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Assassins Creed: Hermione's Story by Emma_Felton4Ever
Chapter 4 : Italy with a intro of the AC gang
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I'm back and alive so chill y'all I didn't forget you. R and R!!!! Enjoy P.S. sorry for another short Chap, it's how I run.

*"I realize now that it will take time. That the road is long and shrouded in darkness. It is a road that will not always take me where I wish to go. But I will travel down it, nonetheless."

―Ratonhnhaké:ton. (aka MY MAN!!! <3) *Quote belongs to AC Wiki. ^^

 J.K. owns Harry Potter and Usbisoft owns AC…



The romantic Middle Era, holiday gateway, or a hide out from our enemies.

Notably, the homeland of Ezio Auditore da Firenze; Merlin’s that’s a mouthful. Worst time was when I had to do a project on him during my stay at the “Farm”.  

Getting back on track, it's obviously  the third one. Could my life get any more complicating?

“Granger wait up!” I failed to notice Draco struggle his way through the heavy crowds to meet me. Oops. I knew my route around here, since I mastered it he didn’t. 

Damn I forgot he’s a pureblood wizard never exposed to the muggle world or the assassin’s world.  I make my way to a market stall and wait for him.

After 5 minutes he meets up with me with a scowl, muttering cruses like “damn muggles”, “don’t know when to stop”, “could have trampled me…” The last one makes me giggle. “What’s so funny Granger?”

“Aww is Malfoy, the Slytherine-Sex God pureblood of powerful deathly wizards, to have survived a brutal war not about to get pass through tourist or Italian people doing their everyday business? Such a shame…” I say in a taunting playful voice. 

“Please I’ll have you know I could have went through this crowd in matter of seconds and how did you know about me being a “Sex-God?” he said with a sly smile. “ Yeah with a wand, and that’s practically every girl you flaunted with and sagged them in bed. Pansy’s gave me nightmares.” I faked a shiver.

 “I’ll have you know that’s a lie, I never have do that in my life with any women, Merlin  not even that pig-face bitch.” He said with a serious look.

“Really, you seemed the type.”

“Shouldn’t judge a book by its cover Granger you being the one to know that…” he says with a smirk.

 “I do but it’s hard to right now since our past…” I quitely say, avoiding his glaze.

We enter a seductive alleyway, there he grabs my arm and pushes me on the stained red walls. He traps me there, looking at me in the eye, with hurt then leans his mouth to my ear.

“You know I want our past to not affect us, give me a chance Granger I’m not that cold-hearted.” He grazes his lips on my ears, and I shiver. I feel him smirk, as he to goes back talking. “If you want I could claim those rumors of me being a “sex-god” for you.”

I gasp, why on earth would he offer that to ME?!

“Sure Malfoy and be another object of your toys, no thanks.”

I try to push him away but he doesn’t budge. I look to see his face crestfallen and angry. “Why do you do this to me? I’m trying to move on and show you how I’ve always- he stops himself and lets me go.

 “Just take us to wherever we need to be.” He voice cold as he spoke. 

We continue off without a word, but glace at the other without the other noticing. (Does that make sense?)

“Here we are, Malfoy.” I slowly lift the handle and let out three loud bangs that I know have echoed in the warehouse.  

A pair of blue eyes behind glasses look at me.

Shaun Hastings.

“When was the Assassin’s Order first established?”  He asked with caution.

“The Assassin’s Order traces back before the First Crusade around 1080.” I answer remembering mum telling the stories as a little kid.

He abruptly opens the door dragging me in; I quickly grab Draco’s hand so he won’t be left behind.

“Hermione go when did you get here? What happened?" Shaun keeps rambling on.

“Shaun!” I yell stopping him. Shaun flushes in embarrassment and pushes his glasses up.

‘I’m fine but I guess there will be a lot of explaining to do.” I saw holding up the Templar’s necklace and turning to Draco who stood there awkward.

“Who is this young man?” Shaun sounds suspicion, of course he would no suprise knowing there is really no one we could trust.

I quickly clear that up. “No Shaun he doesn’t have any idea about the Templar and Assassins, he’s from my other world.”  I said with a small smile, turning back to Shaun.

