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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 35 : Chapter 35
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Ok guys I know this update is long overdue and I'm really sorry! I've been really busy and haven't had much time at all which is why I'm only just posting the next chapter! It took me a while to write this chapter and I'm still not convinced that it turned out the way I wanted but I have no idea what else to do with it so we'll go with it for now!

Anyways hope you enjoy it! Chapter 35 is here...

When boarding the Hogwarts Express Hermione did something she had never done before and she’d shocked herself by it. Even as a first year when she had no idea what was waiting at the end of the journey she had bounded onto the train but now she was confused. She was shocked by herself and throughout the journey remained completely silent. She had hesitated. She had been reluctant to return to Hogwarts. That was simply unheard of for her. It just went to show how important George was to her.

When they got back to the castle and finished eating Hermione scrawled a letter to George quickly and ran to the Owlery.

Dear George,

We're back at school safe and sound. Harry's got a bad feeling again. He thinks Voldemort’s planning something and he's still obsessed with Malfoy possibly being a Death Eater. I miss you already. Hope you're well. Send my love to Fred and your parents.

All my love always, Hermione xxx

She returned to the Common room and sat down with a sigh.

"You alright?" Neville asked her.

"I miss him," she admitted. "...Already."

He nodded at her unsure of how to respond.

"You've always got us," said Ginny and the rest of them nodded.

Hermione smiled appreciatively. "Thanks guys."

As they talked Hermione found herself fiddling with her locket subconsciously.

"Your locket's lovely Hermione, where did you get it?" Lavender asked after the two of them and Parvati had left to their dorm.

"George," she said fondly opening it to reveal the pictures inside then turning it to show the message engraved on the back.

"You are a very lucky girl," Parvati said.

"I'd trade the locket to have him here with me," Hermione told her.

"I'm sure he'd trade anything to be with you," Lavender said as Hermione set her vase of roses on her bedside table. "Are those from him too?"

"Yes," Hermione said with a small smile.

"They're beautiful," Lavender smiled looking at them. "What does the note say?"

"What note?" Hermione asked.

"The red note on the side of the vase?" Lavender said unsurely.

"That wasn't there before..." Hermione said in mild confusion as she pulled the note off the vase.

The roses are beautiful and they should remind you of how beautiful you are, especially in my eyes. They will never die just like my feelings for you and they should remind you of how much I care for you and how my thoughts will always be with you.

Love always, George xxx

Tears leaked from the corner of her eyes as she read the note. It wasn't long and wasn't particularly revealing or descriptive but it touched her all the same.

"Let's see," Lavender said excitedly as she took the note. "Aw oh my god he's so sweet!"

Just then there was a tap at the window and Hermione allowed in an owl which appeared to be shivering from the cold. She removed the letter from its leg and it perched in her bed.

Dear Hermione,

Glad you got there alright. You've got to trust Harry. If he thinks something's going to happen you believe him and you do what it takes to help but stay safe and lookout for the others as well. You really need to be careful now Hermione. No one knows what's going on anymore and it's getting out of control. I miss you too and it hasn't even been a day, how do you expect me to survive six months? We're all good here. Mum's still stressing out but I think wedding planning has distracted her from the fact we're all still in 'mortal danger.' Speaking of which Bill came over with Fleur the other day and you were wrong- the French accent is still as annoying as ever. I might have to kill her and then Bill will kill me! Anyways take care,

Love and miss you always, George xxx

"Hermione another owl?" Lavender asked as another one flew into the warmth of the room.

Hermione opened the letter curiously.

Dear Hermione,

How are you? Did you know Ginny and George are still keeping tabs on your activities? Well they are. So again I think we should do the same. George thinks about you 24/7 so don't worry you have no competition at the moment though if you do I shall inform you straight away. He's really worried about you by the way. He and Harry talked a lot over Christmas break and Harry really thinks something horrible is going to happen. George has started praying every night now. All the time- I hear him after we've gone to bed. I've talked to him about everything and I know how scared he is for all of us. To be honest I'm terrified too and I'm usually the one he can be real with so I don't want to try and tell him not to worry because then he'll bottle it up and it'll just start eating away at his insides. If you can try and get him to talk and help him not to worry so much I'd really appreciate it and I know he would too. Hope everything's going well with you all. Take care of yourself, Hermione.

With love, Fred x

Hermione frowned. She was thankful for Fred letting her know as the beginning of George's letter had seemed really odd to her but this explained it.

Dear Fred,

Thanks for letting me know about George and I'll do my best to help. We're all scared and you shouldn't be ashamed of it. You're right to feel the way you do and if you weren't scared I'd think you were a fool. Maybe you should try praying too? It can help and it does make you feel better to get things off your chest without putting a burden on someone else. Stay safe Fred.

Love always, Hermione x

"Are they both from George?" Lavender asked.

“Um...yeah,” she lied as she began to write back to George.

