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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 13 : Winter Wonderland
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Everything was in order for tonight the Great Hall was unrecognizable and looked beyond beautiful. The ceiling was enchanted to look like the winter night sky with fake snow falling softly to the ground and disappearing just before it reached the white floor. The only light came from random falling snowflakes, the stars and the full moon. The tables were made out of a frosty glass that gave the illusion of being made out of pure ice and once the feast was over they would appear to melt into the magical white floor. Against the walls were tall Christmas trees covered in snow and icy decorations overall the decorations were simple but elegant. Rose was proud of their hard work, she looked at the time it was just two hours till the dance so she sent everyone to go get ready. 

She waited for everyone to leave once she was sure she was alone she spread her arms out and twirled in the snow letting it fall all around her. Laughing and twirling in the snow she didn't notice someone standing by the doors enjoying the look of pure happiness that her face displayed at that moment. Then while she took her last twirl she stepped wrong and fell flat on her bum and not bothering to even look around she laughed at her clumsiness but stopped at the sight of a hand offering to help her up and the familiar husky laugh that she loved. Her cheeks flushed a deep shade of red as he helped her up.

 "Are you ok Weasley?" He asked while moving her hair out of her face. She looked at him and blushed at the teasing smirk he gave her.

 "Yeah... Please tell me you only saw me fall on my bum."

 "Well I could say that but I would be lying." He chuckled "Dance with me?"

 "The dance is just a few hours from now Zabini surely you can wait?" She smiled as he took her hand in his and the other on his shoulder then placed his free hand on her waist.

"No I can't wait. Now let’s dance." He took his wand out and summoned a small radio to start playing music.

  'Cause I wanna wrap you up

Wanna kiss your lips

I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine"

 As she danced with him she realized she couldn't be any happier with anyone else but him. They moved slowly in each other’s arms as the snow fell in rhythm to the song... their song Rose thought. Once the song came to an end she looked up at him and kissed him softly it was a kiss that was so tender and full of love that made the butterflies in her tummy go wild. This moment couldn't have been any more perfect.


 Al was about to explode with nerves as he got ready with Scorpius in the slytherin seventh year dorms. He never had a problem with his messy hair but tonight he hated it! The fact that Scorpius was just laying down in his bed laughing at Al's attempt to keep his hair down flat wasn't helping him feel any better either. He wanted tonight to be perfect for him and Emma he planned on asking her to be his girlfriend officially.

"Scorpius quit laughing mate I already feel like a chick worrying about my hair I don't need you making it worse." He said as he hexed a pillow to hit Scorpius repeatedly on the head.  

"Sorry mate I know it's hard not having perfect hair like me." Laughed Scorp.

"Whatever hey where's Blaise? If he doesn't hurry he'll be late."

Scorpius just shrugged not really caring where his cousin was which was most likely somewhere with Rose. Sighing he got up and decided to change into his dress robes instead of a tux like Al and probably many others as well. Just then his cousin walked in to the room dressed in his all black designer tux with a huge smile on his face. He nodded at Al and Scorp before heading to his bed and grabbing the emerald tie that was on his pillow.

"Scorp come on the dance is about to start and you still aren't ready?"

"When the hell did you get dressed?" Asked Al

"Aunt Pansy barely sent my tux to me so I got dressed in the room of requirement but I forgot my tie here. What did you put in your hair Al?" Scorp just looked at his cousin as he waved his wand and fixed Al's messy hair. "There you go mate."

Al grinned at his reflection in the mirror and thanked him. Now he just sat back with Blaise as they waited for Scorp to finish getting ready so they could go pick up the girls. Al felt bad about going to the dance without Alex but he understood that a dance was the last thing Alex felt like enjoying. He probably was sitting at home getting drunk off the firewhiskey he kept in his room for parties. Al made up his mind to go visit him as soon as they got back home tomorrow.

"Rose are you ready yet? The boys are downstairs waiting for us!'

"I'm going Em I'm just putting my mask on! There it goes so how do I look?"  Rose asks spinning around to face Emma and Vanessa.

"Perfect now let’s go!" The three girls walked one by one out of Rose's bedroom into the common room where the three boys were talking about quidditch. Rose stood in the middle and cleared her throat to get the boy's attention. Her eyes were glued to Blaise searching his face for any hint of how he felt looking at her but with the mask in the way it was difficult. Her stomach twists and turns with nerves as he slowly rose out of his sit and walked towards her his eyes on her and only her as if she was the only one in the whole room. Without taking his eyes off of her he offered his hand, she walked down the last two steps and took his hand.

"Rose you look like a goddess." He bent down and whispered in her ear.

She couldn't help but to blush and whisper back "You don't look too bad yourself Blaise." Truth was that he looked like the prince in those muggle stories that her mum would read to her when she was younger. Finally taking her eyes away from him after much reluctance she turned to see her cousin with Emma walking in front of them. Al looked so handsome in his black tux and white tie if she hadn't known it was Al she wouldn't have even have guess it was him. Emma looked like a model in her white sleeveless dress that had a medium size puffy flower on her lower back, both of them looked perfect together Rose thought filled with happiness for her cousin.  

