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The Hostage Situation by FeltonLewis
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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EDITED 15/01/13

GAHHH OMG IM SO SORRY YOU GUYSS. I missed a chapter in between- this one, that is. I don't know what got into me- I've been wayyy too stressed with studies and i obviously wasn't concentrating and i don't know what happened but I'm so sorry! I didn't event realize until a few of you reviewers started questioning it and at first i was like eh -.^ but then i realized omg. Im so very sorry. that was horrid :/ Do enjoy this one though and ill be uploading the one i already uploaded as the next chapter. Enjoy xx

Pansy took the ringing phone out of her back pocket and flipped it open.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Is Ronald there?"

"He isn't, he's on a case. May I know who this is?"

"Molly Weasley. And this is?"

"Pansy Parkinson. I'm sorry, he went on a case and left his phone behind."

"A case? Is everything alright?" Molly's panicked voice said. "Is it dangerous?"

"Haven't you been listening to the radio? It was a Gringotta break in. He'll be alright though."

"Harry doesn't let us listen to the radio unless he's around. I guess this is why... Oh dear...."

Pansy felt a stab of pain in her chest when she heard Harry's name.

"But wait, if it's an important case- why did Harry come home?" Molly asked. And Pansy's heart skipped a beat.

"W-What? He came home? What? When?!" Pansy asked.

"About ten minutes ago, love. It's why I called Ron. Harry told me to tell Ron that he needs to take care of Ted tomorrow."

"Ted? You mean Teddy? His godson? Are you with him?" Pansy asked, growing panicky.

"No, why? Harry dropped by and said that his friend's wife Des wanted to take care of Ted for a while. Is something wrong? Should I go back?"

"No! Don't go back, Molly!" Pansy said, shaking her head even though the older lady couldn't see her. She grabbed her wand. "you have no idea how happy I am that you called.". She cut the phone, tucked it into her pocket and began sprinting to the van.

She burst though the doors. "The lady's got Harry's godson and Bonavier's got Harry. Get Hermione and Ron to Harry fast! Find him! I'm going after Des!"

"Be careful, Pansy!" E.J called just before Pansy apparated. He looked into his screen and pinched the bridge of his nose. Desmanda barely had information on her. He had to think. FBI barely had anything about her family back ground. He needed something! Anything!

His eyebrows came together. The muggles didn't have anything about her background but that didn't mean she was completely muggle...

* * *

"Give us something to go after, E.J", Hermione said, putting her mobile on speaker. She and Ron were currently driving through the streets to areas that the black vehicle had been spotted. Aurors had blocked all other ways either on foot or in cars.

"Desmanda Raw is not all muggle. Her mother was a Witch and her father a wizard. Her twin sister and younger brother both ended up magical but she was a squib. Her parents were strangled to death when she was fifteen and her brother and his wife died in, coincidently, one of the bomb blasts she was held responsible for. I can guess who was responsible for all three of their deaths."

"And the sister?"

"The sister and her husband are still alive. Des left the wizarding world when she was sixteen and turned herself completely muggle. Her sister's daughter is joining Hogwarts this year and she's taking care of her brother's son whose thirteen and on his third year of Hogwarts."

"Ron", Hermione turned to her best friend. He glanced at her, his hands on the steering wheel. "Its the first of September."

"First day of a new year, that's right", E.J spoke. "I'm sending Aurors to where her sister's family is but I say you head to-"

"Kings Cross." Ron nodded.

"Exactly. It'll be where the sister and her family will be. This is a case of revenge and hatred for all things magical. She's doing this to finish a new set of witches and wizards, to finish her remaining family and the extra thousand muggles are just a plus. And by the way, Pansy's gone to Harry's home. Des has Teddy."

"Send Aurors after her, E.J!" Hermione said.


"We'll call if we need anything. Keep us updated though!" Hermione cut the phone.

"I'm apparating us." Hermione said. She gripped Ron's arm and with the familiar tug of the navel, they apparated from where they were to a street near the station.

They sprinted from where they were and headed straight into the crowd of people swarming the platforms.