Dear George,

Don't worry I'm keeping safe, we all are. I know Harry's been having these really bad feelings but there's nothing we can do if Voldemort is planning anything except for taking precautions and taking no unnecessary risks. George please don't worry too much. I know everything that's going on is horrible but you need to remember that worrying isn't helping anyone. You can't change what's coming so don't freak out about it; there is nothing in your power you could possibly do about any of this at the moment it's completely out of all of our control. Don't worry about what could happen but be prepared and if and when something happens you act quickly and make sure you and those you care for are protected. I miss you so much George and I think of you constantly. I don't know what to do with myself I feel so helpless watching our world crumble and just like you I'm worried and terrified but we have each other at least. You're surrounded by people who care for you so you'll never be alone which will be a light of its own through the dark times coming.

All my love always, Hermione xxx

Hermione sent off the owls each with a letter and sighed. She wasn't sure how much longer she could keep this up. With George so far away and then everything else she couldn't help but feel more alone than ever. She was so thankful that Fred and George were so close, and that Fred was always so happy to try and help her with anything she needed especially when it came to George. It seemed he wanted them to be together just as much as they wanted to be together.

The next day she woke and went down for breakfast again receiving two owls one from Fred and the other from George and was about to open them when the bell rang. She gave a deep sigh and tucked away her letters heading off to her first lesson.

From that moment Hermione had been far too busy to even think about the letters in her pocket. Lessons, discussions at lunch and then more lessons afterwards. Hermione was relieved by the end of the school day and sat with everyone in the Common room listening to them talk about Quidditch. Only then did the unopened letters in her pocket occur to her as she excused herself to go and read them in her dormitory.

Dear Hermione,

I have no idea what you did or what you said but I love you. You're truly amazing. He's so much brighter today I swear you're a miracle worker. He's completely himself again. Thanks. I can't believe how quickly that worked, you're a genius! did you do it? It's like you...fixed him? Does that make sense? Thanks again for that Hermione. I guess it just goes to show how much he values your view and how much he trusts you. I really hope you two can be together soon because you both deserve happiness. Hope you're well and by the way George finished reading your letter and the first thing he said was 'she's amazing' so well done!

With love, Fred x

Hermione smiled at the letter. She had no siblings but Fred really seemed like a brother to her and she appreciated that. She then opened George's letter.

Dear Hermione,

THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you. Hermione I seriously owe you. Thanks for the comfort I really appreciate it. I don't know what I'd do without you. You're so right I mean I've been worrying over this stuff but it is out of my hands and you're so right the only thing I can do is try and keep safe and try and keep the people I care about safe. And you're right again at this stage I can do nothing but prepare and be ready to be there for all of you. I miss you too Hermione and you're always on my mind and in my heart and just as you said to me you are never alone either. Hope you're well and that everything's good over there.

Love and miss you always, George xxx

Hermione read and re-read the letter several times just taking in his words and his handwriting.

Dear Fred

Thanks for all the compliments! And you're welcome, if there's ever anything I can do to help with anything don't hesitate to ask. And by the way I didn't actually do anything that great- I think I gave him advice he gave me last year but I'm glad he's back to himself again! Hope you're well!

Love always, Hermione x

"Hermione what are you doing?" Ginny asked as she stepped into the sixth year's dorm.

"Writing a letter," Hermione said.

"George?" Ginny asked.

"Obviously," Hermione smiled. Ginny and George had no idea that she and Fred had joined their game.

"We're going to head down to dinner, did you want to come?" Ginny asked.

"I'll be down in a sec, right after I finish my letter. Okay?"

"Sure, see you in a few."

Dear George,

I'm so glad I could help you and don't worry you've done the same for me a million times and I'm thrilled that I've been able to return the favour...actually I think the advice I gave you was advice you gave me a little while back. So basically you helped yourself! George, please remember I'm always an owl away if you're ever feeling down. I really hope everything's going well there with the shop and that Fred's well and your parents. Take care.

All my love always, Hermione xxx

In the weeks and months which followed Hermione wrote to both Fred and George, George wrote to both Hermione and Ginny, Fred wrote to Hermione and Ginny wrote to George.

One day in late April found the twins sat in the back room of their shopping having just closed up after another long and tiring day of dealing with customers and products which were opened in the shop when they shouldn't have been.

"We're lucky there's isn't a bloody hole in the ceiling," Fred sighed picking at the sleeve of his shirt which was blackened with ash from a firework.

"I know," George agreed.

"Hello. Fred, George?" called Lee upon entering.

"In the back Lee," Fred called.

"Hey guys," he said as he walked through the curtains.

"What's up?"

"Mum's had to go abroad for some distant relative’s funeral and there's no way I'm staying in my house alone, I was hoping there was a space at the Burrow," Lee said.

"Aw nineteen and still too scared to stay alone in your house Lee," George teased.

"Always welcome at the Burrow mate," Fred grinned.

"Thanks guys."

Just then three owls flew in from the open window. Two settled beside George and the other beside Fred.

"Aren't we popular?" Lee laughed as both twins opened letters and began to read.

"One's from Hermione, one's from Ginny," George told him.

"Yeah he's been spying on her. Ginny's been keeping him informed on anything about Hermione," Fred explained.

