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Love in the Past by Atratus Lupin
Chapter 6 : The Sorting
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The Sorting
I’m not listening when you say goodbye.

Dumbledore stood there. Hermione gulped and looked him up and down to make sure it was actually him. He still looked the same. His silver beard was shorter as was his hair; he could probably tuck it into his sash if he wanted to. His silver hair was pulled back away from his old wrinkled face, yet at the same time he looked younger. It was pulled back in a royal purple band and none of the hairs looked to out of place. His hands folded behind his back as he stood there. He was wearing royal purple robes to match the hair band. He had a dark colored cloak, fastened around his neck with a golden broach. His cloak looked almost a mix between black and purple, his golden sash matched his golden broach respectfully. He looked elegant in his royal purple robes, elegant and respectful.

His light blue eyes sparkled behind his half moon spectacles. He walked past them his lips twisting into a small smile. His high-heeled buckled boots making soft clicks as he walked. “I have been expecting you Ms. Granger.” He said his voice calm, his back still turned to both girls.

“Sorry? You have? But how, I mean-” she started then stopped answering her own question. Hello Hermione, this is Albus Dumbledore. The Greatest Wizard of all time. She thought and was glad these halls were dimly lit because she felt her cheeks turning slightly pink.

He turned swiftly towards them, he cloak flying out and swirling around him, reminding Hermione oddly of Snape. His eyes were still sparkling. “I simply knew you would have an accident with your time turner. How? I will tell you when the time is right. First off you are and will be known as Hermione Grant, not Granger. Second no one but those who already know must know where you have come from. Ms. Evans that means that you and the other four must not let it slip. I know you and Mr. Lupin know of the consequences. Third I have taken the liberty of buying you some clothes, schoolbooks and supplies for you, they are located in your room. I will also introduce you at dinner.” He said his voice full of seriousness. “Do you understand?” He asked and she could only nod along with Lily.

“I would like to talk to you after dinner along with tow of your new friends Mr. Potter and your self Ms. Evans. Then after our chat you may proceed to your dorm. But you will also need to be sorted.” He said calmly, and Hermione just gawked at him as if he were mad.

“But sir…” Hermione started, motioning to her robes that she was wearing that had the Gryffindor patch on them. Dumbledore held up a hand to silence her.

“Yes, yes I realize that you are already placed in Gryffindor, but that is in your time and students will wonder why you were not sorted. And of course a little magic can change all that. I will change them back later when we talk.” He said and waved his hand at her and she watched as her Gryffindor patch faded away and her tie turned from the maroon and gold to black.

“Now onto the Great Hall and I shall call you up after the first years Ms. Grant.” He said his eyes still twinkling. He bowed his head and turned away from them, disappearing down the dark corridor.

Hermione gulped and gently shook Lily who's vivid green eyes were wide open. Those eyes remind me so much of Harry. She thought and felt a small pain in her chest as she thought of one of her best friends not knowing when she would see them again. She was only here for a few hours and she already missed Harry, Ron and hell even Malfoy would be a sight for sore eyes.

“I don’t know how you can stand being near them. The first day I saw them I steered clear and have ever since because they annoy me to death. But since your friends with them I will sit with you and them. Remus is really the only one I consider my friend though don’t tell Sirius. I just can’t stand the Marauders some times,” Lily said with an exaggerated sigh as they walked towards the great hall.

“Marauders? Is that what they call themselves? It’s pretty silly if you ask me.” Hermione said, even though she already knew that little piece of information and the fact was she didn’t think it was silly. But she had asked incase Lily wondered.

“Yes well they have names that call each other which I’m sure you have heard. They are pretty odd nicknames.” Lily said as they came upon the Great Hall doors. They walked in and James and Sirius waved as they walked in indicating for them to come and sit down with them.

Lily groaned. “For me Lily. Please?” Hermione said. “I’ll even sit next to James.” Hermione offered but Lily shook her head and made her way towards the seat saved for her.

“Nice of you to join us my beautiful ladies.” Sirius said and bowed slightly. Hermione heard Lily snort as she sat down next to James, who's eyes were gleaming.

Hermione couldn’t help but giggle. She knew Sirius’ tricks, from the stories Remus told, Sirius had always playfully deined all of it. . She saw out of the corner of her eye girls watching her with envy clear in their eyes as well as jealousy. She was after all standing in the glory of Sirius Black, so they couldn’t help but stare.

Hermione sat down in between Sirius and Remus and across from James who had Lily on his right and Peter on his left. She smiled as she sat down, Remus though looked away when she smiled at him. She arched an eyebrow and was about to ask him what was wrong with him when the Great doors opened. Hermione turned swiftly and smiled when she saw the fist years walk in lead by a professor she didn’t recognize at first.