"Hermione, we're magical!" Ron said, taking his wand out. He pulled her to the side into the shadows and placed his wand on his open palm. "Point me!" The wand spun like a compass before coming to rest, pointing to the right. They ran in that direction.

"There!" Hermione exclaimed, spotting Harry's familiar figure beside the staircase banister. They hurried up to him and Hermione raised her wand. "Finite!"

"What the hell do we do?!" Harry exclaimed, staring down at the phone.

Hermione tried casting the belt off but it wouldn't move.

"What did he start it with?" Ron asked.

"12345" Harry said.

"The deactivating code is four digits." Hermione said. She punched in 1234 and the screen flashed red followed by '1/3'.

"We have two more goes!"

The screen returned to the countdown and Harry and Ron spoke at the same time- "And 20 seconds left."

* * *

"Miss, could we please watch some television?" Teddy asked, his hair black and spiky. "I'm a little bored."

"Yes, yes, go on." Des said, about to put the boy down.

"But daddy doesn't let me turn the TV on myself. He didn't reached me." The five year old said, holding on to Des's neck.

Des grit her teeth in annoyance and spun around, her finger on the trigger of her gun in her pocket. What she saw made her shoot instantly.

Pansy stood there, her wand raised, unsure. She would've shot a spell at the woman had she not been holding Teddy. As she saw the gun being raised, she rolled to the floor, the bullet missing her narrowly. She gripped her wand tightly as Des dropped Teddy to he floor and sprinted through the house and up the stairs. Pansy followed close behind, shooting hex after hex.

As she reached the second floor, everything feel eerily silent. Pansy moved from one room to the other cautiously. She entered the third room when suddenly the door slammed into the side of her head. She grunted in pain and fell sideways because of the impact of the hit. It was a second too late that she realized her wand had slipped out of her fingers. Des leaped out from behind the door and her boot came down heavily on the wand, snapping it in two halves. Pansy gasped and her eyes moved from her broken wand to Des, who was standing above her, the gun pointed at Pansy's head.

"Any last words?" She smirked.

"Yeah." Pansy said. "Go to hell." She caught Des' ankles with her feet and twisted her legs, causing Des to lose balance and fall with a thud. Pansy jumped to her feet and grabbed the gun from beside Des. She pointed it at the woman on the ground.

And then it was just another repeat of events. Des ducked the first bullet and yanked Pansy to the floor, getting up and taking off after that. Pansy got to her feet and followed after her back downstairs. She ran down the stairs but halted when she saw Des standing with the gun pointed at Teddy, who was crying and struggling in the lady's arms.

"I'm not even going to ask if you have any last words this time." Des said. She pointed the gun at Pansy and pulled the trigger.

* * *

"Which year did Des' twin sister start Hogwarts?!" Ron asked, the thought suddenly hitting him. "It's why this whole thing started!"

Hermione frantically tried to calculate the date.

"15 seconds." Harry said. "You guys need to leave! Get everyone out!"

"You know it's too late." Ron said. "We're not leaving you, Harry. We're in this together."

Hermione reached forward and punched in a year but the screen flashed red and showed the digits '2/3'.

"9 seconds." Harry said. "Leave! Put a shield bubble around me and protect how many ever you can! 4 seconds"

Holding her breath, Hermione rapidly punched in 0109. The screen froze for a second before, just as the three did. And then it flashed green, followed by the word 'disabled.'

They released the breaths they were holding and Hermione threw herself on to Harry, hugging him tightly. Ron joined in and they remained like that for a few moments, tears in Hermione's eyes.

"Thank god..." She said, splitting apart from them. "Do you know where Bonavier went?"

"No, but Des- Des has Teddy! We have to leave now!" Harry said.

"Harry, you have no wand, a bomb, though difused, strapped to you and are in a physically injured state. You need to get to St.Mungo's. Ron and I will go to your house, okay?"


"Please, Harry. Trust us!" Ron said. Harry nodded, knowing they were right. He was still not completely healed and he was aching too much everywhere. They hurried outside and into the alley they had apparated into.

"I'll head to his house. You apparate him to Mungos and then follow me." Hermione said.

