always have to act like the alpha male; all tough and hard? They all needed to learn that they were more cub than wolf. Apart from Remus.
“I would rather it be sooner or later.”
“Wouldn’t we all.” Remus’ voice joined the conversation and his reply garnered a mutual agreement between us all. I let myself look at Evan, whose smirk faltered slightly before returning. I took that as a sign of guilt. Before I could join in the current conversation Remus had started, I heard my name being called.
“Gigi!” Leaning back, I saw Lola running towards me, a look of panic spread on her face.
“What’s the matter Lo?” She finally reached me and just stared at me for a few minutes before she spoke.
Then she uttered the words I didn’t want to hear.
"Mum’s here.”

A/N: Another chapter! I'm hoping to get as much written out before i get back to uni but being back there isn't going to stop me from writing, i am an amazing procastinator haha! Keep reading and enjoy! :)

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Just A Game: Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground.


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