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Is Blood Always Thicker Than Water? by WildStone122
Chapter 12 : Magic Mistletoe
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They had all been searching for nearly an hour now and they were still all unsure of where this prophecy was. Hermione and Draco were walking along the aisle together and scanning the spheres when she had an idea. She stopped and pulled out Salazar Slytherin’s journal that she had been carrying with her.

“Why have you got a copy of Romeo and Juliet?” Draco asked.

“It’s just charmed to look like it but it’s actually Slytherins journal,” she murmured and scanned through the pages. The date she was looking for was the 20th of October, the same date as today. She found it soon enough and read the entry to Draco.

20th October 1031
I went to the ministry today, to check on the prophecy. It didn’t take me long to find it, number 19. The prophecy is still intact and no one else has touched it or heard it. The secret is still safe. If the correct people were to hear this it could be the end of everything I have worked for.

“Number 19,” Draco repeated and they took off at a run for the correct aisle.


Medusa stopped as she saw the minster walk past the aisle. Once he was gone she continued on her journey. Meet me at prophecy 79 he had said to her. She made her way towards the corner that the prophecy was held on and saw him waiting in the shadows.
“Does the girl know you are here?” he whispered harshly.

“She knows nothing,” Medusa hissed.

“Good, all is going to plan. Once she has heard the prophecy she will search deeper into her history and will soon know all she needs to.” He smiled to himself at the brilliance of his plan. Nobody would have expected any of this.

“Perfect master,” Medusa hissed.

“Now go before anybody sees you. Lucius will be here soon for them. A nice little family reunion,” he laughed.


“Minister!” Hermione called as Draco and she stood by the prophecy labelled MP which could only stand for Malfoy Prophecy.

“It may take them a while to find us, just pick it up and see if it reveals the full prophecy,” Draco told her. Hermione looked at the sphere glittering in the light and picked it up.


He is the one with the power,
The one of the flames,
The snake shall cower,
At the Malfoy’s name,
Born in the darkness
Whole with his light
Only the one with the brains
Will give him insight
Only with her can his power be true
Only with him can her brain give the clues
Together they are joined
Together they shall fight
And only together can the light beat the night.

She is one of the lions
The one with the fame
The snake will not cower
At this Gryffindors name
Born as a muggle
Blood of the pure
Only with searching
Will her family be sure
Only with him can her brain give the clues
Only with her can his power be true.
Together they are joined
Together they shall fight
And only as one can the light be the night.

“Well that’s....”

“Interesting,” a voice form the shadows finished. Draco and Hermione both pointed their wands at the figure walking towards them. He was dressed in a black cloak and the hood draped over the majority of his face apart from his mouth and chin.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Draco said coldly.

“Now now Draco, is that any way to treat your father?” Lucius removed his hood and smirked.

“I have no father,” Draco said with no emotion and stepped forward.

“And here I was under the impression that I was there the day you were born,” Lucius replied. “Good morning Miss Granger.”

“Don’t speak to her,” Draco spat as Lucius took a step toward her.

“Now Draco I only wish to meet the girl. She is after all one of the most successful and talented young witches of the generation and such a pretty face too. I can’t even remember why I never had the honour of meeting you before” He smirked.

“Because you are too prejudice to take any notice of muggleborns,” Draco glared.

“Ahh but, as you both heard Miss Granger has purer blood than either of you know. He will do great thing with your help Miss Granger, I cannot wait for the two of you to meet,” he smirked.

“I have muggle parents,” Hermione said with a straight face.

“Who is the ‘he’ that you speak of?” Draco cut in. Lucius stood directly in front of Hermione now and brought his hand to her cheek.

“It will not be long now Miss Granger. Try asking your teachers for help in family history, I’m certain it will all become very clear at some point,” Lucius smirked and vanished. Hermione stood frozen to the spot as the rest of the mission team arrived.

“Miss Granger what did you find?” The minister asked.

“The prophecy,”

“And my father,” Draco finished.

“Excuse me?” George asked.

“Lucius was here. He heard the prophecy when we were listening to it. He said that I needed to search my family history, that I had purer blood than any of us no and that I will help someone do great things,” Hermione said still frozen. Draco walked towards her and took the prophecy from her hand, placing it back on the shelf.