Ron nodded and placed his hand on Harry's arm. "Be careful, Hermione." Hermione nodded and the three of them apparated to their respective places.

* * *

Pansy squeezed her eyes shut but the impact of the bullet never hit her. She opened her eyes, her eyebrows furrowed together in confusion and saw a similar expression on Des' face as she checked out the revolver- it had been a stroke of luck that the bullets had run out. She seized the momentary distraction and lunged at the woman, knocking her to the floor. Teddy fell from her arms and to the floor.

"Teddy, run and hide!" Pansy yelled, her knees in either side of the lady beneath her, pinning her to the spot.

Des looked up at Pansy, a sneer on her face. But before she could say anything, the raven haired auror punched her across the face, splitting her lip. And then she couldn't stop.

"It's because of people like you that nobody can live normal lives." Pansy screamed, punching her again. "For your selfish reasons! For your own selfish need for revenge!" And she delivered punch after punch, the images of Harry, Draco, Hermione, Blaise and everyone else who had lost their lives that day flashing through her mind. Des' was soon losing consciousness, her head moving from side to side with every hit and her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Her nose was broken and bleeding, along with her lip and the skin above her cheekbones were beginning to discolor to a bruised blue.

Arms encircled her waist and she was suddenly lifted off Des.

"Pansy, it's over! She's almost dead! Enough!" Ron's voice said close to her ear as she thrashed around, blinded by tears. She hadn't even realized she was in tears until just then.

"Ssshh, Pansy! It's over! It's done! Calm down! It's okay, ssshh!" She finally stopped thrashing and Ron set her gently down on her feet. Pansy blinked away her tears and stared at Des' unconcious body for a second before turning to Ron.

"Bonavier? Harry?"

"Harry's in Mungo's-" At Pansy's shocked expression, Ron shook his head, "-He's fine! I probably should have said that first. Harry's fine- he's just getting healed completely. Hermione apparated here and was just in time to see Bonavier enter the front porch- she hit him with a stunning spell before he knew it was coming and Aurors are taking him away right now." Just then, Hermione entered through the front door, Aurors following behind her.

"Where's Teddy?" She asked, taking in Pansy's disheveled appearance and Des' body on the floor.

"I told him to run and hide." Pansy said, suddenly remembering. Hermione began moving towards the staircase but Ron put his hand on her arm.

"Go to St.Mungo's, Hermione. You were affected worse than us by the blast and everything. You need to get yourself healed as well, alright? We'll get Teddy and the Aurors will take Des away. You go tell Harry that Teddy and Pansy are safe and... Uh, go see Malfoy." Hermione nodded and dissapparated straight away.

She reached the reception area of the Wizarding Hospital and she was immideately attended to by who she recognized as some of the top healers.

"How can we help you, Miss Granger?" One of them asked.

"I need somebody to please tell Mister Harry Potter that his son and his partner are alright. And before I get treated, I would like to see Mister Draco Malfoy please." Hermione said, feeling herself shaking. She wanted to collapse but knew she had to hold up for just a few more minutes until she saw that Draco was alright.

"Of course, Miss. I'll send someone to Mister Potter and you can follow me to Mister Malfoy." The same healer said, beginning to walk down a corridor slowly. Hermione followed. A few corridors later, near the emergency ward, the healer pushed open one of the doors and Hermione saw Draco sitting on the bed in the room, leaning agaisnt the headboard. He was dressed in green pajamas and his chest was bare, a bandage wrapped around his torso. His elbow had been bandaged but other than that, there were no visible injuries that were worse. Hermione entered and the healer shut the door after ushering out the nurse, allowing them their privacy. Draco looked up and his eyes met Hermione's. She felt tears well up in her eyes as she hurried towards him and half sitting on the bed beside him, put her arms around his neck and pulled him to her, careful not to hurt him. He tensed for a second before relaxing and putting his own arms around her back.

Her body shook as she sat there hugging him, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Hey, hey, don't cry! Ssshh, please don't cry." Draco said, rubbing her back soothingly. "Im okay, see?" He pulled back and held her face. "Look at me." She did. "I'm perfectly fine, aren't I?"

