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Ivy Lee Collins Series: Passion by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 4 : Chapter Three: Sirius
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 My nose fucking hurts.

Who knew that Ivy bloody Collins can throw a punch like that?

Maybe I shouldn’t have yelled her full name to the whole school.



Right now, Ivy was finishing explaining her turn of events and I was leaning back on my chair, looking at Dumbledore.

I wondered what we were going to get.

A week of detention?

Twenty points taken from Gryffindor, each?

Owl home?

I wonder if Dumbledore would send it to my biological mother or to Mrs Potter.

I’d be more scared of Mrs Potter. That woman can be deathly.

I just wanted to get out of here. It was so boring, the only thing keeping me in here was good ol’ Dumbledore. If there was a different headmaster I would have left long ago, got up and walked away.

“… so then I flung myself over the table and started to attack him,” Ivy explained to Dumbledore, “Then bloody Potter and Lupin grabbed me off him and McGonagall sent me here.”

“Well, do you have anything to say Mr Black?” Dumbledore asked.

“No. All I did was announce to the school her full name, which may I tell you Professor is…” I explained.

“SHUT UP BLACK!” Ivy yelled.

“… not that bad, as everyone would have heard it at the sorting ceremony anyway, I bet some people already knew!” I grinned.

“That was seven years ago!”

“Someone could have remembered!” I said.

“No one would have!” Ivy cried, standing up and her chair flying backwards.

“Sit down Ivy Lee,” I smirked.

“GAH!” Ivy screamed as she launched herself onto me again.

“GET OFF!” I yelled as Ivy went flying backwards into the wall and I went into the other.

“Can you lay off the violence until you leave my office?” Dumbledore asked and I nodded, Ivy nodding very stiffly, “You will both receive a detention and lose 10 points each from Gryffindor. I am going ‘easy’ on you today because it is the first day back, but be mindful that I will not be as easy on you next time you are in here which I do hope isn’t soon.”

“Yes Headmaster,” Ivy and I chanted back.

“You may leave,” Dumbledore said, writing on a piece of parchment.

Ivy and I turned around silently, not looking at each other but I could feel the annoyance vibrating off her. Before we reached the door, Dumbledore spoke up for the last time,

“Miss Collins?”

“Yes Professor?”

“One last thing,” Dumbledore looked up smiling, “Take Mr Black to the Hospital Wing for his nose to be fixed, it looks like you may have broken it in more than one spot.”

Ivy grinned wickedly and turned around, walking straight through the door replying,

“Sure thing Professor, sure thing.”


* * * * *


“Hurry up Black, we don’t have all day,” Ivy-Lee yelled back to me.

“Yes we do,” I grinned, walking very slowly towards her at the end of the corridor, “We only have potions next and I really don’t feel like sitting through another teacher rattle on about N.E.W.T’s.”

“I don’t care, I just don’t want to spend my entire afternoon trying to get you to go to a Hospital Wing.”

“You should be privileged to be even in my presence.”

“Privileged?” she scoffed but continued to walk.

“Do you know how many girls would kill to be with me alone?” I asked.

“Yes, and I happen to not be one of your precious fan girls.”

I shuddered, “Nasty vixens those fan girls. Better watch your back, they’ll probably be after you due to your little stunt.”

“I can handle them. Half of them are Hufflepuff’s.”

“Are you having a go at Hufflepuff’s?” I asked, “That’s low, real low.”

“We both know Hufflepuff’s aren’t the brightest quill in the pack. And plus, I heard that some of the new recruits are third years.”

Third years?!?” I cried.

“Maybe even a second year as well,” Ivy explained, “Well done.”

“But – what – I’m five years older than them!”

“Doesn’t worry them, your ‘beauty’ and ‘charm’ has drawn them to you like moths of a flame!” Ivy giggled.

Her giggle was so… girly unlike what I normally hear out of her mouth.

“Did you just giggle?” I asked wonderstruck.


“That’s so weird.”

“Everyone giggles Black, even me.”

“I know… but you giggling? Weird! What has the world come to?!?”

Ivy laughed and opened the door into the Hospital Wing where a disgruntled looking Madam Pomphrey was running around.

“Shut up and just go in a get your nose fixed,” Ivy pointed into the room.

“Sure thing, be right back Ivy-Lee,” I grinned and dodged her arm going in to swat my head, “Hey Madam Pomphrey! How was your holiday?”

“Mr Black! Your back already?” Madam Pomphrey asked, looking out of her potions cupboard, “What had you done this time?”

“Nose,” I grinned, “Broken it in more than one place this time.”

