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Fall Creek by lyndsaylovve
Chapter 4 : Jealousy
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Days passed and it seemed I was getting nowhere closer to helping red, though he didn’t seem to mind it too much. In fact as I grew more irritated by our lack of progress he seemed to become even more annoyingly content. He adapted to life on the hill so quickly you’d have thought he had been here his entire life. His nickname stuck with him, and as days turned into weeks everyone knew him as red. Being friendly and having a great sense of humor made him easy to be around. Well, some times.

“Red!” I huffed for the tenth time this morning

“Yeees?” he replied, drawing out the e’s in the way he knew I hated

“Will you please focus here? Do you want your memories back or not?” I Snapped

He chuckled as he swung his legs over the branch of a tree and hung upside down.

“Of course I do!” he gracefully flipped backwards and landed in front of me “But they’ll come to me when my ‘mind is at the happiest of all’!” he mimicked Amelia and twirled his fingers in the air

He had been going to see Amelia every Thursday at 2 for the past two weeks, along with his Monday sessions with Madeline Worthington, the daughter of mayor of Fall Creek. The mayor also happened to be on the council of Misty Hill, he was Mark’s boss.  Madeline really had no business being on the hill or helping anyone with memory loss. A tall blond with ice blue eyes and expensive clothes her father had imported from god knows where. Perfect nails and teeth and everyone tripping over themselves to be around her, she was fall creek royalty.  She didn’t care about anyone but herself, if she could marry herself I’m sure she would. Every now and then when she saw someone she wanted shed bat her eyelashes and tell her father and shed get it. And of course when she laid her perfectly eye shadowed eyes on Red, it was only a day until she got a session with him every Monday. I had never gotten along with Madeline, probably because I wasn’t rich or snooty, or perhaps it was because I didn’t feel the particular need to worship her existence.

“Well then make your mind,” I started “and me for that matter, very happy and focus! We have twenty minutes left before your session with Madeline.”

“Ah yes, the lovely Madeline” He grinned and winked at me

I glowered and scribbled furious circles in my notebook. Of course he thought she was lovely. Every male in town thought she was. I had never taken any notice nor cared about what they thought about her. I never found myself jealous that I never got any attention. I mean considering she was a blond bombshell and I was well, me. My long dark brown hair fell to my elbows always tangling and looking rather unkempt. I never wore makeup apart from a thin line of black eye liner and mascara so my eyes had at least some definition. Being amber brown they seemed rather dull to me. Not to mention I hardly ever wore clothes of bright colors or clothes that looked expensive. Black jeans and grey v neck and some sandals and I was set. So again I never gave any thought to it, she was beautiful and girly, I was average and plain.

“Are you jealous” Red asked amused

“Of course not!” I snapped looking up at him with a glare

But was that true? Was I jealous? I would deny it if anyone asked, just as I had with red. But to be honest with myself I might have been a tad jealous. Red was a very attractive guy, you’d have to be blind and stupid to not admit that. But perhaps I was jealous that Madeline was taking my time with him, because I wanted to help get his memories back. Yes, that’s why. I think.

“Alright C” he had taken to calling me C, which I didn’t particularly like but he refused to call me anything else.

He was grinning and about to say something more when a high pitched voice called out his name

“RED!” Madeline skipped up to his side wearing shorts much too short and a top that literally should have been her skin.

“Hello Madeline” Red gave her a crooked smile and she flirtatiously placed her hand on his arm

“You’re early” I snapped,

She turned her ice blue eyes onto me and gave me a sly smile

“Oh am I?” She shrugged and flipped her golden hair “I suppose I’m just excited to make more progress with Red”

“More progress?” I asked, confused

“Didn’t you tell her red?” she said with fake shock

“Tell me what?” I snapped glaring at them both

“We think we know what his name started with!” she exclaimed and clung to his arm smiling up at him

I had to fight back the appealing image of me punching her in the mouth. Anger filled me. And I wanted nothing more than to snatch Red back and make him tell me everything he remembered if I had to beat him with a stick.

“And what was that?” I managed to get out through clenched teeth

“O” she said with a smile “I figured it out really”

Red’s face darkened and he frowned. Which gave me relief, he didn’t believe it either.

“How wonderful” I smiled to brightly and Red grinned

“Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me taking him away now?” Madeline was already dragging Red away from the tree and up to the rose garden

I simply watched, slightly amused and slightly annoyed.

“One of these days that girl is going to get a solid punch in the mouth I feel.” Lucas’s voice made me jump

“I feel you are correct in that assumption good sir” I smiled and linked my arm through his

“Shall we proceed to get some food my lady?” His playful tone helped lift me from my anger

“We shall!”