“I think it’s time to return to Hogwarts,” Professor Rookwood spoke up.

After reciting the prophecy to Miss McGonagall and having a brief discussion Hermione and Draco were permitted to miss classes and study in their common room for the day. The two didn’t have a plan to tell their fellow classmates but when they walked past Harry and Pansy neither of them noticed them.

“You desperately need cheering up Harry,” Pansy nudged his arm playfully. He smiled meekly at her. ” I know it’s difficult for you but if Ginny is going to treat you like this then she doesn’t deserve you anyway,” Pansy said comfortingly.

“I’m starting to wonder who I actually deserve,” Harry muttered.

“You’ll find someone Harry, don’t worry. Until then how about you come with me on the Hogsmede trip?” Pansy smiled. Harry smiled back at her; she was the only person actually giving him time and patience.

“I’d like that,” he grinned.

Hermione collapsed on the sofa in front of the fire and groaned. Why did her life have to be so complicated? This year was supposed to be simple and now there was a secret to do with heritage that she needed to figure out as well as a mystery man she was to do great things with. Draco sat down next to her with two bottles of pumpkin juice and a chicken sandwich each. Hermione sat in silence whilst picking at her sandwich.

“Maybe I should go and ask Professor Periwinkle for some help on my family history?” Hermione suggested and stood up but Draco grabbed her hand and pulled her back down.

“Oh no you don’t. You will end up working yourself up so for now you are going to sit here whilst I cheer you up,” Draco smiled.

“And how are you going to do that?”

“I will show you some of the things I have learnt in my elemental classes,” he grinned and took the large book out of his bag. He sat down in front of Hermione and concentrated. He soon had a small flame flickering on the palm of his hand. He focused his mind on a bird and after a few seconds the flames obeyed and took the shape of a small bird flying around the room. It fluttered around Hermione for a second before flying fairly quickly towards the Founder’s portrait.

“Uh Draco...” Hermione said nervously as the bird inched closer and closer towards Salazar Slytherin who was leaning against a tree. Draco was concentrating but nothing seemed to be happening so Hermione quickly put the flame bird out with her wand.

“So I guess I need to practise putting the fire out a bit more,” Draco chuckled.

“Indeed Mr Malfoy,” Salazar Slytherin drawled from the portrait. Hermione watched the old man, pondering over her thoughts. Could he know something more? He did after all know about the prophecy and Draco being an elemental.
“Sir, I wonder if you would permit me to ask you something.” Hermione asked and turned towards the portrait.

“It depends on what that something may be Miss Granger,”

“You knew what the rest of the Malfoy Prophecy was, didn’t you?” She asked him. He seemed cautious of the question to begin with.

“Yes, I did indeed,”

“So where, might I find more information on my family history?”

“Have you simply tried contacting the orphanage that your mother was from?” Hermione appeared ever so slightly taken aback, the idea made sense but it just sounded too easy.

“It might be worth a shot Hermione, you’re at a dead end if you don’t try,” Draco said reassuringly. Hermione sighed and glanced at the founder’s portrait where all four now stood before walking over to the desk and picking up a quill. Draco squeezed her shoulders before leaving her to write the letter, knowing she would want to be alone. In the silent common room Hermione dipped the feather quill in the ink and began to write.

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Hermione Jean Granger and I am writing to you in the hope that you may be of assistance to me. My mother, Alison Granger was left at your orphanage at only six months old and left at the age of sixteen. I understand that when she was young she was adopted by someone but was soon returned. She had no memory of who this was and I was curious as to whether or not you would be able to help me. I am currently working on a Family Tree as a school project but my mother sadly passed away recently so I have nobody left to ask. I hope that you will be of help. Enclosed is identification as proof that I am Alison Granger’s daughter. I wish to hear from you soon.
Hermione Granger

Hermione sighed and sealed the letter. With Draco’s permission she used his owl to send the letter to the Orphanage to be dropped off when the postman arrived with the muggle post. Now all she could do was wait for a reply



A month past and Hermione soon began to lose hope in receiving a reply and instead threw herself into planning the Christmas casino night. After a month of planning, the weekend had arrived and it was time for the seniors to go shopping for their apparel as well as any late Christmas presents. The seventh years had become close in the past month and had all agreed to buy each other gifts as well as spend the Christmas together as none of them were going home. The only people she had left to buy presents for were Neville and Draco and she honestly didn’t know what to buy either of them.