“How did you manage that on the second day of school?” Madam Pomphrey asked.

“Got punched in the face.”

“By Mr Potter again?”


“Mr Lupin?”


“Your brother?”


“Who was it this time?”

“Ivy Collins.”

“A girl broke your nose?”


“Well Mr Black there’s always a first for everything. Why don’t you sit here and we’ll fix your nose up and you’ll be back to class.”


* * * * *


“Mr Black and Miss Collins, thank you for finally gracing us with your presence!” good old Professor Slughorn greeted us when we entered the potions classroom with my nose completely straight again. Wouldn’t want to have a croaked nose, might scare off the ladies!

“Slugy! Happy to see me again?” I grinned.

“What about me?  Miss me over the holidays?” Ivy asked.

Slughorn loved us. His favourite students were obviously the Marauders and maybe even Ivy if she was lucky.

“Where were you two?” he asked.

“Gracing Professor Dumbledore and Madam Pomphrey with our presence,” I answered grinning as the class laughed.

“What did you do this time?” he asked.

“Broke his nose at lunch,” Ivy grinned.

Everyone laughed at this and Ivy took a bow, blowing kisses to her audience. I couldn’t help but notice that she gave a wink in Liam Matthews direction and blowing him a longer kiss.

Disgusting, go be all sweet and couple-y somewhere where I don’t have to see. I may have just puked in my mouth from the overload of couple sweetness.

“Well could you please take your seats and we’ll get back to the lesson,” Slughorn gestured to the last two spare chairs in the room, “These will be your seats for the rest of the semester.”

Which was one two seater table in front of Slughorn’s desk.

Oh hell no.

“I am not sitting on a two seater with Black for the semester!” Ivy screeched.

Hey! I thought we were actually getting along! We were even making jokes together! She was actually being nice.

“Knew she’d react like this,” Mary whispered to Alice who was sitting a row in front and a desk in front.

“And I am not sitting in the front row, in front of the teacher’s desk!” I exclaimed.

Sirius Black does not sit in front of the teacher.

Before James could start laughing and making fun of me for sitting in the ‘goody-two-shoes’ spot I said,

“Don’t even think about it Prongs.”

I heard someone cover their mouth. Prongs, taste the feeling of ownage.

“Maybe if you had been here at the start of the lesson –“ Slughorn began but was interrupted by both me and Ivy.

“It’s not our fault we had to see Dumbledore!”

“- had to see Madam Pomphrey!”

- maybe you should of behaved and not get yourselves into trouble you wouldn’t have been here and could have made it here on time!” Slughorn yelled.

“She’s the one who broke my nose!”

“He was the one who yelled something private about me to the whole school!”

“It is not private!”

“It was so!”

“You could have told me that you didn’t want people to know before I told everyone!”

“I thought it was a little obvious! – “


“ – I mean, I don’t go round introducing myself with that bloody name! Do you see me going up to new people and introducing myself as Ivy-Lee?”

“But it’s your name it’s nothing to be ashamed about!”

“Like you can talk! You go around talking about how ashamed you are of being a Black!”

The class all took in a sharp breath and began to whisper as Ivy clapped her hand over her mouth, her eyes going wide.

She went too far with this, way too far.

“Shit, Black – Sirius – I’m so sorry, I didn’t – “

“No, it doesn’t matter. Don’t even worry,” I muttered before turning on my heel and walking out the door.


* * * * *


I was surprised that no one had found me yet, I wasn’t in a very hidden spot – I was sitting at the under my favourite tree at the Black Lake.

Sitting under the tree always calmed me down, the shade cooled me down both physically (it was bloody hot) and mentally.

I was shocked that Ivy had taken our fight to that extreme, to bring my birth family into it. The worst part was that I knew that she was right. I was ashamed of being a Black. Everything they had done was sick and twisted.

They had no idea what it was like to be introduced as a Black and automatically assumed as a Slytherin, Death Eater, so pretty much an evil, slimy git. It was fucking annoying. I remember being introduced to Peter’s family for the first time and his parents had almost had a heart attack. The assumptions on me ruin everything.

Poor Reg, he was still wrapped under mum and dad’s bloody fingers.

Leaving Reg behind when I ran away was hard, I knew it would leave him to be intimidated by my parents more but I just couldn’t stay there.

Luckily I had never gotten on well with my parents.

When I pulled up on the Potter’s doorway the night I ran away and felt a real mother take me in and care for me, cleaning my wounds, feeding me until I was stuffed and making sure I was in bed on time.