“May I?” he asked indicating to the necklace to my hand.

“Sure, um by the way where is Desmond?” I said with curiosity.

Shaun inspecting the amulet without looking up said, “Desmond is in the Animus right now with Rebecca and Lucy. We can go up to meet up with them thought.”

“Alright lead the way.” I say following him up the steps.

I reach a bricked room with important blueprints, documents, books and tables and walls. I see electronics, computers, and other gadgets pulled in.

In front of me is a cylinder shaped machine reading AMINUS 2.0. Currently I see Desmond’s figure in the Aminus, eyes shut.

“Excuse me who are you?” I turn to see a young petite blonde haired blue eyed woman ask me.  She was looking at me with suspicion yet curiosity.

“I’m Hermione Granger, Assassin and cousin of Desmond Miles. That is Draco Malfoy, acquaintances of mine.”  I say as I indicate to Draco, noting wanting a repeat with Shaun, and who seems to be observing the place.

“I am Lucy Stillman an Assassin myself; I and Desmond had just recently escaped from the Templar run laboratory Abstergo 3 days ago. I hadn’t known Desmond had a relative, a sibling?”

“No half-cousin but I knew him since childhood, we since we're really close  irefer him as my cousin.” I respond back, as she just nods and turns back looking at Desmond.

“‘Mione, my nerd-girl been a long time when did ya get here?!” Rebecca Crane explains as she bone crushes me in “her hugs”.

“Err Rebecca (gasps) seriously, can’t breathe!” I let out in a chocking voice. She suddenly lets go, embarrassed as she scratches the back of her head.  “Hehe sorry, forgot how my hugs are not to everyone’s stance.”

I really missed the girl thought she reminded me alot of Tonks...

“Ye-hey!” I say with my hands on my hips; eyes glaring at her. Rebecca just smirks and heads to her computer; rapidly typing data in. 

“So what’s the progress so far?”  I ask anyone willing to listen, as I make my way toward Draco and Shaun.  

“We are trying to get some information on Ezio Auditore, an Italian Assassin during the Renaissance. You don’t suppose he’s your descended as well?”

I shake my head, “Ezio is just half, I do have an ancestor Assassin thought that I’m related to fully as well as Desmond. I don’t know who thought.” (wink* wink*)

“How long had he been placed in the Aminus at the lab?” Shaun asks Lucy.

“For quite a long time, I remember only for some extent he could only sleep, but the next day after day be placed in the Aminus.” I noted concern and worry in her tone that made my brows rise.

While Shun and Lucy chattered on, I turned to Draco. He seemed deeply investigating the drawings, and sketches.

“What are you thinking?” I ask Draco leaning on the table and turning in his direction.  “How oblivious I feel in all this, care to explain now?”

Rebecca led them to private room. “Don’t worry you two got plenty of privacy and the walls are sound proof.” She knocked on the walls, winking at me.

I just smacked my face, hiding the blush. “Rebecca it’s not like that!” I protested.

Rebecca laughed “Alright ruin the fun, but if so you better let me know or else!” she left the threat hanging and headed out.  

 I turn to Draco who is setting himself down the bed awkwardly. Well duh I know how he feels being lost in this whole franchise and being in the room alone… with his past enemy or so I assume.

“So what would like to know Draco?” I ask setting myself down a chair, as I brush a piece of hair behind my head.

“The very beginning Granger, the very beginning.”  Draco says in a bore-stern tone, his arms crossed as he leans somewhat back.

Oh boy here we go…

 AHHHH don’t’ hurt me!!!! I promised Desmond and I did!!! Well ok not exactly as you expected… but  but it keeps the suspense and eagerness. I know you’ll all excited to see Dez’s sexy self. (Especially that model Francisco <3 Mega sexy best) k u know the rules R and R= more chapter updates!!! Figured out Hermione’s descendent? ;D Hope you guys had a good NEW YEARS!!!

 xoxo Emma_Felton4ever


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Assassins Creed: Hermione's Story: Italy with a intro of the AC gang


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