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Thinking Of You by Iluvmlfy
Chapter 1 : Whisper Words Of Wisdom
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Hermione sat at the window in her room at the Burrow, her fingers caressing her slightly protruding belly. She was watching Ron and Ginny play a game of exploding snap under the willow in the backyard. They had been playing in the living room but after four games, and a few singed carpet fragments Mrs. Weasley made them go outside.




Hermione was so grateful for everyone around her, they had taken her in when she had no place to go, and when she told them she was carrying Draco Malfoy’s baby they had opened their arms to her. Hermione reminisced back to that day when she found out she was pregnant.








“Oh no no no no no.” Hermione stared at the pregnancy test. No matter how many times she read it over she still couldn’t believe it. Somehow she thought it would change and say something different. Just as she was contemplating throwing herself out the window Ginny came in, and saw what she was holding. Ginny sat there with her for hours as Hermione cried. They had finally gone to the living room, and Ginny was getting Hermione a cup of tea.



“How did this happen Hermione?”



“It had to of been at the party. I was on birth control while we were together but when I ended things I quit taking them, and what happened at the party was pretty…unexpected. God how could I have been so stupid!”




Ginny took a sip of her tea and turned to her best friend with concern in her eyes.




“You know what we have to do.”




“Gin I can’t ask you to do that. To be around Harry, especially after how things ended so badly.”




“Hermione Jean Granger, you are my best friend and I don’t care how many gits I have to put up with, I’m taking you back to England, to our family, where you can be taken care of.”



Hermione felt tears well up in her eyes. She couldn’t believe her best friend was willing to give up her new life for her. She placed her hand over Ginny’s and squeezed.



“Ok Gin, let’s go home.”






Hermione smiled at the memory. She loved these people and they were her family. She looked down at her belly and thought of Draco. She couldn’t believe his child was sleeping inside of her. She had been at the Burrow for three months. She missed her job, and she missed being able to take all the pictures she wanted. She still lay awake at night, crying over Draco. She couldn’t believe that she was experiencing the wonderful gift of bearing a child, and the father couldn’t experience it with her. She never thought that she would be raising a child as a single mother.







A knock at her door had interrupted her thoughts, she replied for the person to come in, and Ron poked his head in.



“Hey Hermione, mum and Gin wanted to know if you were ready for your appointment with the healer at St. Mungos?” Hermione smiled. She was going to find out the sex of her baby today. Ron walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.




“I’m proud of you Hermione. You know Luna and I are behind you every step of the way.” Ron and Luna had been dating for a few years and they were expecting to be married within the next three months. They had also been a great stress relief. Ron and Luna had taken turns taking her to her Lamaze classes and they had taken her to visit Harry, since it was still hard for Ginny to be around him.




Ron put his hands on Hermione’s stomach and smiled at her. “I can’t wait to be an uncle!” He took Hermione by the hand and led her out the door.



Draco was sitting alone in his study in a leather arm chair, running a piece of parchment between his fingers. No matter how many times he read it, it still made his heart ache. They had been so close. As soon as he had received it those three months ago he had immediately gone to Pansy and she confirmed what Hermione had told him. He knew he had to do the right thing and be with his family. But he always felt a stab of pain in his chest every time he thought of her.



Draco sighed, stood from his seat and went to put the note back in his safe under his desk. He had tried everything to get her out of his head, but nothing seemed to work. He hadn’t heard anything about her for the last three months. He had asked Blaise, but all he had told him was that after Hermione ended things with Draco, Ginny had ended things with Blaise and Hermione and Ginny moved back to England.




Lost in his thoughts Draco didn’t hear Pansy clear her throat trying to get his attention. She walked to him and snapped her fingers in front of his face, that broke his trance. He looked up at her, “Are you ready for our appointment Draco? We’re going to be late.” Draco stood with out a word to her and they left for St. Mungo’s.



Hermione was laying on a very cold table at St. Mungo’s. Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, Ron, Luna, and Harry had even shown up, and he and Ginny had tried to not make it awkward which she appreciated. The healer was taking her time finding the babies face, and genital area so that they could find out the sex. Hermione couldn’t believe how nervous she was, it’s not like she was finding out she was pregnant, she already knew that. The healer had stopped to capture an image on the screen and Hermione looked up.




She couldn’t really tell what she was looking at, but the healer looked down at her and smiled, “Congratulations Miss Granger, it’s a girl.” Hermione instantly felt the feeling of tears in her eyes and everyone around her started congratulating her. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny were both crying and everyone was trying to get their hugs in.




They all had filed out into the hallway. They made their way towards the elevator and were talking when Hermione felt like someone was staring at her. She looked around and her eyes stopped on a pair of steel grey eyes that were staring her down. She felt her breath leave her body, and she became faint. She grabbed Harry’s arm for support, and he looked down at her with worry. He looked up and saw Draco staring at her and he put his arm defensively around Hermione.




“Harry, please. Get me out of here.” The elevator opened and Harry ushered her inside, the doors shut and the last thing Hermione saw was Draco looking completely and utterly shocked.








Ok readers chapter one is underway! This story is going to be verrrry exciting! Please read and review! I love hearing your feedback!

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