I heard feet shuffle in a slowly sit down next to me. After a matter of silence they finally talked,

“She didn’t mean it you know.”

“I know Prongs, it just kind of hit me hard,” I responded.

“Realised,” he muttered, earning a wack from me.

“She confuses me so much,” I sighed, lying down, “One minute she’s attacking me the next she’s laughing with me and crap and then were back to hating me!”

“A girl confusing the famous girl slayer Sirius Black? Well, I guess there’s a first for everything,” James grinned, “She’s just…. Different.”

“Extremely,” I muttered.

“Let’s go through the points of this discussion,” James suggested pompously, “She is possibly the only girl in our year who doesn’t wear high heels at school.”

“Only girl beater in school.”

“Only person with that many piercings.”

“The amount of make up on her face actually suits her and looks good, not caked.”

“She is probably the only girl to have a tattoo.”

“She’s got a really good body, meaning like really, really nice.”


“Did you really just say that Paddy?” James asked.

“Yeah,” I breathed, “Wow, weird.”

“Pads, do you fancy Ivy?”

“No! Of course not! I just think she has an amazing body,” I admitted.

“True,” James agreed lying down as well.

“Probably is a really good shag.”

“Who are you talking about?” another voice said from above.

It was Ivy, she was standing above us, her hands on her hips with a determined stance.

“You,” I replied calmly.

“Huh,” Ivy grinned wickedly, “You are such a pervert.”

“Don’t run around in a tiny crop top and I won’t be,” I grinned back.

“I’ll try,” Ivy smiled.

“Padfoot I’ll meet you back inside,” James winked at me and jumped up.

After a moment of silence Ivy spoke again,

“Look… Sirius… I’m really sorry about what I said. It was way out of line.”

“It’s ok, it’s not like it isn’t true,” I muttered, ripping up grass in boredom and watching the sun rays hit the waters of the Black Lake. The flicked across the surface making different colours that broke in the ripples.

“You can’t keep putting yourself down like this just because your last name is Black! In fact, I’m pretty sure half the school doesn’t even consider you a Black anymore!” Ivy exclaimed causing me to break away from watching the water.

“Then who am I Ivy? Just Sirius?” I yelled standing up and pacing around, trying to take my frustration out.

“Are you that daft?! Of course not, you’re a Potter!” Ivy yelled back, standing up as well and looking me squarely in the eyes.

That took me back.

Me, a Potter? I had never considered it before.

“Sirius… Potter?” I whispered.

“Well, technically your still Sirius Black but you’re as much a Potter as you are a Black.” Ivy babbled.

“I know… I’ve just never thought of it this way. It’s different.”

“Different good or different bad?”

“Different good.”

“Fantastic, you feeling better now?”

“Yeah, a lot. Thanks,” I grinned, throwing my arm around her shoulders, “What happened to hating me?”

“I put it aside for a bit so I could help you, but now,” she pushed my arm off her shoulders, “I hate you again, so don’t touch me.”

“You sure you don’t want a hug?” I grinned wickedly.


“I think someone needs a hug!” and I grabbed her and squished her into a massive hug, snagging her wand from her robe pocket.

“BLACK! STOP!” she squealed.

But I didn’t stop there.

I then proceeded to pick her up and sling her over my shoulder.


“Hmmm, no.”




“You can’t.”


“But you don’t have wand.”


I twirled her wand in my hand, “Hard to hex someone without a wand Ivy.”


I then realised that we were making quite a spectacle, classes had just finished and people were walking to the lake as it was a nice day, a lot of people were taking the sunny weather to their advantage and coming out to relax in the sun. It looked like almost a third of Hogwarts was out here watching me carry Ivy up to school over my shoulder. It was probably strange as everyone knew about our relationship, how much we didn’t get along.

“No, I won’t give it back.”


“Stop yelling, everyone’s watching you with your ass in the air.”


Her eyes flew open at the sight of more people piling out into the sun watching us curiously.

“Holy shit,” were her only words.

“HELLO!” I yelled to the crowd, “ENJOYING THE SHOW?”

“Shut up Black!” Ivy screeched, her hands trying to pull her skirt down so it wasn’t showing much of her ass.

“No!” I grinned at her, “SHE’S GOT QUITE A NICE ASS HASN’T SHE?”


Then she proceeded to continue to kick me in the stomach.

“Ouch! That hurts!”

“Well put me down!”

“Only if you ask nicely.”

“Fine! Sirius, will you please but me down?”

“Good girl!” and I dropped her on the ground, classy.

She gathered herself up, dusting herself off, “And my wand?” I gave her a look, “Pretty please?”

