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Allie 'you're not a' Star by HorseMad99
Chapter 2 : The One where some things start happening, sort of
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 A/N: Hello ducklings!

Okay so you’re probably not ducklings but oh well, you are now.

So here is chapter two, finally.

*Cowers in shame for chapter being so late*              

Anyway please tell me what you think!





Fuck you alarm clock.  Ughh I flung my arm in the general direction of my alarm clock, effectively making it shut up but I had also managed to knock my stereotypical big geek/hipster glasses onto the floor.

Okay, okay so maybe I wasn't the most imaginative. I mean I had the whole of the english language open to me and I chose to say 'Fuck' but what you don't realise is that I have a real hatred for anyone or anything that wakes me up.

Great yay. Alarm clocks have to be the bane of my boring existence.

I groaned because my glasses had managed to smash on the floor.


Fuck it made me jump. So much so that I managed to fall off the bed in shock and cut my leg on one of the shards of broken glass as I fell.

As she left I looked down at my leg to assess the damage.

Ugh, I shuddered. I don’t particularly like blood. Well that is a bit of an understatement. I hate blood and it makes me faint.

I could feel things going blurry, my head was spinning. Oh dear god.


I opened my eyes to find myself still on the floor of the dormitory. Everyone else would have woken up in the safe environment of the hospital wing if they fainted but oh no. Merlin must really hate me because here I am still lying here where I fainted and no-one cared. Not that I cared that no one cared obviously.

I sat up and groaned as I felt a twinge of pain on my leg. I squinted down at the cut and gulped. I really didn’t want to pass out again.

I remember Bella teaching me a simple healing spell for cuts a couple of years ago seeing as I constantly had cause to use it. I grabbed my wand and quickly muttered ‘senare’ I couldn’t be bothered with non-verbal spells, but let’s be honest who does bother with them?

With the ‘almost fatal wound’ healed I dressed. I quickly grabbed my bag and ran towards the dormitory door.

Or more precisely I ran into the door. The whole drama of passing out had made me forget that my glasses were still lying broken on the floor.

And let me tell you, walking into suck a big wooden door hurts. Maybe it knocked some sense into me…no it can’t have. Me having any sort of sense whether common or not is like pigs flying.

Anyway I repaired my glasses and left the dorm heading for History of Magic.

When I arrived I snuck in and sat in the first seat I saw which was fortunately at the back (not many people had taken History of Magic for NEWTs and I was seriously doubting why I had to be honest.)

I looked around and realised I had sat down next to Lucy Weasley.

Lucy wasn’t like Dom and Roxy (meaning self-proclaimed ‘Queen Bees’) it wasn’t like Lucy was unpopular, she just realised that most people wanted to be friends with her in the hope that they could get closer to either James or Freddie.

For some reason Lucy preferred to talk to me.

Ours was an odd friendship, if you could even call it a friendship, which consisted of Lucy talking at me and me pretending to be listening when I was really listening to my iPod.

Lucy was actually quite close to James and Freddie for some unknown reason because they’re complete prats. They’re always causing havoc and playing pranks and because of who their parents are, they get away with it.

“What happened? Where were you Allie?” Lucy whispered.

“I had a bit of an incident…”

Lucy rolled her eyes, “What?”

“My alarm clock and glasses” I muttered back, I didn’t really feel like elaborating.

 She gave up, talking to me was like trying to get blood out of a stone (which, just to clarify for all you idiots out there, is impossible…believe me I tried once.)

Next I had potions as did Lucy but Professor Humdinger was evil and made us sit in alphabetical order which left Lucy sitting next to Freddie and me sitting next to James the prat Potter *cue grimace*

“Um heyy,” said the almighty evil one (Potter) I acknowledged him but didn’t reply.

Before I knew it Professor Humdinger was already blathering on about something and then everyone started talking.

Shit, I should have listened by now everyone was standing up and collecting things from the store cupboard.