She could feel Blaise eyes on her so before looking at Scorpius and Vanessa she flashed him a big smile. Scropius was wear all black dress robes unlike the other two boys and Vanessa had on a peach color floor length dress with a slit that went up to her thigh. She smiled to herself despite her feeling for Scorpius she was happy for him that just like her he had found someone to love or at least she thought he loved her it was hard to tell how he felt about Vanessa.

Once they reached the Great Hall she heard the sounds of awe from the two other girls and her cousin congratulating her and Scorpius on the decorations.   Everything went along perfectly the food was amazing like always and the desert left her wanting more. She thought she'll just ask Dinky to bring her some before they left home tomorrow. Then the music started next thing she knew she was in her loves arms dancing along to the music and enjoying their night.

She looked beautiful Scorpius thought to himself taking his chance to really look at her while Vanessa had gone to the loo. He hated his cousin more than anything right now for having his whole life in his arms, but Scorpius knew his cousin loved her just as much as he loved Rose. It wasn't fair for them to want the same girl, but she had made her choice and just like his dad he was forced to step away and watch her be happy with someone else.

"How pathetic Scorpius don't tell me you still love that red head? Vanessa is so much better for you and she's someone the Malfoys would accept if you know what I mean." Scorpius didn't even have to look up to know that it was Jacky talking to him because her dull voice no matter how high or low it was could always be recognized. He took a quick glance at her she looked pretty but so did every other girl in this place nothing about her stood out to him. It was no wonder to him why Al had dumped her she wasn't anything special she was dull maybe to someone else she was what Rose was to him but from what he could tell she hadn't found a bloke yet.

"Jacky do me a favor and shut the bloody hell up."

"Oh someone is moody! Whatever tell Alex I said Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for me. Bye Scorp." What the hell was that about thought Scorpius? He tried thinking back on the last time he ever saw Alex talking to Jacky but he couldn't remember any. Was it possible Jacky like Alex? Nah she probably was still trying to find a way to get back at Al for rejecting her so badly.

"Hey Scorp why are you here all alone? Where's Vanessa at?" Again he didn't have to look to see who it was.

"Shouldn't you be with Rose?"

"She's dancing with Al while Emma goes to the loo." Scorpius looked up and sure enough he saw Rose and Al dancing and laughing. "Hey Scorpius... I know how you feel about Rose and look mate I'm sorry but you never made your move so I couldn't let this year go by without trying... I mean I left her alone all those year because I knew you liked her."

"Yeah well it doesn't matter she's happy with you and that's all that matter right?" No wrong you are a bastard for taking her away from me you bloody idiot thought Scorpius.

"Really mate? Gee thanks! Now I feel a lot better thanks so much." Scropius looked at his cousin and he knew just by looking at his eyes that he was being sincere. "So you and Vanessa huh? How's that going?"

"Shitty she really likes me and she knows I like Rose, but I just don't know yet she's just not right -" The sound of a glass falling to the ground caused him to turn around and there with her pearl color mask in her hand and tears on her face stood Vanessa. Shit thought Scorpius she must have heard everything! So much for that promise he made.

"So that's how you feel? Well go to hell Malfoy!" She hissed then moved closer to him and ith all the force in her body she slapped him then turned and ran out the Great Hall.

Bloody hell he knew that the right thing to do was run after her and try to mend things but a yell coming from the dance floor stopped him from going anywhere.

As much fun as she was having dancing with Al she really wished Blaise would hurry up and come back, but Al told her that Blaise asked Al to distract her so he could talk to Scorpius and mend things between them before they could become bad. She was glad that he was doing that because deep down in her heart she didn't want to cause problem between them and also deep down she wanted to keep Scorpius in her life. She was deep in her thoughts that when she felt a hand on her arm she spun around joyfully thinking it was Blaise but what she saw sacred and disgusted her. It was Anthony smiling at her but it wasn't a sweet smile like the one she fall for no this smile was full of malice. His eyes made her tremble and fear took over her body she knew this look she had seen it many time before when he planned on hurting her and she knew that tonight was no different.  She heard Al telling him to go away but she barely had time to register her cousin being hit by Anthony.

"AL!!" She screamed but he was laying motionless on the floor. She tried to move towards her cousin but Anthony’s grip on her arm caused her to yelp out in pain.

"Come on Rose I've let you had your fun but I think it's time you and me get back together. Now start walking and fast because I sure do miss that body of yours." His voice was low and she knew only she could hear him. She was too afraid to speak she just shook her head no refusing to let him hurt her again. "I said start walking Rose."

"No... I... I don't want too and... can't make me...” The last thing she felt was a sharp pain on her face then everything went black.

Song is Wanted by Hunter Hayes 


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