“Here you go,” I grinned and gave it back.

“Thank you,” she smiled evilly, “But do it again and you’ll have two extra heads.”

“How lovely.”

Then she turned on her heel and strutted up to the castle, swaying her hips. Fucking hell, she’s got an amazing ass. She would be bloody amazing in bed, probably best in the school…

Merlin, I need a snog.


* * * * *


Half an hour later, I was in a broom cupboard on the fourth floor snogging some random girl. I didn’t know who she was, I think she said her name was Brianna or something and she was a Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuff’s are bloody easy to get, I could probably convince her to let me shag her right here and right now.

Then again, all girls are easy when you’re Sirius Black.

What can I say, it’s my charm and manliness.

Brianna groaned as nipped her bottom lip and sent my tongue into her mouth. I quickly gave a peek to have another look at Brianna. She had extremely long blonde hair that was basically touching the top of her ass, olive skin that was absolutely flawless, long legs that poked out of her much-too-short-school skirt (hey! I’m not complaining!) and were supported by black high heels, a very nice chest (I’m guessing around a 34DDD/ E) that made her school shirt so tight that I could see her lacy black bra straight through the material. The top two buttons where undone so I could see the perfect amount of cleavage, her Hufflepuff tie was loose around her neck and then I came to her make- up. Heavy on the foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and blush so that she had a smoky eye or something along those lines.

She was very pretty, it made me wonder why I had noticed her before. A lot of the girls in fifth, six and seventh year I had already snogged but I was ninety percent sure I hadn’t snogged this one and one hundred percent sure that she wasn’t a fourth year or below. It was getting harder and harder to remember who I had snogged and who I hadn’t, now I just judge the facial expression of the girl to make up the decision for me.

I moved my hands from gripping her ass to her shirt, I pawed on the buttons and she wriggled free of her shirt so she was left in her skirt, tie and shoes. I stepped back to admire her quickly before diving back into snog her.

I was enjoying this snog, she was quite good. I began to lose myself into it.

“Sirius…” she murmured as I broke off and kissed her jaw line.

“Mmhmm,” I answered across her skin. She shivered in response.

“I have to go…”

“Where is more important than here, snogging me?” I asked, eyebrow quirked.

“I have a study date with a friend. She’ll be angry if I’m late.”

“Just say you where snogging me, she’ll understand.”

“She will?” she smiled hopefully.

“Oh yes, of course,” I mumbled before capturing her lips and making her fall silent.

Sorry Brianna, but she won’t.


* * * * *


“What’s going on between us?” Brianna asked an hour later as she slipped on her skirt.

“Going on?” I replied coolly.

“You know,” Brianna whispered, “Are we dating?”

They all do this, ask if we are now a couple. It’s getting bloody annoying. Luckily I have an answer already planned for this, it’s the same one I use on every single one who asks.

“No, I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”

Same old, same old ‘not looking for a relationship’. Seriously though, if I had wanted to be in a relationship with you I would have asked you out before snogging you in a broom cupboard, I do have class.

“Oh,” Brianna said weakly, “We don’t have to date, we can be snogging buddies?”

“Snogging buddies?” Well this was new. No one had asked me this before.

“You know, we don’t date but we arrange times and places to meet and just snog. If you want it could be more, we could be shagging buddies?”

Did she seriously just ask that? She literally just said she would shag me whenever I wanted, merlin this girl is a prostitute in the making.

“No thank you.”

“Is it because of that Collins girl? Is there something going on between you two?”

“No! Are you kidding me? Where did you get that from?” I asked bewildered.

“There’s a couple of rumours that you and her a secretly dating,” Brianna shrugged, “I’m taking that as a no then?”

“Of course it’s a no!” I exclaimed, “She hates me! Why would we be dating in fucking secret? Did everyone not see that she punched me in the face at lunch today?”

Brianna just shrugged again, “Ok, well now I know the truth, I really thought you two had this secret thing going on. There’s another rumour that you two are engaged and James and Lily are your maid of honour and best man and you’re planning to move to America!”


“None of that is true,” I said, “Well bye, nice meeting you.”

And I opened the door and walked down the hall.

I checked my watch and it said it was 6:45, dinner had just started and my stomach grumbled in agreement as I began to walk in the direction of the Great Hall.

I can’t believe that people actually thought that Ivy and I had a thing. A relationship. Ew, that made me shudder.

I reached the Great Hall and saw that my friends were sitting in the middle of the Gryffindor table. Peter was scoffing his face with food, Remus was reading a book, James was staring at Lily across the table who was sipping on her tea, Alice was writing something, Mary was stabbing her chicken viciously and Ivy was serving herself up a plate.