All through lunch with Lucas I silently fantasized about ways to ‘accidentally’ make Madeline’s face connect with my fist.

“How’s he doing?” Lucas asked around a mouth full of his pizza

I sighed and picked at my potato salad

“Good I guess,” I looked out towards the rose garden, I couldn’t see them and I huffed “He’s so frustrating Lucas! He won’t be serious for one minute, how am I supposed to help him find his memories if he won’t focus?”

“I feel like being serious isn’t really in his nature” Lucas grinned and sat back in his chair

“You’ve got that right” I said moodily

“So use that” Lucas said with a shrug

I stared at him and cocked my head

“How would I use that?”

“Well we all can see that he’s a fun guy, flirty and likes a good joke,” Lucas scratched his head “So go with it, joke with him, be flirty, it might trigger something.”

I just stared at him. I was gripping my fork so tightly my fingers were going white.

“Flirt?”I said in shock “I am about as flirty as a cobra Lucas.”

He laughed and gave me a grin “oh come on Claire, he’s a good looking fella it shouldn’t be that hard.”

“That hard?!” I snapped “Lucas, I don’t flirt. I don’t believe in flirting or romance or anything like that, people who do are idiots and should be locked away somewhere. Nothing good comes from love.”

He shook his head and sighed “Oh Claire”

“And besides” I said quietly “What makes you think he’d even be interested in me?”

A grin split Lucas’s face and he shook his head again “You really don’t see it do you?”

“See what?” I asked confused

“The effect you have, how beautiful you are.”

I made an incredulous face and he burst out laughing

“Do you think you get your way so easily because of your shining bubbly personality?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow

“I don’t get my way” I mumbled embarrassed, his praise made me feel awkward and uncomfortable

“Oh yes you do,” he chuckled and then his eyes darted somewhere behind me “but we will finish that conversation later, you have some flirting to do.”

I spun around and spotted red making his way over to our table. When he saw me, a heart stopping smile lit his face and he quickly hurried over.

“Blimey that was awful” he said as he dropped into the empty chair next to me

“I bet dude, what did you talk about this time?” Lucas kicked me under the table

I jumped and squeaked, earning a strange look from Red

“Well, she commented about how the sun looks in my hair,” he stopped at winked at me “Which is fabulous by the way.”

I rolled my eyes and snorted

“And then she proceeded to talk about how it almost looked better than her hair, and that is a big almost apparently.”

He shrugged and took my slice of pizza

“Hey!” I snapped trying to grab it back

“You weren’t eating it” he grinned and wolfed down half of it before I could protest

Annoyance bubbled up and I huffed. Lucas smiled at me and kept darting his eyes between the two of us.

“Do you always have to be so annoying?” I snapped at them both and they laughed

“Of course” Lucas said

“Certainly, it’s the highlight of my day to make you annoyed miss Rixen” Red batted his eyes at me and I had to look away. It did funny things to my breathing.

“Well” I mumbled “you succeed”

I opened the book next to me and tried to block out the boys as they chatted about trying some new sport that Lucas had made up.

“You ALWAYS read” Lucas groaned “No fun at all.”

“You’re just like Hermione” Red rolled his eyes then froze

Lucas and I stared at him silently and I finally made myself speak

“Who is Hermione?”

“I-I can’t be sure” Red turned wide blue eyes onto me “I just remember brown hair and eyes, very smart, always reading, brightest of her age. She was important to someone close to me…that’s all I remember.”

a happy grin split Red’s face and I felt my own lips turn up as well.

“That’s wonderful Red” I said softly, placing my hand over his on the table “You remembered that”

His eyes softened and he cupped my hand in his large own “YOU helped me remember that.”

I couldn’t breathe momentarily, I was caught in his gaze and it wasn’t until Lucas cleared his throat that we both sprung apart and focused again.

“That’s amazing man!” Lucas grinned at me while talking to Red

After lunch Red and I tried every possible thing to help him have another flash back, another glimpse of a memory. Nothing came of it, and I could see his disappointment that night as we walked back to our rooms for bed.

“Hey,” I said softly, placing my hand on his arm “You remembered something, that’s a start. We’ll get them back, I promise.”

He looked down at me and smiled softly. He patted my hand and nodded.

“Goodnight C”

As he disappeared into his room I stood in the hallway. I stared at his door for a while before slipping into my room and crawling into bed. As I curled up in my covers, I thought about the sadness in Reds eyes. And I realized that underneath that frustrating, humor filled face of his, he was miserable and frightened. My heart ached at that realization. And it was then that I vowed I would do everything I could, everything. Red would remember, if it was the last thing I ever did.


A/N: so i hope that yall like this story! i would love to hear feed back! <3

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