“Pansy, you were close to Draco so what do you think he would want for Christmas?” Hermione asked as she walked with Pansy, Hannah and Padma.

“Well I bought him some broom repair set I’d heard him talking about or something Because I still have no idea what any boy would want,” she laughed. Hermione thought about it, there wasn’t anything he need as such but she knew of one thing he would appreciate but she didn’t know if it was possible.

“I’m just going to run and grab something from down the street; I'll meet you in the Madam Malkins soon!" Hermione called. She knew exactly what she was going to get Draco.






"Draco just get her jewellery or something, anything just hurry up because I need food!" Blaise complained.

"It can't just be anything, it has to be something meaningful," Draco murmured whilst looking through the windows of the stores. Then he stopped at the advertisement in a shop window. He hadn’t seen the shop before, it must have been new, but this gift would be perfect.


Hermione smiled as she walked back down the street from purchasing Draco’s gift and into Madam Malkins. The store owner was prepared for the Christmas season and already had a number of dresses out on display. She found Pansy, Hannah and Padma in the changing rooms already with a pile of dresses.

"Hermione could you do me a favour and do up the top button of this dress please," Padma called holding up her hair. Hermione did as she asked and watched Padma twirl." This is defiantly the one I think," she smiled. It was a floor length gown, with a high lace neck and sleeves in a deep midnight blue. Hannah soon appeared in a plain black dress that started just above her knee and gradually got longer towards her ankle. All though it was plain Black, Pansy had supplied her with a large silver belt that added the finishing touch.

"Hurry up Pansy you’re the only person who's dress I haven't seen," Hermione called. Just as she did Pansy stepped out from behind the curtain in a floor length, silk, emerald green halter neck dress.

"Does it look okay?" Pansy asked, turning on the spot.

"It's beautiful, are you trying to impress someone?" Hannah asked jokingly but Pansy blushed.

"You are trying to impress someone!" Padma shouted.

"Who is it?" Hermione asked grinning. Pansy looked around awkwardly, trying to avoid the question before sighing.

"Okay okay! Harry asked me to be his date tonight,"

"I'm so happy for you, " Hermione smiled. " I guess it’s just us three girls going together now then," she said to Padma and Hannah.

"Well actually Anthony asked me to be his date," Padma blushed.

"And Neville sort of asked me to be his," Hannah smiled.

"Great so I'm going alone?" Hermione asked and sighed.

"Well I know Draco hasn't asked anyone..." Pansy started but Hermione interrupted.

"Oh no you don't! Don't start your match making. Now then who's going to help me find a dress?" Hermione quickly changed the topic.


"Will you girls hurry up or we will be late!" Hermione heard Blaise call from the common room. She soon heard Pansy, Hannah and Padma descend down the stairs to meet the boys but Hermione couldn't do it. She looked at herself in the mirror, this was the most dressed up she had ever been and she wasn't sure she liked it. As she scanned over herself she point out little faults.

"Hermione come on!" Pansy called.

“You guys go on ahead! I'll meet you there!" she called back her voice breaking ever so slightly.

"Okay but don't be long!" Pull yourself together Hermione, she thought to herself. If she waited until the event started she could walk in and nobody would notice her. She twisted her curls around her finger again and reapplied her lipstick. Drying her clammy hands on a towel she smoothed down her dress and took a deep breath.

"You can do this," she muttered. With one more glance in the mirror she left her room and walked down to the common room. She stopped suddenly on the second last step noticing that Draco still stood by the Christmas tree they had put up earlier. "I thought you had already gone with the others," she said still standing on the stairs. Draco began to walk towards her.

" What kind of a gentleman would I be if I didn't escort a beautiful young lady into an event she planned for so long," he said and offered her hi hand. She smiled softly and accepted the offer as he helped her down the last two steps. “Let’s go then, we have a casino to attend," he grinned.

Hermione looked down the staircase leading to the great hall, so much for not being seen. Draco and she were the last ones walking down the stairs so all eyes were on them.