She then realized it was a younger Professor McGonagall. The only thing was her hair was black. Must have been Fred and George who turned it gray. she thought with an amused smile. Her hair was still brought back in the same tight bun like it was in her time. She wore square glasses and her face was still stern. She wore emerald robes with a black slash and her emerald cloak. Her black hat fit perfectly on her head even with her bun.

She walked up to the front where the stool was and on it sat the sorting hat. It was still patched, frayed, and extremely dirty. She watched as first years walked by them. Most of them were staring up at the ceiling, which was enchanted to look like the night sky.

Sirius tried to scare one of them but Hermione grabbed his hand before he could do anything. He pouted and withdrew his hand. She thought she heard him grumble “Your no fun.” When he probably did but she shook her head and focused her attention on the first years.

They all looked so frightened. She remembered when she had gone up there and practically jammed the hat on her head. She felt so stupid after wards. She then stopped thinking of the past and listened to the sorting hat's song.

I am the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
You may not think I’m pretty
But that will all change you see
When I place you where you ought to be
Never can you find a smarter hat than thee
You may be patient, true and loyal
Unafraid of toil, Hufflepuff you shall be
Or possibly brave and daring
Gryffindor shall be you pairing.
If your cunning and pure of blood
Slytherin may be your choice bud.
Or perhaps you’ll be in Ravenclaw
Where most of you shall join in protecting the law
So put me on and you shall see
Where you ought to be.

Hermione chuckled at the sorting hat's song, knowing full well it was almost exactly like the one he sang in her first year. Professor McGonagall unrolled the parchment with the list of names of the first years and called off the first name. “Ackerly, John.” Hermione realized this was some relation to one of the boys who made her end up in this time.

“RAVENCLAW!” The hat yelled out and the small brown haired boy ran quickly towards the Ravenclaw table, where clapping students greeted him. Hermione didn’t really pay attention while other students were sorted. She merely greeted the first years and clapped when Sirius nudged her. But a name in particular caught her attention as McGonagall called it out.

Weasley, Bill.” Hermione stiffed as she watched a younger version of Bill walk up to the stool. He obviously had the red hair, freckles and he was tall and lanky like Ron. His blue eyes sparkled as he sat on the stool and the hat lowered on his head. Before it even touched his head it yelled out “GRYFFINDOR!”

Hermione sat there stunned. Bill was at Hogwarts with Harry’s parents! Oh Merlin I can’t believe this. She thought as she clapped, here eyes glazed over. James saw her and waved a hand in front of her face.

“Earth to Hermione, hello?” He said and she snapped out of her trance. “What’s wrong with you?” He asked with a smile twitching at the corner of his lips.

“Yes I’m fine, it’s just, I know him.” She said still staring at Bill. She couldn’t believe it was Bill. He was so young she could hardly believe her eyes.

“Oh yeah that’s Annie Prewett’s nephew. Arthur Weasley is his dad, good man Arthur. His wife Molly is Annie’s older sister. I believe they have-” He said but Hermione finished for him. “Four other boys. Charlie, Percy, and twins Fred and George, .” She said in a daze.

“How did you know that?” James asked as the last student walked up to be sorted.

“I’m close with her family in my time.” She whispered and James only nodded. Lily had remained silent all through the sorting as had Remus. Hermione turned her attention away from James and focused on Dumbledore, who then stood.

“We all is in the teacher and I welcome you back to Hogwarts for a new year. I welcome all first years, may this year be filled with fun times and may you make many friends and enjoy these wonderful times. To our seventh years who are leaving may this last year be filled with fun times and I wish for you all to enjoy them and remember them. May this last year be filled with many memories of your friends and loved ones before you leave this school. Now I know you all must be hungry but I have one more announcement before we dig in. I would like to welcome a new student to Hogwarts. She will be joining our seventh years and I would like to you all to welcome Hermione Grant who has transferred from Salem Academy. Please come and get sorted Ms. Grant.” Dumbledore said a twinkle in his gray blue eyes. She stood, hesitantly, and made her way up to the front of the hall. She heard Sirius whisper to James as she walked asking why she was getting sorted.

She could feel everyone’s eyes on her as she made her way slowly towards the stool. She sat down and McGonagall placed the hat on her head. It started talking to her. Ah plenty of intelligence yes. You are very intelligent. Ravenclaw would suite you well. But also plenty of courage. You have learned much from your recent battles and lost much as well. You showed much courage in that battle, taking a curse for a person you hate. Your from he future you see I know this. I know of what your supposed to do. You have little time to do it as well. You would do well in Slytherin as well, your hatred for the killer of your friends and family is strong. But you hate your self for letting it happen. There is plenty of hatred in you, something you can use in Slytherin, power is what they seek and power is what you have. But your task requires you to be close to people in Gryffindor. So it better be….


The hat yelled and Hermione stood, dazed by what the hat had said and made her way towards the Gryffindor table back to her seat. Everyone clapped and Remus, James, Lily, Peter and Sirius all cheered for her as she made her way towards the table.

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