“Hello my friends!” I greeted as I plonked myself down next to Peter.

“Hey Sirius! Where have you been?” Peter asked, taking a quick break from scoffing his face.

“In a broom cupboard,” I replied bluntly, ignoring the looks of disgust from the girls as I loaded my plate.

“Who this time?” Remus asked, looking over his book.

“Her,” I pointed to Brianna who was walking into the hall proudly, “Brianna, a Hufflepuff.”

“Another Hufflepuff?” James laughed.

I shrugged.

“Her name’s not even Brianna, you know,” Ivy said, “That’s Karen Bright, sixth year.”

“Uh, oops.”

“Karen and Brianna don’t even sound the same, how do you get them mixed up?” Lily asked.

“Well when I went up to her she was in a group and someone introduced themselves as Brianna and I guessed it was her. Well, at least now I know that her name is Karen not Brianna for further inquiries,” I grinned.

“You’re disgusting,” Ivy scolded.

“I’m not the disgusting one, she asked me if we could be shag buddies when I said that I didn’t want a relationship,” I explained.

“Really?” Alice asked, her eyebrow raised, “I thought she seemed pretty innocent.”

“Obviously not,” Mary said, “I heard she shagged Richard Gubbins behind that statue of that weird dog thing on the second floor before breakfast this morning and Jamie Cunning at lunch.”

“She gets around,” James commented, watching Karen across the room.

“Might not be true, you never know what’s true with all the rumours going around at this school,” Alice muttered.

“You’re right,” Mary agreed.

“That reminds me of something Karen told me!” I exclaimed, “Apparently you – “ I pointed to Ivy, “ -  and I are in a secret relationship and that we are getting married and planning to move to America. Prongs, you and Lily are best man and maid of honour apparently.”

“WHAT?” Ivy yelled causing some people to turn around and watch us, “Stop looking!”

The others were in fits of laughter.

“You two?! In a relationship?!” Lily giggled.

“Did people not see me break your face at lunch today?” Ivy growled, “Is that not convincing enough?”

“I would have thought so,” Peter grinned.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have carried her over your shoulder this afternoon, that’s a flirty move,” Mary laughed.

“That was him being a prat!” Ivy pointed at me.

“It was funny!” I exclaimed.

“It was so embarrassing! Half the school saw my arse in the air! Don’t you ever do it again –“

“Or I’ll have two extra heads? I know, you told me before.”

Ivy huffed and went back to her dinner.

“Get over it will you?” James whined, “I don’t need my Quidditch team in a fight before the seasons even started!”

“James, we’re always in a fight,” I replied.

“Your Quidditch team?” Ivy scoffed.

“I’m captain therefore it is my team!” James explained, “By the way, I’m holding trials on Sunday so be there, us three are the only remaining members of the team from last year.”

“We don’t have to try out?” I asked.

“No, you two would smash everyone anyway. You two are the best beaters in the school,” James grinned.

“I still think we should try out,” Ivy said.

“Why?” James asked.

“What if there’s someone better?” Ivy replied, “And we need to give everyone a fair chance, gives us a good name.”

I groaned, “Ivy, we’ve been on this team for four years, we have earned our spot fairly.”

“Fine,” Ivy grumbled, “What times trials?”

“Ten o’clock, I’ve already booked the pitch,” James explained.

“Typical,” Ivy whined, “This bloody training program better not interfere with my running.”

“When do you run?” James asked, “So I don’t ‘interfere’.”

“6:40,” Ivy replied.

“Ok, I’ll try and work around it,” James grinned with a mysterious twinkle, but as soon as the twinkle was there, it was gone and he was eating his dinner in silence.

I let it slip my mind and went back to scoffing down my dinner. 


A/N: I AM SO SORRY! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! I know it's been ages (two months :/ ) but I've been so busy! I have a list!

1. Exams popped up

2. I got stuck in writing my first Sirius P.O.V chapter

3. Catching James Potter (my other story) was reaaching a massive part in the story and I couldn't stop writing it

4. Came up with a new story

5. Wrote a one shot

Does that get me out of being in trouble? I hope so. 

Anyway,  I hope you enjoyed the first Sirius point of view in this story! More shall be coming soon and I promise that it will be quicker this time! 

Please keep reading to those of you who are still her and didn't abandon me!

Next on Passion: Quidditch trials, Liam & pranks

PS: If you like this story, try my other stories Catching James Potter (next gen novel), Lastly (marauders one shot) and Revenge (next gen novel)!

Love you all!



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