"Breath Hermione, I won't let you fall," Draco whispered next to her reassuringly.

Pansy looked up with everyone else at her two friends. Draco wore a traditional white shirt, black suit and his Malfoy grey tie and next to him Hermione stood with her arm linked through his looking more beautiful than ever. Her floor length white dress hung elegantly from her waist whilst an embellished diamond bodice clung to her ribs and waist, showing her petit and slim figure. Her honey brown curls hung around her shoulders and her eyes sparkled with the gold glitter on her eyelids. Draco and Hermione truly looked like a perfect couple, if only Pansy could make them see that.

"Everyone is staring at us," Hermione whispered.

"No they're not," Draco said calmly.

"Of course they are, their eyes are all in the direction of us,"

"They're not staring at us, they're staring at you in that magnificent dress,"Draco smiled.

Everybody walked in to the hall in awe. It was transformed with different game tables around the hall as well as waiters serving drinks on trays to all of the guests. However the event wasn’t supposed to begin until Neville gave the opening speech and all the pupils had one dance.

"As many of you know this is a fundraising event for the Cruciatus ward at St Mungos hospital. Many people have been affected during the war and this will hopefully help as many people as possible. This event would not have been possible without the organisation and brilliant mind of this year’s head girl Hermione Granger. I would like to take this moment to thank her for everything she has done and ask her to share a dance with her date," Neville finished his speech and began to applaud with the other pupils.

"But I don't have a date--"

"Come on lets show them how it's done," she heard Draco from her side before he took her hand and lead her onto the dance floor. She placed her hand on his shoulder as he pulled her waist towards him and they began to waltz around the room. Hermione could feel eyes on her as they moved elegantly across the floor.

“Why do you look so worried?” Draco asked cocking his head slightly to the side.

“I don’t know what people are thinking about me, I don’t like being the centre of attention,” she sighed.

“Well you probably should have thought about that before becoming friends with Harry Potter and helping defeat Voldemort,” Draco chuckled.

“It’s not funny!” but Hermione couldn’t help but smile.

“They aren’t staring at you because you’re friends with Potter you know. You’re smart, funny and you look beautiful this evening, that is why people are watching you,” Draco said sincerely and he couldn’t help but notice the slight blush that appeared on her porclein skin.

“This is so embarrassing,” she murmured.

“No, what is more embarrassing is that Pansy is getting on stage,”

“After some help from my fellow Seventh years Hannah and Padma we have decided to create a Christmas tradition at events like these and it’s called, the magic mistletoe. While you are all dancing three pieces of mistletoe will be floating above your heads around the room, one will burst into fireworks, a second will turn into snow and the third will not leave the couple until they have sealed a kiss. So, let’s begin dancing!” Pansy called and took her place next to Harry to begin the dance. Draco and Hermione both looked at each other with a hint of horror and began dancing while keeping an eye out for mistletoe,”

“Mistletoe at twelve o’clock,” Draco said and twirled Hermione away from it resulting in it floating above two fourth years before turning to snow, falling softly on their hair to the sound of laughter.

“Mistletoe on your right,” Hermione said and so they quickly waltzed away. The mistletoe that had been heading to them stopped above Pansy and Harry and burst into a scene of colourful fireworks.

“Well that was close!” Draco laughed. He spoke too soon as pupils began to clap and whistle, Hermione looked up and groaned. The last piece of mistletoe was there floating above Draco’s blond head. She tried walking away with Draco but true to Pansy’s words it stayed above their heads.

“You know what this means Hermione!” she heard Pansy call.

“You did this on purpose!” Hermione glared and turned back to Draco. The two stared at each other awkwardly, neither knowing what to do until Draco sighed in defeat. He took a step forward, placed a delicate finger under her chin, tilted her head up softly and kissed her.


Authors note: I apologise for the lack of updates, but it's a new year and I am determined to update atleast once a month. I would like to update once a week but that isn't very realsitic as I have exams incredibly soon. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year. Hope you enjoyed this chapter :) Also I apolgise if all the text in this chapter is on a white background as that is how it was showing in the preview when I posted this. Not sure why it is doing that but hopefully it will not be a problem :)


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