James was just sitting looking at me expectantly.

“What?” I asked, quite politely considering who I was talking to.

“Weren’t you listening?” I shook my head.

“We have to work in pairs and invent a new potion which will be useful; it’s like a project thingy”


“So what are we going to make?” I shrugged my shoulders because I am just so helpful.

“We could make a lucky potion” he suggested.

“Already been done”
“I know but I just have always wanted some Felix Felicis”

“How about a potion that increases brain power and productivity…I am always procrastinating” I suggested, he approved and added that he too could do with such a potion.

The next step was to try and figure out what ingredients we would use, this was tricky. We both sort of just sat there looking around hoping we would suddenly obtain the required knowledge.  

In the end Professor Humdinger came over to ask how things were going and after telling him how far we had got he gave us book full of all the possible ingredients, what effects they had and which ingredients that they conflicted with.

We spent the rest of the lesson flipping through noting down each ingredient we might be able to use for the potion.

 After the lesson had finished I sat dwelling for a minute and realised something so shocking it would make a polar bear shed their skin (is that even possible) James Potter, as in the biggest prat ever had been nice and almost (though I shuddered to think about it) pleasant! Maybe he was just having an off day?

“What are you thinking about?” asked Lucy making me jump about a foot in the air then land in a heap on the floor.

“For fucks sake!” I yelled out making quite a few people look at me, how regrettable.

I had spent far too much time on the floor for one day, first I had fainted then I ran into the door and now this.

Merlin must really have it in for me; either that or I got impatient waiting in the queue to receive the co-ordination.

Lucy just laughed as I got back up and we carried on walking along with the flow of the crowd that was until we reached the entrance of the great hall when we both diverted right down a small passageway to a basement corridor. We knew the corridor all too well; it led to the Hogwarts Kitchens.

I had discovered the corridor within my first week at Hogwarts, I had been trying to avoid all the other first years who actually wanted to make friends.

The pear giggled as I tickled it and turned into the door handle. Inside the many house elves were bustling about putting the last few dishes on the four long tables.

I knew all of the house elves by sight but only a few by name.

“Hello Allie!” squeaked the nearest house elf who was called Mitsy; all of the house elves had long since given up on calling me ‘Miss Star’ alongside Mitsy stood Dinky and Dinky’s friend Blinky. They all grinned up at me as another house elf which I didn’t know brought Lucy and me an assortment of our favourite foods which they had learnt during our various visits.

I liked having lunch here because you could just escape from all the people in the great hall the only drawback was that you would leave absolutely full to the brim.

House elves made the best food ever if you ask me, mum  makes good food but the house elves’ food surpasses even hers though Lucy insists that her Nana Molly’s food is even better if that is even possible.

After we had both finished I headed off to the dormitories and Lucy went to talk to James, or at least that’s what I think she said – as usual I wasn’t really listening.

She is probably helping him with a prank; she is actually really good at improving James’ stupid ideas. She often helps James and Freddie plan the pranks though she never takes credit. In fact I think I am the only one that actually knows that she helps them.

Upon reaching the dormitory, which was thankfully empty, I pulled my guitar out from under my bed and began to play. I could play most things (or at least most of the music I listened to.)

I was just practising a new song called ‘Age of worry’ , when the door banged open, I stopped playing abruptly and looked up to see Dominique Weasley.

“Wow Allie, you play the guitar?”  She said sounding surprised. I rolled my eyes, she knew perfectly well I played the guitar she had seen it enough times. Or was she really dim enough to think I had a guitar just to look at. Though my current guitar if a beauty, it’s a Martin & CO. made out of mahogany, except for the neck and fingerboard which is made of East Indian rosewood. Admittedly I could just sit and stare at it forever or at least for a couple of minutes, you see I have a very short attention span.

“Um, yeah” I replied eventually, hoping that it would be enough of a conversation stopper. I didn’t really want to have to take desperate measure because who knows what that would lead to?