"You took the curse for me..." She choked out as he wiped away her tears with his thumbs.

"And I would do it over again." He said, looking into her eyes. "I'm fine, Hermione. I am! I'll be up and about in no time at all."

"You apologized before he finished the countdown-"

"I apologized because I wasn't going to do what you said. I could never have." He said, shaking his head. "Can you please stop thinking about it just for a bit? I'm right here and I'm alright and I'm not going anywhere, okay?"

"You... You promise?" She asked, choking back a sob. He smiled softly at their situation- that morning they had woken up without a thought about each other and now he was sure that he wouldn't be able to sleep because he wouldn't be able to get her out of his mind.

He pulled her back into his arms, hugging her tight.

"I promise."

* * *

Teddy in her arms, Pansy followed Ron to Harry's room that was located near to Draco's. He entered and Harry looked up from his place on the bed. He was in the same position as Draco had been, dressed the same way- green pajamas and bandaged torso.

Teddy ran towards his godfather and leaped into his arms.

"Be careful not to hurt your dad, Teddy." Pansy said from her place beside the door. As Harry hugged the boy he considered his own son, he looked over the child's shoulder and his eyes locked with her's. Ron noticed the exchange and went forward and tapped Teddy on the shoulder.

"Hey, sport, let's go get a drink and let your dad and Aunt Pansy talk, alright?" Ron said, lifting the boy up into his arms.

"Okay, see you later, daddy. Bye Aunty Pansy." Teddy said, leaning towards Pansy as they passed her. Ron stopped so that Teddy could kiss Pansy on the cheek.

"See you later, love." She said, smiling at the boy. The door clicked shut and when Pansy looked up, Harry was getting off the bed. "Harry, don't, you're not well enough and you could get hurt or aggravate your injuries and the healers probably told you to sit still or lie down and clearly you're not doing any of that so just- just-" She trailed off as he came to stand in front of her. She looked away and focused her eyes on her fidgeting fingers but it was hard to ignore him or the rapid beating of her heart as he reached out and tucked her fringe behind her ear and then, his hand cupping her cheek, titled her head upwards.

Dark brown eyes met emerald green and she was unable to look away as he, one hand on her left cheek and one hand on her right shoulder, leaned towards her slowly. It seemed to take an eternity but his lips finally touched her's, gentle and delicate.

It was soft and it was simple and short, but it said everything they both needed to say. He broke the kiss but didn't move away from her, still standing the way he had been, Pansy having moved her hands to rest on his shoulders.

"You saved Teddy."

She blushed. "Mrs. Weasley helped me figure it out without realizing it. But yeah, he's fine, he didn't get hurt. I can't say the same thing about you, though." Her hands slipped off his shoulders to touch the bandage carefully. "You went inside." And then there were mixed emotions of anger, sadness and betrayal in her eyes. "You tricked me! You lied to me and went inside despite everything! You could have died! What the hell would I have done if you had died?!"

"What would you have done if I had died?" Harry asked, a small smile on his face and slight amusement in his eyes.

"I-I would have killed you!" Pansy stuttered, blushing further. "You're such an idiot, Harry Potter! Don't you dare do such a thing ever again! I- I was so scared and-" Tears welled up in her eyes and she squeezed them shut, her hands moving to cover her face. Harry's amused expression vanished in an instant and he pulled her into a hug, her face buried into his shoulder.

"Hey, it's okay! I'm safe! Nothing happened... I didnt want to hurt you or trick you like that but you know I didn't have a choice but it's all over now. It's done, no ones going to get hurt any more. Des and Bonavier have been taken away- I got a patronus from the Minister saying so- and everything will return to as they were before."

"Well," He continued, splitting away from the embrace but not from her, "Everything except one."

"W-What's that?" Pansy choked out. He gently wiped way her tears with his fingers before saying-


* * *


Does that make more sense? Yeah? Better conclusion than my epilogue? UGH I STILL CANT BELIEVE I DID THAT! How could i be so stupid! Im so sorry! Really. Do review though please please please and i hope this is what you were expecting or maybe even better than your expectations? Do let me know :)
Much love,
FeltonLewis xx

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