"Oh right. And who's your letter from?" Lee asked.

"Angie," Fred lied. The letter was from Hermione.

Dear Fred,

So you're looking for an assistant for the shop? If you pick a girl make sure she's boring and ugly...If I have to compete for George's attention I will NOT be happy. I'm glad everything's going good there. I've been reading the Daily Prophet and I've seen pictures of Diagon Alley at the moment and it's a dump. It looks horrible. It's all been Death Eater attacks, hasn't it? Please keep safe and keep your guard up, danger seems to be everywhere. I hope you're all well and I'm sure the Wedding preparations have been absolutely thrilling for you! Take care.

With love, Hermione x

Fred chuckled to himself whilst reading the letter before beginning his response.

Dear Hermione,

Okay so it's alright to hire a girl as long as she's boring and ugly? ...I'll see what I can do I guess! Yeah it's actually worse than the pictures, Hermione. Completely in ruins. I don't know how Weasley Wizards Wheezes has evaded the same fate. We're keeping safe don't worry Granger and I hope you're all doing the same. Don't get me started on this wedding nonsense Hermione- It's a miracle Mum doesn't kick her out of the Burrow whenever they come to visit! She's just such a 'fluff' if you know what I mean. All about looks: dresses, hair, nails etc! I can't take another hour of her telling Mum how she wants to transform the garden into a wedding palace... she's getting a tent and she better be happy with it! I think her little sister has a crush on George or me though...which is beyond creepy considering there's like a ten year age about awkward. Anyways George is still completely obsessed with you so there's no need to worry about that! Look after yourself.

Love always, Fred x

Whilst Fred wrote his letter George was reading the two he'd received and responding to them.

Dear George,

So far, so good. I can tell she's missing you. Regardless of what she's doing and what she's supposed to be focusing on she's always fiddling with her locket and you can see in her eyes that she's deep in thought. I can tell you now that those thoughts are about you. Whenever she gets a letter from you, she becomes a lot happier than at any other time. Everything is good here but I'm sorry to hear Phlegm’s been bugging you guys. I'm absolutely dreading being stuck in the same house as her. Take care.

With love, Ginny x

George smiled at the letter quickly scribbling a reply.

Dear Ginny,

Is it bad that I'm glad she's missing me? Wow that cool! Tell me about it! Phlegm’s been driving us up the walls and across the ceiling! How's everything over there? Stay safe.

With love, George x

After sending off his letter to Ginny he read his letter from Hermione.

Dear George,

Your letters always make me smile! Oh I'm sure Fleur can't be that bad. And you have to play nice for Bill's sake! I miss you too! I'm counting down the months until summer...right now it's around two and a half! Harry's been a bit 'the Darkest wizard of all time is after me' lately and there was a mishap with him and Malfoy in which he almost killed Malfoy...I won't go into details because to be honest he didn't really give us any he was just really shaken. Hope you're staying safe and looking after yourself and that everyone is well there.

All my love always, Hermione xxx

George laughed, he could practically hear her voice and how her tone would vary as he read the letter.

Dear Hermione,

Your letters always make me laugh! And Fleur is THAT bad but you're right. I'm putting up with her nonsense for Bill. I know what you mean, time is passing so slowly. I can't take it anymore. I just want to be near you again. And the thing about Harry is that the darkest wizard of all time is after him and it's more than enough to be freaked out about! I have no idea what happened or how it happened but I'm sure Malfoy had it coming and tell Harry not to feel too guilty about it. He ought to be proud of himself...except for the almost part! And he can't be shaken! He's the chosen one he's supposed to kill Voldemort he can't get cold feet and back out! Relax Hermione; please don't lecture me it's a joke! Take care!

Love and miss you always, George xxx

Lee watched the two of them as they wrote their letters and he leaned over George to see the top of the parchment which read 'Dear Hermione' and then was surprised as he looked over at the letter Fred was writing which was also addressed to Hermione. He looked at him curiously.

"Shush," Fred whispered as Lee opened his mouth. "I've been secretly keeping Hermione updated on all things George." Lee grinned at him before sitting down and starting his own letter.

Dear Hermione, are you? Everything and everyone good over there? How's school? Well because you're going to be wondering why the hell I'm writing to you so out of the blue I guess I'll put you out of your misery. I've come to visit the twins and they are both sat here writing letters to you so I thought I'd do the same. Hope you're well. Take care,

Lee x

Lee shoved his letter towards Fred who eyed him suspiciously before attaching it to the owl which he had been attaching his own letter to and sent the owl off. After a little while George sent off his owl and then the three of them left for the Burrow. 

So chapter 35 is over! What did you think? Please let me know! As usual thanks so much for reading I really appreciate it and hope you're enjoying the story so far! Hope you all had great holidays and had loads of fun! I wish you all the best for 2013! Please leave me a review! A sentence is good enough for me! Long or short it doesn't matter either way I love to hear from you and your feedback really helps and motivates me to keep writing!

Thanks again! Hope you continue to read and enjoy the story! Jenna :)

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