Unfortunately it didn’t work. In Dominique’s own words ‘a conversation doesn’t end until Dominique Weasley says it does’ the worst part is that I am not even making it up or anything because she actually said that.

I know…weird.

“You should be in a band or something!” she exclaimed, oh god here comes the girlish giggle. I rolled my eyes again.

“Yeah…right” I replied sarcastically though I don’t think she really noticed, she was too busy congratulating herself on the ‘amazing idea’ I wish I was joking.

“Meow” added Albert, thank you for the most helpful addition to a conversation in the history of cat-kind; I think you deserve a medal!

Just in case you didn’t guess I was using sarcasm (in other words my second language.)

Dominique just stood watching Albert for a few seconds and then wandered back out of the dormitory then the door banged open again. Oh god the blonde idiot has returned. Phew it was Lucy, though she is blonde too but perhaps not as idiotic as Dominique can be.

“Bloody Potter!” She yelled.

“What now?” I asked, are you impressed? See I was actually listening to Lucy for once. Unfortunately in my hour of success Lucy had turned into me and wasn’t listening. Way to ruin the whole ‘almost acting like an actual friend moment’ thanks Lucy.

“He’s going to get himself expelled!” she muttered to herself.

I didn’t bother questioning her anymore. Being such a good friend had tired me out and anyway it was clear that James was planning a prank even more extravagant than usual and clearly Lucy didn’t approve for once.

Lucy wasn’t exactly disciplined; in fact she happened to be a bit of a loose cannon. Personally I think it’s a rebellion against her parents who were the ‘rule abiding’ type.

Lucy was always the one that helped with the pranks, got drunk at the parties and ended up doing something outrageous. I think that’s what makes her so different to her cousins Dominique and Roxanne; they were the perfect popular ones who were constantly worrying about what other people thought about them. Lucy had little or no shame (or at least she didn’t have any after a couple of firewhiskys.) It wasn’t that Lucy was a light weight. It didn’t take too much for her to get drunk but after that she could drink firewhisky after firewhisky all night without being too sick the next morning. It’s a wonder that her liver hasn’t told her to sod it after the amount she drinks.

After a while Lucy and I just sat in silence. Like I said before ours is an odd friendship, and you wouldn’t really be wrong in saying that it was an unwelcome friendship seeing as I usually preferred solidarity, over the years I had become used to Lucy’s company and it had almost become welcome.

“Dominique thinks I should be in a band” I stated in the most matter of fact way possible. Lucy smirked.

“Dom didn’t exactly get all the brain cells in the family,” Lucy giggled.

“I think Rose stole Dom’s share” I added, we both laughed.

“Ridiculous” Lucy gasped sarcastically between guffaws of laughter. Albert interjected with a bored ‘meow.’

“Yes, yes Albert if you say so,” I sat patting him on the head a couple of times which made him scowl.

Albert was never the most pleasant tempered cat is Albert or at least he isn’t when you interrupt him when trying to sleep.

“So what is it that James is planning?”

“Oh seriously you don’t want to know!” she replied rolling her eyes.

You should really be giving me a round of applause or at least a large bag of mini eggs because my current levels of social activeness is off the scale. Then again my social awkwardness if off the scale too...              


A/N: Hello, so what did you think about this chapter? You see my friend the little grey box at the bottom is feeling a little lonely so maybe you could write a little something in it telling me what you thought about it because it would really help me!

So what do you think about Allie’s friendship with Lucy?

Any guesses or suggestions for what James’ prank could be?

Thanks for reading,

Beth xxx


DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, I don't own anything you recognise, I don't own John Mayer or the song 'Age of Worry'

Also I dont own 'Martin & Co' which is a guitar brand.

I think thats about everything, unfortunatley I can't garentee a quick update as I have my other story called 'Just any other year at Hogwarts' (feel free to go and check it out) so I will try, but please don't annoyed at me if it takes more thank about a week or two weeks! 


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